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Nick Pileggi, Nick Santora, and Dave Dameshek

Show Summary Adam opens the show with Dave Dameshek in studio, and the guys begin discussing their love of Goodfellas, since writer Nick Pileggi will be coming on later in the show. Adam also talks about his obsession with MTV’s Catfish, and Shek chimes in on the Manti Te’O scandal. Adam then tells stories from the Hollywood Y, and rants …

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Ed O’Neill and Rorion Gracie

Show Summary Adam opens the show with Ed O’Neill in studio. They talk about the Wreck-It Ralph premiere, and Bald Bryan admits he’s star struck with the former Married With Children star in the same room. They also talk about Ed’s attempt to try out for the Steelers, and how he went from being a Broadway understudy to starring on …

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Bryan Callen

Show Summary Adam opens the show thanking a fan for getting Natalia a custom made American Girl doll outfit. Adam then complains about trying to get a new Mangria label made, and rants about Sonny Bono’s undeserved success. Adam also talks to a caller about getting stood up on Valentine’s Day, then pitches a new dog-themed reality TV show. The …

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David Alan Grier Live from the Irvine Improv

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Alison about people who don’t get social cues over the phone that you want to hang up on them. DAG then joins the stage, and chats with Adam about his sleep apnea. Adam rants about memory foam and the ‘Shoe Dini,’ as well as infomercials in general. DAG then breaks into his …

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Sasha Grey and Kenny Hotz

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing his old habit of trading porn. He also talks about his friend Dave, who once stopped a rapist and won Citizen of the Year. Adam then expands on his theory about scarves and douchebags, and rants about a YMCA guard who had a problem with Adam’s parking. Comedian Kenny Hotz then enters the …

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