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Evander Holyfield and Bert Marcus

Evander Holyfield and filmmaker Bert Marcus sit down 1-on-2 with Adam to discuss his boxing legacy, his thoughts on the UFC, and Mike Tyson biting his ear.

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Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore joins for a podcast about comedy songs, the ethics of cleaning up after your dog, and the future of powdered alcohol.

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Michael DesBarres

Michael DesBarres joins for a podcast about Adam’s epic travel weekend, including a hilarious conversation with Sir Ben Kingsley, and attempting to get a new iPhone on the road. Later they discuss the rock’n’roll lifestyle, and issues surrounding plagiarized music.

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‘Take a Knee’ with RZA

Show Summary RZA from Wu-Tang Clan joins Adam for this episode of Take A Knee. Adam opens the show with RZA’s humble beginnings in New York and how he first found his love of Rap music. Then Adam and RZA talk a bit about respect and how to instill it in kids properly as they grow. RZA goes on to …

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Jim O’Heir, Jo Koy, and Leland Orser

Jim O’Heir guest-hosts a podcast with special guests Jo Koy and Leland Orser. The guys chat about foot fungus, UFO sightings, and the death of Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews Road Hard for this week’s Baldywood.

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