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Naomi Grossman and Matt Atchity

Naomi Grossman joins for a podcast about American Horror Story, Jimmy Kimmel’s penis surgeries, and experiences with road rage. Matt Atchity also chats about the Road Hard Tomatometer and leads the gang in an Ed Harris-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Adam Ray, Phil Ehart, and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show with David Wild and Phil Ehart in studio. Adam asks Phil about the origins of the band Kansas, and the new documentary that chronicles their story. The guys also discuss the Freddie Mercury biopic that fell apart, rock’n’roll fighting between bands, and why opening acts still exist. Adam then takes fan phone calls about …

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Jason Shapiro and Dr. Bruce

Show Summary Adam opens the show with an update on Mike August’s ability to travel through airports with a box cutter in his bag. He then complains about the new season of Catch a Contractor, which just kicked off this week. Dr. Bruce is also in studio, and the guys start the Healthwatch segment discussing the first ever successful penis …

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Evander Holyfield and Bert Marcus

Evander Holyfield and filmmaker Bert Marcus sit down 1-on-2 with Adam to discuss his boxing legacy, his thoughts on the UFC, and Mike Tyson biting his ear.

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Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore joins for a podcast about comedy songs, the ethics of cleaning up after your dog, and the future of powdered alcohol.

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