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Adam had two of his wisdom teeth pulled this morning and has some thoughts on the experience. He then has Alison read another news story about trying to ban leaf blowers, and the group plays a round of Tales From The Cheap. Adam also gives some updates on his dog Molly.

Today’s guest is MMA referee Big John McCarthy. Adam talks to him about his new book, and has a lot of questions about the still-evolving sport. Big John shares his thoughts on fighters like Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar, and gives some insight as to how he gets selected to ref certain matches.

Moving into the news with Alison, the top story is about the passing of Steve Jobs. They also discuss Sarah Palin’s announcement that she will not be running for president, nor is New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Also in the news is the continuing trial of Conrad Murray, and the guys listen to the sad, slurred audio of Michael Jackson. Later they discuss pissed off protestors in the New York, and the first TV series cancellation of the season. The show wraps up with the guys discussing former Playmate Holly Madison insuring her breasts for $1 million.


Visit www.BigJohnMcCarthy.com for more info on today’s guest.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. simon

    Get it on!

  2. The Offender
    The Offender10-06-2011

    Tales From The Cheap, sweet, been far too long since this was last played.

  3. Thadeus J. Funkenheimer
    Thadeus J. Funkenheimer10-06-2011

    Awesome episode. It’s always nice to hear Adam talk about fighting. I think him and Rogan need to another podcast again soon.

    Everyone else: be cool…

  4. snake

    Alison and bryan need to do a podcast while ace is in new York.

    Also bring back Know your lackies

    • Chad

      Actually yeah–remember when Ace was working on his pilot and he got guest hosts? Doug Benson, etc? Most of them were good (except Stephen Brody Stephens, holy crap was he horrible), and if BB and Alison are there, it’d be close to normal.

  5. drb123

    Good Christ, that is the saddest looking dog ever

    • heap of tears
      heap of tears10-06-2011

      That poor dog.

      • Sacto Aaron
        Sacto Aaron10-06-2011

        Seriously!! I have a yellow lab at home and couldn’t imagine having to lop one of his ears off!!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-06-2011

      Noticed that too, poor Molly

  6. Connard

    I predict a victory for Overeem. He is too experienced for Lesnar.

  7. Peter B
    Peter B10-06-2011

    These kids need job or go study and stop bitching about being a losers. These Protesting twits are the product of the hippies. Regurgitating the same tired lines their parents did in the 60’s. They have been duped. This is a prime example of the kind of lemmings this country is producing. What happens when you let bureaucrats with an agenda run the educational system these kids are in for a rude awaking when they have to venture out into the real world and earn their way. Other people’s money is their money not theirs. They have no right to any of it. If they truly are concerned about jobs and the economy then stop voting for the slave master’s who have created this situation America now finds itself.

    As a side note, the groups sponsoring these protests are lobbyists and cronies of the democrat political class. They are playing on those kids blatant ignorance showing now uneducated and ill-equipped these new generations are going to be for the real world. They create the chaos and then come in a pretend to fix it for us. They are robbing us of a future.

    And as a side – side note, maybe it would behoove the protesters and their sympathizers to do a little study in history and see how it worked out for those nations that played this class warfare, “each according to their need” societies. I know they do not teach factual history and economics in school so be an individual and grow up cause with this kind of “sheepal” mentality they are doomed to be a poor leach their entire life.

    Just pathetic.

    • LaoSooey

      Yeah, but still.

    • yo

      Haven’t listened to the podcast, but I assume you are referring to the “Occupy X” protest movement….

      I went out to talk to some of these people in DC last night. Most of these protesters are students from Georgetown, GW, and AU.

      Wall Street has robbed this nation of quadrillions by means of the derivatives racket but the only people who have a problem with that are college kids whose parents pay 40 grand a year to send them to school. I agree Peter, the demonstrations have been completely co-opted by the same idiots who brought us Barack Obama…this is, sadly enough, very true. When the unions join the cause the hijacking is complete; George Soros and the Democratic Party call the shots now. (just like the Koch brothers stole the Tea Party)

      SOME of the grievances of the protesters are legit but the protesters themselves are almost all scrawny, spoiled, hipster douchebag types. If you don’t have the cool clothes, or the cool hairstyle, or the cool punk band logo sewed onto your backpack then you can’t join their “revolution.”

      Meanwhile the poor people in the trailer parks and projects remain docile, stupid, and blissfully unaware of why their standard of living keeps declining.

      When you see the Tea Party people and the lefties and the old, young, white, black, and everyone else join hands and March on DC then you should pay attention. But this Occupy Wall Street crap is A BUNCH OF NOISE. This is more of the same divide and conquer crap.

      These stooges are getting a shitload of attention from the press which is proof positive that this “movement” is NOT REAL. There was 20 people at Occupy DC last night yet they are getting international news coverage! Be weary of these fools boys and girls. This BS is as establishment as it gets. These protesters are in love with open borders and government run health care. That is un-American garbage. DO NOT WANT!

      • Peter B
        Peter B10-06-2011

        Again these are collective minded groups. Be it these student myrmidons or the Tea Party. They are group thinkers. They are programmed to be political fodder. I would personally relate more to the tea party type ideals for the most part but I think it is a tragedy that we are taught to take our marching orders from groups instead of locally thinking through issues and solutions as individuals.
        These kids have no idea how they are being used. Obama is feeling heat and knows he will probably lose in 2012, so his handlers, financial backers and his base are trying to spread this mindless dribble and the media will drive it as long as they can.
        I was bitching about the conservatives when the Bushies walked on every privacy right and the expansions of government during his reign. A lot of these are the same complaining about Obama’s federal expansion now. I think consistent rational must come before any party or ideology. Sure Obama’s statist dream is far more dangerous to the survival of our country, but this is not the beginning on this kind of structure.
        The only point I may agree with them on, is TARP should never have been paid out with our tax dollars. They elected a man who has the same support staff that helped inflate that bubble and his dem-bot cronies in congress hindered any control over Fannie and Freddie so who are they bitching about. They are responsible for putting these people who are in power now and their parents are to blame for screwing us for decade. How about going home or to your schools and marching around? If you should be angry at anyone it is them

      • I can do this all day
        I can do this all day10-06-2011

        Ah America,

        Where we pride ourselves in not caring for others.

        Where an ever growing segment of the population is left without insurance while the other keeps paying more and more for less coverage.

        Where being miserable, poor, unemployed and without health insurance does not matter as much as making sure we don’t look like Europe…

        America, I love you!

        • Peter B
          Peter B10-06-2011

          “Where we pride ourselves in not caring for others”

          That’s why private US charities give more during worldwide disasters then all other nations combined? Why we donate more money to US based organizations to help the various groups that need the help then in any other society on earth?
          See this individual is a prime example of the indoctrinated mentality that is so pervasive. We are the most empathetic nation on earth. I lived part of my childhood up in Europe. They are not that pleasant to one another and they expect the government to take care of every need which is what is happening here now. Local communities, churches and private groups used to take care to the needy but the feds have made the harder and harder for them to do.
          Now after decade of government education these younger generations believe they are no longer responsible. That it is the nanny states job to take from one group and provide everything for the other and if they don’t we are somehow not compassionate enough.

          “Where an ever growing segment of the population is left without insurance while the other keeps paying more and more for less coverage”

          Of course we pay more because those who have neglected their responsibility to get coverage pass the cost onto those of us who do. Where the federal government has been continuously over regulating and stood in the way of the free market competition that would create much cheaper and more affordable healthcare. Your Gods of politics have taking your options away and are now ridding in to save you from the mess they have purposefully created. A little less self pity and a little more attention paid might serve you well.

          “Where being miserable, poor, unemployed and with health insurance does not matter as much as making sure we don’t look like Europe…”

          Miserable: That sounds personal maybe go see a shrink.

          Unemployed: Either you have made poor decisions in education and career. Voted for a party that are standing in the way of private sector job growth. Or are just lazy. Even in this economy, if you want to work, there is work but you have to make yourself valuable.

          No Health Insurance: Well that is your responsibility and you are most likely the one who keep enabling these politicians to make it impossible for you to have good and cheap choices, except for the one they are trying to create. Good luck with the universal healthcare. Just don’t get sick. Sure the healthcare industry needs reform, but it needs free market reform induced by competition and end to crony capitalism. Believe it or not, it does work if they get out of the way and let it.

          Looking like Europe: Really? Are you paying attention to the mess Europe is in? Have you paid attention to our growth in the last 100 years and their decline?

          In conclusion: If you do not like the American way, want government to provide a job for you, food, housing, and cradle to grave society there is a place for you already. You dream nirvana. It’s called North Korea. They will welcome you with open arms and let the door hit ya on the way out.

          • I can do this all day
            I can do this all day10-06-2011

            Oh man… I wrote a long answer to this and it didn’t get posted… anyways, here’s a summary:

            You: expert on empathy.
            Me: empathy means understanding how others feel. Happy, educated (MBA) gainfully employed, have health insurance, still care about the downtrodden. If churches, charitable organizations or community groups could do the job I think we would know it by now.

            You: Manichean view. Only two choices USA or North Korea.
            Me: Uh uh… many in-betweens. Grew up in Europe where losing job or spending a week in hospital doesn’t mean losing everything you own. In no way suggested that we should be like Europe but simply that maybe there are some things that other countries do better than us. Ex: Canada or Australia have fared better in this economic cycle and are still able to provide basic necessity like health care coverage.

            You: Health care insurance is each individual’s responsibility.
            Me: Wrong. Being healthy is a right, not a privilege. Never suggested that the state should run EVERY aspect of one’s life but this aspect of it is a Government’s duty when someone is in dire need.

            Good luck to you and I sincerely hope you never end up on the wrong end of your argument against universal health care.

          • I can do this all day
            I can do this all day10-06-2011

            Oh and one more thing about this comment you made:

            … Good luck with the universal healthcare. Just don’t get sick…

            That alone shows how little you know about this topic. I’ll take France as an example (which I’m sure you love). Their hospitals may not look like 4 star hotels, but I can guarantee you (from experience) that the care you get is at a minimum as good as what you would expect here, minus the exorbitant bills.

            Finally if uninsured people are the sole reason why getting coverage is so expensive (they are not), then why would you even argue against providing insurance for all? Republicans have not provided one new idea in the last 30 years for fixing this issue. It’s always: let the free-market/competition take care of it and add a small dose of tax-free health savings account… How long will take before you realize, it has never and most likely will never work?

    • Kate

      I think you’ve chosen a wise platform to make your message heard!

      Good DAY Sir!

      • yo

        I’m sorry me use big words. Me try to make point in one sentence.

      • Ledgewood

        I got a gig in Cleveland tomorrow night. Who’s comin’?!

        • Zapoli

          I regret that I will be unable to attend. But I will keep your gig in Cleveland tomorrow night in my thoughts and prayers.

          • Ledgewood

            That means so much to me.

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle10-06-2011

          Regretfully, I will not be able to attend your gig in Cleveland. But I will be coming tomorrow night.

          • Ledgewood

            You can do that at the gig…

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee10-06-2011

          if I was anywhere near Cleveland I would attend and buy your band a round or two… good luck…

          • KoolAid

            Oh yeah!

  8. Tyler

    You know what I don’t think is pathetic? Knowing how to use grammar. Stopped reading after your first sentence Peter.

    What a waste of 2 cents…pathetic even.

    • Ledgewood

      I didn’t read it cuz of all them words. So many.

    • Peter B
      Peter B10-06-2011

      Point taken and I did go to a government school. Is is pathetic and it does take away from the thought. Is a curse.

  9. snake

    Peter tl ; dr

    • Peter B
      Peter B10-06-2011

      Lol exactly

  10. Peter B
    Peter B10-06-2011

    I do not understand Ace’s logic when it comes to his argument: “We have one bad law or we have laws for everything, so why not another one?” So we have shit loads of horrible laws that micro manage our entire lives and that makes it ok to continue to pile them on? That is not very polished reasoning.
    We are losing liberties left and right because for some reason we have to except the nanny state looking over our shoulders around every corner so bend over and “May I have another please?”

    And what are you doing Ace? Driving around looking for leaf blowers, running in front of them and inhaling (through the mouth of course)? Must be a left coast thing.

    • yo

      Its best not to try and make sense of Aces political rants. He is an unsophisticated spineless jellyfish. He is a bootlicking flagsucker. He sits on an ivory tower, and thinks nothing of the “little people.”

      To people like Adam Carolla, we (his fans) are nothing but pests. We are rats who should be poisoned and our corpses dumped in the ocean. We deserve nothing but death and disease and heartache.

      In Aces dream world, celebrities are Gods chosen people and he is their court jester. In Aces Utopia, the poor are sterilized to make way for the wealthy superclass.

    • PHX

      I guarantee if you were in Arizona you would be on Adam’s side of the leaf blower debate. All they do here is blow dust around and make air quality go way down. It’s totally ridiculous watching landscapers in a cloud of brown haze just to round up a handful of leaves and cigarette butts.

  11. Ryan II
    Ryan II10-06-2011

    If holly needs a million, Stefanie Wilder Taylor should get 3 million for her girls.

  12. Sean Eddy
    Sean Eddy10-06-2011



  13. Ledgewood

    Saving calenders… Yeesh.

  14. JessMan

    tits! holly is a beauty

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-06-2011

      Not as nice as SWT’s t’s.

  15. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams10-06-2011

    Skipped past the entire dentists bit and will continue to do so if/ when it comes up again. Almost as bad as the Tournament of Rosen. Almost.

  16. Pattycake125

    I love Adam as an entertainer, and he should be proud of his ability to make money, but he is mistaken politically IMHO. Not everyone with ambition and a strong work ethic can be rich. In the stereotype world, look at the Jamaicans.
    Adam you are hard working and talented, but also LUCKY. Most people are hardworking and many are talented, but few have the Luck factor. Many Americans live on far less than 200 thou a year despite hard work.
    As far as the Occupy-Wallstreet people, they cannot articulate their platform, because the solution is NOT easy. If it was our politicians should have thought of it.
    There are some who live on what can be handed to them because of whatever reason…. such as disability. But I would rather pay part of my taxes to help those who genuinely need a hand, than to go bankrupt paying for bankers who planned to screw the taxpayer out of millions. They hedged their bets and the losses were all ours! that is CRIMINAL.
    As far as rich taxes…. YES Percentages should be equal!!! It is no harder for you to live on 60 cents per dollar, that me. I wish I had LUCK. I work HARD and in my world I do well, but I will never be in a position to make even the 250 thou kind of money.

  17. Pattycake125

    I would like to better if rich man ADAM would stick to bitching about first world problems and toilet etiquette, and leave the Republican line for someone else.

  18. Josh

    The American government has failed us. It allows the Fed to create 1.2 TRILLION out of thin air. THE WHOLE POINT IS NO ONE CAN FIND A JOB, AS U.S. POLICY MAKERS HAVE ENCOURAGED A FLOOD OF JOBS OUT OF THE COUNTRY

    • MPG

      No one is ever convince me that the unemployment rate here is 9.9999999% (or whatever bullshit they’re saying to not rock the boat psychologically). Almost everyone I know is either unemployed or severely underemployed.

      • MPG

        *going to convince me
        I was eating a tootsie roll. It requires a great amount of attention.

        • JessMan

          1.2 TRILLION what? dollars? puppies? vaginas?

          • Rad Tuna
            Rad Tuna10-06-2011

            MPG, you either live in Detroit or need more friends if your picture of unemployment is that bad. Not saying it’s not a problem but I only know a few unemployed people and I live in southern California where things are pretty messy.

  19. Jeremy

    Can we talk about Alison’s asshole emissions for a minute?

    • Gold

      Nope, not a chance. Sorry, but my mom always told me, “don’t talk to dumb people, they might get some of their stupid on you.”



  21. Dr. Doctor
    Dr. Doctor10-06-2011

    I can’t get “State of Shock” out of my mind. Could you all stop talking about it? It’s got me on my knees. Please baby please!

    • I can do this all day
      I can do this all day10-06-2011

      Abra abracadabra, I wanna reach out and grab ya…

      Did that help?

      • Dr. Doctor
        Dr. Doctor10-06-2011

        You just threw chili powder on my open wound.

  22. hmm

    Not true. Hearts can increase in size with proper training (see pro cyclist).

    I love Alison!!!!!

  23. ana

    i went to the same oral surgeon as adam!
    how exciting. and adams right, it was an easy procedure. that oral surgeon has great laughing gas 🙂

  24. Alison's Gyno
    Alison's Gyno10-06-2011

    Alison was in this week for a checkup on her herpes. Just as I got my nose right in there she let a warm humid one rip. I mean this thing was HEAVY.

    When I awoke on my exam room floor the cheap cunt had left without paying.

    • Profiling

      You are either 15 years old or a very lonely virgin white adult male. Correct?

      • Profiling

        I am a 12 year old fat white virgin with acne.

        • Profiling

          Based on your “answer” I will have to assume that you are younger than 15 and the girls in your class are mean to you. In your case it will likely get worse. Sorry but you are a loser and can’t be helped.

          • Profiler

            I have the weird habit of getting in insane arguments with myself.

  25. flaco

    Occupy THIS! 😛

  26. David Dietz III
    David Dietz III10-06-2011

    If any of Adam’s staff read the message board, check out the “State of Shock” entry on Wikipedia and show it to the Aceman. If he hated it before, he’ll REALLY hate after reading that. I was in a “state of shock” myself after reading it… there was actually some THOUGHT put into that POS song!

  27. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-06-2011

    Per Wiki:


    State of Shock was not written by Mick Jagger. He only sang on the song. It was written by Michael Jackson (at the height of his powers in 1983-84) and some bass player named Randy Hansen (who, based on his pics on wiki, might be the ugliest man on the face of the earth).

    • Josh

      Whoa, we’re not into facts on the Carolla board, just smelling crotch and piss play.

  28. Josh

    Why do people support unions? B/c THEY’RE MADE OF PEOPLE. They aren’t sheets of paper bestowed with inalienable rights getting representation without taxation.

    • Brett

      Well said!

  29. Say What
    Say What10-06-2011

    Corporations are made of people too. And they pay their people instead of taking their money.

    Flint Michigan would still be prosperous if it weren’t for the UAW.

    Unions fucking suck.

    • flaco

      More well said!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-06-2011

      Yeah they do! When we bid Federal or State funded “Prevailing Wage” jobs we literally double our price to meet the “PW” requirements which allow for Union Subcontractors to be competetive. This is our tax money (now or later) being used to help the Unions stay alive. Our company is so anti-union that we won’t use UPS anymore and you can all thank Obama for this. He took 40 million from the Unions and now he’s F-ng us US taxpayers. Save our Country and vote him out!

  30. Josh

    I remember when teachers, public employees, Planned
    Parenthood, NPR, and PBS crashed the stock market, wiped
    out half the value of 401ks, took trillions in tax payer bailouts
    spilled oil in the Gulf Of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses,
    and paid no taxes.

    • Peter B
      Peter B10-06-2011

      Hey so I do well maybe not cashing the stock market. That was all the political cronies and lobbists who worked for Clinton, then Bush and now Obama but every year the public sector takes trillions of our tax payor dollars, give their government hacks large raises, pressure law makers to legally secure their bloated retirements and health inusrance all with our money. While the rest of us have to be responsbile and work hard

      • Terri

        And don’t forget about the teachers, public employees, etc taking those tax dollars, and in most cases, doing a shltty job with it. Wanna fix it? Good luck. Just sit back and watch the lobbyist/politician/union cluster F fire all of its guns and explode into space.

  31. Pee-party

    Occupy Wall Street Highlights Tea Party’s Bogus Populism

    • Peter B
      Peter B10-06-2011

      Lol good joke. You funny.

  32. Check yourself Hank
    Check yourself Hank10-06-2011

    Hank williams ain’t got shit on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper10-06-2011

    Now that you’re all fixed up, Adam, hopefully you don’t get run over by a bus in New York.

  34. Brett

    Hate it when ACE talks about politics – ignorant, unfunny and dry. It was funnier when T would argue with him. Now it is like listening to Rush or Hannity.

    • Ledgewood

      To be fair, you’re completely wrong when you say it’s like listening to Rush or Hannity.

      • Awful Lotta Dumb Honkeys
        Awful Lotta Dumb Honkeys10-06-2011

        C’mon Ledge, you know that it’s just like listening to Rush and Hannity. Those guys are always going off about how gay marriage and pot should be legal

  35. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper10-06-2011

    Installing in-line water heaters would cost money. And spending money cuts into profits. Greed, that’s what it is.

  36. Dave P
    Dave P10-06-2011

    Did anyone notice at the end of the MJ audio there is the distinctive BEEP of a smoke detector with a low battery. I’m surprised Ace didn’t catch that! Blame it on post wisdom tooth extraction.

  37. J-Bob

    Alison’s story about her family’s Christmas sounds like something that Nazis would have made-up to slander Jews. “They mock Christmas by wrapping up old shoes and giving them as gifts.”

  38. MikeA

    Love the show but holy shit is Alison bad. Wow. She sounds so uneducated when she tries to speak words like “probably” and “also”. Instead they sound like “probabbbby” and “ahso”.

    • MDA

      I bet you are a blast at parties.

  39. Empty Box
    Empty Box10-06-2011

    Shoes for Industry! Shoes for the dead!

  40. I can do this all day
    I can do this all day10-06-2011

    One more thing about this comment you made:

    … Good luck with the universal healthcare. Just don’t get sick…

    That alone shows how little you know about this topic. I’ll take France as an example (which I’m sure you love). Their hospitals may not look like 4 star hotels, but I can guarantee you (from experience) that the care you get is at a minimum as good as what you would expect here, minus the exorbitant bills.

    Finally if uninsured people are the sole reason why getting coverage is so expensive (they are not), then why would you even argue against providing insurance for all? Republicans have not provided one new idea in the last 30 years for fixing this issue. It’s always: let the free-market/competition take care of it and add a small dose of tax-free health savings account… How long will take before you realize, it has never and most likely will never work?

    • BU Terrier
      BU Terrier10-06-2011

      After watching my billets deal with the canadian “health care” system, and based on my own experience with US government services (DMV, cops, parking enforcement, education, etc), the last thing I want to do is turn over anything to a group of politicians. My health is too important to risk that.

  41. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-06-2011

    Just bought new Michelins for my truck yesterday at Discount Tires and went on and on about the Podcast and Carcast. I think I have personally turned on a couple dozen of listeners, Good Times…

    • Fluffer Alert
      Fluffer Alert10-06-2011


      and the award goes to thee

      Fluffing for free is fun

  42. zappo

    Adam is getting dickier by the day. What a burden to live in a world where you’re the smartest person! I think he’s bored of the podcast.

    • zappo

      And by dickier I mean funnier. His passion for this podcast is really coming through.

    • AfghanIStained

      He is bored of the podcast and all his other work.

      Boredom is contagious; to those who have something to say, sorry.

  43. Nick

    Love you Adam but you are soooo fucking wrong about unions. I am a teacher. I make 40k a year, have good, but far from awesome healthcare(kaiser) and can be let go whenever they want for the first two years and after that I recieve yearly evaluations on my performance. I, and my union, am killing our economy? I think not.

    • Gunga La Gunga
      Gunga La Gunga10-06-2011

      My friend is dating a school teacher and he tells a different story. A story of crappy teachers with tenure that can’t be eliminated. A story of principals with too much power, pulling hefty salaries, that only make things worse. But at least the public school system is churning out the best and brightest students this country has ever seen. Maybe I just don’t understand unions. I have never belonged to one. In my field you either make more money and get promoted or get fired based on your performance. If you are not happy with your employer you go find another job. Sure, its not always easy representing yourself but I ve made it work and kept all my money. Screw the unions.

  44. chewitup

    Ace, Massachusetts dentist here listening to today’s podcast while cooing dinner. In-line water heaters for dental units have three strikes against them. 1. You are a big time minority. I’ve been a dentist for 30 years and NOBODY complains about the cold water. Maybe two patients a year. After being in practice 30 years, my patients have no qualms complaining about anything. Cold water is way low on the list. 2. Pretty much everyone had the heaters 20 years ago. They kept breaking down. The units are small and must get clogged easily. They were more trouble than they were worth. 3. About 10 years ago, someone got their underwear in a bunch about bacteria in the water line of dental units. That was the death knell for the heaters. Heated water equals more bacteria. Hence, you lose Aceman. Suck it up dude. Sensodyne toothpaste is marketed for a reason.

    • chewitup

      But like AC said, I do like to put my dlick in my patients mouths while they are knocked out.

  45. todd

    LOUD ASS GUITAR RIFF… fuckers.

    • todd

      I’m a tool., btw.

  46. Juiceman

    I find this UFC stuff stupid and boring so I don’t know if I want to download this one. I guess i can FF through that talk. Like I do with aging rock stars telling their surprisingly dull stories.
    Please tell me Alison’s sexy voice is there.

    • Juiceman

      I juice myself.

  47. jpmoneypants

    Palin consulted her family blah blah blah …. how bout, she saw the polls, knew she would DEFINITELY lose, and choose not to waste time.

    • Juiceman

      I see what you are saying (they all say they consulted family blah blah) but had she wanted to get in earlier and put some dedicated power behind it – yes, actually she could have a shot.
      Palin is huge. Despite your Daily Show pretending everyone thinks she is a joke.

      • Prometheus

        The only thing about Sarah Palin that is huge is the volume of air between her ears. I am more of a libertarian than anything so don’t think this is the rant of a bleeding heart. She sucks. She quit her job as govenor of alaska to become a celebrity. She is an idiot and could never succesfully run for, and definitely not serve as, president. You have to at least have a high school graduate’s level of US history and political knowledge to be president. Former beauty queen, communications majors, fiscally irresponsible politicians that abandon their state need not apply.
        Sarah Palin is custom made for gullible idiots that believe the shlt they hear on FOX.

        • Juiceman

          I believe she has a stronger more impressive resume than you and she would best you in an IQ test as well as a general knowledge exam. I think you know that would be the outcome.

          • Prometheus

            Based on your asinine response I will go ahead and assume that you are a moron. I hope you can understand that, as I clearly stated, this is just an assumption as I don’t really know you. And based on your comments about my resume and IQ it is clear that you don’t know me. One thing I do know, since she is a very public figure, is that Sarah Palin is a moron. She is also a money grubbing wh0re. And I don’t just base this on the fact that she would abandon the voters that put her in office to go become a high paid celebrity. I think the fact that she drove around the country in her freak show bus, stealing the spotlight at every possible opportunity, never actually participating in the process but giving every indication she was going to run for president (including asking for large donations should she choose to run) is a perfect example of just how big a money grubbing wh0re she actually is. People that think Mrs Palin, or any of these politicians, are going to solve their problems deserve this mess.

  48. volkan

    yeah this ufc stuff is boring as shit.. i fast forward it through it…love allison,and bald bryan is awesome with the efects untill i hear that god awful cherry pie song,,, I fucking hate it…. please stop that cherry pie drop.. allsion youre great by the way…

  49. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-06-2011

    Palin is a fucking coward who duped tons of idiots into thinking she might run…..when her only intention was to run away with their money…….whats this bidding on Alison thing? I would be willing to pay a very large sum of money to cuddle with her, hold her and listen to her talk

  50. Mike

    Adam, I seriously doubt that you’ve done ANY investigation into the OccupyWallStreet movement. When you get into this topic its clear you have no idea what you’re talking about. Just to make things clear, the movement is not affiliated with any union. Also, there is a manifesto: http://coupmedia.org/occupywallstreet/occupy-wall-street-official-demands-2009

  51. bluetone

    I’d trade half the population of the world to have Steve Jobs back.

  52. OBAMA 2012
    OBAMA 201210-06-2011

    Hank Williams. Jr.

    Let’s have a BEER old boy! Yeeee Haaa!

  53. ras

    Ace -love the show but the leaf blower
    Try sweeping your driveway with a broom and then with a blower. Then decide which one you can do all day long

    • Grouper

      I am sure he, like most non-sissies, swept many a driveway in his day. But like most people these days, looking for the easiest way to do everything and unwilling to break a sweat, you turn to the leaf blower. Are you one of the college interns that comes to my company expecting to take my job without putting in years of hard work? You sound like them.

    • Morris

      Dude, the ban is on gas powered blowers. If it’s just your driveway you can use an electric.

  54. JukeBox

    Yeah if Adam did any manual labor around his house, he’d really appreciate a leaf blower. He’s fucking insane on this issue, sorry…

    • The Meat
      The Meat10-06-2011

      Yeah you would think that a guy that spent over a decade digging ditches, cleaning carpets and doing construction would know something about manual labor and power tools. Where does he get off bagging on leaf blowers. Our society would fall apart wiithout these essential tools. Oh, and you are a tool.

      • Hero

        “Manual labor around his house”…

        He completely rebuilt the house dipsh!t.

  55. Pb

    Jeez Ace is beyond full of shit. I can’t believe he actually thinks that unions are the problem with America. Yeah Ace those teachers are really screwing America. What a moronic statement.

    I think Alison and BB must be sitting there wondering, what the heck am I doing sitting here faking my agreement with these idiotic statements by my boss.

    • Yep

      He also thinks that poor people are poor because they don’t work as hard as rich people. Whatever gets you through the night, Aceman.

      By the way, was there a guest on today’s show? I think maybe I heard a couple of words from a strange voice in there somewhere, but it really didn’t seem like he was a guest.

      • TigerMan

        I am sure you guys have all the answers. Yes, unions are great. Just look at the UAW and the american auomobile industry. That worked out perfectly. You would have to have a public school education to think that model works. You guys drive Pontiacs? No, you sound like a couple of Prius drivers. Living the american dream, one broken down industry at a time. Morons.

        • GuyMcG

          If only we didn’t have unions and workplace regulations we could finally go back to the good old days of people working for $1 a day. Those were the days. They’d never ship those jobs overseas. Take that Malaysia! People are so brainwashed that they don’t realize their Fox News/Limbaugh/Corporate vision for the country is to turn it into a third world sweatshop. But sweatshops are so good for business! We should be trying to be like good countries, not horrible ones. Or maybe the ones doing the brainwashing just wish the country was more like it was pre-1860…when labor was really cheap.

          • pissed off listener
            pissed off listener10-07-2011

            AMEN! BTW, that’s why illegals can get jobs here – employers can work them for less, ignore labor laws and & treat them any damn way they please. They won’t complain.

            Why do unions exist? Child Labor, black lung disease, death & dismemberment, slave wages….

          • An Onny
            An Onny10-13-2011

            Well, like Adam has said in the past…unions had their place and time. They were sorely needed way back then. Nowadays the government already has safety and child labor laws in place. Unions demand way way much more than just basic workers’ rights these days.

  56. Safety Officer
    Safety Officer10-06-2011

    Stand back ladies and gentleman. Alison is having a broccoli and cabbage casserole wtih a side of baked beans.

    This could get real.

  57. caucazn


    Hate it when ACE talks about politics – ignorant, unfunny and dry. It was funnier when T would argue with him. Now it is like listening to Rush or Hannity.

  58. Scott S
    Scott S10-06-2011

    Clearly rich people do work hundreds to thousands of times harder than us non-millionaires/billionaires, and deserve the amount of money they’re given, and shouldn’t be expected to give any more of that fully deserved amount of money to support the lazy people who lie around just being given 40K a year.

    I do think unions get locked into a position, then feel like they never need to look at whether what they demand and expect is still relevant. The post office seems to have an unreasonable amount of personnel and overhead because they just keep going on like they’re in their heyday. The country needs some shaking up, get the money moving again, instead of pooling in the hands of a few overpaid people, or being thrown away in systems that don’t work well anymore.

    • Desolate

      Scott S: I think you make a pretty good point, but you are mistaken about the post office. Over the last five years, the USPS has eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs, basically due to not filling a position once someone retires, and they have been on a hiring freeze for that time as well, essentially eliminating a good chunk of the work force. In my small office alone, we went from 16 full time workers five years ago, to 10 now. Interestingly, the carriers, clerks, mail handlers, etc are all unionized. The last section of the workforce to face these eliminations is management. Only over the last two years has management been reduced like that of the rest of the work force. The biggest problem with the USPS was partially the large workforce, but it has been and will always be an inept management. There are WAY to many levels of management, and any decision has taken way too long to make, from congress on down.

      By the way, that whole USPS is going bankrupt thing? Yeah, that is because the USPS, which is NOT taxpayer funded and has not been for 30 years, has been overcharged by the government for future retiree benefits. Basically, the company has been forced to prepay retirees for 50 years, and that money goes into the governments financial accounts which helps to pad their losses. Otherwise, the USPS has actually made money over the past 3 years.

      And now there is a huge mess because most offices are UNDER staffed by workers and every supervisor or management is afraid to make any decision because they are too worried trying to make it look like they are more important than they actually are. Yes, UNDER staffed. Every office in every town and city has had route sizes increase over and over to the point where getting an honest 8 hour day is impossible.

      I work for the USPS, I am a union member and I have been for 7 years. I make around the mid 40K mark, I work in Minnesota delivering over 750 stops a day on my 12 mile route, through 6 month winters and shitty wet spring and humid 100 degree summer days. That is roughly 25 bucks an hour, which is a nice wage for the area, but hardly anything ridiculous. And any time I ask people if they would do what I do, 9 out of 10 would not because, lets face it, people would not want to work in those conditions. That is simple economics for those who challenge: pay people what their job is worth. I like my job, but I am physically fit, I am a hard worker, and I give a shit about what I do. Which while the USPS is no longer nearly as important as it once was, still has a role, especially in smaller rural areas.

  59. Steve "iDead" Jobs
    Steve "iDead" Jobs10-07-2011

    Molly looks disgusting. Time to put her down…

  60. Ryan II
    Ryan II10-07-2011

    Ace: Air pollution and noise pollution bad. Sit back and let me tell you about paying money to drive vintage race cars.

  61. rushbaby

    Why not make the leaf blowers quiet and more eco friendly. As far as putting shit into the air, doesn’t the wind do that?

  62. Desolate

    Okay, what the hell was Adam talking about? People are protesting because they are just jealous of rich people? And rich people are rich because they work more jobs and harder? And unions are destroying America?

    I love this show. Carolla is funny, witty, has a good understanding for people, and can be very entertaining. But these shows have begun to sound like listening to the same things over and over. When he starts into a story he has told twenty times before, I begin to cringe in embarrassment for him while listening. Not to mention how on political issues, Adam sounds bitter and insanely uneducated.

    I know this sounds like a broken record, but I am done with this show. Count me as a REAL fan who bought a damn Mangrate, and used proflowers, purchased Adams digital CD’s, went to his live show, used Amazon multiple times, and has listened since the beginning.

    But christ, either do some research, take some time off and come up with new stories or find something new to spice the show up.

    Thanks for the good times, but thats all I can take.

  63. rushbaby

    Adam says plenty of things I agree with and plenty of things I find offensive. I CHOOSE to listen because he is FUNNY. I am able to enjoy the show. I am an adult. He just has to stop saying “the point is this” 50 times a show. That is annoying.

  64. pissed off listener
    pissed off listener10-07-2011

    I love the show, but it’s getting harder & harder to listen.

    It’s not big business bankrupting America? It’s unions? WTF???????

    Ever heard of ENRON?
    The list can go on and on!

    How can he not know 90% of the crap he complains about is corporate policy designed to max profit & cut expense?

    Adam, Maybe you & your friends are officially out of problems in Hollywood, but most everyone I know is losing their homes and trying to survive. I have a degree. I am not lazy or uneducated. My husband I work very very hard and try to do the right thing every day. We’re both in unions and we’re starving. Meanwhile, the top brass are getting raises.

    I’m not going to keep listening to a show where the message is always such a slap in the face. Realize just because you’re not suffering doesn’t mean AMERICA isn’t, PLEASE!

    • XdanX

      Agreed. Yes Ace the unions are the source of America’s problems. I am sorry all of us poor folks can’t make it in show business so we can sit around an complain about the little people. Sorry Adam you have lost touch.

  65. DeWhale

    Dentists in Seattle have warm water, I’m just sayin

  66. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-08-2011


  67. Dano

    What no talk about how Adam ripped off Big John’s catch phrase? He’s been saying “get it on” before fights since the 90″s…

  68. Ian

    I can’t believe, what with Adam’s hyper-vigilance, that nothing was said about the dying battery smoke detector chirp at the end of the MJ audio…

  69. PJVermont

    The rich work harder comment from the man who admitted to getting a facial in the previous episode.

  70. is is
    is is10-11-2011

    This political talk is becoming a real problem. Look, the point is is: it doesn’t matter who’s right. If a large portion of your audience consistently disagrees with you and gets annoyed instead of entertained, they will leave. And I’m guessing Adam’s target demo includes these people, considering that it’s a comedy show, not Rush Limbaugh.

    I make very good money, have never been in a union, and will most likely never again work for someone else full time. I’m nothing like the Occupy Wall Street stereotype, but I really sympathize with them, and it pains me when I say that I don’t think their protest will accomplish anything. (And no, it’s not just the poor and the lazy who are affected. We all lose when investment bankers make billions while delivering at best questionable value.)

    Adam is a very smart guy, and I am surprised he’s unable to see that the other side of the debate has a lot of good points. Maybe he’s just getting older, and judging everything by his own life (comparing himself, a hardworking millionaire, to his lazy broke family).

    Or maybe it’s Adam’s lack of formal education finally catching up to him in some way. For example, I can’t possibly see Dr Drew, the multimillionaire workaholic, fully agreeing with Adam on this issue. I’m pretty sure he’d be at least a mild dissenting voice. And that is what Bryan and Alison must be on these contentious issues!

  71. Yossarian

    Adam’s a bit of a pussy when it comes to dental work. heh

  72. a.j.

    The only thing more idiotic than Corollo’s commentary on most political issues is that some listeners actually take his opinions seriously. Carollo’s an uneducated hack for the most part. There’s absolutely no reason to look to him for anything beyond entertainment, which is more and more mindless and unoriginal these days unfortunately. He’s an entertainer, like a circus performer, a trumpet player, etc. To anyone sick of the same old Carollo crap, try tuning out for weeks. I think you’ll be surprised how little you’ll miss the show. I only listen now on the rare occasion when the guest looks good, and then hope Carollo won’t screw it up by unnecessarily dominating the discussion. I’m almost always disappointed, but at least now I don’t waste as much time listening to the same old weak Crapollo “material.”

  73. Fonduzzi Fred
    Fonduzzi Fred10-20-2011

    Adam is a f’ing moron. He can’t help that. But why is it Bryan will have a spirited debate about the economics of leaf-blower bans, but when Adam spouts off with truly outrageous, ignorant bullshit, all we get from the sound guy is crickets? Hey Bryan, instead of just shitting on his points, try shitting on his shit too. The show would be much easier to listen to if it wasn’t just me screaming back at my iphone.

  74. jennifer

    WTF is Adam talking about with the leaf blowers? I live in a huge suburb in the northeast where hardly anyone has a gardening service. If you don’t have a leaf blower, you are out raking leaves for hours and hours every weekend. Nobody has time for that! I’d like to challenge Adam to go visit a middle class family in October/November in a place where all of the leaves fall off the trees every fall and try to convince them to stop using their leaf blower. Good luck!

    When I was a kid, it took all 4 members of my family an entire weekend to rake a 1/4 acre lot.

    Working to make the leaf blowers economically friendly is a much better solution.

    I am a huge fan, Adam, but I don’t know what you are talking about here!

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