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Adam sits down with David Wild and the gang at the top of the episode. Adam talks about a weird old guy he saw jogging in the neighborhood, and speaks about forcing Natalia’s friend to face her fear of dogs. Adam and David then exchange some notable songs that you may not have otherwise heard, and complain about extended dance mixes.

Alison starts up the news revealing that Anderson Cooper has come out of the closet. The guys also talk about the Flaming Lips setting a new Guinness Book of World Records, and Adam recalls his own successful run at the award. Brian Huskey then enters the studio and talks with the gang about the problems with having too many choices and food envy.

Adam then remembers his epic bike ride many years ago, and talks with Brian about how quickly your mind or body can turn on you. The gang also talks about the Oreo rainbow frosting controversy, and the scourge of passion fruit iced tea. Later the guys talk about the problems with our TMZ-paparazzi filled society and Adam’s issues with Celebrity Home tours. The show wraps up with a conversation about the largest pharmaceutical fraud case to date, and Adam takes a call from a fan that got a speeding ticket in another state.


Watch the premiere of Children’s Hospital on Adult Swim on August 9th. You can also follow Brian on Twitter @TheBrianHuskey.

And don’t forget to follow David Wild on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.

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  1. Guitarzan

    I think Brian Huskey and Ben Folds could be twins.

    • DrAwkward

      Definitely a resemblance. Their hometowns are like 80 miles apart so maybe they’re related?

    • aceheartspie

      I disagree whole-heartedly. I think you’re getting hung up on the funky glasses.

      • May Kadoode
        May Kadoode07-05-2012

        “All I see are glasses and bald” – Curb

  2. jones2324

    (make that lose) thanks… 🙂

  3. Halo909

    David Wild is like delicious garnish. A little here and there and more of the core Adam Carolla podcast team with Adam and Allison.

  4. Sara Jay
    Sara Jay07-03-2012

    David Wild sure can kiss butt

  5. DrAwkward

    The so-called ‘paradox of choice’ was based on one shoddy study and has largely been debunked.
    No one has ever been able to reproduce those results with a reasonable experimental setup.

    When the grocery store doesn’t have the weird brand of plum jam (or toothpaste or beer) I know I like, I’m pissed. That’s why they carry it. The dead give away this negative choice effect is bunk is grocery stores aren’t racing to reduce number of available selections, which would be cheaper for them. Their ‘greed’ would lead them to offer 3 kinds of jam.

    • An Onny
      An Onny07-25-2012

      It’s more than 3 flavors of jam. I can see people getting overwhelmed choosing between the regular jam, store-brand jam, non-hfcs jam, low-sugar jam, organic jam, “all fruit” jam, and all the flavors and prices of each! I’m sure people were much happier in the days when grandma just made homemade seasonal jam!

  6. Sara Jay
    Sara Jay07-03-2012

    Bring in Jim Florentine!!

    Easily one of the best guests on the podcast over the past 2 years.

  7. Steph

    David Wild gives me a headache. I really try to like him but he is my #1 least favorite person on the podcast. I would rather listen to Dr. Spaz and Bai Ling interview each other.

    • jesus

      I couldn’t agree more. His ass kissing is whatever but he is just so plain. He and Adam just sitting their listening to songs together is some of the worst podcasting Carolla has ever done.
      Also, Dr Bruce wouldn’t be bad if Adam hadn’t turned him into a sideshow by relentlessly making fun of him so that he’s too uncomfortable to not mess up.

  8. MR. ICE
    MR. ICE07-03-2012


    Can you get a Goddamn lawyer on the show to explain why the Paparazzi can or cannot legally profit from celebrity images so we can stop listening to it. I am not mad at you for bringing it up over and over again I would just really like to know.

    • An Onny
      An Onny07-25-2012

      Agree! It’d be interesting to have a regular law segment, even. Remember that lawyer they used to have alongside Dr. Drew on Loveline long ago? Forgot his name, but it helped the show a lot!

  9. toadstepper

    Explorer’s Club is from Charleston, SC…


  10. Chubby knees and calves
    Chubby knees and calves07-03-2012

    Always happy for David Wild appearances.

  11. Arlo

    Song titles?

    • rocky the walrus
      rocky the walrus07-08-2012

      Complete sentence? Oh, I get it: you’re just too cool.

      Were you intentionally burning yourself with a cigarette when you snapped that pic?

  12. Jesus farted
    Jesus farted07-03-2012

    fly by bombings? remind me to never vote for carolla for president.

  13. Dutchie

    Seriously, another rant on passion fruit ice tea? Are you FUCKING insane? I dropped out a couple of weeks, I pick it up again, and you are still going on about passion fruit ice tea? Holy fucking Christ. How does he not get that you have to drop certain themes after a while?

  14. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron07-03-2012

    Thank you Bald Bryan for bringing up Guns N’ Roses when they were talking about 80’s music! I understand that Adam is defining 80’s music as the popular music of the mid 80’s but there were some good bands to come out of the decade including Metallica, Slayer, and GnR.

    • An Onny
      An Onny07-25-2012

      And doesn’t Adam make fun of hair bands regularly by playing “Cherry Pie” over and over again?

  15. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode07-03-2012

    Here in AZ we have vans just like the star-line van in the picture but we call them “Indian Party Wagons”. Good Times!

  16. dave

    is this the dude from the sonic commercial

  17. Dan

    those shoes are designed to use more/different muscles in your foot/leg, they aren’t a fashion statement, and they work.

    • Joseph

      Those don’t work, they are a gimmick and you are a sucker.

  18. guh

    Elvis Costello sucks.

  19. Big Daddy Don Garlits
    Big Daddy Don Garlits07-03-2012

    Does anybody know if Adam is friends with Jimmy Kimmel?

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett07-03-2012

      Good one.

  20. sCUM

    I like David Wild, but I hate these music segments between him and Adam. Music is too personal. What you like may not be what I like and vice versa. Don’t tell me how much my music selections suck and I won’t tell you how much yours suck. I can justify how much your preferences suck just as easily as you do mine.

  21. reb

    The short answer to Adam’s much-repeated question about why entities like TMZ can profit from stories about celebrities is that even gossip is considered news. Even so, Adam raises the possibility that there could be a separate legal doctrine governing the distinct species of gossip-based news, requiring the celebrities consent and/or that the celebrities be compensated. The New York Times covering Congress (and making money from it) and TMZ filming Adam at LAX (also making money) aren’t so alike that distinguishing them is impossible, and lots of laws make similar distinctions.

  22. guy

    is it just me or does d wild have the worst taste in music? every week he uncovers a new horrible song. carolla is almost as bad.

    • dog balls
      dog balls07-04-2012

      No, it’s not just you. They both have HORRIBLE taste in music, and should never discuss music on the show again.

  23. nick

    Why did you skirt the story about Dr. Drew? Being the philosopher you are I would suspect you find his actions reprehensible.

  24. Eric

    Idea about the paparazzi. How about you hire a person to follow you and take pictures of you? Send them to the TMZs of the world for free. This will flood the market with your pictures and thus no paparazzi will bother you.

  25. Knave

    Nobody really likes paparazzi…but many of us are pretty fond of the First Amendment; Adam should get behind it (or at least grasp an understanding of it) too.

    Why does he believe that any enterprise which turns a profit cannot be considered a news organization? Does he really think that CNN, CBS News or the NYT are not-for-profit entities? And how does he differentiate his own behavior from that of TMZ et. al.? He’s appalled that TMZ/PerezHilton/etc. can feature discussions-and-photos of celebrities without getting their permission (“Ed Helms is going to be on their show whether he wants to be or not”)…but each day he does a podcast that prominently features discussion and verbal evisceration of public figures. Does he get signed releases from each celebrity he mentions/castrates, or is it only that he doesn’t use photos of them? Strike that — he doesn’t TAKE photographs of them; his staff dutifully posts copies of the decried paparazzi shots on his (for-profit) website.

    As usual, his rants masquerade as logic but are really embarrassingly uninformed and inconsistent drivel.

    • Brett

      Yeah but you still listened to it. Trolls are out in force today…

      • dog balls
        dog balls07-04-2012

        People who call people trolls are trolls…ironic…

    • pat

      The difference being is the podcast doesn’t invade the personal space/everyday life of the aforementioned celebrities. I think there is just a small difference between a paparazzi jumping out of a bush to snap photos of a celebrity and his family versus being talked about on a podcast. Hmmm which is more invasive??

    • RoyalDryness

      I think Adam is as much against the hypocrisy of the way paparazzi works than the actual true legal nature of it. The point that you can’t just take pictures of random people on the street and then air them without consent but if you are a celebrity it “who cares.” TMZ and other tabloids hide behind the fact that they are “news” but the argument still doesn’t hold water. The NT Times couldn’t take your picture and use it without your consent. They use their classification as “news” and the idea that since you are a public figure you have given implicit consent. Personally I don’t care because you know that’s what’s ahead of you if you do something to gain celebrity status but there has to be some line of decency and decorum, like not taking pictures that aren’t public (i.e. with a telephoto lens over the wall surrounding their house, on a private beach, etc.)

  26. jpg

    Stop the madness! I’d rather listen to Duran Duran than hear David Wild and ACE music segments…

  27. ryanc

    Super Cool! My friend is in Explorers Club. They are very cool guys. The band is from Charleston, South Carolina, not North Carolina, though… THUMBS UP

  28. TS

    Guest was great. David Wild, too, though I no longer think of him as a guest. Looking forward to Drew and Strasser, though not necessarily in that order.

  29. swingset

    Aceman was off on the Kings popularity, “Beat Goes On/Switchin To Glide” was very popular in 1980, even in the midwest. It was on heavy rotation in all the stations across the plains, and that entire album got a lot of life….I saw the Kings in Pittsburgh in 1981. I normally don’t appreciate Aceman’s rock tastes, but the Kings were a solid rock band.

  30. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode07-03-2012

    This Beat Goes On and Switching to Glide was played every Friday at 5:00pm on 98 K – U – P – D. I’m going to buy this on I-tunes… Good Times!

  31. Dick Smalls
    Dick Smalls07-03-2012

    For a bright guy, the Aceman is utterly delusional on many topics.

  32. Beau

    David’s Next Segment Prediction: Adam will mention an early 80’s non-radio-played classic, and David will declare said classic as “…one of my all time favorites…” followed by a meaningless anecdote about being backstage once with the guy who was responsible for supplying the booze for some obscure band (which is carefully declared as “… as one of the all time greatest…”) that briefly opened for band responsible for said classic.

    I’d rather hear Passion Fruit Ice Tea raised to the TMZth power than the promised David Knopfler.

    • Girlsgone Wild
      Girlsgone Wild07-04-2012

      … and then David Wild will namedrop Sean Penn.

    • Not again...
      Not again...07-04-2012

      No kidding.

      Carolla may have awful taste in music (Graham Parker sucks) but at least he can name bands he doesn’t like. Not so with David Wild. Every band is the best ever.
      ‘Hey David, what’s your take on Captain and Tenille?’
      ‘One of the best ever.’
      ‘What do you think of Crazy Town?’
      ‘One of the best bands in history.’
      ‘Do you like Jessica Simpsons music?’
      ‘One of the best ever.’
      ‘Where would you rank the Jonas Brothers?’
      ‘Possibly the all time greatest.’

      He has no credibility with me because he never doesn’t like something.

  33. Joshua Harman
    Joshua Harman07-04-2012

    Fuck you and your ignorant “Bomb Germany” comments. The worst part about the Holocaust for me isn’t the act, but it is the complaints from people that didn’t experience the Holocaust who try to make others feel guilty about it. How much do we hear about the horrors committed by Emperor Hirohito’s military or Joseph Stalin’s henchmen relative to German acts when we reference evil? Maybe the reason is that Jews are the loudest, whiniest motherfuckers on the planet. Dateline July 4th, 2012, a man made it through the day without complaining about horrors that were committed 70 years ago on a continent on which he never lived—-“definitely NOT a JEEEWWW!”

    • reb

      Of all the things to care about and post a complaint about, your chosen cause is that there is too much criticism of the Holocaust? Keep fighting the good fight.

  34. Jim

    David Wild, how about leaving the jokes to Adam. Please just do what you do. And trying to make a buck pushing other peoples shitty music is not a good forum for this show. I’m going to fast forward over this part of the show.

  35. Prawn Ornament
    Prawn Ornament07-04-2012

    Elvis Costello, The Pretenders and Joe Jackson. These are all artists I like(and really like, in some cases), but 10 years is a long time and tacking them to the the 80’s like some pinnacle is just wrong. They started out Punk influenced/New Wave(or at least they blended well) from the mid 70’s. All the stuff Adam keeps pointing to were the albums that were the best examples of this.

    Elvis Costello:
    1st album 1977…4th album 1980
    peak album chart in US 1979
    peak single in US 1987(by the time he had any chart action in the US(1983) his music style had changed significantly from what Adam keeps citing)

    Joe Jackson:
    1st album 1979…3rd album 1980(1st single release 1978)
    peak album chart in US 1982(by this time his music style had changed significantly from what Adam keeps citing)

    The Pretenders were had a greater and more consistent chart presence in the US as well as less shift in style.

    Duran Duran were HUGE in the 80’sand I hated them …at the time, not being able to escape them was a big part of that. They started their releases in 1981 and were strong throughout the 80’s.

    Eurythmics were similar but less so(and I liked them pretty close to the beginning). Obviously they did not generate the same young teen girl mania.

    Dance remixes were tedious exercises in trying to keep people on the floor longer. If they had done it better it might have been okay. Rather than give you more of what you liked it was more of a ‘bait and switch’. They so often would riff on a single element of the song(usually sucking the charm out at the same time) or just abandon it for something else. It would have been better if they had just played a song twice.

    Adam’s taste is his alone. He should stop saying ‘we'(ie. when we think about the 80’s). As much as I like those first three artists, I knew most of the people around me had no clue who they were and even then only liked the later singles.

    So many other bands and styles dominated and more accurately represent the 80’s. I cringe every time the subject comes up.


    PS: for the people who keep raising the ‘Troll’ label…it applies to people who cause trouble for trouble’s sake not just people with an opposing view. It’s weak and wrong to label disagreement as Trolling. If you are just going to call names based on opposition , you might do better to look in the mirror to find the Troll.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-05-2012

      Information just confuses Adam’s argument but I enjoyed it…

  36. Prawn Ornament
    Prawn Ornament07-04-2012

    Beach Boy clones, Elvis Costello clones….really?

  37. Wendy

    Huge cringe moment when Bald Bryan mentioned Guns N’ Roses as a “great 80’s band”. Not only did he miss the point that Adam & David were discussing early 80’s music, it brought the discussion to a rather sudden halt.

  38. AdamFan

    David Wild sucks and so do the Pursuit of Happiness – an absolutely terrible band not the all-time best support act ever – he is a moron

  39. riggz

    WOW! Adam’s taste in music is HORRIBLE! Seriously… Graham Parker? Pretenders? Elvis Costello? Joe Jackson? This is weak, drippy, boring music for pretentious boring people. I would seriously like to hear a shitty Duran Duran marathon than one John Hyatt song. The reason that music isn’t popular is because it SUCKS DONKEY BALLS! David Wild is so fucking lame… Bald Brian is the only thing keep this show fresh. The guy is hilarious and isn’t afraid not to ass kiss.

  40. zero1media

    The fact that Adam quoted the wrong weight to fight as a welterweight in boxing was really shocking. The Ace Man is a savant when it comes to cars and home improvement, but he dropped the ball when Alison asked him what the weight limit is when you fight at welterweight: it’s 147lbs Adam. 147. The next weight up is Junior Middleweight: 154lbs. Anything in between would be a “catch weight” as you put it before. Also, David Wild is kind of a bore when it comes to regular conversation, and introducing new music as well. Thanks but no thanks to having David as a regular guest.

  41. Evilmick

    Enough David Wild Already.

  42. Prawn Ornament
    Prawn Ornament07-04-2012

    Mentioning GnR was a bit of sober truth. Adam should drop ‘what the 80’s were(to him)’ and shift it to what he wishes they were…still the 70’s.

  43. TIMOTH

    “What? Just long fingernails and shit goes in the book, and long shit”???? Hahahaha. I love you Alison.

  44. James

    I find David Wild annoying – between the name dropping, the bad taste in music, the fact that every record is the best record in the world and how he so so damn consumed with twitter and twitter followers – if you have to try (as hard as he does) to convince people to follow you then youve already lost…

  45. Lor

    TPOH is so awesome David!!!! I love them.

  46. Dan

    Re: Showing celebrities vs showing other people on TV


    The reason the legal department wants you to blur the face of people who aren’t celebrities is because they don’t want random people suing them and it’s not generating cash. Celebrities can sue too (just like normal people), but TMZ takes that chance because it makes them money. It’s not the law, it’s the legal department of the network.

  47. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese07-07-2012

    Brian Huskey was really funny on the Pod. The Sonic commercials are very witty (even though they are commercials for crappy fast food – we don’t even have Sonic where I live, but I find the commercials on the national stations hilarious). Loved him on the Children’s hospital episode where he’s in the van. Also thought he was funny in the minivan commercials.

    His comment about making ties vs. tying ties was awesome. Have him back on.

  48. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town07-07-2012

    GET IT ON !!!! +_+

  49. Kevin

    Hey Adam if you really want to rant about California’s government you should check out their gun laws compared to free states’ laws like Louisiana, Texas, etc. THAT is something to rant about.

  50. Les

    Bomb Germany?
    Isn’t that like you being blamed for slavery?

  51. Bender

    Tip on proper tie length…

    Adjust tie length so it’s 1 in. below your balls before you tie it. Works with both Windsor and poor man’s knots. Perfect length every time, given normal sack length of course.

    Pops taught me that. He also taught me, about sex, to be a good trucker and learn to back out without spilling your load or you’ll be in deep Sh@#.

    That is all.

  52. John

    Two things, 1) David Wild is fantastic. Love him on the show and I enjoy the banter between him and Adam. Wild is like Al Michaels in his ability to remember details about meeting famous people and relate the story in an amusing way. 2) Allison, you are very talented and have a great sense of humor. I listen to the podcast while riding my bike and I frequently laugh out loud at your comments. MJ never wins six rings without Pippen and the Ace man (though hilarious) doesn’t have the podcast success without you. Love the show.

  53. An Onny
    An Onny07-25-2012

    Tour buses: why do stars have to live on the tour route in the Hollywood area anyway? Move out to Pasadena like Dr. Drew. Tour buses aren’t going to follow you out that far.

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