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Jep and Jessica Robertson

Jep and Jessica Robertson join for a podcast about the success of ‘Duck Dynasty’, how to improve your discipline skills, and a guy who got punched in the face because he looked like Shia LaBeouf. The gang also goes through their weekend touring in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland.

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ACS: Live from The Aladdin Theatre in Portland

Adam and Bryan are Live from The Aladdin Theatre in Portland, Oregon for a live podcast with guest news girl Melissa Ives filling in for an absent Gina Grad. The show opens up with some ranting about a mostly full IPA that was discovered in the crew’s minivan earlier in the day. Later, the gang take some audience questions in a round of ‘Q and Ace’ before bringing up a fan who is suffering from a significant illness. Later, they get into a round of ‘Totally Topical Tive Trivia Time Tonight.’ And as the show winds up, Bryan and Adam react to Melissa’s news.

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Joel McHale and 107.7 The End’s Gregr and Manley, Live from The Moore Theatre in Seattle

Adam, Gina, Bryan and Gregr & Manley from 107.7 The End are live from The Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington. The show opens with a spirited round of What Can’t Adam Complain About before getting into an early round of Gina Grad’s news. As the show wraps up, we get a very special visit from our good friend Joel McHale.

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Live from the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver

Adam and the gang open the show talking about Adam’s past experiences in Vancouver as well as his travel experiences in getting to Vancouver. Later the gang play a spirited round of Blah Blah Blog before Adam gets distracted telling a story about James Franco. Later, the gang get into some of Gina Grad’s news.

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Marc Maron

Marc Maron talks one on one with Adam about the new season of ‘Maron’, his interview with President Obama, and what it takes to be fearless.

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