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At the top of the show, Adam talks about how there are too many Olympic sports and they aren’t separated as well as they used to be. He also rants about two hot chicks eating in an insanely expensive car, and complains about commercials with rooftop concerts. Later, Adam and the gang watch a video from Prager University about the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, and Adam takes calls for What Can’t Adam Complain About.

Next up, actress Beth Riesgraf enters the studio. The guys discuss the abusive relationship of living in Los Angeles, and Adam asks her about acting in 5 seasons of Leverage. The guys also talk about the weird city of Portland, and why we should ask homeless people for money. Today’s news stories include more on the Wisconsin shooter, the Mars Rover, and a guy protesting General Mills for Cheerios’ gay agenda. As the show wraps up, Adam talks with Beth about her son with ex-fiance Jason Lee.


Check out Leverage, Sundays at 8pm on TNT. You can also follow Beth on Twitter @BethRiesgraf.


Rooftop Concert

Prager University

Cheerio Protest

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  1. Arnold Fann
    Arnold Fann08-06-2012

    In before everyone calls Adam a racist, complains about his complaining, and gives shit to the guests for no reason.

  2. Patrick

    That video on Hiroshima strings together some partial truths, with the most glaring inaccuracy being the claim that using the atomic weapons saved 1,000,000 American lives. That number has been repeatedly proven to be exaggerated by US military leaders in order to goad Truman into using the bombs. The agreed upon true estimate of casualties rests somewhere around 200,000.
    Also, how could one not see how using the atomic weapons would serve the dual purpose of ending the war AND sending a message to the Soviets? The USSR aggressively pursued economic and strategic interests in Asia (particularly in Manchukuo/Manchuria, where they fought the Japanese several times), where the US had been actively pursuing markets and trade agreements since the late 1800s.

    The professor from Notre Dame seems to be clinging to antiquated source material to form a skewed view on history. I can point to several newer, published sources to attack his statements, largely because I just finished a university level research paper/presentation on that very subject.

    History nerd rage complete.

    • Bobby

      Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. The numbers, if anything, were underestimates of casualties. The dropping of the atomic bombs saved many MILLIONS of lives. A “university level research paper/presentation” is only as good as its sources. You, my friend, have apparently been duped by some inaccurate information. The number of Americans today that are sheepish or apologetic about the dropping of the bombs, is in direct proportion to their historical ignorance. Criminally, the left continues to revise and distort history (sadly led by our disgraceful mainstream media & most leftist dominated colleges and universities) in order to indoctrinate, brainwash, and ultimately shame Americans into a collectively lowered level of patriotism and appreciation for the greatest nation in human history that has freely given more blood & treasure to liberate the oppressed & alleviate suffering around the world, than all other nations in history combined. ADAM THANK YOU FOR PLAYING FATHER MISCAMBLE’S REMARKS… THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE. DON’T BE FOOLED.

      • Patrick

        The then-Secretary of State Henry Stimson came up with the 1,000,000 saved lives figure (in an article he published in Harper’s Magazine). Truman himself put the casualty ceiling at only 300,000.
        Tons of scholarship came about during the 1990s regarding this topic. The following are historians who have published (in reputable and recognized historical journals) facts that directly contradict and prove false the 1,000,000 lives saved claim (as well as the Soviet issue): Barton Bernstein (Stanford University professor), John Ray Skates, Gar Alperovitz (Historian and professor at University of Maryland), J. Samuel Walker (former history professor and Nuclear Regulatory Commission chronicler).
        I’m not here to argue, just to present facts that have been widely recognized by the legitimate historical community in the United States since the mid 1990s.

        • Silent Running
          Silent Running08-07-2012

          “Only” 300,000? If the American military had taken 300,000 casualties taking Japan, the Japanese people might have been simply exterminated rather than just defeated. We certainly hated them enough, and there probably wouldn’t have been that many left after the surrender… or maybe we, along with the Soviets, would not have asked for a surrender. Armies tend to get out of control as it is; assuming that an army that just left 300k of its own on the field wouldn’t take it out on the populace (and that the officers commanding it would have even wanted to intervene) is just a bit naive.

          I noticed you mentioned the fact that the Soviets fought the Japanese in Manchuria, but not that they had taken the Kuril Islands (which the Russian Federation still holds). If Operation Downfall had taken place as scheduled, Hokkaido would likely be in Russian hands today, and Japan would have been another active front in the Cold War, with whatever paltry population left over caught in the middle. Now imagine Hokkaido as a post-Soviet basketcase like N. Korea rather than the powerhouse it is today.

          The Japanese were 13th century feudal warriors who happened to be using 20th century weaponry, and they learned the same lesson they themselves had taught to the Chinese: vae victis.

        • Bobby

          You have cited 4 “scholars”. I could easily list 40 reputable sources that directly contradict the “scholarship” of these four. Anyone with doubts on this subject I encourage to research it FULLY. Don’t make the mistake of blindly accepting “conclusions” of ideologically driven leftists that now dominate most of our universities. Go read a WIDE spectrum of authoritative respected sources. By the way, I do not want to argue either. I just don’t want the American people to be fooled by a cabal of very influential leftists that despise this nation & its founding principles. Lies, disinformation, half truths, distortions…these are the weapons of the history revising left, busy every day indoctrinating our youth….On a different subject. Adam…did you really just call all country music fans “dumb people”. Come on dude. I love you and your show but that was pretty ignorant. And by the way, I hate country music & love Led Zeppelin.

          • Feenster's Union
            Feenster's Union08-15-2012

            I don’t have a dog in this fight, but Bobby, you are clearly talking out of your ass on this one.

          • Bobby

            Feenster’s Union…you don’t have a dog in this fight the same way Adam has no sense of humor. I know it’s asking the impossible but…Stop lying lefty!!

      • YoussefChristian

        “Bombing saved lives” Fuck your American double-speak

        • GOD

          Spoken like someone who wouldn’t know a thing about WWII. Stick with things you know, like when your next welfare check is coming.

      • Riggz

        WRONG! The truth of the matter was that Japan was never going to invade the US. Yamamoto was on record saying that they were only going to bomb military targets because, “Behind every blade of grass is an American with a gun”. They were terrified of America because we are (were) one of the only countery that allowed citizens to arm themselves. Bombs don’t save lives… law abiding citizens with guns save lives.

        • Bobby

          Exactly right!

    • Mike Mc
      Mike Mc08-09-2012

      Let me bring some truth to this topic. US casualties on Okinawa were more than 80,000. The Japanese lost more than 100,000. That was only on 1 island that was defended by about 120,000 Japanese. Imagine the invasion of Japan where nearly 30 million people were being prepared to die in defense of their homeland. You still want to stick with that low number that historians (not military experts) created decades after the fact? The Japanese leaders were willing to sacrifice every man, woman and child and the Japanese military was attempting to stop Hirohito’s surrender over the radio as it was happening. I think 1 million sounds low – especially when you count the number of Japanese casualties which surely would have topped several million.

      • RoyalDryness

        Thank you for the example of Okinawa. The combined casualties of Americans and Japanese would have been millions. The two things I disagreed with the professor about were that nuclear diplomacy did not have anything to do with the dropping of the A bomb and the inevitability of the end of the war. Mainland Japan had been by that time totally isolated and was starving. However, without an invasion they may have continued to resist surrender for years. As for nuclear diplomacy that was most definitely a part of the decision. Had the gone ahead with the invasion, casualities aside, Tokyo would have likely been a “Far East Berlin” divided between America and the Soviets. Who know what course that could have taken during the ensuing Cold War. There will always be questions about the “necessity” of dropping those atomic bombs but they most certainly avoided an even larger number of casualites.

        Another note that many people don’t often address is that those bombs are the only nuclear weapons ever to be detonated as an act of war and to this day serve as a warning that nuclear weaponry as an absolute last resort. Without that dire warning future nuclear war, if it had occured would, have been far more devasting and cost an unfathomable number of lives.

  3. Honey Badger Don't Care :)
    Honey Badger Don't Care :)08-07-2012

    Adam discussed the dropping of the bomb that undeniably hastened the end of the war…cue the left wing douchebags who are just gonna start cryin’ about it on here.

  4. Tim

    -Doubles off the wall, all day long-

    love that

    • ANGEL


  5. Zach

    Great episode. The one time the Ace Man didn’t wear a matching plaid shirt. Who is in charge of the wardrobe department?

  6. Jack

    So, unlike Katie Holmes, Beth figured out how freaky Scientology was and got out while the gettin’ was good. Just a hunch.

    • Tom!

      Beth was a pretty fantastic guest! Hope to hear more of her (and her drop) soon.

  7. mj

    Jeez, the ww2 doc playback was a real time burner

  8. Sloover

    Although Japanese peace feelers had been sent out as early as September 1944 (and [China’s] Chiang Kai-shek had been approached regarding surrender possibilities in December 1944), the real effort to end the war began in the spring of 1945. This effort stressed the role of the Soviet Union …

    In mid-April [1945] the [US] Joint Intelligence Committee reported that Japanese leaders were looking for a way to modify the surrender terms to end the war. The State Department was convinced the Emperor was actively seeking a way to stop the fighting.

  9. Sloover

    In an article that finally appeared August 19, 1945, on the front pages of the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Times-Herald, Trohan revealed that on January 20, 1945, two days prior to his departure for the Yalta meeting with Stalin and Churchill, President Roosevelt received a 40-page memorandum from General Douglas MacArthur outlining five separate surrender overtures from high-level Japanese officials. (The complete text of Trohan’s article is in the Winter 1985-86 Journal, pp. 508-512.)

    Keep apologizing for American terrorism

    • swingset

      And after Hiroshima the Japanese didn’t surrender. Why? Even after Nagasaki it took an astonishing act of subtrofuge to get the surrender message…there was nearly a military coup at the thought of surrender. Even if some in the Japanese Army were willing, the true leadership was never going to. It took TWO bombs to do it, and even then they were steadfast if not for the Emporer himself.

      Keep staying ignorant of the actual history that transpired. Look up Unit 731, the Rape of Nanking, and get back to me on how brutal and awful the Americans were to the Japanese…..the Japanese we helped to rebuild and defend for the next several decades. You fucking imbecile.

      • pablo

        Well, the US could have just provided air and sea support for a proxy land invasion by Chinese troops. Of course they would probably never have left once Japan surrendered. If Japan knew this was possible, could that have forced them to surrender to the US? Whom would they prefer?

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running08-07-2012

      The surrender terms given by the Japanese entailed maintaining Hirohito and emperor-worship in general.

      Throughout history aggressive states have given themselves very generous surrender terms in an attempt to save face. Terms they often didn’t deserve. If those forces getting the better of the war were required to stop immediately upon receipt of the flimsiest terms, there would probably be a lot more wars.

      The opposite of terms is Surrender at Discretion, which became Japan’s fate after Nanking and Pearl Harbor.

  10. CACAHD

    In Olympic tradition it looks like Adam and Beth exchanged shirts

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-07-2012

      Good One 🙂

  11. Scott

    Adam’s dead on with the atomic bomb rant.

  12. Justin

    Hoping for a question about Scientology … c’mon, suppressive persons!

  13. SubDude

    Best quote from the Aceman at 1:02:25

    “you can be rich and kooky and say that you want your cat to be mayor for 100 years but, it doesn’t mean we have to listen to you just because you are rich”

    Yeah, kinda like how we don’t need to listen to some rich and kooky guy when he’s always saying that he pays too much in taxes and he deserves special treatment by everyone in society because of it. It’s pretty kooky to never be able to realize how paying taxes is, has and always will be a percentage of your income and that’s just the way it is. Kooky like, if you flunked out of junior college and never figured out how to avoid paying so much in taxes like most rich people do (and there are plenty of ways to do it) then, you just need to shut the fuck up about it. Kooky like a rich guy that constantly berates anyone in the middle class, just because they are not as rich as you are. You know, rich and kooky,,,, like that.

    Some of the Acemans rich-douche perspectives are kinda like the Portland bubbler drinking fountains.

    • Yea

      Yea, that kooky rich guy. We shouldn’t have to listen to a minority that experiences unfair treatment at the hands of the majority because they don’t like something about the group he is a part of. He has more money than us! Thus, we can tax him more in percentage and amount, and he has no right to complain. Ever.

      Why? Because I’m a greedy, envious miserable loser crybaby.

      • SubDude

        Yea. You are a greedy, envious, miserable, loser, crybaby. Thanks for admitting it.

      • Andy90

        Is there anything more pathetic than a loser complaining about the lack of respect accorded to the rich?

    • audbreezy

      It must be a miserable person who takes 90 minutes out of his day to listen to a podcast only to hate everything that the host says.

    • Obo

      “Never figured out how to avoid paying taxes” Are you actually attacking Adam because he doesn’t cheat on his taxes?

    • CVMA Dredd
      CVMA Dredd08-18-2012

      Then don’t listen to his FREE podcast, dipshit.

  14. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick08-07-2012

    From: http://www.uniquely-portland-oregon.com/benson-bubblers.html

    The city takes extremely good care of these precious fountains. Not only is every fountain cleaned twice a month, but the Portland Water Bureau has added various water conservation changes throughout the years. So much so, that, although the fountains operate 365 days a year, from 6:00am to 11:00pm, they only put out 1/10 of 1 percent of the water used by Portland. Pretty darned good, huh?

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running08-07-2012

      Still doesn’t tell us how many gallons are wasted.

      • kathleen

        Not sure how the water is ‘wasted’, it flows down hill to the fountains, we just drink a little as it makes it’s way to the River.

    • Don

      They do not run everyday. I live downtown and can attest to them being shut off in the winter. By the way all the water sculptures, features and fountains are also shut down in the winter.

  15. Ken

    NASA’s annual bill for the Mars exploration cost 1/2 cent per U.S. citizen. It is on the chopping block for balancing the budget.

    Mar’s rovers spin off huge amounts of technology that MAN can use (i.e. animated limbs for amputees).

    Does anyone know what the bill is for the IRAQ War?

    • Miguel

      Thumbs up Ken. We need to give the smartest people in the country (And they are the best of the best scientist) money to invent stuff for the rest of the us to likely live better lives in the future. One of the only things in this world that America is still tops in.

    • Yak

      Really? That’s only 1.5 million dollars. I wouldn’t be surprised if NASA’s annual cost for space toilet paper exceeds that, never mind the Mars program.

      • Ken

        NPR exerpt from interview with University of Redlands Professor:

        NORDGREN: You know, that’s the sad thing and I say this with a heavy heart because, here, you have just seen perhaps the most spectacular thing that NASA engineers have ever done on Mars and, at the same time, NASA’s budge for space exploration and Mars exploration is being cut and so NASA has just had to cancel plans for another mission.

        And, when you think about it, every man, woman and child here in the U.S. – we pay something like half a cent in our taxes towards Mars, towards NASA. And your half a cent just got you a nuclear-powered all-terrain vehicle with a laser landing on Mars in the most dramatic fashion flawlessly. I think that’s a half cent well spent.
        Copyright © 2012 National Public Radio. For personal, noncommercial use only. See Terms of Use. For other uses, prior permission required.

        This was the statement from the professor that was on Talk of the Nation from NPR.

        • Obo

          That half a cent “every american pays” didn’t put a dent into Nasa mars project. The majority of nasa (and most federal funding) comes from the rich and corporations.

    • Mike

      yes, but without the Iraq war, there wouldn’t be as many limbs to replace…SNIIIIIFFF

    • kathleen

      Can’t put a price on freedom. Yes, I drink the koolaid. US ARMY.

  16. MikeA

    That white supremacist looks an awful lot like Bald Bryan.

  17. sloozen1

    Good episode, People don’t ever talk about the millions of leaflets that the US dropped over Japanese cities that told them to get outta town, that the US was about to drop a crazy new bomb. Before the second bomb was dropped leaflets where dropped that time too, Japanese listened more the second time. Go read both leaflets, they are very well written…—-

  18. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian08-07-2012

    The water fountains in Portland do get shut off. They are also only in downtown, except the one in Japan that flows saporo.

    • Ken


      Would he like to see graffiti in downtown Portland?

      Portland-Great walking city. The Rose Gardens are great – but according to Adam if it doesn’t make someone a nickel – it’s not worth the cost.

      Come on people.

  19. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington08-07-2012

    Cue righteous indignation over the atomic bomb comments

  20. Mark

    The McLaren is the greatest car out right now, but it still doesn’t look as good as the Ferrari 458 Italia.

    • Robert DeNegro
      Robert DeNegro08-29-2012

      You and Adam couldn’t be more wrong. And I am a fan of the McLaren F1 team, as well as their historic benchmark for performance the McLaren F1 road car. But have you not seen the Pagani Zonda or Huayra? The Bugatti Veyron? Ferrari 458 Italia? Audi R8? So many others to note, but sorry, there were high hopes for the MP4-12C but it unfortunately fell slightly short of the mark.

  21. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll08-07-2012

    Great episode and Beth Riesgraf was an awesome guest.

    Now for the backhanded compliment, Adam really gets engaged whenever a quick witted hot woman, especially a blonde one, is one the show. It’s a shame he can’t turn on interest for the guests that aren’t hot women, if he could this show would always be this spectacular.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-08-2012

      Yeah but still…they’re hot.

  22. Adrian

    I hate people who act according to “morals” just for the sake of being a “moral” person.

    YES, dropping the bomb was not precisely a “good” move in terms of humane actions.

    But, a swift end to a war that would have cost us all more is greater than a drag-out fight. We all lost, but we lost less than we all would have.

    Being “right” and being “good” aren’t synonymous.

    You think not telling your friend that they are being cheated on is “right”? Or is it just you thinking you are being “good”, and prolonging their crumbling relationship? Are you still a moral person then?

  23. Pan kenny "onion" NJ
    Pan kenny "onion" NJ08-07-2012

    Maybe have a Page like exoticarsnow.com for Adams car info.Thaought that car was listing at 800 thousand (dollars!) pan k

  24. JessMan

    Ha! THANK YOU for calling out those stupid DJ/band jamming commercials. Maybe they’ll go away in 17 years if Adam keeps railing on them

  25. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Great show except for the bullshit about the Hiroshima bomb.

  26. Connard

    Dan Carlin did a podcast on the atomic bomb about 3 months ago (Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Show 42 – (BLITZ) Logical Insanity). Do yourself a favor and download it.

    Basic premise was that it is unfair to judge that event with the benefit of modern times as those times were completely insane by today’s standards. Most nations during the war took up the strategy of bombing others with little to no regard for collateral damage. That was the way it was. We just happened to get the bomb first but there was similar loss of life with conventional bombing with The London Blitz, bombing of Dresden and the Tokyo fire bombings to name a few.

    • Badger

      I’d love to see Dan and Adam do a show together. Logical insanity was also some of Dan’s finest HH work yet.

  27. Brad

    Patrick, you are incorrect. The video doesn’t say 1,000,000 American lives were saved, rather 1,000,000 total lives on all sides. He says, “All the viable alternate scenarios to secure American victory all would have meant significant American and allied casualties and much higher Japanese civilian and military casualties. According to American military experts at the time, those numbers would have been well above one million.”

  28. TS

    Great guest.

  29. TS

    Re: Sloover’s revisionist history- Japan was not initially sincere about surrender, as evidenced by the fact that they didn’t actually surrender. I don’t know whether they were just stalling with the overtures they were making, but even assuming those Japanese in favor of surrender could have made it happen (they did and could not), what was being offered was a conditional surrender, which is very different from an unconditional surrender.

    Please take your “American terrorism” and other juvenile, biased bullshit elsewhere.

  30. Louis

    Did you see the celebration at NASA? You’d think they just won the World Series.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-08-2012

      They landed something on Mars. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal.

  31. chris

    Peanut Butter Snickers seems kind of new to me.

    • floyd

      dark chocolate snickers, almond snickers…

      • Bring Back DOT
        Bring Back DOT08-08-2012

        fun size snickers, king size snickers, frozen icecream snickers…. Can we get Damashek in here to read the official snickers list and proclaim the Best Bar award.

        • Frank


  32. Guy mcg
    Guy mcg08-07-2012

    Very timely. For those who fast-forwarded, aceman eventually addresses “Japan” as if the country is an individual who listens to the show and then demands an apology from Japan. He also yells at all the people defending the bombing as if there is a huge, active movement of pro-1941-Japanese historians beating the drum over this 70 year old event. Truly bizarre anachronistic episode. I hope Kimmel gives Ace a job before he goes completely bonkers.

  33. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett08-07-2012

    That Dennis Prager excerpt is fucking hilarious!

  34. Jorm_valadez

    I love me some Guerita.

  35. liberalsRstupid

    Minnesota, the Land of 10, 000 Lakes and the State that let the CRIMINALS actually elect one of your Senators. A guy that supposedly won by 318 votes and yet over a thousand FELONS were able to vote illegal. Thanks to Minn and Franken we saw perhaps the largest conspiracy in World History, including bribes, lies and midnight votes and lets not forget “reconciliation” to pass the worst piece of legislation in American History called oBamacare. The ride is gonna get rough soon, hang on…

  36. toonanim8r

    Ironically Chick-fil-A has cookies & cream milkshakes with Oreo cookies in them.

  37. Phil Dyrte
    Phil Dyrte08-07-2012

    Benson Bubblers explained: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/water/article/352768

  38. Murphy

    Great story.

  39. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee08-07-2012

    “Keep Austin Weird” was first, just saying…

  40. FU

    Great drop before the news, BB.

    That was quick.

  41. Maria

    Brian never heard of Nanking? Not surprised. Adam really needs a smarter guy.

  42. Jack

    Prager University? Why do right wing blow hards like him and glenn beck feel the need to name “universities” after themselves?

    • stnuntrnd

      “university” sounds more impressive than “college”

  43. joel

    People know. Adam Carolla. Is really funny. Great story, compelling and rich.

  44. Maria

    Oh my gosh, this is the idiot that named her kid ‘Pilot Inspector’?? Poor kid!

    • Justin

      No, Maria. Pilot Inspektor.

      Don’t be an SP.

    • kathleen

      I’ve met Beth she is a sweet person, and a wonderful, caring Mother. Name calling says more about you than it does about her. P.S. I love the name PILOT. 🙂

  45. John Henry
    John Henry08-07-2012

    re bombing: i’m not sure about how many lives were “saved.” however, i know one thing. the japanese were going to fight to the proverbial LAST MAN. but ONLY AFTER going through the old folks’ homes, nurseries, hospitals, and insane asylums and MURDERING every GERIATRIC, INVALID, INFANT, AND LUNATIC unable or unwilling to fight. and THEN they would have fought to the VERY LAST MAN. while i can’t say the precise number of lives, both allied and japanese, saved by avoiding this eventuality, i CAN say that bombing hiroshima and nagasaki DID save both the japanese RACE and the japanese CULTURE. for which preservation of their race and culture the japanese should get down on their knees and suck america’s cock at any and every opportunity, considering how inordinately proud these people are of both those things–their race and culture.

    p.s. w/r/t some of the posts about japanese racism. it’s notable that american media turns a blind eye to the outlandish racism of a country where no one who isn’t ethnically pure japanese can teach, work in law enforcement, or even rent property for that matter. people in america complain about racism….gimme a break. the reason for this pass in the american media is because, to paraphrase the arabs, the enemy of america’s enemies (china and north korea) is america’s friend. nobody hates the japanese more than the chinese and koreans.

  46. Allison Rosen Is My New Best Friend
    Allison Rosen Is My New Best Friend08-07-2012

    Everyone in Oregon knows that California strawberries are the crap we wait for until Oregon strawberries come into season; and they’re only in season for a couple of weeks a year. The gal at the grocery store was giving you a kind heads-up, and you blast her for being judgemental? Well you can take your high-falutin’ LA attidude and your shitty ass strawberries and go straigt back to So-Cal!


  47. Stacey E
    Stacey E08-07-2012

    Just from personal experience, asking homeless people for money doesn’t seem to go over too well. I asked one guy why he didn’t just hand me some money, and he looked irritated. There’s probably a shelter that feeds them in virtually every downtown in every major city. The people that hand them money aren’t being good citizens or doing God’s work or any other load of nonsense they can come up with, they’re making life difficult for the rest of us, who can’t go anywhere without being accosted by people who only want to get trashed using our money. Offer to buy them some food outright and see the response you’ll get.
    Having “said” that, the only decent people in Santa Barbara are homeless. Or the guy with the decorated van. Everyone else there is a full-time nt.

  48. Ian

    Leverage is an awesome show and Beth seems pretty chill. I like her character a lot on that show. You should get the rest of the cast as well. They are all fantastic. Love your guests Ace man! Get it on!

  49. Don

    In regard to the local strawberries in Portland. They berries we have hear taste different from produce market berries. The texture is a little different, on the plus side they have a much richer flavor and sweeter. Another downside is they spoil quickly. Just my 2¢ on the topic. Great show, love the pirate ship. Aaaarr!

    • kathleen

      The strawberries do spoil quickly, that’s due to a deficiency in preservatives and cross-pollination with GM poisons. ;).

  50. Carollogical

    Adam likes Mitch Gaylord’s body.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-09-2012

      Who doesn’t…I mean, who’s Mitch Gaylord.

  51. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese08-08-2012

    I enjoyed this episode, even with the arguments here in the comments. I thought it was funny that Adam was talking bad about Oreos again and used Snickers and Milano cookies as his examples of things that don’t get fucked with, yet both of the foods he used have gotten fucked with. Looking on wikipedia there have been 19 Snickers variations and 12 Milano variations. Good point Aceman.

    I was happy he let Beth do some talking. She was a good guest and worked well in this dynamic. Sometimes Adam barely let’s the guest get a word in edgewise, but when he does it almost always works out well.

    • chuckie gorman
      chuckie gorman08-08-2012

      you mean ace was talking out his ass again? that’s impossible!

  52. TIMOTH

    I am proud to say the one and only time I ever bought anything besides beer at Whole Foods, it was Veal.

  53. FU

    Snickers fucking around:

    Peanut Butter Snickers.

  54. Dustin

    I am officially confused. How can you possibly download a podcast, go to the comedian’s website, and rant about how much you hate the podcast and the host? Am i missing something here?

    I have an idea. How about you STOP LISTENING to someone you hate, you morons. NOBODY cares what you have to think. NOBODY.

    Do you expect to agree with Adam on every topic? if so… You are insane and need to be hospitalized. If you hate it so much, listen to something else. These message boards used to be funny and interesting to read. It has officially turned into only negative comments. Its too bad.

  55. jpg

    ACE – Keep you one-sided politics to yourself and make with the funny!

    • Riggz

      Right on! Don’t need a self proclaimed “Illiterate guy who never received a high school diploma” preaching to people (who listen for a good laugh in the morning) about history. Adam, if you even went to college you would realize the History Channel is about as in depth and accurate to true historical events as the movie “Drive” is to racing cars.

  56. Just Me
    Just Me08-08-2012

    Not sure, but I immediately thought the pair in the Mclaren could be the heiress sister act Petra Stunt and Tamara Ecclestone –?

    Here’s a pic: http://homes.yahoo.com/news/young-heiresses-spend-155-million-homes-231529252.html

    • Blake

      They make me sick!! A 7,000 sq foot closet? WTF? I would be happy with a 3,500 sq foot home.

  57. bb

    great guest today, pretty, funny, knew when to add to the show and when to lay back.

  58. turdferguson

    “and your mom said your hand was cold” just about drove off the road.

  59. Frank

    Just caught that rooftop concert commercial Adam was talking about. What about how the woman filming the show then beams the footage to…other people who are standing in the crowd watching the exact same concert…?

  60. englishlaundry

    Adam is right about Minnesoteans being friendly; especially the women! On a flight to Chicago, I got seated next to a pretty blonde from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and she was the friendliest, sexiest chick I’ve ever talked to; and considering the fact that I’m an ugly Mexican (I know that’s redundant) it reinforced the fact that people from there just are genuinely friendly, and don’t care who you are: They’ll talk to ya!!!

  61. Adam

    On a positive note – I really enjoyed his guest, she would actually jump in during the news and participate. The guests he usually has on usually “check out” after their interview segment.

  62. stnuntrnd

    Thanks for the warning pic of Top Gun Myles whenever his pitch is the lead-in to an episode.
    Allows me to “mute” before click “play”.

  63. Jesse

    Really cool guest! Nice chemistry. Have her back.

  64. kathleen

    Everyone has a right to complain, but telling Portland to stop wasting water, is like telling Arizona to stop wasting sunshine, and the midwest to quit bogarting the wind power. The water flowing through the Benson Bubblers downtown is supplied by the Bull Run Watershed on the mountain. It flows down, and we drink it, the amount they use is less than 1% of that used by the entire city. I’m not the first to say how lucky we are to have natural spring water come to us.

  65. Tom Keller
    Tom Keller08-10-2012

    Nice to see a picture of Adam where he does not look like he has scoliosis. Who the hell clears these pictures and dresses him?! The show is great when it is filled and with wit and easy on the repetitive complaining.

  66. JPat

    I like that he uses Honey Nut Cheerios. ? Coincidence? I think not.

  67. RobK

    Enough about Hiroshima, nobody gives a fuck.

    No would somebody please explain to Adam that not every place on the planet is as fresh water starved as Southern CA? The Northwest gets tons of rainfall and has lots of big, BIG rivers that dump millions of gallons of fresh water into the ocean every day. Portland sits on one of those rivers.

    Tearing your hair out over all the water ‘wasted’ by 20 drinking fountains is like staying up at night worrying about solar powered street lights staying on all night in Phoenix. Get over it, Ace! You’ve got plenty of other things to complain about. Some are even valid.

    Love your show.

  68. Hugh

    I’d much rather watch women in the olympics. I just don’t enjoy staring at dudes for hours.

  69. Ex-Metalhead

    That bit about GWAR/System of a Down and their lyrics (or lack thereof) was really funny.

  70. jen

    Wow, just wow. Why don’t you look at the medal count for the US women??? We kicked ass. Including track and field.

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