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As the show opens up, Adam talks about having to travel across the country without his usual team because Lynch is having a baby any day now. He also complains about his realtor getting him worked up about a flood even though it was nothing, and comments on Egypt’s first violence-free elections. Bald Bryan then tells a story about hanging out with Saints’ wide receiver coach Carter Sheridan, who happens to be a fan of the show.

Alison then begins the news with yet another woman who has come forward claiming she had a relationship with Herman Cain. Cain tried to get ahead of the story this time, but the guys listen to both sides of the story and try to decide who’s telling the truth. Later the guys hear about the victims found in connection with a Craig’s List killer in Ohio.

Carlos Mencia comes in studio next, and Adam comments on his tremendous weight loss. Carlos explains what inspired him to lose the weight, and also gives more details on his daily regiment. The guys both relate to growing up poor, and Carlos talks about having to share everything with 17 siblings. As the show wraps up, the guys joke about Univision, car decals, and the crazy machismo of Latin cultures.


Watch ‘Carlos Mencia: New Territory’ this Sunday, December 4th. 10pm on Comedy Central. You can also get more info at http://CarlosMencia.com

Herman Cain

Ginger Claims Affair with Cain

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Alexander

    Hack! ALERT! Hack! ALERT!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee11-29-2011

      From the mind of other comedians, Carlos Mencia

  2. Elias

    I thought Adam threw Carlos Mencia under the bus when talking about comedians a couple of years ago and because of that I didn’t think Carlos would ever come onto the show. Well, I guess it’s all forgiven or forgotten by this point.

  3. Fart Wisperer
    Fart Wisperer11-29-2011

    Eff Mencia. Dude looked better fat.

  4. Chad

    Mencia is a complete fraud.

  5. Jordan

    George Lopez looks way different since his show on TBS has been cancelled.

  6. Ledgewood

    When I opened up this site I thought, “Oh, there’s another Carlos Mencia.”

  7. Jim

    He looks like totally different person!

  8. Der Der Der
    Der Der Der11-29-2011

    I listen to the show every day. This is one I am definitely going to skip. I listened to the Mencia interviews on WTF. That was about as much as I can handle.

  9. John

    I hope Adam didn’t use any new material in front of Carlos.

  10. Nick

    Great show guys! Mencia is a one upper thought. From what I understand, one uppers are not a good thing on the ACE network.

  11. Trick Dickle
    Trick Dickle11-29-2011

    I wonder if Herman Cain stole Alison’s parking spot one day or something. Because there’s just too much latent hatred in her voice for some guy who was yesterday’s news last month.

    • Brandon

      Yea. Gotta say its getting old hearing the left leaning news everyday and allison just looking for any republican candidte to talk shit about. I dont listen tothe show to listen to a nobodys political views. Hope it quits soon.

      • JP

        Don’t listen to Adam then!

  12. joegagan

    a regiment is a military unit of troops. i think you meant regimen as in exercise regimen.

  13. Mark

    Carlos Mencia decided to lose weight after seeing Joe Rogan doing it first.

  14. Fiyah

    Carlos Mencia?? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Secretary General of the UN(employed)
    Secretary General of the UN(employed)11-29-2011

    Does anyone know what Adam was referring to when he talked about someone who fabricated an incident, and called him an a-hole and a liar ?

    • Michael

      I think he might be talking about about opie & and anthony. Search “opie explodes on Adam Carolla” on youtube.

  16. Kain

    Let the trolling begin.

  17. Asian Carolla
    Asian Carolla11-29-2011

    lol best line…….

    Adam Carolla “comedy intervention for Carlos Mencia – I like that” lol

  18. Vancouver Scott
    Vancouver Scott11-29-2011

    Nice interview Ace Man!

    Good to hear that finally someone in the last 8 yrs has not beaten the dead horse that is the Joke steeling shadow that hangs above this guy.

    Good job, very interesting to learn something else about him finally!!


    “it’s not a regulation grave..” good one Bryan!

  20. Ben

    Wow the backlash from the world really took its toll because ned looks like a fucking total crackhead, ahh the life of a joke thief.

  21. Ben

    Train by day Joe Rogan Podcast by night,… All day!

    • djh420

      love the joe rogan podcast!

      • DELTA16

        joe rogans podcast used to be tight, but since he moved into the stupid comedy shack place its all been downhill, theirs no continuity anymore

        its sad

  22. SomeKindOfMadman

    Carlos Menstealia! Lol! He does look way different. Hopefully he stopped with the joke stealing.

  23. maxman

    I love how adam carolla will have people on the show i expect to hate and he has a great conversation with them. seriously, i genuinely hate mind of mencia and that was one of the most interesting interviews ive heard in months.

    • Caveman73

      Agreed. I was a little hesitant to listen but it was a solid interview and CM looks healthier. I hope the joke stealing shit behind him and best of luck.

  24. Jax

    Is he on to talk about all the material he is going to steal from Patrice O’Niel?

  25. Dan

    Think Carlos was offended that Adam didn’t even know he was showing up? Wow. No one tells Ace who’s on the show, or what?

  26. andy

    I actually thought Mencia was a great guest. I got a little sick of hating on him anyway.

  27. Luthor

    Did anyone count how many times he said Bro? I stopped counting past a kagillion (Alison numerical).

  28. Tony

    Wow, so many haters. Get over it. He made millions and had everybody laughing before egotistical Joe Rogen called him out. He obviously went hiding for a while and now he’s back with a different look and most likely new jokes that he didn’t steel. We’ve seen it before so stop crying everyone.

  29. Tolley

    Whether you like Mencia or not, it sure is impressive, what he’s done with himself, Congrats to him!! When I first saw the before/after photo, I thought the skinny Mencia reminds me of Leguizamo without facial hair. Love the podcast, thanks for the free content!

  30. Big Fan
    Big Fan11-29-2011

    Both the Cowboys and the Raiders have had summer training camps in Oxnard in years past. The Cowboys also used to train at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks during the Tom Landry years.

  31. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse11-29-2011

    i always liked Mencia, he always brings it. i like rogan to, hes just not funny. Ace can make any interview compelling.

  32. Ben

    Tony, get off his Dick.

  33. DC Mike
    DC Mike11-29-2011

    I’ll take Mencia over DAG any day of the week

  34. DES

    1st full show i have listened to in a long time.
    Nice that Carlos showed up but he could have brought some yuks with him.

  35. shawn

    That car looks like the one from When Harry Met Sally in the after college roadtrip scenes.

  36. Romerogt

    this one was great

  37. Kevin B.
    Kevin B.11-29-2011

    I’m not a fan of his show or comedy in general but I really enjoyed Carlos’ interview. This was much better than any DAG interview.

  38. G-man

    I wish CM had done his bit about how white ppl can’t talk about being proud of who they are. Great bit. And only a minority could do that bit. He looks much better too. He looks 18 years old….

  39. Dave Valentine
    Dave Valentine11-29-2011

    Vancouver Scott has it right. Well done Ace Man on a very fair interview. I enjoy nothing more than hearing Adam call out the fakes, blowhards, and overrrated, but Mencia has been called out, rightfully so, and actually made a smart move by laying low for a while. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a horrible comedian. If he can be that unfunny while stealing jokes and routines, I wonder just how bad he could be if left to his own devices. I listened through the entire, “Take A Joke America!” album without cracking a smile and, if anything, was angry at the time and money wasted. He’s been terrible for years. Everyone knows he was in the right place at the right time for his show and while very few would have stood a chance at topping Chapelle’s Show and how hot it was at the moment, few things on TV have ever been so anticlimactic as Mencia following Chapelle. But, I’m all about progress. This interview has been his best work to date. He looks different. He knows how to do the business. Let’s see if he can redeem himself with his new special. I want hear more about the homeless and the headless in the steets of Mexico and Honduras. Maybe work in some subtelty. That having been said, if this special fails to deliver, he should be banned from doing comedy indefinetely. Until we find out, let’s drink some beers and rape.

  40. mpm

    I was skeptical about Carlos but this turned out to be an excellent and funny podcast. Certified Good Pod.

  41. Steve

    I don’t really know that much about Mencia, but this was solid pod!!

  42. attack_crows

    Thanks for the show – I was skeptical when seeing the guest was CM but Adam made it interesting. CM seems a little too eager to please and comes off like an ass-kisser and less than genuine. Knowing Adam’s propensity for “doing his job as an interviewer” I was surprised that the obvious questions about stealing material didn’t surface. Great bit with BB about the shallow grave – hahaha.

  43. dancingspanishman

    DAMN he lost weight!

  44. djh420

    ned holness!!!

  45. Adam

    So Tony Villar changes his name to Antonio Villaraigosa to appeal to Mexican voters so he could gain wealth, fame and power as LA Mayor, and he’s branded a retard, fraud, hack, etc. Ned Holness changes his name to Carlos Mencia to pander to Mexicans, and steals numerous jokes from other comedians to gain fame and wealth. Is he a retard, fraud, hack? No — he’s a guy that needs to be booked on the show! Hey, it’s a free podcast, and I actually enjoyed this episode. The irony is funny though.

  46. Gabe

    Podcasts interviews & guests have been really good this past week.

  47. dirty magazines.
    dirty magazines.11-30-2011

    Fuck the haters, as far as interviews and comedy go on this podcast, this was a good one. How about we all get off Rogan’s dick and acknowledge this guy has enough talent to be successful.

    • Zeke

      If he has enough talent to be successful why did he have to steal 12 minutes of George Lopez’s….. George freakin’ Lopez mind you….. jokes to put into his own show?

    • TDU

      Ya you are right we should all encourage stealing and plagiarizing. By the way, it’s not just Rogan that had issues with Mencia. You can hear countless comedians bring up the same issues in interviews on other podcasts and radio shows. Rogan was just the one that finally called him out on it, hence the attention he got. I don’t care what the guy is up to now, it doesn’t excuse how get got to where he is.

      • dirty magazines.
        dirty magazines.12-05-2011

        It’s old news. Hugh Grant still gets acting roles, you going to bring up the hooker forever too?

  48. Jim

    Skinny Mencia looks sort of like Wilmer Valderramam. Great show. Thanks Ace!

  49. Gabriel

    I’ll be honest. I wanted to hate the guy due to his controversial history in the comedy world, but Carlos impressed me in the interview and I came away really liking the guy.

  50. Patrick In Portland
    Patrick In Portland11-30-2011

    Hey Carlos — You must have stored your humor in your fat, ‘cuz that was the most unfunny interview of a comedian I have ever heard.

  51. Alex

    He certainly is a charismatic fella, albeit an admitted joke thief and egomaniac. Mind of Mencia however was the worst piece of shit I have ever watched – perhaps because the writers didn’t steal the jokes from real comics.

  52. Zeke

    I wonder if Joe Rogan listened to this one. Mencia is a douchebag and I am surprised Adam wanted a guy of his comedy ethics on the show. I have not listened yet, but I will next after the one I am on currently.

  53. Guilia

    I liked this interview with Carlos and Adam….it was interesting.

  54. gpb

    Really interesting interview with Carlos Mencia.

  55. haters gonna hate
    haters gonna hate12-01-2011

    i LOVE how all you losers hate carlos!

    if i was a comedian i’d steal jokes too and when some pussie bitched about it, i’d say, “SO F-U-C-K-I-N-G WHAT!” and then laugh in your stupid fukken face! cos you know what? it doesn’t matter at all

  56. Stiltzkiin

    Oh my god, Carlos just ripped-off fitness and nutrition consciousness from Joe Rogan!

  57. Fred Cipriano
    Fred Cipriano12-01-2011

    Sad thing is Mencia is still funnier than 90 percent of female comics.

  58. Later Hosen
    Later Hosen12-01-2011

    For Brian’s info, the Corona was not actually discontinuted. When the bodystyle was refreshed (in 1984, I believe), Toyota changed the name of the US version to “Camry” to clear up confusion between Corona and Corolla. Seriously, what was Toyota thinking back in the day? That would be like Chevrolet having two complete different cars, one call a Corvette and the other Chevette. Oh wait…they did! They were all smoking something back then.

  59. felon

    that’s not Carlos Mencia that’s
    john leguizamo… WTF Donny stop with the weed..

  60. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace12-18-2011

    great guest, funny talk!

  61. gary p
    gary p12-20-2011

    enjoyed the episode!

    i like carlos; yes i know the backstory and that for years he acted like a complete douche blah blah blah. i heard the WTF interviews. however,

    ‘not for the easily offended’ is still one of my favorite stand up movies. fucking hilarious.

    so yeah, his past behavior and actions towards other comics sucks balls, but he’s still a god damn funny mutha fucka and i wish him much future success. you, too ACEMAN!


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