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Show Summary

Bryan Cranston and Adam talk about meeting Charles Manson, network casting and organ donation. Original airdate 3-25-09. For more classic Carolla check out adamcarolla.com/archive

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

  1. Savage

    Please more long format interviews!

  2. Jonesin44

    Love these old podcasts. Just signed up for the 6 month subscription to the archives. GET IT ON!

  3. Mike

    Doesn’t look like Walter AT ALL…Probably because Walter never smiles!!!!

  4. Si

    arguably one of the best episodes/Guests ever!

  5. Eric H
    Eric H08-17-2012

    Great show ace. I remember listening when this first dropped.

  6. Justin

    Is this the one where they came up with Gay Eye?

  7. Aaron

    Yo…. Mr. White! Always a great guest, even on a rerun show. Hope they have him on again soon.

  8. Peanut

    Bryan Cranston is always a good guest. Can’t wait to re-listen to this one.

  9. Josh

    I’m already geared up to hear about how Natalya Helen Carolla won’t eat what is given to her for breakfast.

  10. Elle

    Adam looks so cute in this pic!

  11. DanofSac

    Aside from Jimmy and Seth (Brian is good, but best?), these seem to be from the “the most dull of” rather than the best of. Even Adam admits that the FFC was tough pod to get through. Oh wait, an epiphany! Adam played these while he is on vacation to demonstrate how far the show has come, and we will all swoon when he returns with new shows!
    This would have been a good time to play DOT archives; oh the majesty!

    • Jeff

      Wow…the Feenster’s Union would greatly appreciate some DoT replays! But, can the ACE Network handle more of Dameshek’s hooey and applesauce?

    • Justin

      Yeah, DOT archives. Except …

      Dameshek is a painfully unfunny hack with nothing original or clever to say. Other than that, DOT it up!

  12. Booloo

    Fucking christ Carolla it’s like you’re reading my mind. Just after checking out the Coppola episode I was thinking to myself “I wish they’d throw up the Bryan Cranston episode so I could check that one out” and low and behold what shows up the next day? Going to have to check out the archives after this.

  13. Sam

    These archives reminded me how shitty Donny was. You can hear Donny fucking with the mic for the first ten minutes of this podcast.

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch08-17-2012

      Hearing Donny all over again makes me realize that we shouldn’t have been asking “What happened to Donny?” We should have always been asking, “What took so long?” Dude is unbearable in 30 second snippets. Imagine dealing with that mope every day.

    • Gean

      totally agree!

  14. Jason

    Damn it get this vacation over with

  15. James

    Only listenable podcast this week…

    • LpoolGuy

      Hell yea…this was the only one I finished. I’ve read all the comments that run something like “It’s free…why are you complaining…” but I’ve bought all of Ace’s stuff, click through every time on Amazon, etc. I think a week of silence would have been better than a sad tour through the early days of the podcast, augmented by Donnie’s (Donney?) overall assholeishness.

  16. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian08-17-2012

    I agree, bring back some good one on one long format interviews. Such a nice break from the same routine show. Also bring back Cranston! Awesome guest.

  17. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett08-17-2012

    Somebody must be dead.

  18. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee08-17-2012

    Feel the love! 🙂

  19. IdontGetit

    Love me some Cranston!

    I’ve heard interviews with insurgents that had better audio. Though, I must admit, it gives ACE some legacy cred. With a stolen lapel mic and broken tape recorder ACE broadcasting was born!

  20. Jessica

    Great, great show! Perfect way the end off the week!!

  21. Margarito Patino
    Margarito Patino08-17-2012

    Is this the one with Good Cop, Good Cop? Hope so!

  22. claudio

    bring back DAVES OF THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jacuzzi Pete Fan
      Jacuzzi Pete Fan08-17-2012

      That podcast was too good to last. So to satisfy your Shek Republic craving, listen to Dameshek’s NFL podcast. It’s no DOT b/c there’s no Beanie, but it’s pretty good.

  23. Poppaganush

    wow. awesome podcast. Missing Bryan and the always sexy voiced Alison though.

  24. tajitj

    Damn you have aged in the last three years Carolla!

  25. 77er

    Good stuff. Could of used a little more Craston stories imo.

  26. sloozen1

    Great one. BC and Adam are great together. Lots of good stories about the valley in the early 80,s…

  27. the point man
    the point man08-17-2012

    listening to this I realized: Bryan Cranston > Adam Carolla

  28. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana08-17-2012

    The chart seems like a serious chart, because there are lines connecting one row to another, drawn properly in different colors.

    The Cranston interview in Rolling Stone was interesting and well written, but maybe too well written. The color was distracting. Please, just interview. Write a novel on your own time. But it was good.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana08-17-2012

      My problem w/ the last episode of BB is that Walter didn’t account for the water left in the hose, which would be considerable.

  29. Hugh

    Love it
    Get it on!

  30. Juicefest020

    The Cran is pure awesome and seems to be one of those 100% genuinely nice real down-to-earth surprisingly normal and well-adjusted dudes. I do believe he was like that before he scored some of the biggest roles in TV history.
    (geez… Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad… a force of nature)

  31. mj

    good one–love cranston

  32. jdhej wjwhwjh
    jdhej wjwhwjh08-18-2012

    Mr.Cranston is a great actor, BREAKING BAD is an amazing show ; if you have not seen season 4, you are missing out on a marvelous gem

  33. PaPa Carolla
    PaPa Carolla08-18-2012

    Skip the first 20 minutes. Papa carolla talks about his dancing days and gay eye jokes. On with the Cranston!

  34. Frank

    I miss all the old episodes. It was better when Donny was on. Need more conversing and less bitching ace man. People don’t give a shit about your rich people problems.

  35. Sig

    This was proof that the one-on-ones can be great and screw all the retards that complained otherwise over the years. I wasn’t thinking…with all love and respect for them…where’s Bryan and Alison? Didn’t care. Great show.

  36. Susie-Q

    These two definitely sound like they’ve been drinking…………hilarious!

  37. David

    I just started listening to Adam’s podcasts about a year ago, so these were all new to me, and far better than the podcast that is put out today. The podcast is so much better without Bald Bryan and Allison, even though I do like Allison’s individual podcast. Adam has become far to arrogant and cynical for his own good. The fact that he actually talked to these guests, and let them talk a little bit, was very refreshing.

  38. phil landers
    phil landers08-20-2012

    Thank God Donny is Gone Donny Gone!

  39. Bosh Spice
    Bosh Spice08-20-2012

    “Jesse, you asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business. Neither. I’m in the empire business.” -Walt

  40. JOhn Walter
    JOhn Walter08-20-2012

    You should play Donnie drops or bring him on the show once a week to ask inappropriate questions and audacity questions to make the room go quiet.

  41. Carson Ogen
    Carson Ogen08-23-2012

    James “The Amazing” Randi and Johnny Carson were best of friends and talked on the phone frequently with one another. Both are Atheists, magicians and music buffs. Good job Ace.

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