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Dana Gould, Live from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Dana Gould joins Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan for a live podcast from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Adam opens the show talking about his trip out to Vegas. Then the gang plays a round of ‘Q and Ace.’ Before they wrap, Gina delivers her news stories on a 6-hour erection, a concert goer’s flag of Kim Kardashian, and a recent distribution of KKK propaganda.

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Kevin Durand

Kevin Durand joins for a podcast about being a nice guy while playing creepy characters, Adam’s thoughts on the music at the local kabob place, and the Ariana Grande donut controversy. Plus, Adam crowns this week’s Lord of the Jungle.

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Mario Andretti, Mark Duplass, Patrick Brice, and Matt Atchity

Mario Andretti calls in to discuss his ride with Adam at the Indy 500. Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice are also in studio to discuss their new film, ‘Creep’. And Matt Atchity returns for a Minions-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Skip Bedell and David Wild

Skip Bedell returns to discuss his new podcast and the latest season of Catch a Contractor. Plus, David Wild is in studio to chat about his European vacation, and the guys discuss the latest with Bill Cosby, and Jared from Subway.

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Dani Klein Modisett

Dani Klein Modisett explains to Adam how to keep your marriage happy by following the rules of comedy. The gang also chats about women who keep their last names after marriage, and Bald Bryan reviews ‘Ted 2’ for this week’s Baldywood.

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