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The Sklar Brothers

Randy and Jason Sklar sit down for a podcast about performing standup around the country, the CA state ban on the mascot ‘Redskins’, and the new ganja-prenuers of America.

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Kevin Weeks

Kevin Weeks calls in to discuss working with the notorious Whitey Bulger. The guys also chat about Randy Quaid’s arrest, and Bryan and Adam review ‘Steve Jobs’ for this week’s Baldywood.

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Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks is in studio for a podcast about the rise and fall of Tower Records, the new Burger King burger that turns your poo green, and watching the house Adam grew up in get torn down.

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Adam Resnick and Jeff Abraham

Adam Resnick joins for a podcast about writing for Letterman, nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the importance of family when it comes to mental illness. Jeff Abraham also talks with Adam about Promescent, and his experiences in school.

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Mac & Gaydos, Live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix

Mac & Gaydos join Ace, Bald & Gina on stage live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix Arizona for today’s episode of The Adam Carolla Show. Adam opens the show with a spirited round of ‘Q and Ace’. Adam then steers the gang towards a spirited round of Blah Blah Blog. Later Adam turns the show over to Gina to go over the day’s news.

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