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Adam opens the show talking about his name’s appearance on a recent episode of Jeopardy. Alison then jumps into the news discussing Super Tuesday, and Oreo’s 100th Birthday. The guys also discuss even more fall out from Rush Limbaugh’s comments, and Adam suggests that people are especially upset because they don’t like Limbaugh in general.

Bryan Cranston joins the studio next, and talks about his new movie, ‘John Carter.’ The guys discuss the history of the book that the movie is based on, and Bryan talks about riding the wave of his recent success. Adam then talks with him about the film Drive, and recalls his tour of Pixar Studios. The guys then take your tweets for a round of Made Up Movie.

After taking a couple listener phone calls, Alison opens the second half of the news by discussing a meth lab that exploded in a nursing home. The guys also talk about Davy Jones’ funeral, and go on a side jag about when attractive people die. Bryan tells a story about John Ritter, and as the show wraps up, the guys talk about getting residual money from humming.

Catch Mike Dawson’s acoustic performance this Thursday at 8PM at the Conor Byrne Pub in Seattle.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Roland3337

    Get it on! Always thrilled to see Byan Cranston on the podcast.

  2. Moppaletu_CQ

    Yes! Love Bryan Cranston.

  3. rickyq

    Can’t wait, Bryan Cranston is awesome.

  4. Yeah Me
    Yeah Me03-07-2012

    I did two tours in Iraq as a Navy Corpsman and something none of us talk about is that fact that alot of Iraqi men: 1) have sex with animals and 2) have sex with little boys. I guess the reason we don’t mention it is because we were trying to win the hearts and minds over there, but since were pretty much outta there, fuck it.

    • Walter The Caller
      Walter The Caller03-09-2012

      Thanks for the support Doc,i was the dude who called in and your post will re-affirm that I’m not a liar…It felt bad saying it, but the dude asked…did I walk in on a couple iraqi’s humping? No. did i give them a second to pull up their pants? Yes. Thanks for your service Doc.

  5. Elias

    Time to get on my soapbox. I always thought Oreo was a terrible cookie. But never mention it to anyone because they’re always so happy telling me about how they like it and the double stuff.

    Also, they’re pretty damn expensive. More expensive than Keebler or Chips Ahoy cookies. I’ll tell you that I buy the Safeway brand ones instead because not only do they cost cheaper than brand Oreos… they’re some the cheapest cookies you can buy right next to duplex and waffers.

    FUCK YOU Nabisco for making the worst, cheapest-to-manufacture cookies into the most expensive and overrated cookies.

    • Justyn

      I agree that as a standalone cookie, the Oreo is certainly lacking. But as a versatile snack food it is not without merit and is a great weapon to have in the snack food arsenal.

  6. Mike

    Iraque men having sex with animals is nothing new. It’s quite normal over there. This has been caught on tape by soldiers using night-vision equipment many of times. Just do a search for it and you’ll get loads of hits.

  7. joe cotton
    joe cotton03-07-2012

    Thanks, Ace, for pointing out to Alison that she was being a total hypocrite.

    • Bob M.
      Bob M.03-08-2012

      Maybe not a total hypocrite, since I do not believe she is doing it. But I have been fast forwarding about 10 minutes when she starts her news.

  8. volkan

    how come these last couple of episodes are late on iTunes.. wtf is going on?,,,i don’t wanna have to listen to some shitty podcast on my way to work,, please just post this shit on time like you were doing before.. other than that its awesome

  9. Walter

    You’ve cross the line now. Oreos!?!? Who the fuck doesn’t like Oreos? They are the bacon of the cookie world. They are awesome alone and make everything you put them on better. The Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard is fucking amazing. It doesn’t get better than the double stuffed Oreo cookie… unless you dip it in chocolate. COME ON!! FUCKING OREOS MAN!

    • Oreos are a o.k.!
      Oreos are a o.k.!03-07-2012

      Oreos are perfect. Dump them in milk, BAM. Perfect.

      • JP

        Oh no! According to Adam, if you have to dunk them in milk, they instantly suck! Oh wait, doesn’t Adam dunk donuts in coffee? I suppose peanut butter and chocolate suck because they taste good together as well. More retard logic from Adam and the halfwits. Oh yeah. some people enjoy shortbread cookies as well, you don’t, who gives a shit, personal taste is, well personal, lay off the shortbread. Not everyone is a crack whore who needs bells and whistles to enjoy a freaking cookie for god’s sake. Adam, stop trying to act like your personal taste is EVERYONE else’s.

        • An Onny
          An Onny03-15-2012

          But Oreos have absolutely no taste at all. Well, the “chocolate” cookie part maybe tastes like chalk. No one with a brain can think they’re actually good. The most I can explain it is that they were enthralled with the look of them at age 4 and carry the happy memory of that into adulthood.

          Plus, I hear they are the unhealthiest cookie out there.

  10. Mike

    Oreos are great, you’re crazy! Just wrong.
    Why would the most terrible cookie ever made be around for 100 years. You always make the point of, things that don’t work don’t last. If it was so bad, Nabisco had 100 years to figure it out and take it out of the market…but guess what? Its the best selling cookie of the 20th century.

    In the end its a matter of taste, yes it is. There is absolutely nothing you can tell me that would make my brain chemistry change in order to hate Oreos. Say what you will… Oreos rule supreme.

  11. Arlo

    Enough with the Rush talk. I’m a fan of Allison, but she’s moving into Crazy Teresa territory. I definitely lean to the left, but it’s obvious that she’s only mad because Rush said it. I wouldn’t have mentioned this before, but I’m sure she laughed at the Palin remarks. Glad Adam stepped in to shut her up asap.

    • WesKanaloa

      More should have been made of him misrepresenting who’s paying for the birth control. The idea that “Obamacare” is some government takeover is ludicrous; it’s insurance regulation – fucking Democrats lose yet another branding opportunity … Oh, it is despicable that Rush stayed on the subject for three days and only pussed out after advertisers left; weak.

      I don’t think Fluke was right on her position though, most of the time birth control is payed for by insurance coverage.

      Either way you cut it, why complain about kids the Left want to prevent and the Right doesn’t want to pay for when they’re here?

      • jen

        His apology didn’t even address the misrepresentation either. As much as I dislike him, I do agree that Rush should be able to say what he wants.

        Anyway, Alison, here’s a quote for you (re: Bill Maher mocking Palin and Bachman vs. Rush): Satire is when you pick on the powerful ~ Bullying is when you pick on the powerless.

    • JP

      Fuck Rush Limbaugh.

  12. Ledgewood

    Who is Michael Spiller’s son that Adam was making fun of?

  13. Stretchy

    Alison, I love you but you’re wrong. The debate is not about birth control as medicine. If you have a medical condition that requires birth control pills for treatment then, your insurance will cover it. The debate is about whether institutions providing health insurance and, health insurers should be forced to provide coverage for birth control pills (NOT as medicine but, as contraception) and if so, who should pay the extra cost.

    This is also not about restricting a woman’s access to birth control. Yes, there are some knuckle-draggers who want to dictate what a woman does with her body. This debate is not about that. This debate is about whether I should be forced to subsidize your birth control (as birth control, not as medicine).

    • Zapoli

      There is no “extra cost.” Insurers like to cover birth control, and actually charge lower premiums, because it’s cheaper than dealing with pregnancies. That’s why no insurers have objected — only priests, wowsers, and misogynist endomorphs.

      • Stretchy

        If it’s such a great deal for insurers, why do you need a law forcing them to comply?

        • JP

          Because……..it’s…………the……….catholic…………church! You didn’t know that? (Even though 96% of their members use some type of birth control).

  14. jd

    Once again, Bald Brian shows how he knows nothing about film. “Duuuh…I didn’t know that the director of John Carter directed Finding Nemo…. duuuuh….” This guy has a movie podcast? How is that even possible?

  15. Yarbles

    During the show Alison mentioned that some women such as herself take BC for non-contraceptive reasons. I think it’s important to note that the federal rule/law at the root of this issue is strictly related to contraceptive use. The rule explicitly states that it is for the purpose of controlling conception and only applies to “women with reproductive capacity”. In fact, the Georgetown’s insurance policy which Fluke testified about already covers people like Alison who use BC to treat an existing medical condition.

  16. Keston

    My girlfriend’s mother is doing work for the government in Afghanastan and she spoke of the afore mentioned “Man Love Thursday” a lot of what she spoke of was the same as what that diver was talking about. Just saying…gross…

  17. dick manclaw
    dick manclaw03-07-2012

    Dick Manclaw is god.

  18. Raquel Darrian
    Raquel Darrian03-07-2012

    Bryan is the man, and Adam is the King…Alison is the maiden I’m switching sides for…

  19. Dan

    This episode just made me want Oreos that much more.

  20. T-Money

    How come the pod hasnt been on itunes when I wake up? I need my hot cup of ace in the morning!

  21. vashromn

    Delicious foods Adam is wrong about:

    Pepperoni Pizza
    Shortbread Cookies

    Love you but couldn’t be more wrong about food.

    ps. Alison is still foxy jew

    • Bobman

      Adam never said he iddn’t like pepperoni, he just correctly pointed out that every time people order pepperoni pizza they DON’T FUCKING EAT IT. As someone who hates pepperoni, I notice this all the time. Everyone says “let’s get pepperoni” and it’s always the last thing sitting there. ALWAYS.

      • JP

        In your weird world maybe. I eat it all the time, so does everyone I know, must be a thing some places, but pepperoni goes like crazy. I find the cheese only pizzas everyone has to have just sit there, flavorless.

    • JP

      How can you like shortbread cookies? Adam does’nt like them, how dare you like them? I mean, don’t you need chocolate and sprinkles and extra stuff all over them, I mean, like why would you eat something that YOU enjoy! Why does’nt adam realize you cannot rationalize logical thinking about subjective things like cookies!

  22. Joshua

    Not in the top 25!? For shame.

  23. Lisa

    I LOVE OREOS! LOVE! but also loved the comment, “Nicole Richie of cookies”

  24. Awesome Joe
    Awesome Joe03-07-2012

    OMG thank you for discussing and slamming Oreos. Oreos are fucking bullshit! I never cared for them and so nice to hear somebody else speak the truth about them, I feel validated.

    And Bryan Cranston is the fucking man, God Bless that man and his awesomeness.

  25. Jay

    Hell ya, lov Bryan Cranston breaking bad is the shit. Get It The Fuck On.

  26. Fin Burke
    Fin Burke03-07-2012

    summary of Drive found on reddit….


  27. Idiot Retard
    Idiot Retard03-07-2012

    How dare you Adam….How dare you!!!!!! diss my Oreos! Come on man, get a hand in there. That helmet? NOT A CHAIR!

    Also, I’d be honored to wipe Alison’s rear any day. She is So SUPER HOT!

  28. Jim

    Good stuff!

  29. Ian

    The book that talks about John Ritter was called “You’ll Never Make Love In This Town Again”.

  30. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee03-07-2012

    Bryan Cranston (tried to post a message, got the posting to much editorial, trying again, will this go through?), Maria Menounos (no post), Matt Walsh (tried to post a message, got the posting to much editorial), Penn Jillette and Dr. Drew (no post), Marc Maron (no post), Mr. Skin (no post), Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange (posted a message, got through), Grant Cardone and Matt Atchity (no post), Howard Gordon (no post), Bill Maher (no post), Greg Fitzsimmons and Josh Gardner (no post), Harland Williams (no post) BTW, Great Peter Gabriel imitation Adam, I thought I was in England, really, it was awesome Achebag!

    • Zapoli

      Adam’s Peter Gabriel sounded like Buzz Bissinger having a stroke. It was that awesome.

    • F.M. Bradley
      F.M. Bradley03-08-2012

      Thanks for posting this message, I tried to post some brilliants words and they never were put on. It is nice to know it isn’t just me. I guess the Ace Man’s crew is highly selective.

  31. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle03-07-2012

    I will be wiping Alison tonight.

  32. Steve

    Way to recycle your made up movies, Aceman.

    • TheMidsizeLebowski

      Did he already do the longsnapper/mafia movie on this podcast? I’m pretty sure he only did that one on the BS Report, Bill Simmons’ podcast, which is also awesome. Also Adam, why not have Bill Simmons on this podcast again? ESPN gave him his own website where he and his staff can curse with impunity! Shouldn’t that mean they’ve relaxed their “no risque airtime for Simmons” rule?

  33. Jeff714

    Shockingly, just as Adam suggested last week, none of the living Monkees will be attending Davy Jones’s funeral:


    “LOS ANGELES (AP) — The three surviving Monkees aren’t planning to attend Davy Jones’ funeral because it would likely bring too much unwanted attention to his family during their time of grief, the group’s Micky Dolenz said Tuesday.”

  34. Alisons old best friend
    Alisons old best friend03-07-2012

    although fudge covered oreos are pretty dang good…….btw that Tork guy was on Rachel Maddow the other night and he pretty much said he didnt like Davy Jones and wasnt going to his funeral………Alison can do anything to me or my Buhyman that she want to

  35. Buzz Bisinger
    Buzz Bisinger03-07-2012

    Jeebus, drop the Rush/Fluke manufactured BS already. It’s a meaningless bit of tripe you have wasted far too much time on already. Other programs do a pointless rehash of partisan garbage constantly, no need for it here.

    • P. Gabriel, Earl of Chitchester
      P. Gabriel, Earl of Chitchester03-20-2012

      Mr. Bissinger,
      Here here! I like the cut of your jib, sir.

  36. CSN

    Adam is the biggest blowhard I’ve ever heard in my life. If someone disagrees on pretty much anything, he calls them a fucking idiot and says shut the fuck up

  37. Casey Man
    Casey Man03-07-2012

    To answer AR’s question, John Ritter played an evil robot during a guest spot on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Great performance!

  38. Real Intresting
    Real Intresting03-07-2012

    Adam’s dead wrong. The remaining Monkees would draw a huge crowd to Davy Jones’ funeral. The Monkees are still huge, and he’s just bitter that they’re way more famous than he is.

  39. Citylife80

    Alison needs to look up Pangea.

  40. Sarah's smoke detector
    Sarah's smoke detector03-07-2012

    you obviously haven’t been listening to the podcast long.

  41. Alejandro Saldana
    Alejandro Saldana03-07-2012

    I was watching the Mexican news a little while ago when I heard them say that “…the Mexican Senate had approved a law…” then I thought to myself…”I haven’t heard a phrase as worthless as “Mexican Senate” since Obama was campaigning on “Change”.

  42. mel

    Adam, enjoying a food you dislike does not an idiot make.

  43. Jason Thib
    Jason Thib03-08-2012

    Isn’t it ironic how Adam constantly calls others blowhards?

  44. greg

    I’m starting to hate allison with her bullshit rhetoric.

    • Andy901

      I’m starting to hate Greg, with his bullshit objections to people having a point of view informed by facts.

  45. Aaron

    Could Cranston get anymore awesome?? Love that guy’s work, but even better he just sounds like the kinda guy you’d love to hang out with. Keep up the great work Bryan, can’t wait for the next season of Breaking Bad (though sadly, the last season).

  46. dnkngz

    You know whats worse than the Oreo cookie? Listening to someone complain about it for 10 minutes!

  47. Tiffany

    These two created ‘Good Cop, Good Cop’ on the live show still one of my favorite improv moments on the podcast so hilarious!

  48. Howard

    Ace, the Pretenders song is “My City Was Gone”, and the reason that Chrissie Hynde doesn’t mind Rush Limbaugh using it is because he pays for it.

  49. reb

    how is it possible to post one comment “too quickly”?

  50. PlumBob

    Alison, get off the Rush BS. YAWN! We don’t care if you’re appalled. Move along.

  51. Andy901

    Adam has – according to his own words in this episode – never been outraged. Hmm… So what were we hearing when Adam goes off on The City / building inspectors, chickenshit ticket-writers, and the pussy-leftists/ACLU-retards? Was that just acting, or was that simply energetic vexation?

    • Hank

      Adam’s an angry, uneducated guy who got lucky with a big, guaranteed radio contract on a show that failed to generate ratings. Now he’s the expert on everything.

      • Sluggh

        Pretty sure he’d agree with you.

      • JP

        Oh no, it was’nt luck, it was super-duper hard work. No luck there. If he lived in Ohio or something he would have made it just as big.

  52. Justyn

    I f-ing loved Drive! Reminded me of a Coen Bros. movie. I never cared much for Gosling before , but I thought he was brilliant in it. When he turned around in the elevator scene, it gave me shivers. I thought Brooks and Cranston were great. I thought Pearlman seemed out of place. Loved the characters, loved the story and loved the movie. If I ran the Oscars, this flick would have had at least a few nominations.

    • Marv

      Here, here!

  53. Blah Blah Blog
    Blah Blah Blog03-08-2012

    Oreos are fine. Stop trying to be to cool for school.

  54. Blah Blah Blog
    Blah Blah Blog03-08-2012

    And you preach to your flock. Many would see YOU as a giant blowhard. It all depends on one’s perspective.

  55. LOBO

    Adam, Allison, and Bryan were brilliant.

    The bald guy was pretty funny too.


  56. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Great episode! Cranston is an awesome guest, wow.

  57. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Also, I wish there was a way to post a comment here without reloading the page, which stops playback. More also: oreos do indeed suck.

  58. Ren

    love me some Bryan Cranston

  59. Casket Glory Hole
    Casket Glory Hole03-11-2012

    Here is a segment about “black slang” (including the definition of an Oreo) from 70’s PBS kids’ show Vegetable Soup:
    You’re welcome.

  60. Jon Evolve
    Jon Evolve03-12-2012

    – Frank Sinatra

  61. Leif

    Pangaea is a myth? I thought it was the super continent in the Permian age.

  62. Dana

    Bryan Cranston was great. Seems like a genuinely nice guy, hot too.

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