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The show opens with Adam wondering why people even bother to argue with him. The gang gets into an intense conversation about leaf blowers, and why Adam believes they should be outlawed. Dave Dameshek is also in studio, and talks about his own personal attack at the office salad bar. Later, he discusses updates at Penn State and the outcome of the British Open. Before heading out, Shek reveals the Creep of the Week.

Next up, Candace Bailey from Attack of the Show enters the studio. Adam talks with her about her experiences as a junior Olympic gymnast, and learns about the relationship between gymnastics and height. Alison then begins the news discussing the Aurora tragedy from last weekend when a mad man shot up a movie theater. The guys spend the rest of the show talking about the killer’s family and how society can prevent tragedies like this in the future.


Watch Attack of the Show on G4, weeknights at 7pm. You can also follow Candace on Twitter @CandaceBailey5.

Hear more from Dave at http://DaveDameshek.NFL.com, and follow him on Twitter @Dameshek.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
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Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Earl

    Yo Dave, next time you come on you should bring Feeney and JP with you, maybe even Doubleton. It would be swell.

    • Joe

      Yeah we need more jacuzzi thoughts.

    • claudio


    • Rick

      Without leaf blowers, gardeners prices will go up. Period. End of discussion.

  2. Justin

    Dave Dameshek needs to go. NOT funny at all, not even once, not even by accident. David Wild is pointless to have on so often, once a year might be bearable. Rosen isn’t good for the show either. I understand Adam likes having those people there to kiss his ass, but put them behind the scenes or something, they just aren’t good for the show at all. And get Adam’s sister on there, maybe even a two parter, I gotta hear her side of all of the family stories.

    • heapoftears

      maybe it is time you moved on. goodbye.

    • Greybush

      Your opinion is bad. Dave is funny on a regular basis and Alison makes a positive contribution always.

    • Steve

      Yes, less Dameshek and more of Adam’s depressed sister. That will definitely liven the show up.

    • Ray

      Justin, Obviously this is a matter of taste. Take your ears elsewhere. I love all the people you just mentioned.

    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy07-23-2012

      Dave is hilarious, you sir, are retarded.

      Good day.

    • Back sack& Ass crack
      Back sack& Ass crack07-23-2012

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Braman

      Your right about Alison, wrong about the Dave’s

      • JimmyV

        You got that backwards, fool.
        Time to up the dose.

    • Woochunk

      I’m pretty sure this is the worst comment I have ever read on these boards. Congrats…

    • RoyalDryness

      I like the idea of Adam’s sister coming on and telling some Carolla family stories, but I get the feeling it would just be a lot of “what, I don’t remember that.”

    • levi

      ….Soooo you don’t like the show? Stop listening and leave the complaining to Adam.

    • Slibinz

      Sounds like a sports hater to me….

    • Britton

      Hi Justin, you’re a complete idiot.

    • DDameshek

      YOU need to go. No ones asking you to stick around. Piss off ,bro.

      • Most Funny Man in the World
        Most Funny Man in the World07-25-2012

        DDameshek, you’re the worst. GRATING to listen to.

        Adam always says he likes an ass kisser. An ass kisser can be nice, if you’re the one having you’re ass kissed. For everyone else, an ass kisser is the most annoying thing in the world.

        For the record, I fast-forwarded through most of the DDameshek segment.

        • ARZ

          ^^^ That,s exactly what I do!!! ^^^ Dameshek SUCKS!!! He is the type that insists sports knowledge is parallel with actual knowledge. How the hell can you call yourself a MAN and not know what HEADERS are? He probably has plenty of “IKEA” wrenches at home (all the same size).

    • JB

      I have to agree that I would LOVE to hear his sister on here once in awhile! I get the feeling it would be disappointing, but I could only hope.

  3. Connard

    She’s a little bit of all right.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

      “A little bit of all-right”, good name for C’s V.

  4. Zaheen


    • Justin

      Different Justin from the one above. Love Alison. Love BB.

      HATE Shek. Can anyone sit through that diptard’s hard-boiled egg story and still find him funny? The ol’-timey voice is funny? Saying “aught-two” instead of “oh-two” is funny?

      What does he say that’s funny? Somebody answer me. Please.

      • Dameshecky Green
        Dameshecky Green07-24-2012


        You no-good-nick, how daaaaaaaaaare you! You are a rapscallion says I! A true scoundrel. My comedy is the bee’s knees! Ask anyone and they’re sure to tell you, Im as nifty as a Grape Nihi! Im as splendid as a war bond!

        Get rid of me? Why, that would be tom foolery my good man……complete ballyhoo!

        • Justin

          Christ, it’s too real. Stop.

          The worst part is: SHEK THINKS THAT’S FUNNY!

          I can’t believe anyone agrees.

      • Sharon

        While I don’t hate Shek, I definately don’t find him funny. Adam seems to humor him, and probably only has him on so often because he’s a friend. I’m glad Shek has a job with the NFL, because I can’t think of any other company that has the money to employ a somewhat talentless person. I freely admit i only base this opinion on the last 6 months or so of listening to the podcast. Obviously, Adam didn’t have that kind of money. Nothing personal against Shek, just don’t think much of his comedic chops.
        1st Justin, you are an f-ing retard. Alison is exceptionally smart, quick and funny, especially for a woman. I, for one, agree with Adam that men are generally more funny than us women. They get to be, because we have to be take things more seriously, as we do the majority of child rearing, even with the most attentive Fathers… I have to admit, BB grew on me, and now I love him just as much. (wish he would play the high pitched nooooo more often). He is also amazingly quick with the drops, which 95% of the time, are spot on.
        If you (1st Justin) really think Alison brings nothing, and Adam’s sister should give her side, (which shows you doubt Adam’s versions of his stories), don’t freaking listen! There are literally 100,000 other podcasts to listen to, and I can’t understand why you would waste your time posting here.
        Adam has obviously assembled a good team who are all on board with his vision, and are #1 for a reason. If you’ll excuse me, I have three rambunctious kids that need to be put down. (Not in a “my dog has terminal cancer” way….)

  5. idiotman

    Keep BB away from a dollar. Guy doesn’t get money.

  6. Silent Running
    Silent Running07-22-2012

    The goblin must be blackmailing Adam. There’s probably some Hiltonesque nightvision porn involving Adam and Drew in a hotel room floating around Dameshek’s manse.

    Adam, whatever he’s got on you, it’s not worth this. Maybe he’s bluffing.

  7. bobby


  8. joshmv

    I like Bryan, but I’m guessing he’s not the best businessman. By his logic, gardeners would keep underbidding each other until they’re working for free. It’s pretty simple that there’s a point at which it isn’t worth their time and that’s probably not much lower than they get paid right now.

    • oh jeez
      oh jeez07-23-2012

      both have valid points. One can’t find out without an experiment

    • thedecade

      You’re right on the money. He is smart about some things but this argument he was pompous and wrong… something usually reserved for the boss.

      With a gardener, you get a team that you like and you stick with them, you don’t just run off to Home Depot and grab whoever you can to save $20. You go to home depot to move an industrial sized copy machine, not to do you gardening on the cheap.

      • Sky

        If Bryan is such a smart person, why can’t he be original and not p;ay the same boring sound bites? Ican’t believe that’s a real job. At least Fred from Howard Stern’s Show does impersonations. What does Bryan do? Film Vault? Give me a break. Why did Film Vault go away, and back? FIlm Vault sucks, as does Bryan.

        • zender

          Wait, film vault is back?

          Bryan did go to college and I assume perhaps took some econ class at SC. He’s making the argument that there is an excess of gardenerl labor supply BUT for some reason, which is unclear, current pricing does not reflect that excess. Demand on the other hand is very elastic. Raise the price, aand everyone will cut their own lawns. Perhaps there is a hidden cartel of gardeners that has set the price at current levels – say 100 bucks a month for an average LA mid-century shitbox, of which 50 bucks is profit to the owner 10 bucks goes to pay the illegals and the rest is operating expenses (fuel, equipment, pensions, health insurance – I’m kidding about those of course).

          If the cost of doing business goes up (increase labor costs to 11 bucks because the illegals have to rake instead of using their penis extensions to blow shit all over the place) it can be absorbed by whatever has inflated current pricing. I’m not saying it’s true, but the argument cannot be shot down unless tested.

          • Steve

            Im going to agree with allison here although i rarely do and think its the smartest thing shes said maybe ever.

            Initially prices would be driven up because it would take longer and if they charge by the hour this is obvious. eventually someone would say “ill go down to my original rate” in order to gain a competative advantage over his competitors. This is capatalism at work. You may have to eat the extra time it would take you but the idea is that it would be made up in profits from new customers coming over from more expensive landscapers. Obviously this all depends on the idea that they are all doing the same quality of work.

    • Nick

      I concur 100%.. I never come here to leave comments, but I had to after hearing Bryan try to argue against basic economic science. Unbelievable that he really thinks that is how supply and demand works… I can’t believe he went to USC.

      • Kyle

        I’m with Nick. I never read these comments but I had to make sure that other people saw how wrong Bryan’s arguments were. I think Bryan is great and he is rarely flat out wrong like this but I wanted to yell at my mp3 player. He is missing the crucial point that the market has already taken into account the “high amount” of supply when setting the price. If that was not the case, and the price was currently too high, gardeners would already be undercutting each other until the price did reach an equilibrium (as Adam pointed out a little too late).

        • JB

          Heh! Adam did take his sweet time in pointing that out. I left a derpy comment before he said that and then I was like… argh… I’m an idiot. 🙁

      • Rick

        If you frame houses for a living, and you look at a job, and they tell you that you can’t use a nail gun….would you do it for the same price? Would anyone?

    • martin

      The discussion on gardening is so bad. What part of gardening is leaf blowing? My guess is that blowing is just the easiest way to signal “I´m working”, and leaving them out would only leave a less cleaner work.
      Anyway, I don´t know what you´re talking about – I never heard a leaf blower in my neighbourhood – ´cause I am usually at work. I live in Germany.
      Thank you

    • chris

      I dont understand Bryans point was he saying the gardeners would recieve the same total pay or that their hourly wage would remain the same. I think if the law was passed their is enough unemployment and underemployment (according to Bryan) in the gardener business that their hourly wage would probably remain the same but obviously their total wage would have to go up since they are working more hours

  9. Matt

    Gotta love the Carolla show. How many 24 news network producers are screaming at their people:
    We lead with mass murders? Where’s the fucks the hard hitting shit about leaf blowers and hard boiled eggs? We’re getting scooped people, you’re burying the lead! You’re all fired!

  10. SomeKindOfMadman

    Creep, creep, creep of the week, of the week, he or she is the creep of the week!!!

    • Badger

      Maybe the next creep of the week can be all the congenial liars in the comment box who scream “I HATE THE SHEK, I SHALL NEVER LISTEN AGAIN’ and line up again to bitch the next week.

  11. Nathan

    People will continue to argue with Adam as long as he continue to claim that Dameshek is funny or in any way compelling

  12. Matthew

    Dave has quickly become the best part of this show. He should really be on every day, but I guess it’s not possible due to his schedule. In any case, I’m grateful for the once a week, and here’s hoping we’ll get even more of him in the future. Also, please do some reenactments! Since Dave is there, you might as well do some of the old bits. (That includes politically incorrect bits about race-based awards shows.) AND WHERE’S THE ED?

    • idiotman

      Research says being a gymnast doesn’t make you shorter. Athletes are weird.

  13. Matthew

    Also, I just noticed the Feenster’s Union t-shirt. It’s a sign!

    • Dan Penny
      Dan Penny07-23-2012

      God willing.

  14. Juiceman233

    And once again:
    I understand Adam lives in something nearing the least religious society and circles on Earth so he won’t know this but lets go over it again: There is no inherent conflict between Psychology and Religious people. Modern Psychology comes right out of the most Christian societies. Many of it’s innovators were ‘religious people’. Psychology has grown and flourished in the most Christian nations, Christian-founded schools and hospitals. Counselors and even the idea of ’emotional counseling’ can be found in the New Testament. To this day this continues. ALL of our Pastors take what amounts to a full year of Psychology to become Pastors. Ours is actually a fully qualified Psychologist and working to a PHD. Frequently and constantly Pastors WORK WITH Psychologists.
    Now, since Adam doesn’t know anything about this I was thinking of how he believes ‘religious society opposes psychological help’. I mean.. imagine Adam must really hate those ‘religious people’ knowing they ‘oppose’ things like helping prevent mass-murders. Here is what I can say: At some times in our recent history, many (certainly not all) but many in the psychological profession lean to left-wing, liberal and even ‘communist’ and ‘atheistic’ world views. This isn’t really ‘because of Psychology’ but I would suppose for a number of coincidental social and political reasons. Here is where there may be distrust, aggravations and the like between ‘religious people’ and ‘psychologists’.
    I hope that helps. I’ve tried to communicate this before. I don’t like Adam to be wrong or find himself saying things that will come off as completely ignorant to thousands of listeners who know better.
    Oh our other Pastor is doing an actual series of talks on Seligman’s ‘Learned Optimism’ which, it turns out, squares with our New Testament with some great commonality and even in techniques.
    So you know, maybe you guys don’t need to be telling shltty untrue things about ‘religious people’ now. Thanks.

    • reb

      God died a few years ago.

    • Tonymonterey

      Just let it slide off your back dude. People like to paint everything black and white and with the crappy public schools and the Internet we are the most opinionated idiots in the History of the USA. The show is great because Adam is talking out his ass 99% of the time and it’s funny as hell. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and I doubt he sets out to offend you. I’m willing to bet if you told him he was full of crap he would agree.

      I’m an atheist but I also spent a lot of time in Catholic church and Sunday school. I know religious people are just as intelligent as Atheists and I find the Atheists who moan, sue and complain just as, if not more annoying than those Westburo (sp?) Church protesters.

    • idiotman

      I agree with this; however, I feel inclined to say — who cares.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012


  15. Gary

    Bryan shows how leftists don’t understand economics.

    • Scott

      Sort of, this is a case where supply and demand are fully on display. If the price of a service (lawn care) exceeds the demand (people who are willing pay the extra cost) then there will be a drop in demand for gardeners. It is an interesting socialogical experiment and if there was someone really smart in that industry, you would start a “Green Gardener” company that uses no motorized equipment and see how many Hollywood Lefties would pay the extra cost. I can see it now, Mexican gardeners showing up in Prius’, solar powered boom boxes with Mariachi music blaring, old fashioned Reel Mowers and Battery powered trimmers. I’m heading to LA to make my millions!

    • Nick

      100% true

  16. Paul

    Hey Dameshek, you suck! Fuck off!

    • Cameron

      Paul, I think you should f**k-off. Dave’s the best thing to happen to this show for a while.

      I was suprised by Teresa’s last visit, she basically wanted Ace to ask her to stay.

      Adam: [Sniff!] See ya Teresa.

      Cue: Teresa crying.

      Personally, I would’ve loved Teresa to come back. She is teriffic. Ace like to move forward though, and it’s a wise policy. “Well, Teresa chose to leave in the first place.”, Ace would probably say.

      • JimmyV

        Bout Dameshek.
        That’s a fact, that’s science.

    • Matt

      I agree. Can’t stand him.

    • Badger

      Shut up and F my A-hole

  17. Jorm_Valadez

    I love me some Candace Bailey.

    • reb

      yes; very attractive

  18. Dustin

    Wow, so Bald Brian just gave the perfect example of why we are so fucked as a nation/civilization. Most people do not even have a basic understanding of economics, but we all THINK we do. There is no hope when even generally smart people have no concept of the things that actually make the BIGGEST impact in our lives.

  19. ryan

    Bald Bryan’s logic was absurd, I was yelling the same thing Adam was. If there is an over-abundance of gardeners in LA currently, then it would stand to reason they’d all be undercutting each other until the price was $1. The leaf blower aspect has nothing to do with it. BB sounded stubbon and uninformed.

    I can tolerate Shek better than some on this board but his inflection and humor tend to wear thin. And his insistance on keeping his language clean for his Mom’s sake is lame. Maybe if he brought the fish tank back…

    btw, why is Bill Simmons never on the pod, they’re such good friends? Maybe ESPN won’t let him…

  20. Patrick

    The Aceman proves his point again: Hot chicks are stupid.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

      …but they’re hot, so who cares.

  21. Aaron

    Oh, is this that episode where Adam talks about leaf blowers and the parents of people who commit mass murder? I love when they replay that one.

  22. Patrick

    oh… and I’ll add the Shek is awesome. Just the mention of Shek and Feenie drinking at the Farmers Market made me wish DofT was back. The two of them should at LEAST be guests on The Podcast.

    Bold Move making yourself Creep of The Week!

  23. jo ke
    jo ke07-23-2012

    Shek is awsome love it

  24. Nathan Souza
    Nathan Souza07-23-2012

    A couple things…

    1) It’s San Francisco, not Fisco or San Fran. Just like it’s not Burg or Pitts.

    2) LA sucks. Northern Californians love to make sure we remind folks from LA of that.

    3) USC should have it’s economics program removed. Or maybe Economics 101 isn’t a required call for all majors at USC.

    4) Shek’s great.

    5) Alison’s great.

  25. Lee

    I disagree with everyone hating on Shek. Dave Dameshek is one Adam’s better guest…he actually has an opinion!! GET IT OONNNNNNN

    • idiotman

      But its hard to hear it with adam’s dick in his mouth.

    • Can't be serious
      Can't be serious07-24-2012

      What opinion???!!!
      That he’s Jewish? He only mentions it every time he’s on.
      Or is it that he can’t say anything bad about the NFL, because he “works for them”?
      Gimme a break. Not funny, makes the show worse. My opinion.

  26. James

    I love the show and I never miss it, but I had to fast forward past all the Leaf Blower bull shit.

  27. Chris

    Dave Dameshek is the bee’s knees, I tell ya!

  28. Mark

    Fun fact: It’s illegal to shoot people, but that didn’t stop someone from shooting up a movie theater. So what’s make you think outlawing guns would have prevented this?

    The reason we have assault rifles is so citizens can fight the government. The 2nd amendment is the LAST check on the government. Mexico doesn’t have the right to guns and look how that’s working out for them. They can’t fight back against the cartels or their corrupt government.

    The 2nd amendment is the price of freedom. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of countries you can move to where guns are illegal.

    • RoyalDryness

      Historically the 2nd Amendment was crafted so that the US would have forces to fight an invasion. In the 18th century with so much coastline and territory to defend the only hope for this nation’s defenses was an armed populace in the form of local militias. We now live in a world where our armed forces are large, mobile and stationed throughout the country making militias (and by extension the 2nd Amendment) obsolete. Until people realize the unfortunate consequence of the easy availability of guns to legal owners is also the reason for easy available to criminals and psychopaths we are fucked and doomed to continue having these kinds of massacres.

      • Sweet Willy
        Sweet Willy07-23-2012

        That is completely wrong and straight from the misunderstood bin. Research what happens when good people have guns as well. If you think the 2nd is only about a large unguarded coastline than look at Mexico, Syria and Iran. What happens when Govt is the only one with the guns. WAKE THE FUCK UP! Or you could just get your logic from Allyson Rosen. The dumbest liberal in the room.

    • idiotman

      Sick of your levelheadedness.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana07-23-2012

      As the Iraq war shows, guns are useless in irregular warfare. If you want to defend yourself against a corrupt government or foreign occupation, you need bombs.

      So according to your logic, the 2nd amendment should make it legal to own two tonnes of ammonium nitrate and anhydrous hydrazine.

      Legalizing bombs would be crazy. And I say that even though I own two tigers and a chimpanzee infected with Ebola.

    • Matt

      I agree.

    • Jll M.
      Jll M.07-24-2012

      Amen brother.

  29. Mike

    Is there anyway to fast forward the podcast? A couple times I closed the window while it was playing.

  30. Lor

    OMG this same argument again between Adam and Bryan about the leaf blowers…. FAWK….. this is stupid

  31. Jeff

    More Dameshek!!!

    • BigOkie

      Yes, he should stay away from the show more… I can’t stand to listen to his screechy voice. Why the fuck does he feel it necessary to yell everything???

      And Alison is one of the smartest people on ANY podcast. I used to hate the idea of losing Teresa but Alison has been an awesome addition.

  32. benyens

    stop having Dave on. he couldn’t possibly be any less funny unless he was Jay mohr.

  33. REARless

    Love me some Shek!

  34. Vee

    1. Shek is great, and I’m so glad to hear him back on air again!

    2. Adam, JoPa may be from another era, but I don’t think that explains his actions, and willingness to look the other way for years, while his buddy cornholed helpless kids.

    My grandfathers were born in the 1920’s, and I can absolutely guarantee that either of those old men would goddamn murder another man for ass fucking a child. REGARDLESS of who the child rapist is. But they were both real men, and never apologists for vicitimizers or evil.

    Further, JoPa was so powerful, that if he had said that Sundusky was out, and the police needed to be called, he would have been a hero. The program would not have been harmed, and his legacy would have been even greater than it was. A REAL MAN would have done what needed to be done to protect those unable to protect themselves, then and now. That will never change.

    We’re clearly short on real men these days, and more’s the pity for it.

    • RoyalDryness

      Eventually it will come out somehow that Paterno knew about Sandusky’s pedophilia for years before anyone else. That is the only reason I can see for him not demanding that the police be involved. The idea that he was protecting the program is bullshit. Protecting it from what, a reputation for outing sexual predators? JoePa would have been a hero as you said for bring Sandusky’s sickness to light. The only reason for covering it up is protecting himself from the public when they found out that he had been looking the other way long before McQueary saw him raping a kid in the showers.

  35. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper07-23-2012

    These long, drawn-out arguments…not entertaining.

  36. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy07-23-2012

    You can’t judge…

    You can’t judge, because Paterno is from a different generation…you can’t judge…

  37. Steven

    Love me some Shek! Long live the Shek Republic! To all the haters…JERKS!

  38. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson07-23-2012

    I’d pay a whole dollar more for gas if we could go back to the pre-9/11 days.

    I’m SO sick of this bullshit. We’ve had attacks involving planes, using a plane, ON a plane HOW many times since then? And yet I have to strip down naked and watch you TSA fucks give a 6-year old girl the 4th degree, just to wait in an uncomfortable chair for 2 hours for my plane?

    Can we go back to being able to BE with our god damn families before the plane takes off, like we could before all this bullshit?!

    And as for the theater thing, I get human response. Fight or flight. 100 people flew. From 1 person in a dark ass room with smoke in it.

    Absorb that. I’m not insensitive. Condolences to the 12 families who lost. But really? 100v1 in a dark room with smoke in it, and the 1 won? And he’s still around?!

  39. Steve R
    Steve R07-23-2012

    Bald Brian,

    If you had a price form a painter to paint your house where he planned to use a sprayer, and then you told him he couldn’t use a sprayer and had to use a brush only… his price would go up because it would take him longer time. Same goes for leaf blowers.

    If they guy who owns the landscape company now has to pay his employees for an extra 30 minutes to an hour of labor time for each property they maintain on their weekly route, do you think the owner of the landscape company is just going to eat that cost? Don’t be ridiculous.

    If the landscaper has to spend an extra hour at each property, and say one crew of two men has 40 properties on their route each week, that’s 80 man-hours of labor time he has to cover. (one hour x 40 lawns x 2 men) And let’s further say that he has three crews on his payroll. That’s 240 man-hours worth of labor cost he has to cover just to do the same quantity of properties that he was doing before the leaf blower ban. So, the landscape company has to now hire more men to keep up with their weekly schedules, or slow everything down – possibly jeopardizing his monthly business cash flow. Who pays for those new employees? The customers do! The landscape owner can’t just eat that cost out of the kindness of his heart – he’d be out of business. It’s basic high school economics!

  40. on duty
    on duty07-23-2012

    god dammit! is he funking annoying or what?

  41. JessMan

    typical pittsburgh attitude from shek. crybaby. somebody call the whaaaaambulance

  42. ST

    With all due respect. Please no more Dameshek! Adam I have listened to you since the early days of Loveline and I think you are GREAT! Please, please, please no more Dameshek!

  43. whaaaat?

    Don’t strong winds kick up fecal matter and vulcanized rubber as well?

  44. Charles

    Screw Shek. I he needs to stay a punchline like Jack Silver. David Wild actually has intelligent things to say and adds to the show. He also has timing and knows when to speak, and when to get out of the way. Shek is just a loud annoying friend who is stuck on the mast of sports and will go down with that ship. Not Funny. If people like him so much, why is his podcast not as popular.

  45. Red in PDX
    Red in PDX07-23-2012

    Bryan thinks he understands supply and demand, but shut down mentally after the first couple of sentences when learning it. Even though Adam’s probably never formally studied economics (unlike Bryan at his beloved USC), he understands supply and demand and the theory of the invisible hand, while Bryan is lost and confused, unknowing.

    Bryan’s illogical and hypocritical argument does not give a good endorsement of his beloved USC.

  46. Dan

    Dig that hot leaf blower talk!

    seriously, don’t ever talk about leaf blowers again.

    Long live Shek.

  47. Mike D in Mpls
    Mike D in Mpls07-23-2012

    Feeney reference!

    PLEEEEEEEEASE PLEASE PLEASE have him on with the Shek one of these weeks. I don’t want this to happen. I need this to happen.

  48. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian07-23-2012

    Slow down on the shek appearances. The creep of the week theme song is the best part of his time on the pod.

  49. Skeeter

    Is Damashek there just to out nasal Ace?

  50. Kelly

    Please tell Dameshek that him calling Bald Bryan, “Bald,” is not funny nor original. He is soooooo the annoying guy at the party.

  51. vinny dellay
    vinny dellay07-23-2012

    Oh. My. God. I fucking hate Dameshek so much. He is soooo irritating and offers absolutely nothing to the show. I cringe when I hear his nasally voice desperately trying to be funny and woefully coming up short. He’s fucking atrocious.

  52. Bill

    There’s a reason why Adam is the boss; he’s obviously the person in the room that understands economics best.

  53. Matt

    All adam explained with his “movie theater air marshal” was concealed carriers.

    • RoyalDryness

      Actually Adam described basically having plain clothes police in movie theaters and sporting events. He describe people with specific training to handle that situation, not some jackoff who has enough spare cash to buy a handgun and fill out a form to get a concealed carry permit.

      • Citizen Martial
        Citizen Martial07-24-2012

        i dont know about where you live, but here in denver, not any “jackoff” can get a ccp just by filling out an aplication. you are required to complete training courses, an in person interview with the sheriff’s department, pass a background/criminal check, get finger printed, and get photographed. further, i would rather have more millitary, cops and citizens taking on the resposibility of cc than a few TSA-rent a cops roaming around in public hoping to be in the right place at the right time. most likly spending years on the job without doing shit aside from sitting in movie theaters waiting for some dbag to pop through the e exit with a gun. the issue here is that we have somehow been convinced that protecting ourselves is somehow a bad thing. Police are a reactionary force. so if you are waiting for them in a situation like that, youre already dead. Want to save your life? Take the classes, practice, become a resposible American and do it yourself.

  54. Alex

    Dave brings it plain and simple. He is quick and funny but that’s hard to see because Ace never let’s his guests get out more than 2 sentences at the time. But Dave breaks my heart with the Feensters Union shirt. Don’t tease me sir.

  55. Bums in Parks
    Bums in Parks07-23-2012

    I am with Bryan on the gardener issue…. It (banning blowers) would dilute the per hour wages of gardeners…

  56. Anthony

    Stop with Dameshek. He’s not funny, has no real insight and brings the entire show to a complete halt whenever he opens his mouth.

    What is the obsession with this guy?

  57. Tony

    I can’t help but think that the main reason we do not see more programs or assistance offered to parents to help potentially “dangerous” kids is that it would be hard to show any quantifiable results. No stats to say massacres are down 30% since we offered the 1-800 help line. These things cost money and people want results. Also got to think that parents would be afraid they are over-reacting and it could possibly irreversibly damage their relationship with the child.

  58. Andrew

    The only way to stop these kind of attacks is to arm everybody. That’s our only hope. People that aren’t psychopaths need to be armed at all times. Ask that old man at the internet cafe how gun control would have went for him?

  59. stnuntrnd

    Why does Adam “sniff” whenever he says something important?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-24-2012

      You answered your own question.

  60. Andrew

    she IS nice to look at…

  61. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker07-23-2012

    I think Dameshek is awesome to have on the show keep it up!!! 25 mins on leaf-blowers was a little bit much.

  62. LiberalsRstupid

    I’m sitting here listening to a complete moron. Seriously… Its like watching msnbc, when youre done youre actually dumber… Yea, we need another bureaucracy of “skymarshalls? is it to roam movie theathres? OMFG how stupid is that. First off , we already pay the POLICE way too much and secondly you just dis a story that clearly demonstrated the ONLY answer. The 71 year old with a conceal carry permit. Instead of 12 dead we could be saying 1 dead. The perpetrator. No, we need the citizens to be carrying guns as is a our GOD GIVEN RIGHT expressed in the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution. Wake on MORON… But, Adam doesn’t like guns… Youre too smart to be a Democrat and yet to dumb to be Conservative…

    • Gregers


  63. juan Arroyo
    juan Arroyo07-23-2012

    Adam owns a 12 gauge shotgun for home defense, but he’s not into guns. Strange comments coming from a gun owner.
    I admit if our government turns on us, our home weapons might not be enough to fight back, but the 2nd amendment protects our right to at least be a nuisance. Cops take an average of 15 mins to respond to a call which is why my family is armed and trained to used and handle guns safely.

    Aside from the occasional nutcase, I trust that most folks out there flinging their 2 ton chunks of steel and glass down the highway every morning won’t slam into me on purpose, and those weapons can be had by 16 year olds.

  64. Huck

    Alison, the Mother of the murderer has clarified her response “you have the right person” quote.

    “He asked if I was Arlene Holmes and if my son was James Holmes who lives in Aurora, Colorado. I answered yes, you have the right person. I was referring to myself.”


  65. pete

    Bald Brian is right. They won’t outbid each other so they’re working for free, but if one guys willing to raise the price, another would be willing to keep it the same to get that business. There’s too much competition in lawn service to turn down a job. Sometimes you have to work harder to earn the same buck. Is that an invalid statement in most industries? Look, if you pulled up to a Home Depot and said to a group of day laborers “ok, show of hands, 5hrs work for $80? ” Then say “hold on, 5hrs for $50, that’s all I got”. You’d have fewer hands raised for the second offer but there’d still be hands raised. I think the same could be said for the Vietnamese take over of nail shops. They do the same mani/pedi for far less money than non-Vietnamese shops do. Same amount of work. One is just willing to do it for less. Same with no-blow gardeners.

    • RoyalDryness

      That was exactly the point, Bryan just did a shitty job of making it. Of course Adam had to make a hyperbolic comparison to try to disprove it. As someone who knows the owners of a few landscaping companies, they have razor thin profit margins because they constantly have to undercut each other. Why, because there’s always someone else who will do it for a few bucks less because there’s more landscapers than there are people willing to pay someone else to cut their grass and trim their hedges. At some point they have to say no, if they are charging $100 a month they won’t do it for 50, but if some other guy says he’ll do it for 85 they’ll probably match it to keep your business.

  66. Matt

    Bryan def a believer in obamanomics…guess his wife balances their checkbook and if not soon enough well see Bald panhandling

  67. matt

    uurrggh Dameshek AGAIN?! hes not funny and annoying

  68. Matt

    For all insanely misinformed gun control advocates. Least gun crimes in Texas where they have loosest gun laws. Most restrictions? Chicago. Hmm. Also, feel free to take a note from Ice T, the reason the 2nd amendment was put in, last defense against tyranny.

  69. pleasenomoredavidwild

    Hm, I came home from work and eagerly downloaded today’s podcast, expecting Carolla to provide some trademark insight and perspective on the Aurora shooting. I did not anticipate the solid twenty-five minute opening about leaf-blowers.

  70. Jeremy

    Never posted on here, but had to. Can’t believe people are saying negatives about Dave Dameshek. He’s very funny and quick. I don’t even get the negative comments about him.

    • Justin

      Okay, “Jeremy.” The challenge goes to you: Name something funny that Shek has said.

      I’ll give you a break — it can even be something funny that some other person has said and Shek just repeated it. Go ahead. Tell me what it is.

      “He’s very funny and quick.”

      WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The man has a 78 IQ. He rehashes the same tired routines–they got tired in 1934 when people were worn out making fun of 1924–and he does it every time. It’s never new, responsive, or quick.

      Funny and quick … Jeremy, you’re the creep of the week. (Get it? Shek does Creep of the Week. Hah!)

  71. Mike

    Dameshek and David Wild are fucking horrible!
    have started to skip right thru them

  72. Steve

    Love the show, Dave is always great!

  73. Aaron

    Gymnastics stunt growth because of the lack of body fat. Girls need a certain amount of body fat before puberty can kick in. It’s one of the reasons girls seem to go into puberty earlier these days, we’re fatter on average than previous generations. Gymnasts usually start before puberty and keep the body fat percentage so low that it’s significantly postponed. Once they stop training and gain some weight, they grow.

    Anyways, great show as always! You’re the man, Ace Man.

  74. ryanc

    Shek got that belly button sweat… ha ha

  75. RoyalDryness

    Once again I feel like Bryan had a valid point and didn’t really explain it well. If they outlaw ALL leaf blowers, meaning no gardener can use them they you probably won’t see a much of an increase in cost because it will affect all of them equally. Bryan is also 100% correct about gardeners and landscapers being a saturated market and that being a reason why you won’t see a major increase in prices. It’s not that if you gardener charges $100 you can find someone to do it for $50, it’s that if they ban leaf blowers and you’re gardener says it’ll be $125 you’ll still be able to find a guy to do it for $100.

    The problem was it was a simplistic analysis of market tendencies and somehow it still went over Adam’s head.

  76. dave

    Bryan is both correct and incorrect. He is incorrect in assuming that any significant change to practices of manual labor wouldn’t change the price of manual labor. That’s basic economics, and he’s an idiot. HOWEVER, this assumes that the labor pool is stagnant and there is no new influx of immigrants willing to expend more effort for the same money. The key Adam fails to understand is that while the overall price for gardening would not go down (how could it go to zero?!), hours of labor per price could –and would– go up. So the dollars Bryan spends on gardening would remain constant, but some poor sap would be willing to work longer for the same $50, which was Bryan’s point (although he made it quite poorly by not stressing the influx of immigrants). There are many instances where a person will refuse to lower his price for a job but when you tell him you want additional tasks done he will begrudgingly agree.

    • idiotman

      You’ve missed the point. It is fine that competition adjusts the price. The point is when a gardner is there, and asked to do a task that extends his current workday he will get to charge more money.

      It is irrelevant that there’s someone out there who will ultimately do the job for less. Is listening comprehension a thing? If it is you suck at it.

      • reb

        “It is irrelevant that there’s someone out there who will ultimately do the job for less.”

        Someone out there willing to do the job for less is kind of the essence of labor economics, and it’s the supply part of the supply and demand that determine the price of labor. Not quite irrelevant.

  77. Dion

    Love BB (my favorite member of the team) but that gardener discussion was a few minutes of pure retardation. Oh yeah and alison is terrible. But Ace is pretty damn funny and D.D. is becoming somewhat bearable! I think the show could use a lil more dawson, am i right people? Eh?

    Ok bottom line, LOVE THE SHOW, thanks guys!

    Ps. anyone notice that this mass shooter looked completely drugged in the courtroom today? Hmmmm

  78. Shew

    Shek, you da man! Next time drag Feeney’s ass over to Carolla One Studios! Show for the ages!

  79. Joel

    Nice try, Bryan. You failed economics in college and you failed economics in life.

    If you need a book that will explain how a market works, hit me up, I’ll get you informed.

  80. idiotman

    I don’t need to own a non ‘street legal’ car to play with either — but I appreciate the machine. I feel its the same for most gun owners.

  81. Jason

    Dameshek is great, always my favourite podcast of the week

    • reb

      he’s kind of growing on me

  82. Eric

    in defense of bald bryan… his point was just that since there are so many “gardeners” the price can stay at what is essentially the rock bottom and current price… i agree that he did not articulate the concept of supply and demand well… but in this case the price that people feel they are obliged to pay somebody for manual labor functions as a Minimum Wage… and when a minimum wage is factored in it keeps out the additional supply(unemployed gardeners) that should be able to bring down the price…

  83. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese07-23-2012

    I love that Shek has a Feeney shirt on and Ace has a Kimmel shirt on. Both showing their man crushes.

  84. Lara

    I completely lost the small amount of respect that I had for Bryan tonight. Basic economic principle of the price elasticity of supply… I can’t BELIEVE Adam didn’t fire him on the spot for his imbecilic “argument”.


    • GuyDudebreaux

      When supply is more inelastic than demand (as is clearly the case w/ gardening services in LA), providers will bear a greater proportion of any additional costs (e.g. tax) associated with the goods/services than the consumers will. In other words, BB was spot on, he just didn’t know how to explain it.


  85. Dragos4s20

    I always enjoy Dameshek.

    DAVE NOR-CAL07-23-2012

    I wonder if Adam’s gardener uses a leaf blower?

  87. Richmond28

    Dave Dameshek is awful – I love the show but when he’s on it I can’t bear to listen to his nonsense

  88. Miguel

    What’s the poop fella? Dameshek is great!

  89. Sky

    More Dameshek, less Brayan. The only creative input from Bryan is is stupid sound bites. Take the computer away and what do you have, Bryan? Dave don’t need a computer.

  90. Mrs JFK
    Mrs JFK07-24-2012

    Loyal daily listener to thee best Podcast. My two cents:

    I don’t listen to the cast to hear about sports (I’ll tune into 580 for that), so not hating on Dave D., but I usually fast forward on his segments.

    Allison is in the groove and knows when to step back and let the Ace Man do his thing. He apparently respects her, so I’m good with that.

    I have a sweet spot in my heart for Brian and his talents. I love when he speaks up w/ an opinion. I don’t have to agree, but it’s nice to have someone balance the conversation.

    And I gotta thank who ever is responsible for the podcast player on my iPhone. Works so much better now.

    More Dr. Drew and Ray!

    I’ll need change please…

  91. slutty AC Green
    slutty AC Green07-24-2012

    More Jacuzzi Thoughts, good day sir.

  92. Meh

    Bald is right, and you fucks are morons……………RoyalDryness could not have held your hand any tighter as he walked you through his sound explanation.

  93. Paul

    How on earth can anyone listen to this drivel? I figured I’d give it a listen since Joe Rogan hasn’t released a new podcast in a while.

    Hey Adam, if you have a guest on give them a bloody chance to speak! What’s the point of even having guests if nobody can get a word in edgewise while you spout hot air endlessly.

    Sky Marshall’s for shopping malls? Welcome to living in Israel Adam…. For all of their soldiers and guns they still can’t stop guys with bombs strapped to their asses blowing shit up. Why in the hell would you welcome a police state with open arms.

    Back to listening to old episodes of Stern and Rogan. This podcast is a joke.

  94. Christopher

    Got it Ace and Alison. I am insane for wanting a check to make sure the govt never thinks of trying to press the people more than they already do by owning a gun. Fuck off.

    • GuyDudebreaux

      This is such an infuriatingly dumb argument. If our government was hell-bent on truly oppressing its people there is nothing the people would be able to do about it, guns or not. The government has a MILITARY – you know, tanks, fighter jets, smart bombs, drones, etc….you get the picture. Maybe there could be sects of the military itself could that could fight back against a tyrannical government, but they would be the ONLY ones that could do anything, if it ever came to that (which it won’t). I don’t care how many AR-15s the civilians have…they are going to be helpless, so why should they have any at all?

      I mean do you honestly think the government is saying, “darn, if only the american people would give up their handguns, we might be able to squeeze more out of them…but we just can’t do anything against that kind of firepower!”

      Ridiculous argument.

  95. Jojo

    I wish Bald Bryan would shut up, he’s always wrong

  96. Justin

    Standing challenge to you Shektards:

    Cite one thing — just one — that has ever come out of his mouth and made you laugh. Could be words, spittle, vomit, anything. But I need one.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-25-2012

      I can’t.
      Anyone else?

  97. Blake

    Candace is hot but she really didn’t add anything to the podcast. I like Sheck and I think it is funny when he calls Bryan “Bald.”

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-25-2012

      Didn’t add anything to the podcast? She’s hot, what else do you need.

  98. Alison's V
    Alison's V07-24-2012

    I don’t want to pay an extra ten cents a gallon for enhanced public security. In theory it sounds like a wonderful idea. It would generate piles of cash, enough to secure every theater and public event location that attract large crowds. In reality it would grow government even larger and sooner than later the funds would go to help pay pensions, or other union benefits.

    Adam, please, the state has a spending problem, please stop thinking of ways for them to tax us more.

  99. Andrew

    “Kooks walking into movie theaters with automatic weapons…”

    He did not have automatic weapons.

  100. Billy

    I always, always enjoy Dameshek and Carolla together.

  101. Just Me
    Just Me07-24-2012

    LOVE Dameshek! He totally cracks me up. Don’t ever stop with the high hilarity, unbridled opinion and Adam’s complaining.

  102. guy

    the ace man doesn’t know a god damned thing about gymnastics

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-25-2012

      …but he knows plenty about Pop Warner football.

  103. Rob

    DD with the Feensters Union shirt! Love it!

  104. r

    Happy with Alison.

  105. xpo172

    Sky marshals at the mall? Gee great idea and guess what, we are already out there in the states other then California. It’s called concealed carry. One of the problems in Aurora was the fact that the theater didn’t allow responsible citizens to carry there.

    Oh and he WASN”T covered in armor, Allison. Even if he was, bullets coming his way would have slowed him down.

    • Craig

      We do have sky marshals on the streets and other public places. They’re called cops.
      But they only stand around armed preventatively at placed like Penn Station that are considered high profile targets.

  106. Frank

    Bring back daves of thunder

  107. mg nelson
    mg nelson07-25-2012

    The top 3 guests that you have that make me laugh the hardest…..sometimes embarrassingly so…..are DAG, Dana Gould, & Dameshek…….& I don’t follow ANY sports so I only hear him on your show.

    • Justin

      I’m so embarrassed for you, seeing you refer to DAG, Dana Gould, and Dameshek as a collective unit. As if they’re united in any way, other than the letter “D” and their affiliation with Adam.

      DAG and Dana Gould are otherworldly comic talents who have made long careers out of being funny across a half-dozen platforms.

      Dave Dameshek, on the other hand, is a parasitic failed radio hack who has unfunnied himself out of every job on the internet.

      Yet you write that he makes you laugh … at what? What does he say that’s funny?

  108. JB

    If the gardeners could just raise their prices and perfectly recoup the money and time lost by using means besides leafblowers, why would they protest the ban on leafblowers? It wont cost them any money if that’s what you’re trying to say. It should make no difference to them if they charge 20 dollars to rake one house than charging 10$ each to leaf blow two houses. YOU’RE making Bryans point, Adam.

  109. JB

    Continuing listening to the epsiode…. Adam has good points…. >>> That jerk is great at arguing. Thats why I love him.

  110. Steve

    Love the Sheck!

  111. Mike

    Don’t like Dameshek? Well, you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow for another podcast.

    People bitching and moaning about a FREE podcast that comes to you 5 times a week? Can’t make everybody happy 24/7. Sorry……

  112. george

    a week later i’ll chime in on the leafblower thing. Bryan is absolutely right in pricing. I’m a real estate appraiser and despite tons of new requirements and the introduction of more layers to the process, the amount paid TO appraisers has stayed the same and in many cases gone down. It’s all based on a combination of the oversupply of appraisers, the desire to get paid something rather than nothing and the lack of an organized way to protest/”strike” to these lower prices. You thing gardeners are organized and have any pull? No way

  113. Craig

    They never banned assult rifles. You could still buy an AR or AK during the Assult Weapons Ban. They just banned clips larger than 10 rounds and acessories like bayonet lugs that don’t really do anything anyways.

    And contrary to Adam, it’s hard to convert a semi-auto rifle to full auto. They are designed that way. And it’s a felony to convert one.

    • LifeLibertyEtc

      Magazines over 10 rounds, not clips. Clips feed magazines.

  114. lANCE

    a group of armed men to protect the people from maniacs, hmmmm, sounds a lot like what the POLICE should be doing.

  115. GMoney

    Never posted on a message board in my life. I felt I needed to let the Carolla crew know that Damashek HAS TO GO!!! His voice is the most grating sounds I have ever heard in my life. It reminds me of Dumb and Dumber: “You want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?” I just skip the episodes he is on now…

  116. Mike

    Bald Brian – Your argument was fucking stupid. But good job sticking to your retarded guns.

  117. Robert

    I hate it when Adam is right about the economy. Bald Brian is way off here, it’s so simple.

  118. Robert

    I’d like to register my opinion: Dameshek is awesome.

  119. Moike

    After listening to this episode it is clear that Bryan knows nothing of basic economics. The supply of gardeners in LA is dictated by the demand of the city’s businesses and residents, not the abundance of illegal aliens in the city. What they can charge for the service may be affected by the availability of cheap labor, but that exists with or without the use of leaf blowers. If the city banned leaf blowers gardeners would have to charge more to do the same job. If they charge more, the consumer would decide whether or not they wanted to continue to use the service. Basic.

  120. GetaHandIn

    Love Dave’s feensters union shirt

  121. jen

    Does everyone in LA have a gardener?? Here on the east coast, we have deciduous trees and a majority of people do their own lawns and own their own leaf blowers. Are we supposed rake? That would take an eternity! Adam, we need another suggestion other than “pay more for your gardener to do it!”

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