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As the show opens up, Adam talks more about the reactions to Glenn Beck picking up his Occupy Wall Street comments. Adam then rants about needing a radar detector for an upcoming road trip, and why leaf blowers are worse for the environment than certain cars. Alison opens the news after that, discussing the resignation of the FAA after drunk driving, Alec Baldwin being kicked off a plane for using his cell phone, and the postal service eliminating next day delivery.

Bobby Collins joins the show next, and talks about leaving his position as VP of Calvin Klein to pursue a career in comedy. He and Adam also discuss how sports have become such an important part of the news cycle. Later, Bobby talks about going on tour with a very eclectic group of people like Julio Iglesias and Cher, and also discusses his schedule for touring on a cruise ship.

The second part of the news opens with the topic of ‘Tweet Seats,’ a new trend in theaters where people can offer commentary during live performances. Bobby also talks about his incredible experience at Woodstock. As the show wraps up, Alison breaks down which TV shows appeal to which political demographics, and the guys talk about Consumer Reports’ top holiday dreads.


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  1. big jim
    big jim12-07-2011

    Julio Iglesias: one handsome bastard.

  2. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-07-2011

    Love me some Car Cast and your messages get posted immediately… ahh instant gratifacation, what every American wants…

  3. Tim

    Adam perceives attacks from the left as being worse because, as much as he hates to admit this, he leans right. Alison perceives attacks from the right as being worse because she leans left. It’s pretty simple.

    • R

      To me, it’s a little more complicated since Adam’s ideology is split. Really, he’s on both sides, but feels the need to defend the underdog (conservatives) side of his views because they’re so underrepresented in his world. And his contrarian personality also forces him to argue the contrary, which, in his case is usually the conservative argument.

  4. Jo ke
    Jo ke12-07-2011

    Ace goddamit is the segway king

  5. KC

    I do believe it’s the TSA that decides if the kids shoes come off in the security line, not the FAA

    Also cops have been using radar while driving at you for years, definitely not a new thing. Back in like 1998 I was driving on a straight open highway at night, and I had one of the best radar detectors on the market then. A cop driving the opposite direction waited until he was about 100 yards from me and flipped on his radar so my detector didn’t catch him until he turned it on and already got me…that instant on radar is a bitch and makes the detectors useless :-\

  6. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams12-07-2011

    How many people (besides me) have been skipping through Adam’s trite going on 20 mother fucking year rants about being inconvenienced?

  7. Ross

    I was thinking about the episode where you were talking about grocery store scams and I have a good one that I thought up as a broke student.

    Using the “self checkout” lane, you fill a produce bag with cheep apples or something else cheap by the pound that you would want to eat. Then you go back to the steaks, razor blades or other expensive light item and put it in under the apples in the bag. You just got fillet Mignon for 69 cents a pound!

    • the Sloop
      the Sloop12-07-2011

      Ross are you proud that you are a thief?

    • Joker

      You buy razor blades by weight? Oh, and I’m with Sloop, you are a thief.

  8. blah

    The bit about the Mexican post office is the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time.

  9. Mark

    The Panamera is a great car but it looks like shit. One of the worst looking cars ever.

  10. Bradley

    GET IT ON!!

  11. Jon P
    Jon P12-07-2011

    I feel so old this morning listening to Adam. DUDE don’t go doing trips up and down Cali in that Porche. We haven’t had a celeberty die in a car crash in a while. We’re due. Take a plane. If anything, if your plane crashes we’ll lose some assholes along with you. Celeberty car crashes suck because we JUST lose them.
    Like Ryan Dunn.

  12. :O ?
    :O ?12-07-2011

    where are the comments?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle12-07-2011

      They are all awaiting moderation.

  13. william

    compression ratio is the ratio of cylinder volume to combustion chamber volume. Combustion chamber being the void between the top of the piston at the top of its stroke and the head.

    • marco

      Cylinder volume has nothing to do with it. It’s combustion chamber volume BDC:TDC.

  14. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks12-07-2011

    I don’t think I’ve seen this guy since the Mtv 1/2 hour comedy hour.

  15. Pete

    It doesn’t have to do with right wing vs. left wing… it has to do with the fact that people have issues with Glenn Beck in general. Same thing would happen with Keith Olberman, Rush Limbaugh, or any other overly outspoken blowhard that works to divide people. It has to do with the person, not the position.

    • R

      Nope, no one in the media world (adam’s world) would care if Keith Olberman did.

  16. ras

    Why pick on leaf blowu ers? Why not have a power free lawnmower? Ace build a house and use a handsaw instead of power tools.
    Just sweep 10 driveways with a broom and 10 driveways with a blower and you will stop this nonsense with leafnlowers

    • keith lindsay
      keith lindsay12-08-2011

      i agree, we look after stratas and do around 100 townhomes a day, 6 days a week, try collecting wet leaves off concrete or ashfalt with only a broom or rake, get rid of the race cars running circles around the track and il consider hanging up the blower, not likely in either case.

  17. Robbie

    You are my hero Adam, but stop talking about how much you pay in taxes and what you should be entitled to because you pay so much then the average guy. Well just not as much you bring it up a lot.

  18. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper12-07-2011

    If only I were a Calif. Highway Patrolman, I would be on the lookout for your ass, Carolla. Just to give you a chicken shit ticket & piss you off. And, for kicks, throw a full body cavity search in there….

  19. DESF

    Adam’s right, all you teachers should start pulling your weight in this society and do something useful like start a comedy podcast.


    • Eric

      Ha, was thinking the same thing.

    • John

      I’m sure you feel very clever but you are distorting what Adam actually said. He wasn’t making a declaration about the social importance of teachers in relation to his own. He just feels it is unfair that he pays many multiples the amount of taxes that the average person does, while getting the exact same services and having to constantly hear those people clamoring to expand the their own benefits while increasing the cost to him. You may disagree with his judgement that it is unfair but you shouldn’t distort what he said to score points.

      • DESF

        You are right, he did not say that.

        I was mocking the disdain Adam has for anyone who makes less money than he does.

        • John

          I don’t equate his complaining about his taxes (and what he gets in services for them) with showing disdain for anyone who makes less than he does. Maybe you get that impression from other comments he has made on the show? As a regular listener I can’t remember him ever seriously exhibiting disdain for anyone specifically because they earn less.

  20. DESF

    “Our president should just be ripping off ideas from other cultures and other places.”
    – Adam Carolla

    Germany’s top tax rate is 45%.

    • Adam, try being consistent for once
      Adam, try being consistent for once12-11-2011

      And they have universal health care.

      As do all the other countries in the world that anyone would want to “sit behind and cheat off of.”

      Our president probably wanted to fully rip off other countries’ real universal health care systems, but even the Democrats in this country are too backwards for that, so we’re left with the crippled version that we barely passed.

  21. Jason

    Japan Postal Services went Privatized about 3-5 yrs ago… Not sure of the exact date but good observation Ace.

  22. Seraphim

    “I can’t go more than 65 on my Porshe. Waaaaaaaaa!” You can go to a racetrack and go around in circles for hours at whatever speed you want to Ace. There are other people with fast cars that don’t cost an arm and a leg that have to obey the traffic laws. If you want to save time then fly. If you don’t want to fly and want to drive then don’t bitch because you know it will take you a long time. Adam is also notorious for complaining about shit that he can prevent. He hires people who don’t speak English and then complains that they don’t listen to him. And about being rich and paying high taxes while getting no perks. I believe your whiny ass just got a free Lexus to drive around for a while. I love this podcast because can make some amazing jokes at times but Bald Bryan needs to play the “Daddy stop talking” a lot more on some of these rants.

    • Fred Cipriano
      Fred Cipriano12-08-2011

      The federal government gave Adam a Lexus? OUTRAGEOUS!

      Oh wait….

  23. KansasJOn

    Adam is a libertarian. The true American spirit.

  24. kevin mchenry
    kevin mchenry12-07-2011

    Did you hear that Huell Howsers house built on top of a volcano is for sale?

  25. DES


  26. 6 Pack of Strohs
    6 Pack of Strohs12-07-2011

    I love you guys but I can’t say I’m digging this new site. When you click on one of the shows on the main page it doesn’t do anything, you have to go click on the main window once that show loads. Also, when you click on pics and then click off them, it takes you back up to the top of the page.
    You’re all doing great but this site is sort of difficult to get used to.

    TACO BELL MATERIAL12-07-2011

    I just explained the Baldwin story to 1780s guy.

  28. Hart

    Would anyone else love to hear G.Beck on as a guest? It should make for a entertaining episode, not to mention the massive boost in downloads for the Ace man.

  29. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac12-07-2011

    As a devout Libertarian I agree with Adam that his amount of taxes should equal a relative amount of service from the gov; unfortunately that is impossible to apply. Therefore there should be no restrictions on the amount of income one earns, meaning no income tax what-so-ever. Instead there should be only “spending tax”. If you want a luxury car it will cost you a assload of taxes, if you “need” a mansion it will cost you, but if you earn millions of dollars and live frugally your tax obligation will be minimal.
    Instead of income tax there needs to be a national sales tax, luxury tax, sin tax, petrol tax, but NO TAXES on income, earnings, interest income, or inheritance. If you choose to “piss it away on non-necessities”, you will pay a lot in taxes.
    Since Americans as a culture are fat, dumb, and entitled (“I need a Bugatti to get me to the grocery store, waaa”) the tax base revenue will swell.
    Yay! Me for President and Alison is my first (and one and only ) lady!

    • Seraphim

      I would vote for you sir. That idea makes sense.

  30. Russell Hollander
    Russell Hollander12-08-2011

    I think the car you have labeled as a Miura in the photos section is actually a DeTomaso Pantera.

    Love the podcast.

    • ciga-Rhett

      I believe Adam’s Miura is the orange one in the background on a pedestal. Not the yellow car up front.

  31. Six Dixon
    Six Dixon12-08-2011

    Screw all of that doomsday talk about the Large Hadron Collider. I worry about the day when Adam bitches about his taxes while simultaneously driving a Lamborghini, causing some sort of dividing-by-zero negation of existence as we know it, or perhaps triggering the biblical end of days.

  32. Bartenational

    Adam, Shut the fuck up, you don’t get special treatment because you have a porsche. fuck you. You big fucking baby. Don’t get your vagina in a wad. I don’t want to get my young daughter learning to drive run down by some sleepy asshole millionaire… it’s not all about you.

    on a positive note I listen everyday… and agree somewhat with what you lay down, but need you to let this one go .. I know your very important and smart and handsome, but for the LOVE OF GOD ….

    again I digress, maybe it would be helpful if you could add a timestamp so I can fast forward past your rant and still not miss the excellent content you provide for us lowly commoners on a daily basis…

  33. Johnny Dilznik
    Johnny Dilznik12-08-2011

    Bald Bryan:

    “what is a two storke vs. a 4 stroke”? Are you kidding?

  34. Johnny Dilznik
    Johnny Dilznik12-08-2011

    The leaf blower thing is real easy.

    The majority of folks using these are latino and illegal. Sooooooooo do you think the City of LOS ANGELES, that rolls out the rojo carpet for this group, will enforce a law banning this? FUCK NO!

    This is the protected group. Want to see the future of So Cal? Go check out East LA.

    Si Se Puede!

  35. Dola

    I love “making a trip” to the post office “to mail something” It makes me feel important and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Like posting comments does. busy busy busy!

  36. Lew in Chicago
    Lew in Chicago12-08-2011

    Loved the Podcast, as usual. Yes, be careful in the drive to/from Sac city. Most auto accidents and airplane accidents for that matter are caused by bad judgement. And maybe not your bad judgement, could be another idiot who decided to drive while using a leaf blower, inhaling second hand smoke from his passenger and crossed the centerline because his eyes were burning from all the airborne particulates and second hand smoke. As for the Baldwin situation, the airplane captains have the juice to remove people from airplanes, not the flight attendants. Nothing happens on that airplane without the captain’s say so. And they earn their juice. They have more responsibility on a day to day basis than any of us will have in an entire lifetime….and they have everyone looking over their shoulder ready to second guess and arm chair quarter back every decision they have made. Is there really a good reason to keep someone on an airplane who is not afraid to demonstrate a bad attitude on an airplane? After the airplane leaves the ground, everyone (including the poor sop who has to sit next to him) is stuck with that unpredictable person. If the crew has to manage a jerk in the air, they may be distracted from other responsibilities should they come up, like having to deal with a real emergency. I think flight attendants have become unpleasant because we as passengers have too. The whole flying experience has become downright unpleasant for everyone from the moment we arrive at the airport. I’m a fan of Baldwin. He may have realized the error of his behavior when he later apologized.

  37. Mex I CAN AMer I CAN
    Mex I CAN AMer I CAN12-08-2011

    Adam may be a fiscal concervative or a social liberal. He may be a little racist but seems to be friends with those of many skin tones and some cases many languages. He may be obsessed with things that others don’t think twice about . But one things for sure. He’s one funny SOB! Keep me laughing ACE MAN!

  38. Andi

    Just to resolve the German Mail thing: German Postal Service was privatized 1995. The Deutsche Post AG is now the worlds largest logistics company. DHL Express also belongs to Deutsche Post. Online postage was introduced 2001.

  39. Andrew

    Adam’s right: there should be an open genocide against all police.

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