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Adam opens the show in a bad mood discussing his shitty day. On the plus side, he had a lot of fun on Dr. Drew’s show, but earlier he got a call from his dad about cancelling his podcast, and Adam ends up ranting about loaning people money who don’t appreciate it. The guys also take some listener calls, and speak to a guy who wants to get into voiceovers, as well as a high schooler who doesn’t get the latest fashion trends.

Comedian Brad Sherwood enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about a new show he’s starring in alongside Wayne Brady and Fred Willard (among others). The guys also discuss getting paid to do improv, and how YouTube has opened the corridor of success to younger and younger people. Later, the guys play a round of Made Up Movie.

Today’s top news story is about Mitt Romney’s visit to the NAACP convention, only to get booed when discussing Obamacare. The guys also talk about the death of the Scantron inventor, and Adam recalls doing horribly on those types of tests. As the show wraps up, the gang discusses the Daniel Tosh scandal, and why comedians shouldn’t get burned for things they say on stage.


Watch ‘Trust Us With Your Life,’ Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC. You can also visit http://BradSherwood.com, and follow him on Twitter @TheBradSherwood.


Mitt Romney Booed



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  1. Who?

    Holy fuckin’ shit! Awesome guest.

  2. ed

    Adam, you fired your own dad for not selling out to the man. You a cold-hearted mamma jamma.

  3. brianlivesay

    ROTC! imagine if we replaced all the art, dance, and drama teachers with Drill Sergeants…

    • daddy_monkey

      ROTC isn’t boot camp. You don’t get yelled at and they don’t try to break your will. But there is a lot of discipline required for cooperative learning, team building and leadership training.

      • Brian Livesay
        Brian Livesay07-13-2012

        I spent 4 years in a college ROTC program for the Army, also completed Basic Combat Training for the Army (a version or Boot camp). I will vouch for the similarity in the way “wills are broken” if it comes to it.

  4. Mike


  5. Back sack& Ass crack
    Back sack& Ass crack07-12-2012

    Mitt forgot to tell all the colored people how wonderfull the health care system is in Cuba and all the toothless people in Europe!

  6. Swayz

    Haha did you guys coordinate your clothes or what? Cute, fellas, a real cohesion. Maybe next time you could do Siegfried and Roy

  7. Nick

    That bitch ruining the Tosh show: I’m surrounded by those people! God knows how many times I tried to be ‘humorous’ and they got political on me. BTW I know Titus had this problem with the Sarah Palin jokes.

  8. Scott

    How about Adam just giving money, no strings? I’ve had family ask for loans. In their mind its a loan, in my mind its a gift. If I get it back great. If not, I don’t lose sleep. Adam sets himself up. If he really understands human nature… stop going into situations with expectations that you know will not be met.

    • Adam's a Racist
      Adam's a Racist07-12-2012

      Like with Lynette and the keys. She’s not going to do it his way, because she doesn’t want to and/or doesn’t care, so all he is doing by harping on it is causing aggravation for her and himself. Like you said, if he understand human nature so well, that he would understand that you need to let somethings go.

    • Personal Commodity
      Personal Commodity07-12-2012

      i kinda feel sorry for the guy.

      his attitude to family is one of two things:

      1 – he is telling the truth about his younger life and so has zero trust of family (and people in general);
      2 – he is a complete asshole that isn’t able to identify what people have done for him to get him to adulthood.

      either way, it’s sad.

      luckily i find it entertaining in a ‘can’t look away from the horrific car crash’ kind of way.

      thanks, guy!

      • reb

        it’s just a way to, indirectly, talk about having made a lot of money despite having come from no money

    • lodstudios

      I think he would rather them just ask for a some WAM, acting like you are going to repay is way more annoying to the people.

    • Phil

      It’s a sad day when someone asks for a loan and you have to assume that it’s a gift family or not.

      • Scott

        Phil you are missing the point. I assume its a gift because to expect family to pay it back is setting “yourself” up for disappointment. If they do… great! But, if you put it in your heart that it is a gift, no strings attached, it will never be an issue for “yourself”. Personally, when I made that “loan” I said “pay me back when you can”. I knew in my heart that that particular individual would probably never be in a position to pay me back. Not because they are a bad person, but because I just understood their circumstances. I was also in a position where I could afford to take that financial loss. I’m assuming Adam isn’t going bankrupt (or even suffering much of a financial loss) because of his dad’s podcast..
        If Adam understands the circumstances (which considering the way he talks about his family, he does) then he should give, when he can, without expectations. I don’t know that he’s capable, but I think it would make his life a bit easier. So his dad doesn’t “get it” from a business point of view…. so what? Give him the gift and enjoy your time together. Life is too short.

  9. david

    Could someone please explain to Adam that the problem with Skype is that no one has good microphones plugged in to their computer. Everyone is using the shitty built in webcam on their Dell shit-book.

    • j3

      Yeah, pretty funny.

      Skype works fantastically well.

  10. Al Dorman
    Al Dorman07-12-2012

    Adam’s rants on the 1% are getting more and more uninformed and grating.

    • KK

      W R O N G !!!

    • lodstudios

      Maybe, but to me he seems dead on.

    • Heather Stokes
      Heather Stokes07-12-2012

      Couldn’t disagree more with this statement.Adam Carolla is at the top of his game.

    • Dwayne

      Yep. He’s becoming more and more the celebrity blowhard he used to rant against. Maybe his pteradactyl can come pick him up and drop him in a volcano.

  11. Mark

    This show needs to stop taking calls. Every fucking caller is like nails on a chalk board.

    • Bald Ben
      Bald Ben07-12-2012

      I agree wholeheartedly…

    • Steve

      It needs way more callers. They inject so much more life into the show.

    • Stan

      Amen. They stopped taking calls for awhile and the show had so much flow to it Callers drag it to a screeching halt. I really hope they stop having open phone lines.

  12. Ian

    Adam was in a BAAAD mood today. Border-lined on terrible listening when he started ranting about how hard life is as a 1%-er. I do feel bad for Adam about one thing though: he’s surrounded by retards on a regular basis. I’d probably champion a police state and mandatory euthanasia for the mentally deficient if my friends and family gave me as much shit as Adam gets.

    Still had me cracking up though!

  13. Brett

    Adam’s new rant/whine – poor rich people are hated by everyone and are not appreciated for all the great things they do.

    • CoreyL

      Your class envy is showing.

  14. bb

    Carolla should quit this whole podcasting thing and start a company that can get blood from stones, the way he talks about taxes suggests he knows the chemistry behind it. Think of how many lives he could save!

  15. Kristen

    “Pepper and Onions” was the best Made-Up Movie ever! Thanks for keeping me entertained – I love the Ace Man, Alison, and Bald Bryan!

  16. Dean

    re: “The 5 Second Rule” I’ve been saying for years its a deeper mathmatical equaltion than simply 5 seconds. It depends on the product dropped and the surface its dropped on. Your beloved oreo on a newly cleaned kitchen counter could sit there all night and be fine. Same oreo dropped into a toilet is deemed no good before it even hit the toilet. The more liquidy either the item dropped or the surface dropped upon…the less time its okay to eat. Add in the cleanliness of of the surface dropped upon. So a bowl of spaghetti dropped into the sink that ACE freshly pissed in…5 seconds is too long.

  17. dave

    kind of a low blow on ray there. i realize adam was frustrated, but his dad (who by adam’s account did a crappy job raising him) not even trying to get his show profitable is way different from ray who not only provides adam with lifelong friendship but also seems genuinely appreciative to be on the show (not to mention ace on the house is fantastic and popular) and feels guilty about the house thing (as noted by his reaction when adam brought it up in the last AotH).

  18. reb

    The daily “I’m-successful” celebration is getting tiresome. It’s just as laborious to grow up with rich parents who are always talking about how the rest of the world just doesn’t get it, lacks discipline, etc. as it is enduring the layabouts Aceman grew up around. Alison’s pandering to this much-told story — what’s with the fixation on Pops never asking exactly how much the loss is — takes it from tiresome to nauseating.

    “What are you going to do for me” is new to politics? “It all started with. . .” personal-injury lawsuits? Nice grasp of history and reality. “It’s a little something called character”? Even Rush Limbaugh has a better take on this tired argument.

  19. Connard

    Carolla and Sherwood in those flannel shirts. Looks like a fucking optical illusion.

  20. Mike S
    Mike S07-12-2012

    Bryan is right and Adam is wrong again.

    Adams comments that blacks vote for Obama because he is black makes no sense. If that was the case wouldn’t republican Alan Keys gotten a huge lift from black voters? He didn’t. Also wouldnt Jesse Jackson had have a closer race? He didn’t. Did majority black republicans switch to vote for him? No.

    Obama is a Democrat, blacks mostly vote democrat. He’s a great speaker and a lot of people agree with his policies. Adam even said Romneys not going to do anything and neither will obama so if blacks are majority democratic and neither will do anything who will they vote for? If Obama was white and Romney was black and all was the same you’d still see more blacks backing the democratic candidate.

    Again Adam makes a blanket statement and acts as if all blacks watch madea and dont have fathers. Stop basing your knowledge of blacks from TV and broad stats. There are more black doctors and lawyers than black ball players. I’m sure they arent leaving their kids and voting for obama to help them.

    It sucks that whites get to separate their dirty laundry as white trash and rednecks. But no matter how successful a black person gets they still get lumped in w/ the poor ignorant ghetto blacks.

    I’m all for racial jokes but his soapbox rants are getting old. I know he’ll never read or acknowledge this comment but hey I tried.

    • Bilmore

      A simple look at statistics would show you that the rate of fatherless kids in the black community is over 75%. Sorry, facts aren’t racist. Furthermore, it is black people who call other blacks Uncle Tom and House Negro if they are successful.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-12-2012

      Obama is white…

    • Steve

      I wonder what the racial split was between Obama and Clinton

      • reb

        about 90-10

    • Mark A.
      Mark A.07-13-2012

      Retarded notion destroyed!!

    • reb

      “If that was the case wouldn’t republican Alan Keys gotten a huge lift from black voters?”

      He did; the “lift” just wasn’t huge. Nearly every black republican voted for him in the Republican primaries. There just aren’t very many black Republicans. When Keyes ran against Obama for the Senate, blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama, because they trend equally strongly to vote for Democrats and blacks.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-13-2012

      Black guys don’t vote.

    • Jimmy K
      Jimmy K07-13-2012


      I really, really wish he would can it with the ‘Black Community’ crap. There is no black community just like there is no white community. Every time he says what black people need to do, he sounds incredibly stupid and I know he knows better. He is from a family of F-ups and none of them are black.

    • KingTerp

      Percent of Black voters who voted Democrat: in the Presidential election.

      1976 – 83
      1980 – 83
      1984 – 91 (Dem nominee – Mondale. Central casting old white man)
      1988 – 89
      1992 – 85
      1996 – 84
      2000 – 90
      2004 – 88
      2008 – 95

      If it fits your narrative, you can argue that Obama got a small, borderline statistically insignificant bump from black voters (the Roper Center did not post the standard error with their numbers). However, you can also argue that the campaign that McCain ran and the rhetoric that continually questioned Obama’s patriotism and citizenship, plus Palin’s… Palin-ness, could have turned a few black voters who historically voted Republican.

  21. Patrico Suave
    Patrico Suave07-12-2012

    Alison’s “Fact of Life” nonsense during made up movie nearly sunk an otherwise incredible show. BB’s timing on the “More you Know” drop after Adam’s line about getting on Diddy’s yacht, is one of the all time great show moments.

  22. wiley

    I want one of those Jim Carolla coffee mugs! – don’t cancel his show Aceman!

  23. Kevin


    Buddy cop movie “Right and Wong” post riots LA Korean and Black dudes cleaning up the streets, maybe some police corruption.


  24. Lindsay

    I always laugh when Adam says ‘underpants.’

    • lodstudios

      I know, the foul mouthed guy using a kid word, makes me laugh every time.

  25. hood


  26. Stanley Court
    Stanley Court07-12-2012

    I like Alison, but seriously, they need to stop forcing her to participate in made up movies. Its really cringe worthy….

  27. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica07-12-2012

    Babbling Bitter Blowhard.

    compete failure.

  28. Dillon

    Great podcast. Although I’m sure that there will be a lot of people complaining about his “rich white guy problems”, even though they’re very insightful observations.

  29. SubDude

    27 minutes of “WAAAAAAHHHHH WAAAAHHHH WAAAAAAAAHHHH everybody owes me money” and I shut it off. I want my click back.

    • lodstudios

      You used it up clicking to comment on this.

  30. What an idiot !
    What an idiot !07-12-2012

    Hilary Clinton was leading Obama with the Black Folk when the primaries started. Obama had to win them over and then SAVE the country from financial ruin from bush retardo. Oh, and the smarter guy caught bin laden and took the highest reward, highest risk attempt to get him. The dumb dumb generals wanted to bomb him instead.



    Always VOTE for the SMART PERSON !!

    • reb

      “Hilary Clinton was leading Obama with the Black Folk when the primaries started.”

      Before the primaries, when his name recognition was less than 5 percent and essentially everyone knew who she was.

      Blacks consistently vote for black candidates at around 85-95 percent. Likewise, blacks vote Democrat at around 85 percent. That’s been stable and consistent since around 1972.

  31. Maggie

    I just jumped off this pirate ship.

  32. Joe

    plad buddies with brad!

  33. Huck

    Who invited the redditors to the comment section today? Dont you guys have your own website to blow eachother on?

    I thought it was a very entertaining show, I hate it when people don’t pay me back too.

  34. Bo B Blevans
    Bo B Blevans07-12-2012

    BB, balls to the wall was weak man! Still love ya!

  35. Bad Hair Dye
    Bad Hair Dye07-12-2012

    Yeah! What Mike S said…so what of it adam???

  36. OC

    I realize this is a free podcast so you “get what you get”. Those of you that continue to piss and moan about the content need to just turn it off. As for me, I’m moving onward & upward to Nick & Artie, Dana Gould and Mohr Stories…

  37. Juicenation2020

    OK, I’m not trying another ‘hypocrite’ rant like I see on here sometimes but I have to just point something out here:
    Adam (rightly so I believe) goes on big rants about how TMZ can show up and take all kinds of video and photos of him and other people and then TMZ uses those to make money. They don’t pay the celebrity. Yet, they ARE making their money from that celeb’s image, words, etc.

    So, just to be clear: A significant amount of podcast material IS about Adam’s mom, Dad, family and so are his money-making books. They often feature his Dad’s houses, Dad’s character, his Dad’s words, actions, things his Dad did. Significant portions of Adam’s money is made using his Dads imagine, words and actions (yes, sometimes photos, audio clips or his actual Dad in person).

    So.. just saying.

    *and im not sure his Dad’s podcast isn’t valuable in the sense of broadening ACE network appeal, attracting unique visitors (who would not otherwise find the network),
    Does his Dad get paid for volunteering his time and effort to the ACE broadcasting network?

    Im just sayin

  38. andygirlll

    Adam, please please please go back to therapy. The first year was great, just magic. These days, not so much fun. You’re running off your devoted listeners with your vitriol about things you clearly know zip about & your neverending anger toward your family that you project onto anyone in the world who doesn’t “yes, and” you.

    • Poochie's Aunt
      Poochie's Aunt07-13-2012

      Have to agree here, unfortunately. Adam’s anger is getting the better if him. He was great in Seattle, his live show was more like his first year of pod.

  39. lodstudios

    Adam is so quick, love this show.

  40. lodstudios

    Haha, “ok, I’m pissed off at everybody now..”

  41. phil landers
    phil landers07-12-2012

    Love the critical views on this board. Not all haters or sycophants, just people who know what they like and don’t like about the show. and from their suggestions, hope they get more or less on the next podcast. Good times

  42. Mark A.
    Mark A.07-12-2012

    Under Romney, America will finally get to the bottom of who let the dogs out.

  43. Personal Commodity
    Personal Commodity07-12-2012

    hey, the The Onion has a great rape joke:

    “HOLLYWOOD, CA—Embroiled in controversy following comments he made during a recent performance at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, comedian Daniel Tosh chuckled this afternoon while being violently raped by a group of men in a Hollywood alley. “You have to admit, this is pretty hilarious,” said the teary-eyed 37-year-old, his bloodied face slamming against a brick wall as he was brutally and repeatedly penetrated against his will for the 53rd straight minute. “Sure, I’ll be forever tormented by images of my attackers tearing off my pants and holding a knife against my throat as they viciously tear into my rectum, but c’mon, you gotta have a sense of humor about this sort of thing.” As of press time, sources said a disheveled Tosh checked into a nearby treatment center, where he quietly smirked after being diagnosed with HIV.”


    so to that silly mole that piped up at his show and proclaimed ‘never funny’. you’re wrong.

    • Annie Green Springs
      Annie Green Springs07-13-2012

      The Onion at times can be hilarious. It has lost its edge since it was a hard copy newspaper subscription. The vibe used to be nothing was off limits to parody along the lines of South Park. If The Onion is going after Tosh, then they’ve lost credibility.

  44. John

    “My balls died and my pants are flying at half ass-crack”….. ha ha gold!

  45. Scott

    Heart ache and ass ache…..hahaha.

  46. Annie Green Springs
    Annie Green Springs07-13-2012

    Adam, you are too hard on your parents. A lot of us came from family dysfunction…some of it severely brutal. I agree with you on most things but with family, blood is thicker than mud. I’m currently caring for my mom with Alzheimer’s who beat the crap out of me. She was mentally ill. I’ve put the past behind me and forgave her. She did the best she could and had a crappy childhood herself. Chill on the parent bashing. Forgiveness is powerful. p.s. Love Not Taco Bell Material!

    • Ted Koppell
      Ted Koppell07-17-2012

      Wow. That was really heart warming

  47. Annie Green Springs
    Annie Green Springs07-13-2012

    p.s.s. Posting on your site shouldn’t stop the audio and boot you back to the beginning of the show while listening. Bad software programming!

    • reb

      p.p.s, not p.s.s.

  48. daver

    Can we get some new music for Alison? The Facts of Life song is so annoyingly tired now.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-13-2012

      No, it’s still good.

  49. Elle

    Pepper & Onions has to be Ryan Gosling and Guy Pierce, esp if you’re having ScarJo as the chick. Ryan
    Reynolds wouldn’t work for that!
    For Chopping Block, Aaron Eckhart’s ghost has to haunt Thomas Jane while he’s trying cook, but he doesn’t help him cuz he’s pissed that he died & this doofus is taking over. Either that OR he’s not really dead, he just has narcolepsy or something where he can go into a deep sleep & Jane thinks he’s dead when he really isn’t.

  50. RoyalDryness

    If team sports build character then why is every douchebag cop writing chicken shit tickets an ex-high school football player?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-13-2012

      Good point.

  51. miguel jaksun
    miguel jaksun07-13-2012

    mmm rich people whining about other people wanting medical care.

  52. Cool Zach
    Cool Zach07-14-2012

    Someone needs to post Adam’s rant about the sensationalizing of people’s lives and business and how people get way too worked up over shit like what Tosh said. Everyone on my facebook is so goddamned offended by shit that has no impact on them whatsoever. I just want them all to hear Adam’s stance, especially since a month ago it was him all my facebook friends were bitching about.

  53. Hugh

    This one made me feel a bit sorry for Adam.

    I do question though, why did you he give his Dad a show to start off with?

    • Eric

      This is an excellent question.

      Another good question: How much does the show really cost? Adam was throwing around the figure of $80 per month. It really shouldn’t cost that much. If the episodes are hosted on amazon s3, $80 a month would pay for over 20,000 downloads a month. If the show was really bringing that many downloads, there would be no problem with sponsorship. So, they either are paying way too much, or they aren’t paying $80 a month. I’m sure that with a hosting play better suited to the show, they could cut their costs to $40 a month with almost no effort, or with a more spartan offering (they don’t need to offer their whole back catalog for download) they could do it for $20 a month. At those prices, their meager fundraising effort should be more than enough.

      Another funny point: At the end of Jim Carolla’s “farewell” podcast (in which he claims to take responsibility for the show being cancelled, but clearly takes no responsibility), Ray tells him that Adam ends each show by saying “mahalo”. Jim responds with “Oh, really?”. Here’s to fatherhood.

  54. dave

    Adam, you’re right one 1 level…. and wrong as fuck on the other…..

    1. We do need kids to learn hard work (RIGHT ON !)
    2. We also NEED the arts… you wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for the arts. You wouldn’t appreciate fine automobiles without designers and artists. Do you think your Lexus IS-F was designed by a bunch of fucking average dudes? NO, designers and artists.

    Sometimes you’re so on target, and sometimes way out in LEFT field, way out.

  55. dave

    Oh yeah, and now you’re doing a show at the PERFORMING ARTS CENTER….. go ahead and travel up there and just take a dump on your crowd….. make some fans.

  56. Wally

    Adam loves himself more than usual today.

  57. Jon

    I really enjoy Allison but can we please shut the fuck up about ‘the facts of life’? Perhaps a two- or three-episode moratorium on the topic?

  58. sloozen1

    Adam and this total show is so what I need. This stuff is real talk. I’m so glad it’s here…This is why I got rid of TV and only watch or listen to podcasts and internet programing… This type of talk/show will change the world. Television and it’s commercials are over for me…

    Like steel sharpens steel, friends sharpen friends….

  59. Kresto

    There is another Wilson brother, Andrew. He played Beef Supreme in Idiocracy.

  60. tom

    Wasnt the 3rd wilson brother also in that roller derby movie with ellen page?

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