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Adam and the gang are live from the Irvine Improv. Adam opens the show talking about the worst morning of his life, from the kids’ goldfish dying to not having the right material for his radio call-in. The guys then welcome Bobcat Goldthwait back to the show, and Bobcat talks about becoming friends with Adam and Jimmy, and performing in front of Mormons. Adam and Bobcat also joke about nailing virgins in the afterlife, and Bobcat talks about lighting Jay Leno’s chair on fire.

Before Alison begins he news, Bobcat discusses his new movie, ‘God Bless America’. The group then comments on a local news story about a guy who returned a wallet with $10,000 cash. Other news stories include the dangers of bike riding, updates to the Quaker image, and uncomfortable realizations made on ‘Finding Your Roots’.

Later, Alison brings up the disturbing similarities between Colorado and Florida. Bobcat talks about rescuing cats, and Adam comments on how you need to earn their respect. They also talk about pinpointing the age that babies stop being cute, and Bobcat tells a story about his friend in a gorilla suit. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss regulating the proper amount of talcum powder, and weird conversations they’ve gotten into with strangers. [07-mohawk]


Watch the Red Band trailer for ‘God Bless America.’

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. boring, oregon
    boring, oregon04-06-2012

    Im listening to Jim Carolla as he explains about the beasts in the forest to Ray (Jim talks funny, it sounds like the Beefs in the Farces) and i realize that whats going on with Adam and his unfunny rants-

    He rants two different ways- funny and not funny. The not funny Rants (and i mean they are so willfully not funny) are his way of dealing with the Beefs in the Farces of his heart, just as Jim has advised him.

    Aceman rants are funny and riff about slightly annoying things by taking an absurd approach. Adam rants are always furiously chasing some crazy hardass agenda like a berzerk blowhard do his damndest to NOT be funny.

    Yeah its therapeutic for him i guess but jolting to those of us visiting Aceman’s Comedy Warehouse to get some comedy gold.

    Im not going to compain about anything else. Free is a very good price and some free things are the most excellent things of all. These podcasts often are. When they are not i blame the lousy guests. Still waiting for Danny B to come by so Aceman can tell him how much it sucked working with him. That would be epic.

  2. Jeff

    Thank you for posting these live shows! I love this podcast!

  3. rosemary

    adam, fyi, jewel got her teeth fixed

  4. Martin

    Hmm….Wonder why Adam mostly does shows in Irvine?

    • RofPortland

      You’re kidding, right? Just think a little. He does standup, solo all over the country, but brings the whole crew to The Irvine Improve because it’s close by and he has established a relationship with the place, which makes things go smoothly….most likely.

    • dantanna

      You’re kidding. Right?

  5. Dean

    Its still the 1980’s in Boston

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana04-06-2012

      Which is like the 70’s in L.A. (10 year and 3 hour time difference).

  6. warrenow

    great podcast – but please , less alison , less canned laughter . thank you

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw04-07-2012

      how is the laughter canned? it’s live..

  7. DrClown

    Did Bryan drop out before the second half?

  8. Steve f/Royal Oak
    Steve f/Royal Oak04-06-2012

    This was a great one. Nice choice on the news story about the shooting.

  9. JessMan

    no one’s said anything about AR’s boots in a while. still a good look

  10. Bo B
    Bo B04-06-2012

    I see your crazy Florida and I raise you…nice Bob

  11. heapoftears

    good times! Bobcat is not afraid to share his demons. Such fun.

  12. Larganation

    I like Alison as a news girl during regular podcasts but during the live shows she yells over Adam and the guest a lot. It gets annoying.

    • Peter

      Seriously. Alison. Surfing on the wake of Adam’s bits doesn’t help the podcast.

  13. Lazy middle class
    Lazy middle class04-06-2012

    Alison is staring at Adam’s balls for some reason

    • BW

      I think she’s looking at her mic & wondering what else she could use it for.

  14. RofPortland

    How about no more comments, ever, on the internet, period? Who’s with me?

  15. Roberto Duran
    Roberto Duran04-07-2012

    The glorious return of Das Boots!

  16. Jim

    Kevin Bacon is doppelganging Jamie Lee Curtis. #Activiamakesscarecrows

  17. Reid

    Big fan. Bobcat was great, but one correction: Mormons don’t believe in the 72-virgin bullshit. I don’t know where he came up with it, but with 45+ years of being a Mormon (now agnostic), I’ve never heard of that theory, nor has it ever been taught in the Mormon faith. That said, the segment was funny as hell.

  18. benyens

    who’s this dumbshit that isn’t funny at all?

  19. LOBO

    I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but the goldfish story is now my new AC favorite.

    (And pls extend my condolences regarding Sen Sei)

  20. LOBO

    PS: Why is Allison taking a beating here? She does “yes and” all the time and is clever, articulate and funny.

    -She’s a really good fit!

  21. Doug

    Allison, you’re doing great. Screw everyone that says otherwise.

    • Mike

      absolutely. she’s lovely!

  22. Jared

    Allison you are great…not only are you funny, witty, smart, you are beautiful too!

  23. Shad Burkiett
    Shad Burkiett04-09-2012

    Adam needs to come to Peoria, he’d go over just as well or better than Bobcat did!!

  24. Dan Burke
    Dan Burke04-09-2012

    Allison has to get new shoes. I suggest we start a fund. Shoes for Alison!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-10-2012

      No, the boots stay.

  25. Mike

    Alison trying a little too hard to get into the conversation. Adam and Bobcat were giving her very little room to chime in, so it sounded like she was being pushy. Bryan wisely stayed out of the picture.

  26. kc278

    “God Bless America” is an exceptionally good movie and Adam is a dick for cutting off Goldthwait’s plug.

    And yes, I did make my 12 y/o daughter watch it. She didn’t laugh anywhere near as hard as I did, but I think she got the general point.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-10-2012

      Adam cut somebody off while they were talking…Shocking.

  27. Sowhat

    Hey moderators, stop not posting comments. Fucking bullshit. Hypocritical too

  28. Ethan

    Allison does a fine job during the regular show. During this one, she was trying way too hard.

    • Sowhat

      Ha ha. This is not what was originally writte. You guys edit the comments? Wtf?

  29. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks04-10-2012

    Allison’s boots.

  30. greg

    god bless america was a piece of shit film.

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