Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

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Adam gets into a conversation with Alison and Bryan about Marc Harmon, who has an impressive resume between being a quarterback in the 70s to being a television star. Alison then talks about some of the new football rules she‘s learned, and opens the news with a story about Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The guys also talk about reactions to the Troy Duffy episode, and a doll sold at Toys R Us that’s saying something inappropriate.

NCIS’ Brian Dietzen joins next, and talks about Larry Miller playing his father in law on the show. The guys then go on a jag about bowling alley bars, and start discussing douchebags who bring their own balls to the game. Continuing on the theme of douchebags, Adam rants about a group of bikers who were taking up three quarters of the street, and also his issue with a particular security guard. As the show wraps up, the guys comment on AskMen.com’s list of recommended first date conversations.


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Hasselbeck vs Maher

Potty Mouth Baby

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Chris Laxamana
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. Yortuk Festrunk
    Yortuk Festrunk12-02-2011

    The point is this… (snort)… GET ON !!!!

  2. Sluggh

    I like Elisabeth and Maher. It’s like watching your parents fight.

  3. AngelAdamFan

    Looking forward to this podcast. Love me some NCIS & Jimmy Palmer. Also hear tell Larry Miller is going to make a guest appearance also. Two of my obsessions in one go. You just made my morning.

  4. DES

    NCIS is filmed on the corner where i work in Valencia, Ca.

  5. Nietzschean

    What Adam is missing with the Bill Maher and Elizabeth Hassleback thing is the politics. Bill knows that he can’t under any other circumstances make what was essentially a rape joke without catching hell from the guardians of the parameters of political correctness, who all happen to be liberals. So he expected he could slide one by if the object of his joke was a rather disliked openly Republican pretty white woman, the hell that rains down on a, say, Don Imus, will not be brought down on him because he’s essentially on their team so he gets a pass. Also, as soon as Lara Logan broke, some sort of sexual assault was definitely a part of the story. The question was what exactly and to what extent. That those repulsive pigs who are on the show with her didn’t defend her is astonishing.

    Another aspect of this, and can NEVER be underestimated, is Adam Carolla likes being on Bill Maher’s show so he’s going to hold his tongue a bit, even though I know Adam is smart enough to know what’s going on here.

    • Jamesy

      Did you listen to the podcast? The rape stuff didn’t come out until nine days after his joke. Typical Republican ignoring whatever facts you find inconvenient. Funny how Adam ties himself in knots defending her after his coordinated splash in right wing media. Good for Alison calling him an apologist. THe thing about credibility is once you piss it away, you never get it back.

      • Nietzschean

        First, idiot, I’m not a Republican. And if I am, I’m one of those Republicans who’s pro-Gay marriage, anti-religion, pro-drug-legalization, pro-public financing of campaigns, and pro-socialized medicine. Second, you’re simply wrong about the facts. The moment this story broke, and I’m a “news junkie” so I remember the moment distinctly, there was an implication that she was sexually assaulted. You may simply be dumb; but Maher’s a coward and a liar. What was the point of his joke otherwise?

  6. Pomba

    Great guest!!…..sighn him up to the Ace network

  7. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-02-2011

    Mr. Palmer!… looking forward to this one

  8. Jarviswabi

    Great guest, never heard of him and never watch NCIS, but he fit right in with the gang and actually made Adam laugh a few times.

  9. Chad

    This guy was super funny, great show.

  10. Peter B
    Peter B12-02-2011

    Adam, you just got 15 minutes of air play on the Neal Boortz Syndicated News radio show with your rant on envy, the Occu-tards and the generations of participation trophie kids. That’s a good 3-5 million listeners. Free publicity for the podcast. Had a shitload of bleeps but almost funnier with all the BLEEEPs lol.

    Just a heads up

  11. Dan

    BB and Ace need one of those dentist saliva-removal things in the ol’ mouth during a show. Saliva-heavy.

  12. dcstanley23

    Pretty good guest – bring him on again

  13. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol12-02-2011

    I’m going to ask you to remove the bitch doll from the store shelves right now!

  14. JBID

    You guys should have Ozzie do movie reviews once a week again. It’ll be 100% worth it. Surely it doesn’t take too long to write the copy for him?

  15. sam jones
    sam jones12-02-2011

    I cant not believe how far Allison has come.

    I could not stand Teresa and when Allison first started I found myself missing Teresa. Now I cant imagine the show without Allison. Her timing is great and I can tell she is very comfortable and she is the perfect compliment to Adam.

    Great job Allison!

  16. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-02-2011

    Love me some Brian Dietzen! Gets the show, plays well with the gang. Please ask him back.

  17. me

    Hasselbeck is not blonde–she bleaches to hide the fact she’s a latina.

  18. John

    This was a very enjoyable episode that capped off what was an especially funny week of episodes (Winter Zoli was my favorite). I am pleased you haven’t been doing the live podcasts of late. I attended one and had a great time but as a listener I enjoy the regular studio episodes much more. Thanks for all the great entertainment.

  19. Amanda

    If you make an “Eat More Pussy” shirt I will buy it for all my friends for Christmas. Make the holidays special for my friends and family by producing this heartwarming gift.

  20. TS

    Great guest. Seemed like a very natural fit with the show.

  21. Jack

    I have the title of your next book, maybe the theme too…
    “When I am in Charge”

    get it on

  22. Mr. O
    Mr. O12-02-2011

    has Alison lost weight?

  23. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco12-03-2011

    1. What a conniving little brat Elisabeth Hasselback is by the way she attacked him like a coward. She started with stating she wasn’t bothered for her own personal reasons, but later shows he hand saying “you can talk about me or talk to me.” She hid behind a stance for women, whatever, zip it c*nt!
    2. How dare Bill Mahr make total $h*t outta somebody and be so unprofessional as to waltz onto that person’s show and be caught off guard, needing a crystal ball to know he would be called on it.

  24. Ray WIlson
    Ray WIlson12-03-2011

    Bill Maher is a total douchebag. He still hasn’t come to terms with his own homosexuality.

  25. Steve

    It’s always interesting to find out which one of Adam’s rants are going to really piss people off. I don’t always agree with him, but I will defend him. His occupy rant the other day has had some serious traction.

    ACEMAN FANS: Check out this article by the Seattle Stranger really digging in to Adam. It’s already gotten a hundred comments. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the Ace fans put a few comments in ourselves?

  26. Brett Farve
    Brett Farve12-03-2011

    Brain we need some mp3 drops so I can use them for ringtones and whatnot

  27. Kevin B
    Kevin B12-03-2011

    Awesome guest and great interview! I enjoy the show and had no idea he would be this good.

  28. Fenom

    alison has a boyfriend? nooooooooooo!!!!!!!1

  29. Mark T.
    Mark T.12-03-2011

    Aceman! I mentioned on some earlier posts how Glenn Beck picked up on your OWS rant. On Friday, even Limbaugh was speaking about how the OWS folks are a result of the “participation award” generation (which is one of the main thrusts of your OWS rant).

    Basically, Limbaugh was taking your rant and making it his own. I like Rush but at least Beck gave you credit where credit was rightly due.

    Keep up the great rants. You have listeners in high places. Your message is resonating with people that shape public opinion. Even if you don’t always get full credit, your ideas and opinions are resounding throughout the country. You are making a huge difference out here.

    GET IT ON!

  30. Jost

    What the hell El Gordo Loco….you calling EH a coward? Maher implied she should be raped and she’s wrong? You’re telling me he went on the view and didn’t think the topic would come up? If Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck said that same joke about Joy Behar there would be calls for he show to be canceled and it’d be a major story.

  31. Sarah

    So I’m a lady who loves this podcast. I love Allison, BUT I’m tired of hearing that she doesn’t know anything about sports. Everyone knows she doesn’t know anything about sports. No one expects her to know anything about sports. Otherwise I love this podcast! Get it on!

  32. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese12-05-2011

    Brian Dietzen was one of the best guests they’ve had. He made jokes, had good chemistry with the whole group, and wasn’t afraid to talk about the various topics. I hope he makes semi-regular appearances from here on out.

  33. GargantuJuan

    It’s like his shoulders said, “Let’s meet at the balls”… Awesome

  34. slim pickin's
    slim pickin's12-05-2011

    Good guest.

  35. robert_r

    “Love of old knobs” LOL good one, alison

  36. Scott

    Great guest… hope to hear him again. Funny shit

  37. Jeanette

    Great show! The guest was funny and he had good chemistry with you all. Bring him back!

  38. Jilbers

    Wasn’t Ozzie doing a movie review for Iron Man? Remember when he used to do those and no one knew wtf he was talking about?? Good times!

  39. Dusty

    Who is that vs. Aniston in the pic?

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