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Adam opens the show talking about how he dislikes being the boss man. He rants about his maid not cleaning the right room first, and also addresses an apology from Wendy Williams for her post-show comments. Adam also gives an update on Larry Miller, and talks about his race weekend in Fontana. Dr. Spazz is also in studio, and talks about bath salts, kids swallowing magnets, and how smoking affects sperm count.

Billy West enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about being his complaining idol. The guys pitch a new reality TV contest, and complain about how there are too many kids’ shows out there. Billy also reads part of Adam’s Tijuana chapter, and the guys exchange stories about the lawlessness of Mexico and puking in icemakers.

Alison opens the news discussing the harassment of 60-year-old bus monitor Karen Kline. Adam tries to explain why young teens are such douchebags, and also comments on his own cyber bullying. Later the guys discuss the Jerry Sandusky trial and whether or not Penn State is liable for what happened. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about the daytime Emmy awards, Alex Trebek, and why being a nerd is suddenly cool.


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Karen Kline Bullying

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Matt

    What’s the deal with Adam’s shirt in the show pic?

    • Juliet Tyler
      Juliet Tyler06-25-2012

      LOL Seriously!

    • Lola

      he’s bringing sexy back

    • 3rdMijo

      More importantly, why does Bruce look like he JUST got out of bed like 30 seconds ago?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle06-26-2012

        Good lenses, bad frames.

    • BW

      dr. spazz had just given adam an exam

    • Feetsthss

      So much sexy can’t be contained by a simple shirt.

    • BW

      the knot came undone

      • A Rose is a Rose is a
        A Rose is a Rose is a07-01-2012


  2. Timothy

    Read “Not Taco Bell Material” in one sitting last night, except when I stopped to google donkey show. Thanks for the read!

    • big jim
      big jim06-25-2012

      Isn’t a donkey show a game at kid’s parties? Like pin the tail on the donkey?
      Lemme just Google it here right quick, and…oh, dear god. Sweet mother of god, strike me blind so that I may unsee what I have just seen! The horror!

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle06-26-2012

        Some things you wish you could un-see.

  3. Adam's Shirt
    Adam's Shirt06-24-2012

    Is that enough God damn navel for you?

    • John North
      John North06-26-2012

      The shirt.. the gut..and the warm up pants seems to be quite the combination.

  4. Carlos

    Am I the only one thinking that the apology and the champagne from Wendy Williams could have been sent by Jimmy Kimmel?

    • Susan

      oh my god you are so right – it’s Natalie Maines all over again

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-25-2012

      That would be a very Jimmy/Sal thing to do.

    • David

      JK, Super Troll!

  5. jeremy

    GO BRUCE GO!!!! Usually I agree with Adam 100%. Adam forgot and thats ok but “Own it Adam.” We all mess up and Adam did this time, but he did fix it with, Dr. Bruce’s help. About 17 years now (listning to Ace , Drew, Bruce and others) and I agree with the “Ace Man” almost all the time, but not here. Sorry Ace, thank and apologize to your wifey – Ace, it wasn’t her fault to get 2 kids in a car but not getting the lunches……….. both of you were busy and just forgot, eat it for dinner that night and forget it! Still love you, and Lynette- SWT, plese don’t “forget” my book plate. Good times…. all of ’em.

    PS: when my wife kicks me out, send Lynette my way……. address to follow—- 🙂

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-25-2012

      You don’t make enough money for Lynette.

      PS: Please stop using so many ellipses…jeez.

  6. Marko

    Fun episode. Great to hear Larry’s on the mend and will probably be back on the show soon.

  7. We're going to Florida
    We're going to Florida06-24-2012

    When Larry Miller comes back and you play hypothetical road trip again it would be funny as hell if suddenly you say he’s right on everyone of his answers.

    • MC White
      MC White06-26-2012

      I agree, mix it up. He always gets it right now, since he got hit in the head, ala “Gilligan’s Island” hit in the head with a coconut!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-26-2012

      Way to blow the bit.

    • Malex

      I was thinking the same thing. Just for one game he get all right answers.

  8. WILDly dissapointed
    WILDly dissapointed06-24-2012

    Great to have the show back in the studio. The half buttoned shirt look may take a while to catch on, though.

    • HandsAcrossMyAsshole

      Adam’s rocking the 1990s Latino gang shirt style!

  9. mt

    love me some zoidberg

  10. gendo1

    20 minutes till the end of the show the Adam Carolla Court (ACC) is in session. Listen close. rofl

  11. tate

    we get it Billy…you can do funny voices. most annoying guest? very possible

    • jpg

      Absolutely! He has the ADD of DAG but at least DAG is occassionally funny…

  12. The Hoss
    The Hoss06-25-2012

    Excellent show. Though Billy West is quite annoying, bullyish.

  13. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield06-25-2012

    Finally, Adam is giving the fans what we’ve truly wanted all these years.

    Skin of the Ace-Man! A 15 month calendar that’ll have you dealing with more wood than when Ace was a carpenter. There’ll be no complaints when you’re in Boner-Town, population YOU for the next 15 months! 3 buttons? 2? One-button Mexican style? No buttons?! Only those who order will know for sure! Order now!

    • MC White
      MC White06-26-2012

      Okay, this made me laugh.

  14. MC White
    MC White06-25-2012

    Why is nobody commenting about the Jerry Sandusky trial? That guy is a monster. So glad he’s in the State Pen, now, and no longer loitering at Penn State!

    • stimpson j cat
      stimpson j cat06-25-2012

      Sadly, very few people seem to give two shits. If it doesn’t directly affect their ability to cash their handout checks and swipe their food stamp cards…or their paycheck that hasn’t changed much in the past ten years, but is good enough to keep payin’ down the jet ski, what the shit does it matter!?

      “I got some monay – less spend it up!”

      It’s yet another *institution* that has been exposed. It doesn’t boil down to just one man. And, it’s since been exposed elsewhere (what with the scant media coverage, I can’t remember the school), which indicates a ‘tip of the iceberg’ scenario.

      C’mon, it’s not just Catholic priests. There are plenty of predators in positions of dominion over children. Unfortunately, unless it tears down religious institutions, the media won’t run with it. “Higher education” gets a pass as it does such a great job grooming more lemmings to spend a lifetime in debt to the banksters.

      Here are the current headlines on usatoday.co m (“America’s #1 Newspaper!) to give you an idea. Just look at this rubbish, all having to do with either celebs, TV (Bachelorette grabs fourth billing!?), or sensationalist crap. Notice not a WORD of the many THEATERS OF WAR we’re currently involved in, and NOT A SINGLE WORD ABOUT THAT SICK FUCK SANDUSKY.

      Both sides claim win in immigration law ruling
      FBI frees 79 teen prostitutes, nabs 104 pimps
      Tropical Storm Debby soaks Florida’s Gulf Coast
      ‘Bachelorette’ Emily picks her hometown guys
      Facebook changes affect users’ e-mail addresses
      Jesse Jackson Jr. on medical leave of absence
      CDC considers outside checks on bioterror labs
      Donations for bullied school bus monitor top $650K
      U.S. gas prices now at lowest level since January
      Daughter Paris remembers Michael Jackson

      And there you have it. Dear moderator, thank you for your time. I feel better. Hopefully this makes it.

    • MC White
      MC White06-26-2012

      I’M WAITING!!!!!!

  15. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino06-25-2012

    Billy West is great! He’s one of the funniest voice actors working right now.

  16. Huck

    Hey Alison, any update on the Zimmerman/Martin story? Please don’t leave us hanging like this after pushing it so hard. I heard there was a video released.

  17. Big Daddy Don Garlits
    Big Daddy Don Garlits06-25-2012

    Great Pod! All is right in the world again.

  18. yeuhs

    Great news about larry… could’ve used a little less of the futurama guy

  19. Charlie S.
    Charlie S.06-25-2012

    Welcome back! Looking forward to Adam podcasts jam-packed with boffo yucks… unlike those NYC shows.

    That’s a lovely shirt… does it come in sizes smaller than 2XL?

  20. Reb

    This guest: not so funny. Frito Bandito Mexican accent, what happens in TJ…

  21. T

    Finished ‘Not Taco Bell Material’ this weekend. Great work Ace, but let’s use a little of that book money on new shirts

  22. jo ke
    jo ke06-25-2012

    man if it takes you more than 5 min to make lunch your a Tard.

    • DAG sucks
      DAG sucks06-27-2012

      Packet of sugar and peanut butter smeared on a playing card…done and done

  23. CT

    Again… Seriously?

    WORST GUEST EVERRRRR… Even worst than the guy who pretends to be a politician

    • Big Daddy Don Garlits
      Big Daddy Don Garlits06-25-2012

      oh! Can’t stand the fake politician guy…HE is the worst guest ever.

    • Ian T
      Ian T06-27-2012

      Holy cow, Billy West and Rep. Richard Martin are two of the funniest guests on the podcast. Way to blow it. I suppose you don’t like DAG either?

      • Big Daddy Don Garlits
        Big Daddy Don Garlits07-03-2012

        I like DAG.

  24. Robb

    Billy West very annoying cuts in with his horrible imitations and ruined the entire flow of the show… go back to the Futurerama Billyboy! YOUR NOT FUNNY

  25. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-25-2012

    Jackie Puppet – WEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD! Love Billy West

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-26-2012

      Jackie Marlow.
      Oh, oh.

  26. Guy DudeBro
    Guy DudeBro06-25-2012

    Get it on, Got to get it on, No choice but to get it on, Mangrate get it on

  27. Mike Guthrie
    Mike Guthrie06-25-2012

    Adam, please know your audience. Complaining about the order in which your maid cleans your palacial mansion, really?? I literally couldn’t be less interested. I’ve been a long time listener, but no more. In my opinion, the reason why Love Line, the Man Show, and your radio program were so successful was because you had a boss! Left unfettered, you have morphed into an entitled blowhard.

    I understand that you think that studioheads and producers are unfunny hacks, but at least they challenge you to think about, and try out differnet material. Anyway, you have a brialliant comedic mind, but it getting lost in the unfettered autonomy…

    • Cody

      You missed the entire point of his complaint. He was complaining about her not cleaning a different room first even though he asked her to.

      • MC White
        MC White06-26-2012

        Uhh, I think he got the point, or were you being sarcastic?

    • cap'n asshat
      cap'n asshat06-27-2012

      Oh I see – you’re mad because he’s wealthy now.
      His only point was ‘as soon as I ask someone to do something, they will do the opposite every time’ as in his maid and her troll friend making noise in his kitchen in the morning/talking about a leaky boobjob.

      Adam’s been a broke motherfucker…you’ve heard the stories. I’m happy that he’s able to do his own thing successfully.
      He probably just needs some more creativity to continually bring entertainment in his *FREE* daily podcast.

  28. Alex

    Hmm I guess I like the comedic episodes more than the issue based one, not that this was one necessarily. I love Adam’s quick remarks and insults and all that but for whatever reason, when it comes to issues I can’t stand to listen.

    I understand that its a free podcast, this is just my opinion. It honestly seems like the only person that Adam will listen to is Dr. Drew and Dennis Prager. When he debates with anyone, Adam seems to lack and concrete evidence to support his arguments. It’s always something along the lines of “I know it is, mother nature didn’t bla bla bla,” “you must be insane to believe that” “thats just the way it is”, especially on topics such as child raising, bathing, death penalty, immigration, or anything by Dr. Spaz.

    I love the show, I just don’t think saying “i know it is” can justify half of Adam’s arguments. Also, I get that he has experience from his years on LoveLine but it has to be a balance of both fact and experience. You can’t say something and argue it to be fact without evidence. Just saying.

    Don’t say I don’t support the show. Been listening to the Aceman for several years and have bought hundreds of dollars worth of things through Amazon.

    Go Aceman, Alison, and Bald Bryan! Also, more Chris Maxi-Padda. LOL

    • sharon2015


  29. Matt

    Oh my GOD, this Billy West guy, SHUT UP

  30. Dan

    Billy West is just fucking terrible. All he does is make stupid noises while Adam and Alison are trying to talk. Jesus just shut up.

    • Reb

      Unfortunately TMZ has revived the (un)funny-voice joke.

    • Allison

      I agree wholeheartedly!

  31. Elitor8

    Need to have a new game for Billy West…. Kindah like “Germany or Florida” Call it
    ” Billy West, Annoying or Entertaining” ???

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-26-2012

      Marge Schott was always entertaining.

  32. DonnySac

    That was the most annoying guest ever.

  33. 50 cent
    50 cent06-25-2012

    billy west is extremely annoying, dont have him back on the show.

  34. Evgeni Malkin
    Evgeni Malkin06-25-2012

    So Adam doesn’t like strangers in his house? How about he NOT hire a nanny, maid, and pool boy? It’s not like his wife has a job. Welcome to the real world, Lynette. Start taking care of your own children, keeping the house clean, and cooking some meals.

    • Huck

      you jelly?

    • Yossarian


  35. Ras

    Luis – the punk ass that videoed the incident is the douchiest ass – he fuckin participates in the bullying and then he sells out his douchebag friends. What is worst is the mom is fuckin clueless and doesn’t make his son take responsibility and says her son was just following his buddies lead. If his buddies said to suck their balls would Luis be compelled to do so? Fuck this kid Luis and fuck his douchebag friends. Kid today are becoming more and more monster douchebage, self entitled fuckups.

  36. HakKat

    Adam’s unvarnished view of the world is priceless. Please don’t give into the PC losers.

  37. kathy

    Larry will pull through, and be 100%!!! MIss you Larry- hurry back! thoughts and prayers be with you!

  38. robert

    Jesus, Billy is annoying. He needs to learn to speak when spoken to.

  39. Zyzz

    Oh no you didn’t

  40. Duke Lacrosse
    Duke Lacrosse06-25-2012

    Billy West was awful. Please do not invite this annoying ahole back on the show.

  41. Reb

    Obsessive focus on 3 Twitter activists; excellent trait in aspiring performer.

  42. elitor8

    Hey Bald Bryan… The next time Billy West is in studio… Do us all a favor… can you put the drop “Why don’t you leave the joking to Adam” on a loop, and play it in his headphones as long as he is in studio???

    • elitor8

      If we’re going to be accurate I guess the quote should be

      “How about leaving the jokes to Adam”

      (Sucks getting old)

  43. 49 cent
    49 cent06-25-2012

    remind me to never watch Futurama……oh wait, no one watches Futurama. Om worried about Larry Miller, hope he;s ok…..hes one of the good ones

    • mt

      let me guess, you watch bobs burgers?

  44. Joe

    Robin Williams thinks Billy West should tone it down a little.

    • Matt

      Good one.

    • Allison

      HA! Totally!

  45. John

    Hey, does anyone know the song BB put on in the background when Adam was talking about Tijuana strip clubs, about 1:06:30 in? I’ve been trying to find out and it’s driving me insane

    • Piss

      John – The song is called “Comanche”, by The Revels. The song can be found on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Cheers.

    • DonnySac

      Comanche by the Revels

    • AWM

      Check the “Pulp Fiction” soundtrack. I don’t recall the title, but it’s on there (with the “bring out the gimp” line).

    • Jesse R.
      Jesse R.06-26-2012

      “Comanche” by The Revels. I recognized it from Pulp Fiction like most people prob did.

    • MC White
      MC White06-26-2012

      I’m pretty sure that was from the soundtrack for Pulp Fiction, if I can remember. Even if it’s not on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, it’s a song they played during the movie (I’m pretty sure.). I’m not 100%, since I’m not listening right now, but I always pay attention to the music they play, and I think I remember that song. I’ll post a bit later, if I can recall the song, but I think it was that creepy song they played around the time of the “White Trash” beat down, in the shop that Bruce and Vincent (the black thug guy) wander into, right after the car crash. Am I crazy? I’m gong by memory right now.

  46. Ear Buds
    Ear Buds06-25-2012

    a pic is worth a 1000 words, creepy dr spazz gave the Ace Man a three finger deep prostate exam while old ass billy west did the bee voice.

  47. The Real GuyDudeBro
    The Real GuyDudeBro06-25-2012

    Get off my Nutsack Bro

  48. ras

    Looks like I have been banned from commenting on this website – eve though I have been a HUGE Ace fan for over 10 years. None of my prior comments are making it onto the site

  49. Beaver99

    I want to find those kids on the bus, find there parents and beat them to within an inch of there life. I think the kids first then the parents, let the parents watch first. Just a lack of respect for other people. Little Punks. Kind of like how people complain about Adam and his guests on this blog. Its on the internet and you can be as daring and mean and tough as you want. Your all a bunch of pussies, If you dont like it, dont listen. You all and those kids need a little one on one time with Jerry Sanduski.

    • the 5 mijos
      the 5 mijos06-25-2012

      get well soon Larry Miller!! A true comedian and a good man

    • reb

      ok, tough guy

  50. the 5 mijos
    the 5 mijos06-25-2012

    great to have some good old studio podcasts again. keep it up Aceman!!!!! get it on!

  51. james

    Fuck the haters, Billy West was funny!

  52. MyDadsRubberBroke

    Billy West is funny, if you’re 12.

  53. Travis

    Would love to see another expanded Bald Bryan app. Got the one but would really love to get a bigger one with tons more drops, whatever the cost. Hope to see that soon! Love the show!

  54. g

    great show…hey alison if hustler put you on their million dollar list would you pose??

    • reb

      Either that or pretend current guy having sex with is The One; tell lots of stories about “I always picked the wrong guy”; implied message, this time you picked the right guy, The One, “my boyfriend.”

  55. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana06-25-2012

    Nerds were “suddenly cool” after the Alamogordo test, and the world is catching up with that. Queue Chuck D.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana06-25-2012

      “Cue” is probably the right word, but I meant “queue”.

  56. Dano

    I love Billy West. My favourite voice actor, glad to hear him on the show.

    I feel bad for Bruce. Adam needs to stop inviting him if he isn’t going to pay attention to him.

  57. Sig

    I must say, Ace laid down some really important shit about people, time on their hands, looking in the mirror, having too many thoughts about complete bullshit, etc.

  58. Joe

    Nice beer belly ACE!

  59. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson06-26-2012

    I’m all for executing fucking idiot kids like those bullying that old lady. They deserve a bullet to the neck.

  60. MC White
    MC White06-26-2012

    I love how Adam accepts Wendy’s apology. First of all, that’s 100X better than other accept an apology. 2nd: yeah, sure, he accepts her apology, and takes it like: I was completely right and she was wrong, so she should be the one to apologize (even though he didn’t specifically say that), How do I know: he immediately uses the Kevin Smith example: “if he would have just apologized, instead of rationalizing his response, I would have moved on.” As if, Adam didn’t contribute to the disagreement, AT ALL.

    I was not there, at the Wendy Williams show, but something tells me, he played, ever a role, even if small, or perhaps large, in the audience disagreement. Not to mention, I’m still not convinced, it’s not Jimmy, playing a stunt practical joke.

    My $.02.

  61. MC White
    MC White06-26-2012

    I actually thought Billy West was funny. I’m studying Voice Over now, and I’m always interested to hear someone ply his trade (yes, I’m not being sarcastic right now.) I thought his V/O responses were hilarious, and I enjoyed him reading Adam’s book.

    Thanks for having a podcast, where you didn’t mention $.19 cent Taco Bell tacos.

  62. G-man

    I agree with Dr. Bruce about the “he’ll put a finger up your ass” part of his theme song. Instead of finger, get the guy who changed “oh Mandy” to “oh Manny” to change it to dinger. So it will be “he’ll put a dinger up your ass” and still but funny but Bruce won’t get a bad case emotional stink-finger. It’s a win-win.

  63. fefe

    Adam I like your show but you have become a colossal asshole. You fire someone because wore perfume. Whao I know is your house your rules. I’m sorry but that is such a asshole move. I’m really going to stop listening…

    • DAG sucks
      DAG sucks06-27-2012

      You’ve apparently stopped listening to your English teacher as well

  64. Afee

    Someone nailed it on the head; The only person less funny than Billy West is the fake conservative Richard Martin. They’re both painful to listen to.
    FYI: Billy the world was so outraged about the bus teacher they gave her $600,000, did you really thinking making fun of her in a kids voice would be hilarious? Alison, feel free to call these people out. It’s got to be uncomfortable sitting there.

    • reb

      alison: profile in courage

  65. Haley Potter
    Haley Potter06-26-2012

    Love Futurama, but Billy West is way annoying on the podcast- always has been. Can we be done with him yet?

  66. Blake

    If I was in the ER and Dr. Bruce came into my room, I would not feel very confident. He just does not look like a doctor. Sorry Bruce.

  67. Malex

    I keep laughing at the misuse of the word ‘Nerd(s)’ when ‘Geek(s)’ is the term more fitting for the pop culture, trivia freaks.

  68. Justin

    Does anyone know why Adam seems to dislike Dr Bruce so much?

    • Elissa Katherine
      Elissa Katherine07-16-2012

      He loves Bruce according to Lynette anyway! He just has a funny way of showing it.

  69. Mark in Austin
    Mark in Austin06-28-2012

    Please Adam, never have Billy West on ever again. He almost single-handedly ruined the episode. He’s painfully unfunny, but thinks he’s a comic genius. Hank Azaria or Dan Castellenada he is not.

  70. Mark in Austin
    Mark in Austin06-28-2012

    Oh my God. I was only an hour into the episode when I wrote my comment and he gets even worse as the show goes on.

  71. Joe

    I lolz’ed out loud for realz. Especially when Billy read Adam’s book.

  72. j m szczerba
    j m szczerba06-29-2012

    billy west without a script to read is annoying as hell.

  73. Fritz Furburberber
    Fritz Furburberber06-30-2012

    I was just listening to this one on the drive into work and found myself yelling at Billy to shut the fuck up during the bus monitor story.

  74. j m szczerba
    j m szczerba06-30-2012

    i think it’s a safe bet the vast majority of listeners found billy west really annoying. when he was on howard stern in the mid 90’s, he had a very specific role and that was to read the lines written for him. most of the time he went off script or started riffing on his own they’d make fun of him for being painfully unfunny. he’s talent is just doing voices and not telling jokes or funny stories. why adam thinks he’s a good guest is beyond me? adam talks and this douche does random voices at the same time in the background at the same vloume as Adam. isn’t that one of the basic rules of any kind of broadcasting to have only one person speak at a time? billy doesn’t know this or is he that full of himself? he sux and please don’t have him on ever again. i lasted 15 minutes once he came in the studio and i bailed. it was torture to listen too.

  75. Rita

    Why does Dr. Bruce look like a hostage holding up a newspaper as proof of life?

  76. beep beep sweep
    beep beep sweep07-03-2012

    Had to turn off the podcast after only a few minutes. What a douche Billy West is…but how could Carolla recognize it…He still hasn’t figured out that Larry Miller is the most annoying man alive.

  77. BDL

    Billy West is annoying as hell. keep your mouth shut during the show and let adam talk.

  78. Robin

    These message boards have a surprising number of dudes talking about another dude’s shirts. It seems Ace’s demographic is not quite what I would have assumed it to be.

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