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Adam opens the show discussing a jogger her saw in Central Park who clearly hated jogging. The gang also talks with Bobby Moynihan about enjoying the ride of Saturday Night Live, and all the crazy improv comedy teams he was on. The guys then chat about body odor, fancy toilets, and play a round of Totally Topical Tivo Trivia.

Alison begins the news with updates on the pair of lungs found in LA, and attempts to limit soda sizes in NY. Adam recalls a story with ‘Teem,’ and discusses his NY subway experience. Later they talk about when men and women hit their sexual peaks, and the phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Next up, Alison reads through a list of America’s most spoiled cities, and Adam talks about his kids’ bouncy castle. They also hear a story about Dave Grohl being a great tipper, and Adam recalls his party house across the street from Grohl’s sister. As the show wraps up, Adam rants about ceiling fans, and why it’s bad to not let your kid recognize their own gender.


Watch Bobby weekly on Saturday Night Live at 11:30pm on NBC. Visit http://NBC.com/SNL for more info.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Adam's a Racist
    Adam's a Racist06-19-2012

    In reference to yesterday’s Pod (and other of relevance)…

    Racial humor is fine as long as you can believe the person using it isn’t actually racist, and even then, only in moderation. There is a point at which someone brings up something so often, and with such interest that you can no longer pass it off as, in this case, humor.

    Adam clearly seems to be using “humor” and anti-political correctness, as a beard for his true quasi (hopefully only quasi) racist beliefs and feelings. He really does seem to be getting much worse.

    • JessMan

      yea but still

    • cg

      Thank you “Adam’s a Racist”, for explaining to us and decreeing what’s “fine”.

      Hear that everyone? We’ve found a politically correct jerk who has been kind enough to explain to us all what’s “fine”.

      Thanks politically correct jerk. We can all go back into a haze and ignore truths and make sure everyone feels good rather than discussing issues honestly. Ahhhh, the intellectual numbness … very nice.

      • Zapoli

        I’d say that an actual racist attempting racial humor had better be one funny motherfucking racist. And Adam doesn’t quite pull it off. Wyatt Cenac seemed to bring out Adam’s inner Borat.

        If you’re appreciating this clumsy shtick for its truth, honesty, and intellect, you’re the joke.

      • Nik Weinstein
        Nik Weinstein06-20-2012

        Way to go cg! Great retort! 🙂

      • RacistAdam

        ^ Spoken like a caught bully. // Adam is pushing it lately. I agree.

    • reb

      People like you convince the rest of us that, if racism is as you describe it, there’s no racism worth caring about.

    • Joaquin Macias
      Joaquin Macias06-20-2012

      I agree.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-20-2012

      It’s funny that when Wyatt Cenac said that Adam was “posing in the picture with the black kid who won the athletic trophy” and Adam said “who’s being the racist now?” you reverse rascists don’t get it?

    • Whatthewhat

      I wholeheartedly Agree…

    • Mo

      Do you honestly think he doesn’t like black people because they’re black?

      • Adam's a Racist
        Adam's a Racist06-21-2012

        No, I think he doesn’t like black people because he believes, just like there are different breeds of dogs that are innately more or less intelligent, more or less aggressive, more or less loyal, ect… there are also breeds of people who are more or less these things. Adam believes black people are one of these “breeds” of people who have these worst traits in their genetic make up. This is why I think Adam says he does not like black people, because that is what he has actually, on more than one occasion, said.

        That’s just about the definition of racism to me.

        I could care less about racial jokes. I am far from politically correct. But one does not need to suffer bombardment by racist sentiments and silently say nothing for fear of being charged with being a “politically correct jerk”. The anti-political correctness expressed here is an excuse to express racist rhetoric carte blanche. As stated previously, it’s not the racial humor, it’s the extent of it.

        As a fan of Adam’s, (and I am, despite the heading) I really do want to believe that Adam is not truly a racist. At the worst of the comments I cringe and try to push through to the good stuff, telling myself those are just jokes, but at some point it’s just too much, and becomes too difficult to keep pretending he’s not who he seems to be.

        Louis C. K. (as an example, but there are others too) uses much more direct racial humor than Adam, and does not give the impression at all that he is actually racist, and it’s easy to enjoy because of that. But Adam’s preoccupation and obsessiveness with it give a bit too much of insight into the man behind the humor.

        • reb

          and what if he didn’t like black people? b.f.d. he’s not a “racist” in any meaningful sense, anyway, merely because you have discomfort with and no explanation for things like blacks committing crime in massive disproportion to their share of the population, or going in the other direction on standardized tests. there are in fact nuanced and counterintuitive discussions around these sorts of issues — and adam doesn’t come within a light year of knowing about them, much less incorporating them into his own ideas. again, b.f.d. he’s fundamentally fair person who would give everyone a fair chance, white or black. that’s enough to make him not a racist — and is preferable to your seemingly wanting to either deny or never broach difficult topics.

    • D. Wheeler
      D. Wheeler06-21-2012

      I disagree. If everything he said wasn’t true then maybe you would have a case. Stereotypes only work in a comedic sense if they are based on truth.

      • David

        I think this was more about Adam being a dick than a racist. He clearly made his guest and everyone else uncomfortable. After making Wyatt confess that his father was murdered, couldn’t he just have quietly apologized and moved on like a normal human being? Remember, the point of this is to be funny, and none of it was. It was just amazingly uncomfortable and rude to someone appearing and performing for free.

    • Kain

      Who gives a shit. The world is fucked up, get over it and find you another podcast puss.

  2. Steve

    inb4 people bitching about them not doing studio shows even though they’re in NYC

    Love the live shows, keep them coming.

    • Leon Carter
      Leon Carter06-20-2012

      They sound a lot better this time. The live shows from previous years didn’t sound that great.

  3. state your name
    state your name06-19-2012

    I’m growing weary of Myles L. Berman.

    • reb

      agree; seems like a major blowhard prone to saying “as i’ve said many times…”

  4. jorm_valadez

    Oh man, it’s been a couple of rough days w/ these live shows. Going to pass this one too. Peace.

  5. stnuntrnd

    Look’s like Bald Bryan’s doppelganger has put on some weight between the Thurs nite show and this one.

  6. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III06-20-2012

    Live shows……skip

  7. rambling man
    rambling man06-20-2012

    LL anyone?

  8. Izzy

    Alison was on fire this podcast!

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-20-2012

      yeah she was!

  9. majikmuzik

    Did no one catch Alison, “Did you hear it coming?”? Chic is wicked quick.

    • Plain

      Wicked irritating. Not wicked quick.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-20-2012

      I heard it! I heard it!

    • Gavin

      She’s got a race car engine under the hood of her cute little Alpha Romeo. Alison is winning.

  10. Aaron

    It’s ironic that Adam is exhorting women to control their men and how they dress and maintain their hygiene. I hope Lynette will look at that picture of Ace going through the turnstile and take his advice to heart!

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-20-2012

      I thought that to when I was listening to the show… Yikes Adam you look like my late great Grandpa, complete with the black socks and are those loafers? Seriously though Adam should stop giving Grammar or Fashion Advice…

  11. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent06-20-2012

    Adam…Star Trek lasted for three (THREE!!) seasons: 1966-1968, for fucks sake!

    • Gavin

      Star Trek had some amazing writers, Harlan Ellison comes to mind. He was a jock kid with no TV, he missed being a kid and watching that. It totally holds up. All 3 (Three) seasons. (even “Spock’s Brain”) – Adam is usually wrong about shit he is woefully uneducated about… like politics… taxes… welfare… and what makes writing good. He’s a savant at endless material … and being hilarious complaining over trivia. He also helped people quite a bit on Loveline. But lately, the racist stuff isn’t funny – I think he needs a vacation … or therapy. Maybe he needs to watch Season 1 of Trek?

  12. Victor

    How shitty is the audio @ Carolines?

    • MC White
      MC White06-20-2012

      Obviously, it’s the mics, that they have to deal with while travelling.

  13. Bobby F
    Bobby F06-20-2012

    Lynette needs to heed Adams advice about women checking their man’s wardrobe. (See 3rd picture above)

    • Lisa

      Did you see him on Drew’s show a couple of nights ago? He had a dress shirt on (actually a different one than the usual two he always wears) and shorts…….and like tube socks or something and tennis shoes! It looked very odd……….
      I think Adam is great on the podcast. But, all of the appearances and live shows he acts like he has no new material. Same on each interview. I think he is more comfortable in his own environment and the press tours are not his thing………
      TMZ was not impressed with his comments on women. Bad publicity won’t sell books.

      • xpo172

        Yes, this is why Adam is a radio guy.

  14. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos06-20-2012

    There are very, very few funny women in the world.

  15. Jesus farted
    Jesus farted06-20-2012

    I think Allison is so funny – way better than Kathy Griffin. Quit fucking sniffing to make a point.

    • David

      That is not exactly a high bar to clear…

      But I totally agree about the sniffing. That was funny about the first 2 times. Its nice when the running gags are actually, you know, sort of gags.

      • Reyless

        I was wondering if anyone was getting tired of that… I really love it but in way moderation. Adam’s F—ing funny and has various techniques of making funny/interesting analogies, but IDK why so much sniffing(?). Glue/Coke???

        • Hot Nikks
          Hot Nikks06-21-2012

          Besides, Bryan and Anderson do it so much better on the Film Vault.

  16. Paul

    Bryan’s doppelganger is back! He freaks me out. lol

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-21-2012

      It is a little creepy.

  17. David

    Holy crap, Penn is correct about forte. 30 years of saying it wrong.

    • Casket Glory Hole
      Casket Glory Hole06-25-2012

      Yeah, that’s odd–I’ve never, ever heard that before. But the funniest thing about the women choosing “Forte” as their team name on Celebrity Apprentice is that, with that pronunciation, they chose the Italian word for “loud.”

  18. Big Daddy Don Garlits
    Big Daddy Don Garlits06-20-2012

    Hopefully this is the last live show for a while. I can’t take bad audio….listened for five minutes and then switched to a much funnier podcast….Ace On The House!

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-20-2012

      Too much nitro and too many cackle fests makes it hard to hear 🙂 I work in an office and for the live shows I use my iPhone and the “One Good Earbud” I purchased on Amazon…

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle06-21-2012

        One ear-bud for me too.

  19. reb

    Yeah . . . I know

  20. reb

    Yeah . . .

  21. Aaron

    why has no one come out with a Topical Tivo Trivia game yet for purchase? It would be a great party game!

  22. Charlie S.
    Charlie S.06-20-2012

    Gotta say… book was disappointing. Already heard most of the stories. What’s next? You have run out of material.

    • MC White
      MC White06-20-2012

      I’m not digging the material as much as the first. Yeah, I’ve heard 90% of these stories.

  23. Matt

    Only time women are funny anyway is with staged stunts involving writers or when they try to sound like a man by talking as nasty as they can, and that’s about run its course.

  24. Racesterbaiter

    Its not that we are pissed that Ace keeps wratcheting up the racisim, its we are generally concerned for the future of the podcast. When he had Wyatt on yesterday he was being a blatent racist and it shut him completely down. Then today Ace said “I dont like black people” it could easily turn into a Kramer thing, it could go to far….and I think its right on the verge of doing that. we need the Aceman, we are just saying tone it down a little. It wasnt always like this

    • reb

      Blatent wracism

  25. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-20-2012

    Bobby Moynihan gets the show and was an awesome guest.

  26. Reyless

    I feel ya on the live shows but only to a certain extent… It may seem weird but I like the openess of the acoustics and their’s a certain energy drawn from the crowd that can be heard and felt. Though, I like the studio done shows—tight like a snare…

  27. PB

    Nice shout out for Madison, CT from Bobby Moynihan! I think I might be the only Ace fan in Madison

  28. Nik Weinstein
    Nik Weinstein06-20-2012

    Adam’s losing it. I turned if off after he tries to rip the original Star Trek series. That show stands up, even now (I’m 30 years old – watched the series a year ago)…..Adam is becoming way more judgmental and damning of things than he used to. It seems more like he just wants to rip on stuff that’s really popular, whereas he used to apply more reason to things. He can’t justify using his reasoning why Star Trek is really bad – he just damns it as if it’s obvious and that’s when you just sound bullish and unintelligent. He could do so much better…. 🙁

    • Zyzz

      jimmies rustled?

    • GOD

      let me guess… you still live at home to “help out” mom and dad?

    • reb

      You could not bear hearing criticism of Star Trek? You’re as thin-skinned as the douchebags here who feel compelled to post that “haters should never post negative things about a free podcast” every time there’s a bit of criticism.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-22-2012

      What a nerd.

  29. jossh

    “and Adam recalls his party house across the street from Grohl’s sister.”

    No thanks, i’ve heard it several times already.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-21-2012

      When you have been doing 4 hours of radio/podcast for 15 years you are bound to repeat yourself every now and again.

  30. Just Me
    Just Me06-20-2012

    Maybe Adam being “judgmental” will garner him more new audience members than he will lose. If you want to listen to pablum go elsewhere. Keep Adam’s opinions coming — abrasive or not — they are something we listeners can sink our teeth into.

  31. Hugh

    You like! Is good!

    Funnies thing ever

  32. Hugh

    You like! Is good!
    Funniest thing ever

  33. delicioustacos

    Fuck yeah, Allison. Been waiting three god damn years to hear a Marcel Proust joke on this podcast.

  34. delicioustacos

    Also, if you all want to know more about 50 Shades of Grey, you should read my review:


  35. Mike

    Yh he needs new material! He might have hit his limit

  36. jamfu

    Adam, your live shows suck real bad. Not funny what so ever.

  37. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell06-21-2012

    Wow – Adam sure repeated a lot of his ‘go to’ bits during this show. I hope he knows they have radios on the East Coast…

  38. Prison Mike
    Prison Mike06-21-2012

    Another episode of “Enough About You starring Adam Carolla”. It would have been nice to hear more about Bobby and his experience on SNL.

    • reb

      There could probably stand to be less of him interrupting and interjecting “Let me just say this. . . ” or “As I’ve said many times. . . ” Whenever he talks about “society,” things take a turn for the blowhardy.

  39. Dano

    Bobby is a stellar guest, please have him back often (if he ever comes to L.A).

  40. Blake

    I bought the new audio book. There were a few stories that I have not heard but 90% of the book is just repeated stories from the first book and podcasts. I would not hurry out and buy the book. But I still enjoy the podcast.

  41. stfu b4 i sytfu
    stfu b4 i sytfu06-22-2012

    Jesus, why are a good 80% of the comments on the ACS comment board negative? if all you haters hate it so much why waste your time listening/commenting? Fucking rent a life for a weekend, it will put everything in to perspective… p.s. the “racist” material is funny, I guess it plays better in the midwest.

    • dog balls
      dog balls06-24-2012

      Because people in the midwest are more racist?

      • stfu b4 i sytfu
        stfu b4 i sytfu06-26-2012

        Lol, probably. My favorite saying is “I’m not a racist, I’m a realist, and I choose to hate everyone equally”

  42. butIsitFUNNY

    Totally Topical Tivo was astoundingly entertaining on this episode.

  43. Anita

    Alison and the Marcel Proust joke. WIN!!!!!

  44. Adam Is Not Racist
    Adam Is Not Racist06-26-2012

    Would all of you pussies shut the fuck up saying Adam is racist. The only thing worse than generation after generation playing the race card for why they are failures in life, or have 13 kids and are on welfare are the cock suckers that feel like they are social warriors and want to announce to the heavens that RACISM is wrong. You idiots live in a dreamworld of liberal ideology, and while your wasting your time feeling guilty for a ills of the society that happened in the past, life goes on and those who get up and work hard everyday will continue to prosper. Besides…there really is no such thing as racism since we ALL are part of the same race. Which mean we are ALL bigots in some way and I am OK with that.

  45. Steve

    Racism is an excuse for people to feel sorry for themselves. Who cares if someone doesn’t like you for the color of your skin? Do you care if someone doesn’t like you for your haircut? No, shut up, move on.

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