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Adam opens the show discussing his hatred of hypocrisy and complains about California’s traffic laws. Later, he takes a call from Leon Felburg, the guy who composed the soundtrack for Taboo II. Alison then starts up the news by discussing a bill that may legalize online poker playing in California, and Adam talks about his own lack of luck. After hearing a story about Tiger Woods alleged former mistress, Adam rants about how the dynamics of whoring around have changed over the years.

Next up, the gang welcomes former CIA agent Buck Sexton to the show. Buck describes some of the instability occurring in other parts of the world. The guys also talk about the Occupy Wall Street protests, and complain about our school systems failing us. As the show winds down, the guys comment on news stories about scented candles for men, attempts to set a bizarre new Guinness record, and ‘dangerous walking’ violations.


Grab a copy of Buck’s eBook, ‘Occupy: American Spring,’ by clicking through our Amazon link.

You can also visit http://TheBlaze.com, and follow him on Twitter @BuckSexton

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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. Halo909

    Wow this guy does not look like a CIA agent. I guess that’s the point.

    • david

      Exactly the same thought I had. They broke the WASP mold with him, even the name…

    • big jim
      big jim05-17-2012

      That’s right, this is the kind of guy who would pose as a waiter or something and when you least suspect it, BAM! Piano wire around the throat!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-17-2012

      I like my CIA agents to look like Jack Ryan or Jason Bourne.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett05-17-2012

      That’s a guy? Now that’s what I call deep undercover!

    • Fresneck Freddy
      Fresneck Freddy05-17-2012

      yea…..I thought it was Mrs. Doubtfire……now he will trace my IP address and I’ll be dead in 24 hours with a mysterious small pin prick on my back…….LOL

    • HR

      That is exactly what I was thinking.

    • H. Barry Zimmerman
      H. Barry Zimmerman05-20-2012

      by Rod Damage
      I spent years going to Tea Party meetings/// I took their fliers/// I visited their crazy websites and I have concluded that the Tea Party is a cover for a sinister organization of Klan descendents who hope to take over America and un-do the good work of Abe Lincoln

      • butthead butt
        butthead butt05-31-2012

        pretty sure teaparty started in 2008, so you couldn’t have spent that many years going to their meetings.

  2. Sarah's smoke detector
    Sarah's smoke detector05-16-2012

    He was an analyst.

  3. Bruce

    You don’t need to publish every little shitty thought you have.

  4. guy

    College sophomore here, I learned a ton about basic personal finance in high school, Ace.

    • JayCeezy

      Jesus Christ, you are like the Tonight Show producers Adam and Ray Romano were talking about. Or like the guy who reads a book on baseball hitting technique, and thinks he can now hit a fastball. Let us all know how you wind up spending your millions.

  5. J Rock
    J Rock05-16-2012

    It was hard for me to find the ringtone too. I got it though!!

  6. Ace Fan, but he's retarded on most politics
    Ace Fan, but he's retarded on most politics05-17-2012

    Another facts don’t matter right winger. Awesome…I don’t have to download/listen to this one.

    • JayCeezy

      Yes, just tell us all your proudly uninformed opinion and we’ll all follow you.

  7. Raj

    Will this podcast ever go anywhere near being balanced.
    And will it ever have a guest who offers counter points to the rubbish this man is saying.
    It is swinging more and more to just right wing guests.

    • JayCeezy

      Adam’s job is to entertain. Go listen to David Feldman or Greg Fruitsimmons if you want left-wing guests and political talk that sounds like two fat chicks at the next table at Starbucks.

    • Croatia Style
      Croatia Style05-19-2012

      Why don’t you start and offer some counter points to what he said?

  8. Connard

    That’s some good pod. I suspect there will be some detractors because its either too right or it was not funny but I thought it was a good rational discussion.

  9. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats05-17-2012

    Adam hates hypocrisy, calls everyone lemmings and then tells everyone to follow him. Huh?

  10. Dan

    It looks like Adam Scott’s retarded cousin

  11. Jim

    Just downloaded the episode. If Adam doesn’t say words to the affect that Buck Sexton is a perfect porn name, I’ll never listen again.

  12. Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold05-17-2012

    Right wing blow hard alert!!!!

  13. madmonk

    With a name like Buck Sexton, I thought he was the star of Taboo II

    • MC White
      MC White05-18-2012

      Uhhh, Taboo II was filmed 30 years ago, most of the stars are dead, or in rehab my friend.

  14. -//PEHB//-

    Throughout my life I have heard the term “stupid Americans” repeated over and over again. For the longest time I took some personal affront to. I spent my life surrounded by educated individuals whose intelligence seemed the normal condition. I was not submersed in a world of half wits and intellectually inbred morons. I looked on the saying as offensive but over the last decade it has become obvious to me that although America does has some of the brightest minds, creates some to the most unique products, has some of the highest rated higher learning and has invented the most unique ideologies as a mass we are drowning in a sea of our own ignorance. An ignorance purposely created by our subpar lower educational system and our political elite. We have become a country, for the most part of course, of whiny, dependant sheep. A collection of court jesters and town drunks. Myrmidons who seem not to be able to string together a coherent and rational line of thought if their very existence depended on it.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in our world of politics and governance. We continually elect “leaders” who do exactly the opposite of what is in our own best interest, “leaders” who manipulate us like hand puppets to increasingly devolve our liberties, our own self sufficiency in exchange of more safety, for comfort and dependence. They speak in lavish tons of scripted fluff that the masses glom onto. They feign compassion and righteousness while whittling away independence. They invent legislation to usurp our responsibilities that we are all too willing to surrender. We have been conditioned and manipulated to be good servants. Worker bees for the “greater good” but who’s good? They move various chess pieces of social ideology depending on which way our short attention eigth ball happens to be showing.

    “Take Back” for whom? “The Majority” of who? “Forward” to where? “Change” into what?

    The media, once a stalwart ally of the people, a watchdog against tyranny has become the lap dog of whichever party their majority in chained. They refuse to confront with facts and the hard questions instead opting for surface dribble. They have become the federal Völkischer Beobachter or the Pravda. A propaganda machine. Of course they will not always deceive. There are always individuals trying to maintain truth but as a conglomerate they have become an arm of the elite. Glossing over the stories that actually matter for half truths and circular deceit.

    The cliché of “history repeats itself” may not be100% accurate, but at 95% it seems clear where the “winds of change” are blowing our sinking ship. If you don’t relish being included in the “stupid American’ collective remove those blinders, start digging deeper, stop taking lofty rhetoric at face value. Stop regurgitating the same phrases and talking points. Search for actual solutions not just problems. Demand independence. Insist of liberty and privacy rights. Stop waving the white flag of laziness, raise you mental weapons and respect what our forefathers bleed and died for. Throw aside the partisan excuses and see clearly the intellectual dumbing down of generations or stay blind, stay blissfully unaware, remain addicted to the federal comfort food and remain the “stupid and future enslaved, Americans”.

    • MC White
      MC White05-18-2012

      It’s posts like this that make me yearn for a “like” button here on these boards.

    • JayCeezy

      Lotta words to say ‘there is a problem’, but I take your point.

      The elephant in the room is the 46% of the US population that pays no income taxes, and yet keeps breeding children that they can’t pay for or raise. Yet those votes count the same. These are the low-hanging fruit from which to harvest votes, because they will never be excellent at school, their jobs, or anything else. For them, being “addicted to the federal comfort food” is the best they can do.

    • reidh (rey)
      reidh (rey)05-22-2012

      I think you are correct sir!

    • Roflcopter

      OMG wall of text… TLDR.

  15. Marc

    This guy looks more like a ‘tard more than a CIA Agent!!!

  16. mnoswad1

    I hope this Carolla and Prager thing leads to a future talk show……..A panel, roundtable style, a comedic version of charlie rose maybe.

  17. GW

    Allison.. YOU ROCK!!!!!

  18. DMed

    Adam it pisses me off to hear you rant about chicken shit tickets and incompetents falling up in Hollywood yet you defend Wall Street. It’s all the same argument only you don’t understand how Wall Street works. Lots of money is made on Wall Street because regulations etc are crafted to help the Banks make money. Capitalism is the best system but don’t be naive and think that a Wall Street is pure. It is probably the furthest of all industries from a fair and level playing field.

  19. The Dictator
    The Dictator05-17-2012

    Adam needs to rant about men wearing pink.

  20. Mike

    Will Adam every have someone who actually agrees with the occupy movement and knows how fucked up the financial-political system is? I wanna see Cenk Uygur or Dr. Cornel West on the podcast. What’s the point of having a guest that agrees with everything you say? You need a challenge!

  21. mngamers

    Carolla nailed it again. His point that the schools should be educating and introducing basic household finance education at the JR/SR High level is spot on. It is a shame we don’t value education as much as money.

  22. Bill

    Has anyone kept count on how many times the phrase “Taboo II” has been mentioned in the history of this show?

  23. Chad

    It didn’t sound like this guy was without bias when he brought up the smartest people at the Occupy movemment were Ron Paul supporters–it seems to reveal a slant to the say the least.

    Anyone who seems to think one side (bankers or citizens) were the sole problem of the economic crash loses a little credibility. While this guy did acknowledge that (sort of) he also kept quickly brushing aside the bankers and placing the blame on the citizens. Seems unbalanced to me.

  24. pdc

    allison: good questions! way to raise the bar with real Q&A.

  25. Dominic

    After listening to your pod cast i was kinda curious about how many pedestrian die by traffic by state.
    In 2009 New York had 306 Pedestrian deaths and California was 563 deaths, by county Ventura only had 10 deaths, though Los Angeles had 166 alone more then anyone else, next highest was San Diego at 54. Most deaths by county in NY was Queens at 48 and Kings at 43.

    I don’t enjoy my state to much but thank god we only had 113 in Maryland and only 3 in my county..

    Found this info on the National highway traffic safety administration website in case you want to look.

    • MC White
      MC White05-18-2012

      Thanks. and no, Adam won’t care, just will blather on based on his daily experience, not actual facts.

  26. Jaymeson

    I wonder how many times Adam beat off to this movie.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-18-2012

      Enough to fill a pool.

  27. Marcos

    It’s a shocker that an ex-CIA shill with a manifesto proclaiming that the occupy movement was a bunch of patchouli smelling hippies looking to “bring it all down, man”. It was hard to listen to 40 minutes of Adam and Buck (has to be a made up name) “yeah, and” each other…it’s just a waste of my time. In the last 10 years, tuition for public schools has increased approx 37%, faster than the dysfunctional health care system costs.
    I don’t follow this shit, I just looked it up because I was curious. It wasn’t that difficult to do. Students are protesting because no one is trying to make education affordable. Instead we make loans easier to get. Who gets rich in this scenario? That’s ok, “we reward people with currency…we set up a system that rewards your achievement with currency” says Adam. Yes, but it’s way easier to set the rules so the house wins.
    Buck’s contribution: studying Anthropology of the Caribbean 1850-1920 is not a valuable contribution to society…that’s why you can’t get a job. Nailed it, Buck.
    I like the rant about left hand turn signals. I run through them too. It was especially ironic to hear 10 minutes of that juxtaposed next to ‘hey, bankers are human…they’re going to steal…it’s our job to know the system and still succeed’.
    Love me some Carolla, but hey, try to ask a devil’s advocate question from time to time to mix it up…

    • Marc

      Great…another patchouli drenched hippie with an inability to make a clear argument..

  28. Hung Long Dong
    Hung Long Dong05-17-2012

    Nothing more manly than a pink button down shirt with no t-shirt underneath. I find it hard to believe that tool was a CIA agent. I think he means he played alot of video games where he is a CIA agent.

    • Croatia Style
      Croatia Style05-19-2012

      Your online name is Hung Long Dong.

  29. Mason Jar
    Mason Jar05-17-2012

    So Adam, does one anarchist (or even a lot) handing out leaflets destroy the legitimacy of how MILLIONS of Americans feel about getting hosed by white collar crime????

    There are plenty of people that feel this way that do not fall into the ‘get rich quick/ bad decision’ making population. People that lost all of their savings; companies/municipalities that lost retirement funds for all involved as the result of FRAUDULENT BANKING, FRAUDULENT RATINGS SERVICES, ETC.

  30. Ken

    Good show.

    The big banks were not held responsible. They were not required to “write off” i.e. lose any money. The banks became “investment houses” and the investment side makes the bank money – they should be separated or regulated because of the conflict of interest.
    The big bank investment houses will eventually cause a worldwide depression and then only people who own property will be in the clear. My definition of “owning” means not paying a house payment.

    House mortgages were “bundled” into “products” that were then “sold” to governments
    as investments to pay for pensions. The products were so confusing that it bordered on illegal / immoral.

    Anyway – boring confusing stuff – Let’s talk about Celebrities!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Antonio

      Agreed. When Wall Street wanted to continue churning out ‘product’ (Mortgages), they kept lowering the bar on who was a good risk so they could continue to create more bundled portfolios to make more cash with, until literal corpses were getting ok’d for them. Basically a race to the bottom. So Lawmakers, Wall Street types, and Bankers screw the system out of billions, it all get’s blamed on ‘poor people,’ and tax dollars are used to fill the holes.

      So now coffers are dry, teachers and nurses are being blamed for being ‘greedy,’ and people are taking to the streets, and getting tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, and generally being photographed, surveilled, and the morons within these groups are coerced into acts of violence via undercover feds (at taxpayer expense) to taint the whole thing as violently radical.

  31. Dean

    So Taboo 2 is only available on VHS and this dudes book is only available for the kindle!

  32. ohhhjohnny

    Wow. Adam please stop talking about politics. You’re wrong most of the time. Your arguments sound great but they’re simplistic and you’re too afraid to bring on people who can actually tell you why they’re wrong.

    • Kevin

      Who should he bring on? Noam Chomsky? Do you think that would make for good pod?

  33. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams05-17-2012

    Anarchist breaking windows or capitalist business criminals collapsing a world economy? Hmmm, what should I focus my attention on? More Fox/ Rush emotional manipulation flying in the face of reality. Next!

  34. WesKan

    Analyst … not agent.

  35. Rochambeau

    He’s an analyst. I don’t think he was “in the trenches” so to speak. He didn’t collect data he analyzed data collected. At least that is my understanding.

  36. BoBo From Hoboken
    BoBo From Hoboken05-17-2012

    Many CIA agents are analysts, not all of them go on covert missions like Jason Bourne. George H.W. Bush was in the CIA and he doesnt exactly look like matt damon now does he?

  37. Ali

    Doesn’t look like a Buck either. lol

  38. andy


    Great show, guys!

    Buck sorta looks like a John Hughes movie villian.

    I can totally understand the aversion to the redistribution of wealth, but I don’t get the weird fearful vilification.

    No way in hell the Occupy movement would ever become armed revolutionaries and make everyone commies. The worst they could ever be are annoying vandals or Democrats.

    Fueling hate/fear sells books, I guess.

  39. Elle

    1-Not everyone has iPhones ADAM!
    2-FYI: 20oz of VITAMIN WATER XXX has 120 cal & 32g of sugar. 20oz of coca cola has 240 cal & 65g of sugar. So vitamin water is better for you than coke. “vita water” as you say, is a completely different drink that I believe ususally comes in cans.

  40. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-17-2012

    love Aceman but must he partner with prager AND prop him up all the time? i feel like Prager couldnt stand by himself because Aceman has a much higher profile and Aceman gets sapped constantly propping this guy.

    Prager just seems like a tweener- not really that funny and not really that concise or effective.

    Also dont like the weird Skipper and Gilligan Vibe. Aceman: No Coconut Cream Pie on the pirate ship please!

    • Kevin

      They both benefit. Very few people probably enjoyed both before they came together, but there is probably a lot of crossover now. Prager is not that funny, but he is utterly concise. How effective you think he is probably has more to do with your ideology. I tune out from him when he talks about intelligent design and sometimes when he beats the traditional marriage drum too hard, but on many other subjects he is to be taken seriously.

  41. Rapebank

    Painfully bad episode. Too many rightwing rants to tune out. Bad times.

    • Kevin

      At the core of most of his rants is one idea- look inward not outward.

      You think encouraging people to have an internal locus of control is a right wing position? What is the track record of people/groups/countries/regimes/religions/political parties that blame “the other” for their problems? Most of the horrors of history can be attributed to that kind of thinking.

  42. Brett

    Ho Hum – this guy just comes off as a Young Republican. Spends too much time on the nut jobs. We should be spending time talking about how these banks fucked up the country and peoples lives by doing illegal things or game the system so that they are not prevented from gambling government insured money! OK a bunch of not jobs hijacked the Occupy Movement – it doesn’t make the public anger about the banks any less legitimate.

    This dude should talk about how the Tea Party blocks any attempt for reform for the banking corruption because it is a Government Action and by default bad.

    And ACE just taking this subject to go to his tired weaze about how people complaining about it are just lazy just gets irritating and boring to listen to for the nth time. We got it ACE you think that rich people deserve to be rich and the poor people deserve to be poor.

    • Kevin

      If the Tea Party had the power, they would minimize crony capitalism by shrinking government and simplifying the tax code. Corporations and banks could still be unscrupulous, but they would be doing it on their own rather than be in cahoots with the government.

  43. Sixty Niners
    Sixty Niners05-17-2012

    Normally I dont care when the Aceman talks politics, he is a uninformed draft dodger who doesnt want to pay his fare share of taxes. But to have a discussion about occupy wall street and not once bring up anything about the banks or bankers who destroyed our country? Come on man!!! There was an effort from day 1 to destroy the 99% because every corporation that owns the media hates the movement. Including all the ones that dont want any of the Acemans tv shows….., there is a reason you have a “pirate ship”…..they fucked you over too
    ……love you Aceman, but you gotta keep it real every now and then

    • Kevin

      Could you specify what his fair share would be? Do you think he would keep his business in California or even in the country if his taxes were raised to levels that satisfied you?

    • Brian

      Draft dodger? Wtf? How old do you think he is?

  44. Lucia R.
    Lucia R.05-17-2012


  45. Allen

    Here’s the IMDB for Taboo 2. Read the customer review, it’s awesome.


    • MC White
      MC White05-18-2012

      Uhh, touche, but there were no less than 11 customer reviews, somebody out there is digging this one.

  46. john

    love the traffic maneuver tips..cameras are @ every intersection here in MD so your vehicle gets photographed w/ ticket appeal process a complete waste of anybody’s time

  47. Just Me
    Just Me05-17-2012

    Too true! His face says Boy Scout, his bonafides say Secret Agent Man and his name says Adult Film Star. Whatever, good guest.

  48. GQtaste

    This guy looks like Trumps son. I”ll bet he had a rough upbringing.

  49. McMichael

    A string of cars, nose-to-tail, merging on the freeway has the same effect as one giant long vehicle trying to find a hole in traffic…If the freeway traffic is heavy; and also bumper-to-bumper, brakes are going to be applied to open a hole for the merging string.

    The staging light on the merge ramp is meant to break up the merging string and let the freeway traffic proceed, having to part just a little for a merging car. For cryin’ out loud, Obey the lights!

  50. Von

    What does a CIA agent look like?

    I may have some living in my neighborhood and want to be sure.

  51. Brett

    ACE – “your average guy that earns a million dollars…” – ACE average guys don’t earn a million dollars…time to remember where the rest of the world is.

  52. B

    Buck, why is the tax code unfair? Instead of rhetoric, please give us examples of why the code sucks.

  53. jr

    haven’t listened to the show in the past couple of days. but downloaded in ready to go. just wondering if this made the news yet? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/15/honda-uni-cub-robot-chair-scooter_n_1519488.html kind of relevant???

  54. Rob

    We expect CIA agents to all look like they do in movies. Well they aren’t all Tom Cruise & Matt Damon, I’m sure.

  55. mitchw

    Ace, please, no more with the Lottery rants. Today, I turned off the podcast because I can’t take it anymore.


    ps OK, now you take a shot at me

  56. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica05-17-2012

    And what is a junior staff accountant for the CIA supposed to look like?

  57. JayCeezy

    Great guest, never heard of him before, but ordered the book thru Amazon (and keeping the pirate ship alive). Very insightful commentary from both Adam and Buck, regarding the logic leaps in Occupy participants (I don’t want to pay my student loans back, forgive my credit card debt, I have a college degree in French Lit and where is my job?, etc.).

  58. Roscoe

    Adam in fine form for that opening rant.

  59. DonnySac

    Alison! Hilarious at the start of the show!

  60. mj

    I love Allison.

  61. nAAter

    Occupy Cleavlanders attempted to blow up bridge. Yesterday. Google it.

    • juju

      Actually nAAter, the SUSPECTS in the bombing were vaguely associated with Occupy Cleavland [sic]. And, if you think this group is cohesive in any way, you clearly don’t understand anything about it.

      This is just another case of Adam having on some right-wing blowhard for a circle jerk. Listening to this stuff is really embarrassing, and I have no idea how an obviously smart guy like Adam can have so little interest in informing himself and developing some kind of nuanced view of the world. I mean, you don’t even have to read. There’s tons of video and audio stuff you could learn from.

      HIs views on Occupy, the Middle East, and American foreign policy are totally ignorant and based on knee jerk nonsense, yet he seems to get off on only talking about these things with propagandists who will agree with everything he says.

      Challenge yourself, Adam! Work is about more than making money so you can buy more cars. Work is about developing yourself as a human being, too.

  62. Jessie

    Two mice fucking? LOL. I love Alison.

  63. Justin

    I know that a dollar is a dollar when it comes to advertising, but, the top gun dui attorney??? Really??? How douchy is this???

    • MC White
      MC White05-18-2012

      Finally somebody mentions this douchebag. I just fast forward through this non-Adam taped commercial. Sorry, I like my “free” podcast. Thanks for putting it at the beginning.

  64. WOW.

    For fuck’s sake please stop it with this is weird detached rich guy B.S. Defending Wall St now?!? REALLY?!?!
    This show is becoming a tub of misinformation, and no one fucking pipes up and correct this guy and his twisted extreme right-wing guests?? Alison and Bryan you’re really gonna just sit there and shut up? Alison I know you tried at a a couple of points by way of some pathetic feeble attempts at disagreeing with this douche – grow a fucking backbone and pipe up these guys are full of shit. Skipped the whole fucking show almost.
    And I love how you preach about education being the key but you don’t want to pay more taxes. What not enough fucking lamborghini’s?? OH I guess I just hate you cause you’re rich.
    I currently live in a lovely country overseas where I went to uni paid for by a wonderful government education system where high marks allow you to get into any uni and/or course provided you get the marks. There is also welfare available for students in uni who can’t support themselves. Now I make 200 000 + a year and guess what? I pay about 40 -41% in taxes (which includes paying back my education loans) and that’s OK. Why? Because the system works. Sure I don’t have ten lambo’s but I eat wherever I want, nice house and car and holidays twice a year overseas. Stop being so fucking greedy and stupid, you’re fucking up the USA.

    • WOW.

      BTW our dollar is at parity/often above the US before some loser tries to make some argument about what 200 000 is in USD

      • Cheapo Seatz
        Cheapo Seatz05-21-2012

        I think his point was that where he is there’s opportunity, security and satisfaction(I hope I’m not ‘putting words in his mouth’). Sure he doesn’t have the 10 Lambos, but doesn’t Adam often point out the in the US the ‘poor’ have flat screen TVs, as if they are wasting their money. Nowadays who can get anything *but* a flat screen TV? Now Where does the need for even one Lambo come in? Get a regular car, it’s transportation, anything else is an expensive toy.

        I think where he comes from it’s a matter of value rather than price.

  65. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH05-18-2012

    Redistribution of wealth has EVERYTHING to do with banking. The banks are the ones who invented the wealth in the first place. How stupid does Buck Sexton think we are?

  66. illy

    Another “everyone who is poor is lazy, jealous and mad.” Sighhhh

  67. SZDaddio

    Our system is a zero sum game. Not everyone can succeed. There have to be losers (working poor) in order for there to be winners.

    Adam doesn’t seem to realize that the 50% (or whatever his claim is) of the people that don’t pay federal taxes do pay sales tax, payroll tax etc. All of which have a real effect on their quality of life. 10% of earnings for some one making $20k is a bigger deal to them than 10% of earnings for someone who makes $2M.

  68. David Abrahamian
    David Abrahamian05-18-2012

    just proceeded through my first red left turn arrow. that felt weird.

  69. ChicagoFan

    Whats up with all the right wing crap lately.

  70. delicioustacos

    I agree with a bunch of the comments above that dismissing the OWS movement as patchouli smelling hippies is douchey, but… I went down to City Hall during Occupy LA, and it was a bunch of patchouli smelling hippies.

    Where the guest is off base is in thinking it’s some kind of Red Menace conspiracy because people were handing out Marxist leaflets. The truth is that it’s a formless non-movement that poses no danger to either Our American Way of Life or corrupt kleptocratic fatcats. OWS couldn’t get their shit together to help or harm anyone because they’re too busy bickering over their 80 page list of racial sensitivity and sexual harassment rules and making sure no one says anything “cisnormative.”

    The Marxists were there because they wait around for any gathering that’s tangentially related to left wing politics and dust off their old box of leaflets so they can have something to do, maybe get laid. The “Chemtrails are a Conspiracy To Sterilize Blacks” and “Water Flouridation is Making Your Kids Retarded” people were there in force too and for the same reason– they’ll show up to anything. This guy seems to think they’re the shock troops for a Red Dawn scenario because they use advanced technologies like “the email and Twitter.”

    More thoughts on the matter here: http://delicioustacos.com/2012/03/31/old-news-occupy-la-part-2/

  71. ChicagoFan

    Love Allison, she is the glue that holds the show together.

  72. goatfucker

    probably wasn’t paying attention enough but did not understand the bit with tabboo 2 & the music…it was too long & stupid. who cares about that shit?
    30 yr old porn music? wtf?

  73. bb

    Too bad he didn’t tell us he writes for the blaze right up front I would have know what it was going to be about dropping as many right wing talking points as possible.

  74. Walter K.
    Walter K.05-18-2012

    This guy, Buck, is a moron. Just another right wing nut job trying to scare people into believing there is some socialist conspiracy to destroy capitalism. More fear mongering from an unintelligent simpleton.

    I wish I was stupid so I could write books about oversimplified concepts to scare people and make lots of money, but alas, I am able to develop a rational thought. Don’t buy this moron’s book. He doesn’t deserve your hard-earned money.

  75. MikeA

    Fanastic podcast y’all.

  76. The Dictator
    The Dictator05-18-2012

    Myles L. Berman got me off the hook for drunk driving through a farmers market. Call now!

  77. andygirlll

    I’m an acefan too, but there are a million holes to be poked in his truths about politics, governement, values …etc, etc. Now I just tune out when he starts up on subjects he clearly knows nothing about, except how Ace is affected. More comedy, less politics!!!!!! 🙂

  78. Antonio

    How many reporters were arrested, detained, hassled, beaten up at Tea Party events? Zero.


    How many Occupy protesters called for the violent overthrow of the current Administration, walked around with automatic weapons, wore Timothy McVeigh t-shirts? Zero.

    How many Fox News talking heads sponsored/cheered on/advertized for/ Occupy events? Zero.

    How many bankers/Wall Street types are facing jail time for nearly tanking the economy?

    How many Tea Party types were investigated, homes raided at dawn, stuff confiscated, generally hassled? I’m thinking none.

    Come on people, think. Check your bank account. If it’s below a few million plus, you ain’t part of the ruling class. Two types of republicans: Billionaires and suckers.

  79. Antonio

    Bye Ace. It’s been fun, but you’ve gotten too right wing, ranty, and Dennis Miller for my taste. What, you bucking for a FOX show now?

  80. blindnil

    I realize Aceman is a pull up by bootstraps guy. He “kinda” did that. Defending those who did that and defending those that simply fell into that is at the root of my issues with his narrow minded and sweeping generalizations. I wish you the best Ace. If I want more of this kind of talk I have many options. I thought I had an option here that was not quite as bad. It seems I was fooled. If this type of show was tempered with other guests on episodes with differing points of view I’d be fine with it. I assume most of Ace’s listeners are here for comedy and such. Unfortunately the comedy is taking a backseat to a preacher who is mislead. Its unfortunate.

  81. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker05-22-2012

    One of the better episodes in a while. I love listening to Adam because I find myself agreeing with almost everything he says. He did not give Wall Street a pass if you heard that then that is what you wanted to hear.

  82. Steve

    The student strike in montreal is about the uncrease of tuition fees of 350/yr for each of the next 3 yrs totalling 950$ over 3yrs,the students are not protesting against paying back their loans,that was a major fuckup on buck sexton’s part.

  83. fanbla72

    Buck Sexton’s response to protester demands: “what does that even mean?”

    he’s either an intentionally obtuse shill or just an ignorant clown.

    dude, look up what they mean. it ain’t that hard.

    i also like the “yeah, Wall St is corrupt, but hey, what’re you gonna do?”

    well, protest, champ.

  84. corporations8mybaby

    The only thing worse than listening to foreign-policy-clueless & central-banking-clueless Adam hazard guesses about our situation and pour his comedy-ready generalizations on it like so much Mrs. Butterworths on a stack of Eggos, is listening to this Right Wing Hack called “Buck” pretend he’s important and that knows something. You know what a weak horse is Adam? Someone who doesn’t read or know much getting SNOWED by a guy looking to misinform on behalf of big banking.. and his own book sales.
    You don’t like wealth redistribution Adam? Well Wall Street has been stealing the hard earned savings of men like my dad who work a fuck of a lot harder than even you do. They hire LOBBYISTS to get EXCEPTIONS to the LAW. And that’s what Occupy seeks to expose. But the hacks lead the tards on this podcast and… it really doesn’t help. Bottom line: Adam, learn some stuff.. so you don’t get used like this in the future.

  85. jpg

    The White Stripes are nearly universally celebrated as a great band, Ace once again shows what limited taste in music he has.

  86. stirling

    Props to Ms. Rosen on quickly and cleanly presenting the other side of the Wall Street debate. The reasoned discussions on this matter are few and far between, but I knew I could count on her!

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