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Adam opens the show with his response to the New York Post controversy. Comedian Brad Williams is also on stage and talks about gay midgets who don’t date. Adam then rants about the insane traffic jam trying to get across town, and recalls a maddening experience at a stop sign in front of his house.

Alison starts up the news, and discusses her friends calling her too early. Brad also talks about having samurai swords for home security, and Adam points out the benefits of attack crows. Later the gang reveals Adam’s placement on the New York Times Bestseller list, and why Ashton Kutcher is suing the DMV. Other news stories include the results of the NBA finals, Alec Baldwin’s paparazzi problem, and finally a Germany or Florida story involving a three-legged pit bull.


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911 Call

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Glenross

    Let’s talk more about what a sexist bigot Adam is. That’s always entertaining.

    • Dogs eat pie
      Dogs eat pie06-22-2012

      He needs to take more of that sexism and bigotry and redirect it all to religion. It’s much more fun when he directs his attention of religion. That I can support and get behind.

      • Dogs eat pie
        Dogs eat pie06-22-2012

        *on religion

        • Kyle Reese
          Kyle Reese06-23-2012

          “He needs to take more of that sexism and bigotry and redirect it all to religion.”

          You mean he should substitute one form of bigotry for one you approve of.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana06-23-2012

      How come questioning the prevailing wisdom is deemed bigotry when we’ve gone too far, but courageous and progressive when we’re over-reaching? I know the answer… obviously we want to make society better, but it’s like medicine: do no harm. It’s a complex system. Women aren’t funny because they’re not walking contradictions. In order to be a contradiction you have to have a dick.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana06-23-2012

        (Women aren’t funny because they take life seriously)

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana06-23-2012

        And I know something about “serious’, which means there’s nothing you can do. Done is done.

        That was a new concept to me, at this age, and for this disease — which was illogical, made no sense; it’s not how you can fix it, but how you can live with it.

        If you disrespect women, you’re a fool.

        • Rex Montana
          Rex Montana06-25-2012

          i have rethought my stance on all this junk i was spewing

          i was foolish and hateful in my thoughts and in my words

          please, all who read this, take mercy on me and grant me your forgiveness

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana06-23-2012

      You see this watch?

  2. Angie

    My husband brought me to your St.Paul show and it was great! After listening to your podcast i’m kind of disguisted in the filth and the interuptions from your news girl,kind of sounds like the “The View” but I will give you the benefit..:)

    • stnuntrnd

      either one alone – the filth or the interruptions – are unpleasant; in combination it must be excruciating for you to listen to the podcast …

    • Annie Green Springs
      Annie Green Springs06-25-2012

      You don’t deserve your husband. He takes you out for a comedy show rather than sleeping in front of the TV or banging the next door neighbor… but Adam’s not funny enough? Keep an eye on your man. With your attitude, he may be looking for another date to the next comedy show.

  3. Tuck Rool
    Tuck Rool06-22-2012

    wow, Adam could no t walk back his “men are funnier than women” comment quickly enough.

    • Balky

      When someone asks him “who is funnier: men or women?”, was he supposed to say “both”? Was that the only acceptable answer? Or would “women” have been an acceptable answer, too?


    Alison is actually a naturally funny person. Most females try waaaaaaaay too hard to be funny.

    • Plain

      She’s not remotely funny.

  5. MC White
    MC White06-22-2012

    Let’s drink some beers and rape!!!

  6. Mark

    I notice your podcast rating on iTunes has slipped to #3. . .

    I guarantee the reason has to do with being on the road and offering up only ‘live’ shows for podcast downloads. I don’t bother downloading them anymore since they are consistently less fun and entertaining than the studio shows. Whatever that special thing is that keeps you at #1 has to do with being in the studio for the stories and interviews: much more of a relaxed pace where the stories can breathe, no ‘live’ audience to entertain and guests trying so hard to be funny and talk (yell) over one another . . . ugh.

    Would love to hear YOU debate the reason for the slip in your iTunes rating . . . during a studio show.

    Mark (San Francisco Bay Area)

    • james

      They’re clearly taking the week off, and well deserved at that. Would you prefer nothing?

      • Spoodeni

        Yes. Or some rebroadcasts of some good ones. If they’re going to take a break they really should break to recharge the batteries and come back fresh. I know it’s free and they probably make some well deserved money with admission but I’d prefer reruns that I could more easily decide if I want to skip or not over the cheap and stale phoned in live shows.

      • Tuco

        Yes, I would prefer nothing.

    • GuyDudebreaux

      Couldn’t agree more. The live shows just don’t work. Maybe OK to see live, but make for bad pod.

      I find that Alison is actually in better form on the live show, but Ace yells too much and Bald Bryan is conspicuously absent most of the time for some reason (both his drops and his own contribution to the discussion). Pretty much the only time I laughed all week was at Bryan’s contributions to the “traffic stop standoff” bit on today’s show.

      DAG was f-ing terrible…time to put him out to pasture, he hasn’t brought anything new to the table since the Loveline days. And now he’s messing with Adam’s money on the GoDaddy bit? Dr Drew and Dana Gould are still the best guests by far.

    • McLovin

      Absolutely agree, the live shows are not as good. But I suppose they are just doing them because Adam is in New York for the book tour, and they make him some extra $$$.

    • Mister Lister
      Mister Lister06-25-2012

      i don’t agree, i think they’re funnier when they get a few in em

      and the guests consistently feed off the live-audience energy


    • MarketAndChurch

      If the guest is really good (which they usually are at a live show), I’d take a live show any day over the studio broadcasts. Personally, the last few with Artie Lange, Wyatt Cenec, and Brad Williams have been some of the best episodes so far this year. The give and take with the crowd is a lot of fun, and I think Alison is a notch better as a wing-girl then she is in studio, and she’s already one of the finest improv/stand-up comedians. All of that said… I still do enjoy the visits from Dr. Drew (he needs to be a regular on the show… ), and of course, Dana Gould, but its nice to see them sprinkle in a few live appearances every now and then.

    • Bobby

      I could not agree more with you. I love the studio podcast and NEVER miss it, however, when I land on the site and see a live show it’s a letdown. The group dynamic of the live shows with the hollering over each other (as you said) destroys everything I like about the studio shows. Catering to the live audience keeps everyone from really being themselves and I lose interest quickly.

  7. DionRidesBikes

    Brad Williams rocked it. So now he’s had a black, a jew and midget in the last few days. Everybody still agree he’s a bigot?

  8. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-22-2012

    The porcelain punisher got a day off? Good for him!

  9. jpg

    Great guest – Brad’s stand up is hilarious.

  10. Alexander Marriott
    Alexander Marriott06-22-2012

    Christopher Hitchens was raked over the coals for the same opinion which he wrote up in Vanity Fair about why women aren’t funny. Read it Carolla, there is also a really funny video response from Hitch to the women who blasted him.

  11. scott

    The picture’s not from the Brad William’s podcast

  12. Steve


    Did I miss any?

    • Travis

      Go fuck yourself, listen to someone else

      • neil

        uh, he was quoting what OTHER people are complaining about, dunce

      • Ken

        I think Steve is using sarcasm in his comment.

    • Dan R.
      Dan R.06-22-2012

      then dont listen, retard. why do you people insist on tuning in to something that you all hate. shut the fuck up and go watch sports center

      • Ken

        Please see reply to Travis.

        “Can’t we all just get along?” (See- this is using Rodney King’s famous line while it also ties in with his tragic drowning in his pool that happened this week). And no -for the record- do I think that his death is funny nor should it be made fun of nor should his near death beating by the LA cops should be made fun of either.

        It’s just a podcast and comments/replies are just a way for everyone to stay connected.

        I would like to think that Adam’s Posse / employees read these comments and help Adam adjust his tone / or material to “sell” his product based on this feedback.

        Peace Out.

    • Beep ba beep
      Beep ba beep06-23-2012

      Switch to NPR and get out.

    • Just Me
      Just Me06-27-2012

      Yes, you missed saying

  13. CSN

    Really enjoyed the guest. Funny dude!

  14. DukeLacrosse

    Brad Williams was great, please have him on the show again, soon!

  15. Agent O
    Agent O06-22-2012

    Great show today! Brad is hilarious and his stand up is great if you’ve never seen it. I loved that they brought up the attack crows again! Ace’s best idea ever! Solid contributions by Allison and BB. Great way to go into the weekend.

  16. Caveman73

    ? noun
    1. a professional entertainer who amuses by relating anecdotes, acting out comical situations, engaging in humorous repartee, etc.
    2. an actor in comedy.
    3. a writer of comedy.
    4. any comical or amusing person.

    I say ACEMAN fits the definition to a “T”.

    • Adam's a Racist
      Adam's a Racist06-22-2012


      noun \?r?-?si-z?m also -?shi-\

      Definition of RACISM

      1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

      2: racial prejudice or discrimination

      • Ben West
        Ben West06-22-2012

        Well, per #1, he is NOT a racist. He’s never claimed “inherent superiority of a particular race.” Every race has their retards, and he’ll pick on every one of them.

      • Houndstoothchick

        This is Adam’s act. He isn’t like this. What he needs to be a bit more sensitive to is the “line” that he may occasionally cross.

      • MarketAndChurch

        I don’t think Adam likes douchy whites either… blacks make themselves a target when they live out the stereotypes that they do, and the same to the mexicans, and the asians, and the jews, and the polacks, the japs, the krauts, etc. The assumption is that He is racist… because he is white… had it been an Asian in front of an Asian crowd making fun of the the size of their package, it would may not be comfortable but it certainly wouldn’t be racist. We are lowering the bar for what is considered racist to bascially anything that makes another race feel uncomfortable, and giving the term no teeth.

  17. Patrick

    Adam usually talks trash about comedians using the obvious material. He doesn’t like fat guys who make fat jokes and chicks who make dumb chick jokes. Why does he have a comedian on who is a midget and makes midget jokes? It’s just a waste of my time!

    • Bob

      Yea, the market is far too saturated with midget comedians.

    • Tuco

      By the same token, most of Adams comedy is now about being a white, male atheist. It’s just as hack as any of these other premises.

  18. the point man
    the point man06-22-2012

    Wow, HOF week for the podcast! racism, sexism and midget jokes…

  19. Rachel

    Adam has his misogynistic moments, but all female comedians have their misandrist tendencies as well. Everyone does. It shouldn’t be how we define ourselves unless we say it all day and, like Adam said, have actions that go along with it.

    • Dogs eat pie
      Dogs eat pie06-22-2012

      But Adam does say it all day.

  20. LokiCola

    Brad was a great guest in the studio and he was great live. Really dig that guy.

  21. Lloyd

    Loved Brad, he always brings the funny.

    Please provide a more detailed Larry Miller update! When can we expect our favorite uncle to make an appearance and do another road trip game with Adam?

    • AWM

      I was thinking the same thing. Why no news on Larry Miller? Hope the fella’s recovering well.

  22. jazzgrenade

    Brad was a great guest as always. Adam’s response to the twitter lashing was goddamn hilarious!

  23. Chill_Penguin

    the live shows have been awesome! gtfo mark

    get it on!

  24. Spoodeni

    Brad Williams – half the size and twice as funny as the live show guests.

  25. Shawn

    Please go back to the studio for pod casts… Also, curious how the Ace Man feels about the RX-8 Mazda’s 2004 – 2009 models?

  26. DBP

    great live shows. different vibe then the studio shows but what you gonna do when your in new york away from the studio.

  27. Prison Mike
    Prison Mike06-22-2012

    Very funny show.

    Really didn’t need to hear Adam’s take on TMZ/Paparazzi once again.

    Is it me, or is Alec Baldwin constantly getting into situations and making the news?

    I really can’t tell sometimes if Adam is mocking Brad for being little or playfully giving him shit.

  28. AWM

    I imagine we’ll be hearing a few more live shows in the near future – Adam’s got a book to promote after all.

  29. Tmasty

    You can’t call Adam a racist or a misogynist or really anything because it’s impossible to judge anyone. And if it was possible then I might judge that Adam Carolla haters’ assholes are too tightly spun around their own necks for them to enjoy life.

  30. RocketJohn

    Brad rocked it! He should come back soon!

  31. Clint

    Been listening to Adam since ’96….in the last two weeks; he’s just plain stupid. Less racial attacks and more comedy. See ya Adam in the next life…
    Hello Joe Rogan!!!!

    • Cody

      Why can’t you listen to both podcasts? I didn’t realize it was one or the other.

  32. Jessiey

    I hadn’t even cracked a smile today until Bryan’s “Timely” comment. Well that’s not true, “rusty sprinkler key” gets me every time. That Brad is a funny little fucker too, great show and much needed laughs. Gratzi!

  33. Juicefest3400

    One thing Adam might consider – he isn’t the only wealthy TV star who is capable of throwing punches. Add to that, one of the most devastating heavyweight punchers in my club was a pink-shirt wearing goofy ‘Suburban Dad’ who, I dare say, would absolutely DROP Adam with a jab. I’m just saying. The ‘I box’ thing is a lot of people.
    Anyways, more people on Twitter mentioned Alison Rosen as an example of a funny woman comedienne than Adam. Well, I guess he didn’t want to seem boasting.
    …….and make no mistake – I’m thrilled with a 100% free awesome podcast any way I get it but I gotta say I do prefer the studio ones. Not so much these live show things. Just me.

  34. Jesus farted
    Jesus farted06-22-2012

    how can you grow up in southern cal and not know how to pronounce Alton? Fucking Atoll?

    • Ben West
      Ben West06-22-2012

      Adam’s shared many times that he has dyslexia. So his problem is with reading, not “pronounciation.” After you learn to capitalize properly, see if YOU can pronounce by repeating it out loud 100 times:

      “I am a retard!”

  35. joe cotton
    joe cotton06-22-2012

    Holy #$%#, how stupid are some of you people. I read multiple comments saying “I hate these live shows, they are horrible. They should just have no podcast instead of these.”
    Okay geniuses, here’s what you do.

    1. Check for new ACS
    2. Discover it’s a live show
    3. Move on with your fucking day

    Simple enough?

  36. pedj

    Love that Adam had no need to apologize. Not only are men better comedians, might as well add the genre of music to that also. My play list only houses a select few bands with broads as the feature player.

  37. KnumbKnuts

    Leading contender for “Bald Bryan Drop of the Year”

    – The Flinstones-run drop in response to a woman holding off a midget rapist by stiff arming him.

    I laughed so hard I almost crashed into Camp Pendleton on my commute.

  38. Ian

    Good show this time. They really should put some Germany stories into Germany or Florida. It’s been Florida every fucking time for the past two years!

  39. Another Another Adam
    Another Another Adam06-23-2012

    I like the live show podcasts, it’s great hearing the audience reaction [canned laughter drop]. If I have a criticism it is that Bryan doesn’t interpose himself enough at these events. I guess he wants to give the guest a chance. This is understandable but the drops are a big part of the podcast’s brand.

    (Adam’s observation about the gender balance among TV comedy writers brings that cause célèbre to a conclusion: He’s right.)

  40. Martin

    Great podcast. Never heard of Brad Williams, but he was hilarious. Good stuff.

  41. cristo

    always fun when a guy in his late 40’s who lost his only novice class bout at the golden gloves 20 years ago and talks about what a great boxer he is gets out of the car and some nurse or computer programmer who actually won the gloves back in the day, or fought pro, or was a state judo champion, decides to oblige him. tmz would be outside the ER to get shots of his hamburger face and a lead something like:
    “the hammer’s” road rage earns him 20 minute bludgeoning from out of shape accountant in front of laughing 15 year old witnesses with iphones. here’s the video…

    • Gainsburger

      I don’t know if he would win or not, and if he is inflating his abilities. I do know he played football for a not very good high school program, and couldn’t cutting, even at the junior college level, yet he talks up his football career a lot. He himself has even said he couldn’t handle playing past high school level, so with as much as he talks up he’s football career, it has always made me wonder how much he talks up his boxing. Although his boxing guess to seem to be genuinely impressed when he shows off to them, so who knows.

      I do know, the better you are, the less you talk about it. For one, you know so you don’t need to convince yourself and others, and second being the point you just made. Even assuming Adam is a great boxer and all his talking about is abilities is warranted, you still don’t make a big deal out of it, because there is always some one better, and if you build yourself up too high, it’s a long drop you’ve created yourself when the better guy beats you down.

      That being said, he ranting about that is at least only minorly annoying, compared to his feel sorry for how rich and white I am, and why do people get mad at me for saying sexist/bigoted things rants.

      • Annie Green Springs
        Annie Green Springs06-25-2012

        Go back to listening to Dane Cook reruns or the Morning Zoo. This is comedy. Apparently, you know nothing about it. If you have your way, perhaps Adam could get a makeover by Ellen. He would then be PC and give the faux “I really care” expression/comment when appropriate. Uncouth cave man is part of his shtik (????).

  42. Prawn Ornament
    Prawn Ornament06-24-2012

    Thumbs up for Brad Williams.

  43. Scott

    The only reason I listen to this podcast is to keep current with Jimmy Kimmel and Dr. Drew news.

    • Annie Green Springs
      Annie Green Springs06-25-2012

      That’s like saying, I watch America’s Got Talent so I can hear about Mariah Carey.

  44. PC

    The live shows are fine people. Don’t complain about something that doesnt cost you a cent. Also, am I in the minority who is sick of brad’s comedy? The “midget” humor got old REALLY fast.

    • Dave

      Wait, I thought we weren’t supposed to complain about things that don’t cost a cent? Yet you complain about something that doesn’t cost you a cent? Weird.

  45. Ryan II
    Ryan II06-24-2012

    When at a four way stop, I give the wave and if they can’t accept my generosity, I go.
    Pretty simple. They’ll figure out why I wanted then ahead of me.

  46. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino06-26-2012

    Did anyone notice on the 911 call the guy said “I pacifically axed…” ?

  47. Jimmy

    Holy shit. Why all the complaints. This is a great show. IT’S ALSO NEW 5 DAYS A WEEK, WELL OVER AN HOUR AND FFFRRRRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the pirate ship Ace man.

  48. Doug

    I’d never heard of Brad before this podcast. Hilarious guy and great guest! I’m a huge fan of guests who legitimately crack up at Adam and Alison’s jokes.

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