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Show Summary

Adam and Bill Maher sit in Bill’s home theater for a one-on-one chat. Adam asks Bill about where he grew up, and the path that lead him to his new online streaming stand up special. They also discuss some amazing stats about human beliefs, and talk about the growing Atheist movement in America. Adam also rants about people not bothering to listen to him, even though he’s proven to be a success.


Bill talks more about his father’s career, and also his high school and college experiences. He and Adam reflect on their old single lives, and the idea of making up for high school once you become successful. Bill then talks about the difficult task of building skills as a stand-up comedian.


In the last part of the show, the guys discuss how great it is to have a job that’s flexible from one project to the next. Adam and Bill also talk about their relationship with smoking pot, and Adam asks Bill about his passions outside of comedy. As the show wraps up, they talk about keeping the old school spirit of comedy alive.


Check out Bill Maher’s free, streaming stand-up special (beginning Thursday 2/23 at 7:30pmPST/10:30pmEST): http://screen.yahoo.com/crazystupidpolitics/

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  1. Katie

    A few days late, but the daily podcast art piece is complete.

    I call it ” The third Mijo”


    • Raul

      Awesome! haha

    • Tim

      that’s great, good work

    • Gina


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-24-2012

      Good stuff.

    • Antonio

      Katie keep it coming just make sure we can notice it

    • ciga-Rhett

      Real solid, keep up the good work doll. 🙂

    • Andygirll

      LMFAO 😀 Great!!!!

    • Kimberly

      OMG Katie that is MiJooo-rriffic

  2. Cdam Aarolla
    Cdam Aarolla02-22-2012

    Nice work, Aceman. The guests so far in 2012 have been a step up from last year.

    • tony

      Get a life!!!

      • Cdam Aarolla
        Cdam Aarolla02-23-2012

        Telling someone else to get a life when you spend your time patrolling this message board and criticizing people who disagree with your views regarding a podcast is pretty funny. You appear to be projecting your own insecurities on others.

        Also, are the three exclamation points supposed to somehow add emphasis or something? Really, one exclamation point would suffice. Three just makes you look uneducated and unhinged. (!!!)

        • tony

          BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • marco

          Yea but still.

  3. Randall

    Wow! Bill Maher? That’s what we like to call a “get.” Can’t wait to hear how this goes. Get in on!

    • JW

      Yeah it’s a ‘get’. Bill Maher is intelligent, articulate and opinionated- the perfect recipe for a podcast. Regardless of whether or not you agree with his viewpoints, his draw will be substantial. Keep it up, AC.

      • Cody

        “Bill Maher is intelligent, articulate ”

        No he isn’t, not unless you’re the type of idiot who thinks vaccines cause autism and that animals deserve more rights than humans. Bill Maher is one of the biggest fucking morons on the planet.

        • Sandman

          Damn straight. Maher is a psuedo-intellectual and likes the sound of his own snide-assed voice. What a fucking buffoon. The sight of this dude makes me want to rub his nose in his own shit like a bad dog. Not that I’d do that to a dog…. but to Maher…. YUUUUPPPP!

  4. Allen Corona
    Allen Corona02-22-2012

    You guys pull out the crappy micrhones for the a-listers

  5. Big B
    Big B02-22-2012

    I love these one on one’s.

  6. Silent Running
    Silent Running02-22-2012

    I agree with most of what ya’ll are saying regarding religion (most, not all). But I do think it’s a big mistake to just assume that your brand of secular rationalism is ascendant. The fact is that good, progressive white liberals aren’t having enough kids to replace themselves. The future belongs to whoever can pump out the most offspring, and that ain’t you. The future belongs to those you despise, so much so that it’s conceivable that, a few generations hence, conversations like this one will again be relegated to the hinterlands.

  7. Colin

    Been waiting for this meeting of the minds. Dope.

  8. blah blah
    blah blah02-22-2012

    Adam Corolla sucks.

    • chuckiegorman

      Then go away.

    • JW

      Fuck off, prick.

    • marco

      Mrs. Carolla?

    • spud

      learn how to spell

  9. darren

    been looking forward to this one

  10. Getchman

    Big Thank you for getting the podcasts to the Playbook 2.0

  11. Scott Edwards
    Scott Edwards02-23-2012

    Awesome interview! Bill is the most “real” celeb I’ve ever heard being interviewed – so refreshing and compelling to listen to – great job, Adam!

  12. jg323

    Maher is a politician who dabbles in comedy…not the other way around

    • tony

      Maher is neither one. He just got lucky…..except with women. He claimed that he can get laid at any time he wants. HA HA, what a bunch of bullshit. Has he looked in the mirror at any time in his life ?

    • JW

      If only this were true…

    • greg

      maher is a fuck

  13. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III02-23-2012

    Love the podcast but could only make it through 7:32 seconds of Bill Maher and some of that I was shaving.

    I don’t get it. He’s not funny – ful stop. I won’t turn this into a religious debate because that is up to everyone and it is a personal thing. BUT atheists love to point out the hypocrisy of some (maybe most) and love to use it as evidence of how retarded people are but I have yet to see an athesit hospital, clinic, or homeless shelter.

    Atheist often hate people with faith (yes hate) but we’re often the first in to help. My challenge to all atheists is to take the awareness ribbon of the week off your shirt, take out your wallet and anonymosly drop up to 10% of your income into a charity. Then do it the next week and week after….yeah…..didn’t so. It’s just easier to make the government support people in need.

    Love the show!

    PS – listen to DAG then listen to BIll Maher……you have to admit the entertainment value is like Walt Disney compared to Hannah Barbera. One if a fucking hack.

    • Zapoli

      Doctors Without Borders. Planned Parenthood. Oxfam. There you go.

    • Bubba

      That might be the poorest argument for religion I’ve ever heard. Religion is the first to help? You realize 90% of the world’s conflicts are because of religion, right? And I wasn’t aware that hospitals, clinics, and homeless shelters were funded by religions. Hey, but keep making up stuff if it helps you believe in Zeus or whatever shitty god you choose.

      • Graham Wellington
        Graham Wellington02-23-2012

        Yeah, all those great religious conflicts that permanently changed the world, such as World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and the Civil War

    • vancity

      hahhaha whatever bro. you keep believing… we’ll keep evolving.

      • Graham Wellington
        Graham Wellington02-23-2012

        Yeah people who say bro are always the most evolved

        • Wraham Gellington
          Wraham Gellington02-24-2012

          Yeah people who point to the fact that a person they disagree with uses the word “bro” as proof that they won an argument are always the most evolved.

          • greg

            Atheists don’t have objective morality; you’re driven by nothing but biological processes (you are absent of free will). The objective argument of “good and evil” doesn’t exist in your worldview. To an atheist, religion is nothing but a subjective train of thought. For an atheist to judge anyone on their beliefs is hypocrisy in and of itself; right and wrong are subjective. .

          • Cody

            “you’re driven by nothing but biological processes (you are absent of free will).”

            Atheists don’t have free will because they don’t base every thought and action they make off an anachronistic book of self-contradicting, amoral fairy tales? Lucky for you you’re too stupid to comprehend irony.

    • Bobman

      Good thing you didn’t try to turn it into a religious debate.

    • Matt

      (Atheist often hate people with faith (yes hate) but we’re often the first in to help.)

      First to help by doing what? Praying!?! Sending bibles to starving people? Keep up the good work…

      • tony

        You are full of big dog turds!!!!

    • nAAter

      Judging by your responders, it’s tough being a Carolla fan and still have a Higher Power.

    • Old Heidelbrau
      Old Heidelbrau02-23-2012

      A lot of athiests are just as preachy and intolerant as the religious folk they rail against.
      It’s better to be agnostic, otherwise you’re just another side of the same coin, really.

  14. donewithidiots

    Maher obviously has his jerk meter dialed down to HIS lowest level but can’t help himself. It’s always struck me as cowardly how much he runs down the Christian faiths but AVOIDS tearing into the radical Muslim faiths. Most atheists I know do exactly the same thing. It’s safer to throw haymakers at the Catholics or Jews.

    • donewithdonewithidiots

      It’s probably because they are American and most familiar with the tenets of those religions, cause, you know, they were raised in them.

      • donewithidiots

        And Maher is a coward. Ace has commented honestly about all this stuff. Maher has praised the 9/11 terrorists for their attack. Big damn difference donewithme.

    • Max Power
      Max Power02-23-2012

      Really? He avoids tearing into radical muslims? Do a basic google search and see what you come up with. Even your last sentence is ridiculously inaccurate. As somebody who watches his show frequently, I’ve rarely seen him rip on Jews. True, he rips on Catholics frequently but is not afraid to rip on all religions.

      • donewithidiots

        Ace doesn’t flinch from any subject. Maher is a coward. Maybe I didn’t state that clearly enough. Ace does take everyone to task. Which is why even when I disagree with him, I respect his opinion.

    • Mr. Honkington
      Mr. Honkington02-23-2012

      I find him to be too cowardly to take on the Jews too.

  15. CB

    Note to Bill and all Ateists-carbon dating ISN’T used to date the earth, in fact carbon dating is used by some religious folks as proof of their beliefs. Potassium argon is what scientists use to date the globe, and is way more accurate and credible.

  16. Jo ke
    Jo ke02-23-2012

    score one for the Atheist

    • tony

      Another unenlightened asshole

      • CB

        Why do you talk about yourself that way, tony? I knew you were a douchefag, but I didn’t think you were a self hating one too.

      • John

        Unenlightened? How so? Are you religious? If so, I’d apply that term to you immediately.

  17. big jim
    big jim02-23-2012

    With the stable of ACB shows ever-exapnding these days, is it too much to ask for a reunion of the Daves of Thunder? Maybe even just one reunion show for old times sake? Get Shek, Beenie, Jacuzzi Pete, and Blaster Girl in the studio for one last love-making session?

    • Tracy

      Feeney’s too busy and can’t be bothered.

  18. CB

    Just noticed the link to Penn’s page under the Ace tab. What’s up with that?

    • CB

      Nevermind, saw that Penn’s show is on Ace Broadcasting now. Awesome.

  19. Matt

    The smug was strong with this one.

    In any literature class, the first lesson is to understand a text within the context it is written. A Tale of Two Cities loses its meaning if the reader does not understand the aristocratic social structure that existed during the time the book was set. Bill Maher, who fashions himself an intellectual, takes biblical text and disregards all nuance for the time and people it was written for. This largely invalidates his ideas.

  20. cg

    Awful. Maher never fails to reinforce the general perception that he’s an unfunny boring hateful jerk.

    • vancity

      spoken like a true religious nut

  21. Pete B
    Pete B02-23-2012

    There is a disconnect Atheists seem to have this religion. Religion is the construct created by man. They are rules and structures to guide the moral path of whatever religious hierarchy feels should be followed based loosely on whatever theology they use to justify those rules. It is a way to control behavior. That is religion. It has been interwoven this faith over the centuries but it is on a completely different level.

    Faith or spirituality is an individually based theory. It is the connection the individual perceives to have with whatever “deity” they choose. I may have a figurehead be it Allah, Christ, a tree or ironically Atheism itself, but it does not have to be a confining box. That box is religion. That box is how the “church” has insured its own interests in the guise of faith throughout history.

    Enshrined in that disconnect is the perception that the rules and regulations of the “box” are a “prison”, for lack of a better analogy, that a person of faith has to be confined to if they confess a particular faith. That perception however, negates the idea of freewill and the choice of the individual. It does not take into account that one human can think outside any box they choose. Example: A so called Christian has to believe in creationism and cannot believe in evolution because the religion dictates Christianity excludes evolution because the bible says so. Or does it? That again is the human moral structure to control free thought and logical reasoning and on the other hand logic does not exclude faith.

    We choose our own way as free willed humans and create societies to encourage that freedom with an underlying built in moral undertone that we all are ingrained with in one form of the other. The danger is when one will is force on another. That is why atheist seems to fear people who profess faith and spiritual people fear atheist. The use of force or law to impose their own will. That is why it is a crucial component of the US constitution. Ensuring personal morality not be legally enforced from any one theology or ideology. A crucial right all sides seem to misinterpret and misuse depending on who holds the power keeping us distant and always at odds.

  22. Keeg

    Too short, I dont mind Bill but why his dog had to be in the room is kind of odd.

    • donewithkeeg

      Yea, why does have a dog, what an asshole, I just wish everyone did everything the way i wanted them to do it.

      • Cody

        “Yea, why does have a dog, what an asshole”

        Considering he’s a spokeman and full-blown drooling PETA Cultist, a group which violently opposes the keeping of animals as pets, I’d say yeah, that DOES make him an asshole.

    • Tracy

      Put the fucking dog in another room for an hour. Although it would have been funny to see Adam resisting the dogs advances.

  23. TheMidsizeLebowski

    I love these 1 on 1s you do every once in a while, another kickass episode.

  24. Jarrod

    Bill Maher may be the biggest blow hard on the face of the planet. The pomposity that he exudes is really too much to take. I don’t know how the liberal’s stand his smugness.

  25. Rock a Block
    Rock a Block02-23-2012

    Bill Maher is the herpes of comedy. Not funny, will not go away, painful to look at, wrong about everything incredibly obnoxious. A gaping open annoying sore on TV.

  26. Norm WAlker
    Norm WAlker02-23-2012

    Kind of a short, I like it when Adam goes on for at least 90 mins.

    Bill was a fun guy to listen to. I think I like Adam’s version of Atheism then BIll Maher’s. Bill’s is a little bit too bitter, it is like he wants to convert all of us to atheism. You can tell he really hates religion.

  27. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett02-23-2012

    Damn that motherfucker looks old. Does he have a disease or something?

  28. fast_dave

    Seriously – It would be interesting to hear Bill’s immediate thoughts if he was in the middle of a heart attack…

    • monky

      Maher is a simpleton who believes himself to be an intellectual.

      Sadly, this episode was unlistenable, I could only get to 13 minutes before I shut ‘er down.

    • Big B
      Big B02-24-2012

      he’d be hoping for the best medical team possible. He’d want a credible doctor.

  29. Da Mann
    Da Mann02-23-2012

    Not to be too technical, but a pill bug is not an insect. Pill bugs are one of the few land-based crustaceans.

    Other than that, Good podcast.

    Adam- Did you ever get over your fear of crane flies?

  30. Dean

    Bill Maher makes me wish for DAG, what a piece of crap this dude is

  31. Juan Epstein
    Juan Epstein02-23-2012

    The “I’ve never seen an atheist hospital or charity” argument is so ridiculously tired and false. You don’t see them because atheists aren’t an organized group. As far as charity goes, I’d wager that atheists give as much as anyone else. Why do so many Christians think that they’ve cornered the market on morality? Look up the massive efforts of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, both of whom have given huge portions (the majority, in fact, I believe) of their fortunes to charity, and both of whom are atheists (or at the very least agnostic or irreligious).

    As far as understanding the context of literature, Matt, I think you completely missed Maher’s point. It’s *precisely* the context that he is referring to. His point is that the morality and laws written for people thousands of years ago don’t apply in a modern context, ie the worshipping of false idols etc. The ten commandments as written today would be very different. At least I hope they would.

    And, lastly, of course Maher mocks other religions as well as Christianity. A large part of his film was devoted to it. The fact is, everybody knows that radical muslim terrorists and suicide bombers are crazy. It’s not really a point that needs to be hammered home.

    • Jess

      Good reply. I am a Christian, so allow me to push back:

      1. Correct. Christians have not cornered the market on morality. The difference between Christians and non-Christians is that we don’t define ourselves by our moral behavior. Christians believe all humans are sinners and need forgiveness. The only way to “be good” is to recognize you need a savior. Considering one of the requirements for being a Christian is admitting you are a sinner, it’s no surprise to me that Christians are more sinful (e.g., hypocritical, selfish, judgmental) than most people.

      2. Context matters but it does not render the Bible meaningless. Corinthians 1, for example, is a letter written by Paul to the people of Corinth who were struggling with societal problems. Just because I don’t live in first century Corinth doesn’t mean I am incapable of making the same mistakes as the people of Corinth and benefitting from Paul’s words.

      2.2. Idolatry is alive and well! You probably think idolatry means worshipping a false God. That definition is incomplete. An idol is anything you prioritize above God. Take my job, for example. I love it and I tend to make it the highest priority in my life. I don’t worship my job as deity, but I tend to idolize it.

      2.3. I rather doubt the ten commandments would be much different today. Honoring God, honoring your parents, not committing murder, not committing adultery, etc. seem like timeless principles to me.

    • CB

      “Why do so many Christians think that they’ve cornered the market on morality?”

      Because religion eviscerates the philosophical branch of morality by first destroying the first two branches, metaphysics and epistemology (which is it’s so hard to have a rational argument with a religious person……over religion). Morality is something based on an individual and his/her experiences, values, and beliefs. It has NOTHING to do with a book, deity, or holy man telling you what is right and wrong. That’s the absolute antithesis of morality.

    • Cody

      “The fact is, everybody knows that radical muslim terrorists and suicide bombers are crazy. It’s not really a point that needs to be hammered home.”

      But we need to hear ad infinitum about the Catholic Church’s stance on condoms, abortion and gay marriage?

      What a stupid argument.

  32. Alex McKeever
    Alex McKeever02-23-2012

    Great show but I wish they got more into politics. Fuck all you haters above. I gues you just not open minded enough to listen to a liberal comedian.

  33. Juan Epstein
    Juan Epstein02-23-2012

    (Oh, and the “let’s see what he thinks when he has a heart attack” argument is equally silly. It’s true that when faced with certain death that you might turn skyward as a last resort, but it’s not exactly a rational decision. I don’t believe in the death penalty, but if someone murdered my family I might change my mind purely from irrational rage.)

  34. vancity

    Awesome podcast. The 2 best comedians out there. Glad to hear Americans see thru the bullshit that is religion. RELIGION POISONS EVERYTHING

  35. HamiltonNJ

    I find Bill Maher’s version of atheism funny, or sad, or both…he says we’ve reached the point where we can disregard religion…yet all he talks about is religion. Two atheists talking about religion is just kinda ironic…almost as if religion works…cause even when you don’t believe, all you do is talk about it.

    • adam

      Good point! Its like those people who can’t stop talking about how we need to stop terrorism, yet all they do is talk about terrorism. Makes you think they might be pro-terrorism? No, it doesn’t? But at least its ironic, right? No? Its not ironic either? OK. But I know I hate Bill Maher cause he’s a liberal.

      • HamiltonNJ

        I don’t hate bill maher cause he’s a liberal…i hate bill maher cause he’s an idiot with the facts, and not even that he’s an idiot with the facts, cause everyones wrong here and there, but cause he thinks he’s so right…look up Bill Maher, brazil, and oil as a start to see just how wrong he is most of the time.

    • Aaron

      Hmm, read any of the news lately? Most of the attacks by Santorum and Romney lately are about Obama being too secular, not following the bible. Gay marriage isn’t allowed because it’s an abomination in the bible. Creationism being taught in schools. I wonder why two atheists would take issue with massive amounts of the policies and discussion in the country being based on a 2,000 year old (plagiarized) doctrine from an invisible man in the sky?

      • HamiltonNJ

        actually most of the attacks on Obama lately by Romney are how he’s trying to take credit for unemployment going from over 10% to 8.2% in the past year or so, but not mentioning that unemployment was at 7.8% when he took office. That on top of the millions of people that don’t even count into unemployment which jacks the number up even further are what Romney’s been railing about. But i just read words and look at numbers…I should probably start spoon feeding myself exactly what network news tells me.

        • Aaron

          Way to fit the stereotype. I bring up the fact that atheists talk about religion as much as they (we) do because organized religion is constantly trying to infringe on our rights with their fucked up version of morality, give you specific examples of the way they’re doing that and you you completely change the subject. How typical.

          • Cody

            “Way to fit the stereotype”

            What “stereotype”? The type of person who’s able to readily counter baseless claims made by stupid people with facts and rationality?

    • CB

      You call that an argument? So what do you have to say about all the religious folks who can’t shut up about Atheists?

      Because you don’t believe in something means you can’t talk about it or others who do believe in it?


      • HamiltonNJ

        Seems like a pretty big waste of my time to me if i were an atheist…it’d be like being a Yankee fan but only talking about the Red Sox.

        • CB

          Talking philosophy, in one way or another, is what intelligent people do. Get over it.

  36. JH

    Bill’s kind of smug and seems to hate a lot of people. Maybe some day he’ll be brave enough to mock muslims, or Christian Democrats (Obama), or enviromentalists who fly around te world & live in mansions

    • donewithidiots

      Great minds think alike, here. At least Ace truthfully claims to WANT to believe. I read some where that mother Theresa claimed to have doubt in her belief. NO crime there. Unlike the arrogance and hate Maher has. Sounds like another nerd that got beat up by everyone else. Now he’s going to be an angry little man.

    • donewithjh

      You’ve obviously never watched his show cause he has made fun of all of those things on multiple occasions. But just keep going on and saying whatever you want seems to have worked for you thus far, well except for this time where it didn’t 🙂

  37. boss

    well, he’s no Christopher Hitchens, that’s for sure. that was a 60 minute circle jerk…

    “hey, aren’t christians dumb?”,

    “yeah, they’re super dumb!”

    “man, we’re super smart, though, right?”

    “yeah, super smart!”

    define “pompous ass”: Bill Maher, with Adam Carolla close on his heels.

    Liked hearing more about Maher’s background though.

    • Mandate: get it on
      Mandate: get it on02-23-2012

      Spoken like a true moron.

      Well done.

  38. adam

    A lot of people here seem to be missing Bill Maher’s point regarding religion. His beef with religion isn’t just that he thinks its a bunch of bullsh*t. His problem with religion is that it has influenced politics and legislation. He used the fact that certain states are trying to ban contraception for women as a perfect example of this.

    To the moron who posted about how he has never see an atheist hospital or homeless shelter, atheists don’t advertise their beliefs on the front of hospitals because they don’t feel the need to. Because that would be retarded. Are you honestly saying that atheists don’t support hospitals or help people in need because you’ve never seem them advertise the fact the they are helping people??? I get it. Many of you guys are religious conservatives and naturally hate Maher, but you could at least try to make a coherent argument, right?

    • HamiltonNJ

      No state is trying to ban contraception for woman…once again Bill gets his facts wrong.

      • adam

        OK, but there are states that force women who want to get abortions to get an ultrasound which means having a wand shoved up there private parts, which serves no other purpose other than to shame the woman. And this legislation IS absolutely based on Christian beliefs.

        • HamiltonNJ

          you do realize you just changed up your whole argument because your initial one made no sense right?

      • donewithhamiltonnj

        It’s called personhood and in my state, VA, they were most certainly trying to pass it. It gives fertilized eggs all the rights of human beings, therefore, you cant take the birth control pill cause that would make the fertilized egg not attach to the uterus thereby violating its rights, so yea states are trying to pass it and people should be paying attention.

        • HamiltonNJ

          you’re wrong…cute name by the way…but it makes for good headlines…oh no, they’re going to ban contraception. When in actuality, the one social issue that has gone conservatives way is abortion…so the democrats have abandoned abortion as a way to get votes, so they moved onto contraception, and they’re now trying to get people to think the right is going to ban your contraception measures…but keep up with the lies, falsehoods, or plain stupidity on your part.

        • HamiltonNJ

          Oh, and just so you know, cause you apparently don’t know much about your state…your republican governor didn’t sign the bill to mandate ultrasounds plus the personhood bill was shelved…even though, at the end of the day, it would’ve had nothing to do with contraception…good try though.

    • Jess

      Allow me to make a coherent argument for why religion must be a part of politics:

      Governing requires making decisions based on what you think is correct. If I think my religion is correct, then I have no choice but to make decisions based on my beliefs. Likewise, if you are a secularist, you believe secularism is the proper way to live, and you make decisions based on that belief.

      We are doing the same thing–governing based on our principles. The difference is you hold your secular beliefs as superior to mine, and therefore worthy of entrance into the public square.

      • donewithidiots


      • Marv

        What about when your religious beliefs and political beliefs contradict themselves? The Religious Right, who call themselves Conservatives and supposedly stand for Conservative values are full of shit. They are merely Republicans, not Conservatives. You can’t ramble on and on about government intruding on our lives and on the same token be the ONLY thing standing in the way of expanding the personal freedoms of the People (i.e. gay marriage, prohibition, forcing the teaching of Creationism). This is not true Conservatism. This is not a hands off approach to government. Be religious, be political if that is your choice but please not under the guise of Conservatism. Reagan wasn’t a real Conservative, H.W. wasn’t either. They were Republicans who got the support of the Religious Right.

        • Jess

          Totally agree. It’s hypocritical to say, “The government should stay out of my business” in one speech and then say, “The government should intervene on practices that offend my religious beliefs” in a different speech. I would have more faith in (Republican) politicians if they would acknowledge this contradiction.

          Liberal politicians contradict themselves, too, but on different issues. Liberals want a lot of government oversight until it comes to things like marriage, abortion, or marijuana. For these issues, we should have “the right to choose.”

          I guess we all pick the contradictions we can stomach most easily.

          • Marv

            Well put.

    • Cody

      “A lot of people here seem to be missing Bill Maher’s point regarding religion. His beef with religion isn’t just that he thinks its a bunch of bullsh*t. His problem with religion is that it has influenced politics and legislation. He used the fact that certain states are trying to ban contraception for women as a perfect example of this. ”

      . . . which might account for somethign were it not for the fact that he’s an Animal Rights cultist and a naturopath moron who feels that politics and legislation should be dramatically altered to suit his sollipsistic and anti-scientific *BELIEFS*.

  39. Juicefestival

    Two LA atheists trying to discuss philosophy and religion is the closest I have come to an unbearable Ace podcast since Deaf Frat Guy. I wouldn’t know where to start on the factual errors, the philosophical nonsense and the absolutely pathetic analysis of what Christians actually do believe (or how they practice). I mean it was that bad. It also seemed kinda sad Maher (and Ace?) are stuck in 1986. Some college kids who read a Bertrand Russell book and now decided they got it all figured out. Ugh. Grow up already.
    It IS interesting to hear about Mahers long career (born into it) in stand-up and television and how he developed his ‘douchebag dawkinish’ character. Sadly, nearing 60, Maher is another who doesn’t realize he is the past. Doing atheist versions of ‘take my wife please’ and ‘men are like dogs am I right ladies’.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-23-2012

      What do you mean DFG is unbearable!

    • vancity

      hahahahahah go hump a bible bro. let me know when your ready to step into the 21st century with the rest of the civilized world

    • donewith

      Deaf frat guy was horrendous

  40. JJ

    Completely consumed with politics, and how he confident he is with having all the answers to the Universe.

    Cool, sounds “intellectual” to me.

  41. Sean

    Holy shit, do they circulate Bill Maher appearances to all the religious whackos so they can fill the comment thread?

    Great show, good discussion between two smart and funny dudes. Been waiting for this matchup for a while myself.

  42. Scar

    Really good one. Too much pot talk though. The conversation about religion was an eye opener.

    • Acne

      I agree. Religion is a topic that can go on for awhile. Great conversation on the topics. Most of the time I don’t even bother, but the video helped for me though. Watching is way better than reading. When is part 2? 🙂

  43. Blah Blah Blog
    Blah Blah Blog02-23-2012

    Hmmm. Boring one on one interview. Pass. Bill Maher. Double pass.

  44. Jorm_Valadez

    Thanks for the heads up guys, as much as I love the show I can’t stand Adam’s ‘political’ and ‘religious’ views, let alone Bill’s (I did enjoy his movie, Religilous”).

    • Yak

      You can’t stand Adam or Bill’s religious views yet you listen to Adam’s podcast and you enjoyed Religulous? Contradict yourself much?

  45. Casey Man
    Casey Man02-23-2012

    Great show, Ace. It’s always great to hear Adam and Bill talk. Another fantastic meeting of minds. I love me some rational thought. Can’t wait for another 1-on-1 between you guys.

    • tony

      What minds?? You should start reading more ( not comic books ) / go back to school…..dumb ass!!

  46. burga

    I wonder why Adam doesn’t address the fact that he constantly used to call Bill Maher a blowhard. guess when he is face to face all his opinions go out the window

  47. Manny

    gotta love the religious retards above me going off on Bill Maher,
    hey morons, don’t judge least ye be judge right? Hypocrites.
    Typical idiotic bible thumping hating jerks like you fools should just ignore what the man has to say.

  48. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks02-23-2012

    At one point, I felt that all Atheists loved to evangelize about it (e.g. Bill Maher & Penn Jillette). But I realize not every atheist wants to tell you about it. I don’t think I’d know Ace was one if I didn’t hear him talk an hour and a half every week day. I do think though that folks who identify as atheists have faith that there’s no god. I’m an agnostic and have no faith whatsoever either way on God. If there was a scientific way to prove the existence of God (not to say there never will be) then I’d know, but I’m not just gonna believe either way.

    • HamiltonNJ

      Ace man actually makes sense as an atheist, cause normally he doesn’t really talk about it…obviously being around Maher it’s gonna come up, cause that’s all Maher talks about. I feel like if i were an atheist i’d probably wanna talk about something i’m actually interested in instead of how lame religion was. But Bill Maher had one thing really wrong. Atheists absolutely meet up and talk about being in the club…it’s not at a church, but you can google just about any state and find a club or following for atheists that meet up and talk shop once or twice a month…so the idea that they don’t fall prey to group think as well isn’t exactly right.

  49. rakattakpat

    This podcast was like watching a soap opera.. I could walk away for a time, come back and feel as if I really hadn’t missed anything….

  50. back sack& Ass crack
    back sack& Ass crack02-23-2012

    You dope,can’t even copy his name correctly.

  51. Terez

    I glazed over after about six minutes of this one. It just wasn’t very entertaining. And, no, I’m not a religious person. I just think the show certainly loses a great deal of something in a one-on-one format. Adam Carolla works better with a sidekick in a supporting role, something he must have known when he wrote Ozzie into the The Hammer script.

    Sorry. This was dull and dry. I look forward to tomorrow.

  52. David

    5 Reasons Why this was the Greatest Podcast Ever!

    1. A left of center American and a right of center American respecting each other and (crucially) making each other (and us) laugh!

    2-5 Shut the fuck up (as the Aceman brillianlty says)

    thanks Adam and Bill

    • tony

      David, you clueless bastard!!!

  53. Ryan II
    Ryan II02-23-2012

    I enjoyed the Michael Moore episode. I struggled through this one, and my opinion of Bill didn’t go up. Bill is Bill.

  54. HotBlackDesoto

    I enjoyed Adam’s interview with Maher more than Maron’s. I always enjoy discussions between pot-heads and drunks about their mind altering substances of choice. It’s fun conversation.

    I always wonder with these somewhat more serious one on one interviews, do the thoughts in Adam’s brain throb and jump around like a caged mongoose high on angel dust at an Indian herpetological convention. Though, he does get a few quips in, he shows alot of restraint.

  55. tony

    Another horrible podcast!!! Two boorish atheists saying NOTHING!!!! I listened to this podcast just to see how low these two grunt brains go!!!
    Bill Maher’s Hbo Friday night show stinks; and his audience has no brains, class, and biased towards Black’s, liberals, and the clueless……..dumb, dumb, stupid, ignorant, dumb…..!!!!!!!!!

    • Aaron

      Talk about irony.

      • Yak

        Tony’s just a troll, here to do nothing but call everyone names who disagrees with his opinion and to attempt to irritate everyone like a pesky wasp at a picnic. Ignore him.

  56. Chester

    I don’t think that there’s much mystery as to why no one takes Adam Carolla seriously. He’s proven to be an ignorant blowhard.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-24-2012

      …but he’s a damn funny blowhard.

  57. Mr. Honkington
    Mr. Honkington02-23-2012

    It is simple minded to put all of humanities miseries on Religion.

  58. Andrew

    Best show ever that was without Alison and Baldy-B. Thanks Ace-Man! Great show! You totally redeemed yourself with that Andrew Brietbart crap show last year. Congrats on 3 yrs!

  59. JoePal

    Ok, it’s a mic. I see it now. At first glance I thought the Ace man was going for some kind of dbag pencil thin beard crossed with the Ambrose Burnside

  60. Josh

    As a Christian I think Maher is funny but he’s also a bias prick far too often.

  61. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy02-23-2012

    yo, waTS DA dillio with Maher’s hair-lip

  62. Shew

    What a podcast is truly meant to be. Please change format of the show back to this one-on one. Shows like these make me dread having to go back to the “Morning Zoo” caliber format. Bald Bryan, I love you bro, but shut the eff up with the obnoxious drops. Nails on a chalkboard. I would pay for the show if they were all like this one.

  63. brian

    I couldn’t even finish this one.

  64. ACEfan!

    Bill Maher donating $1 mil to re-elect Blacky McBlackman.

    • andy90

      Go away, racist.

    • Yak

      “Blacky McBlackman” is half white you dunce. Wait, that’s not a dunce cap you’re wearing, that’s a Ku Klux Klan hood. Never mind, makes sense now.

  65. DonnySac

    Mutual masterbation.

  66. Sky

    Boring…No wonder Bill Maher isn’t on TV much.

  67. Josef

    Bill Maher is such a huge wind bag, a Hollywood elitist that believes anyone that doesn’t agree with him is stupid. I made an honest attempt to listen to this show but could only get thru about 10 minutes of it. Bill is precisely the reason why I don’t have HBO.

  68. Linda Solinski
    Linda Solinski02-24-2012

    I love Bill Maher! I was hoping his secret at the end of Bill’s show last night was going to throw his hat in the political ring. And then he would have Joe Black as vice president. But I am proud of Bill for donating one million dollars tp Obama’s campain!

  69. W

    They kept calling Maher a comedian? Doesn’t that have to imply that at some point in his life that he was funny? Adam did a great job attempting to bring in a few jokes, but Maher was way to wasted and full of himself to add anything even slightly humorous, or even thought provoking.

  70. Riggz

    Bill Maher is not funny and not nearly as intelligent as he thinks he is. The fact of the matter is NO ONE knows what lies behind deaths’ door… NO ONE. Yes you can’t prove God exists, but you can’t prove God doesn’t. So when blow-hards like the idiot Bill Maher acts like he has all the answers, he is really just proving he is an ugly, self-indulgent, weak-willed little sissy man… Politically Incorrect??? Ironically this guy is the definition of a PC Thug. Keep smoking your dope you dope.

  71. buttercup

    I agree. He’s called Bill Maher a blowhard on past shows. He’s railed against Bill’s HBO show and the panel guests he selects. He also espouses his dislike of comic book nerd culture; however he was quick to try to sign a contract with Kevin Smith. He’s a walking contradiction, I think that’s the risk you run when you do a daily podcast. You eventually start repeating your stories and contradicting yourself. The best way to enjoy the show (or any entertainment) is to not put any stock in the shit he/they claim to stand for. Adam is driven by his bank account, like most people he will do and say whatever it takes to earn money.

  72. KnumbKnuts

    If liberal, atheist circlejerking had a Valhalla, Bill Maher would be Thor. His hammer would be a bong.

  73. Nick

    I think this is only the 3rd Adam Carolla show that I’ve not been able to make it through.

    Not only is Bill Maher not funny, but for a so-called intellectual he sure gets his facts wrong.

    On a personal note, the dog bugged me and I always think people who don’t take the time to go down to Ace Broadcasting are sorta assholes. Back to the dog though- you’re doing a fucking show, keep the dog out of the room. That seems pretty inconsiderate to your “friend’s” fans…

  74. Mike

    3 things on the pseudo intellectual Maher:

    1. Using the words conundrum and verbotten multiple times does not make you sound smarter
    2. Citing that ridiculous 98% of Catholics use contraception as if it were a fact is beyond stupid. That fake number has been shown to be false and a result of a specific push poll.
    3. King of the straw man argument. Using his logic, Catholics want contraception outlawed which is absolutely untrue. The problem lies in the expectation that the government should mandate free rubbers and BC pills.

  75. Antonio

    Who goes to the beach and states I hate water let me stay here while I bitch about my day. If you don’t like it google something else and discover your passion. What I’m saying is GTFO out of club because your ruining my high.

  76. Van Hammersly
    Van Hammersly02-24-2012

    I love Bill. Just finished watching the Yahoo special and he was spot on with everything.

    But that silver Hi-Fi system looks straight out of 1986.

  77. Katie

    Isn’t Bill Maher supposed to be a comedian? He didn’t say one funny or interesting thing during this show. Mehhh

  78. Joe

    Great podcast! I love the one-on-one interviews. Intelligent, insightful and entertaining. Podcast like this take your show to the next level.

  79. william2

    Great episode Adam. I love when you talk shop with your guests and get into their brains. It sounded like you could have extended that interview, got another podcast and maybe a day off out of it. Ignore the haters here, they sound young. I’ve learned that you can have mixed views on lot’s of things and need not be anyone’s bitch.

  80. Riggz

    I’m not religious at all, being an atheist IS being religious. Must be nice to have that level of blind faith, when the fact is no one knows the answers. I wish someone could prove to me God doesn’t exist and when you die that’s all that happens. I just don’t have that level of faith.

    It is as retarded to believe that humans evolved out of nothing as it is to believe some old white guy floating on a cloud invented everything. God, spirituality and the universe are bigger than any human, bigger than anything our finite human brains can comprehend. It is totally arrogant to think that humans know everything and they are the be-all end-all.

  81. Lorenzo

    This was a great episode! Thanks to all involved.

  82. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle02-27-2012

    When Chico barks at 20:25 you get a glimpse at the true colors of Bill Maher.

  83. Mikey

    This is why I love Adam Carolla. He usually comes in with a logical, reasonable explanation of his beliefs that doesn’t belittle or demonize anyone. I’m not a huge fan of Bill Maher. I find him to be a little pompous and snarky, but this was a good interview on comedy.

  84. Morgan

    GOOD POD!!!
    I hope Ace and Bill shoot hoops together.

  85. Dave

    Aceman, I’ve been listening to your show as long as I can remember. You’re a changing man and you are on your way to become what God has intended you to be. It’s not only about being ‘safe’ in the afterlife but there’s so much more to it than that. How often do we fully appreciate and value when we lose what we have and eventually we find God at the ‘end’.. Life is tough with or without God. If you’re willing to accept all the good in life that God promised you then you must accept the bad in life as well. But the point is why not live this wonderful and difficult life knowing the truth? Unfortunately, not everyone gets to choose to live under God during their lifetime. Might as well take the blue pill and go about your way really not knowing why all of this. It’s tough to know the truth and lead the life in truth but you’ll have a fulfilling life in all that you do and ultimately become the man, son, father that God intended you to be. You can still hate ranchero music and God will still accept you. lol!

  86. RedRockRun

    Ugh. First Michael Moore, then Jon Stewart, and now Bill Maher. How’s about we stop getting complete lib douches on, k Aceman?

  87. Joe

    Bill Mar is the kid whose parents told him everything he said was funny, important – you name it. He is incredibly unhappy as a person. He probably hates puppies and babies because they steal attention from his abnormally large forehead. I think he cries himself to sleep after watching real news every night. I almost feel sorry for himrhe way you feel sorry for a racoon family that has been run over by an F150. Bill – don’t give up hope – there is always daytime or Mexican soaps. You have talent, it’s just smothered by the fact that you’re irrelevant. Go have lunch with Erik Estrada – he knows what’s up with mexican daytime.

    -your mom

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