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Lisa Lampanelli and Hugh Hewitt

Lisa Lampanelli chats with Adam about her sex life since she lost all the weight. Plus, Hugh Hewitt is in studio for a conversation about working with Richard Nixon, why Hilary Clinton will be our next president, and a new pizza with a hot dog lined crust. Adam also crowns this week’s Lord of the Jungle.

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Nate Jackson and David Wild

Nate Jackson returns to discuss marijuana usage in the NFL, why football players are so good at following instructions, and the latest trouble for the Duggar family. Plus, Adam takes a call from David Wild to chat about his new TV special about The 70s.

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Dave Dameshek and Brian Offenther

Dave Dameshek joins for a podcast about why he’s the best at ordering food, the problem with police brutality, and the latest with Caitlyn Jenner. Plus, Adam talks to a fan who toured North Korea, and even DJ’d a set there.

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Sam Macaroni and Dr. Spaz

Sam Macaroni chats with Adam about his YouTube empire and the overly PC world of comedy. Plus, Dr. Spaz returns for this week’s Healthwatch with a story about the transgender movement.

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Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg Fitzsimmons is in studio for a podcast about escaped murder convicts, Bluetooth connected sex toys, and the first Triple Crown since the 70s. Plus, the guys hear a review of the Entourage movie, Bald Bryan talks about attending Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and Travis calls in for a round of Greater Than or Less Than.

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