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Fred Wolf, Live from Cobb’s in San Francisco

Show Summary Adam and the gang welcome Fred Wolf to the stage from the top of the show. Adam and Alison talk about their road trip from LA, and an eventful stop at a truck stop Baja Fresh. Adam then takes some audience questions about the kids’ bathroom habits, whether or not he’ll run for political office, and why he …

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Dr. Drew Bonus Episode 10

Show Summary Dr. Drew talks with Adam about how stressed out he is. The guys then take a call about synthetic marijuana, and speak with another caller who’s uncomfortable with his girlfriend’s potential roommate. Later they speak with callers coping with tragedy, and Adam talks about his lack of concern for germs. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss …

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Greg Fitzsimmons, Live from the Brea Improv

Show Summary Adam chats with Greg and the gang about the surprise podcast recording on the drive up. He also talks about his daughter’s Thanksgiving Party at school, and rants about baby vegetables and almond cookies. Later, Adam takes audience questions about time travel, Mr. Birchum, and sharing Mangria. Alison opens the news discussing John McCain’s controversy for missing a …

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Eric Idle

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about having to give his dog Molly her insulin shots. He also describes his frustrations with the kibble bag, and goes on a long rant about making your own pies as opposed to buying. Eric Idle then enters the studio and talks with Adam about Bobcat Goldthwait and rude Parisians. They also chat …

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Dave Attell, Live From The Pasadena Ice House

Show Summary Adam opens the show reflecting on the conversation he had with Sonny about bullies. Dave then asks Adam to explain the origins of Mangria, and Adam goes on to discuss a couple of awkward conversations he had with his mom about what to bring for Thanksgiving dessert. Later, Adam takes audience questions about his biggest regret, baseball, and …

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