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Adam opens the show giving a bit of background on today’s guests and the show they created, ‘Ben 10.’ Teresa Strasser is also in studio, and reads through Parents of the Week—focusing on three very terrible sets of parents. Adam then rants about a recent 60 Minutes special which analyzes the effectiveness of waterboarding, and wants naysayers to offer a better suggestion for getting crucial info out of our enemies.

Joe Casey and Steven Seagle then join the podcast, discussing the premise of their show and the dedicated following it has. They also talk about having to change one of the show’s key elements because kids wanted it different. Adam then goes through a bag of shwag, and chats with the guys about Ultimate Spiderman.

Alison opens the news discussing Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan on the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death. The group then talks about terrorists and cultists liking porn, and also joke about when leading men had bad teeth. Other news stories include Facebook encouraging its users to indicate if they are organ donors, a conflict between dolphins, and an increase of babies being born addicted to pain meds. As the show wraps up, the group talks about using booze as medicine, and Adam rants about kids needing crappy movies on demand.


Check out http://ManOfAction.tv for more info on today’s guests.

Also visit http://TeresaStrasser.com, and follow her on Twitter @TeresaStrasser


Obama’s Speech

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  1. b_gaii_zen

    I was nostalgic after adam apologized for the quality of one of the audio clips, I expected adam to yell “Hey donnie, could you please shut the fuck up!”.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-03-2012

      He could have at least yelled at Bryan for playing drops over the audio clip that were drowning it out. Just like he does during normal conversation. I love when guests pause and ask “What was that?” after a particularly retarded drop.

  2. dannygloversdickblood

    fuck this shit

  3. halo909

    I love you Adam but you’re so misinformed and lost about the issue of torture. You say “the terrorists hate us because of our lifestyle.” Fact is most people in that region of the world can’t even point to the United States on a map. Most people in that region couldn’t tell you the difference between New York is vs Texas vs L.A. If they only hate us for our lifestyle why don’t they hate Australia or Germany? Don’t both those countries have all of the first world luxuries of America? Why Adam?

    The major problem in your logic is that you assume that all of the information that is gathered from torture is valid and true and that the people who are being tortured have the information you want. Police and governments historically don’t torture because it is counterproductive and the information and leads gathered under those circumstances often waste the time and resources of the police.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-03-2012

      Yeah, but if it weren’t for waterboarding we never would have found Osama bin Laden.

      Oh wait, that’s not how we found him. We found him through good old fashion intelligence gathering.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-03-2012

      You’re wrong.

    • adam is stupid/greedy
      adam is stupid/greedy05-05-2012

      Corolla shows his ignorance daily. If torture worked, you would only have to do it, 1 time. Hey adam how many times did they torture ksm? 87 times. That is some highly efficient operation. The Seals and elite forces are also smart mfers, that is why adam could never be one. ksm shut down after the first torture. Smart people read and have know that torture gives you misinformation.

      IF ADAM IS SUCH A BAD ASS, THEN PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE WATERBOARD him. Police officers have to be taserd and pepper sprayed before they can use it on another person. I wonder why?

      If you advocate for war like dick chicken hawk chenney, then you should have to be on the front line. That pus would shut the fuck up in 1 sec. If you advocate for torture, you should have to experience it.

      Elite forces are smart forces, using your gut feeling for shit u don’t know about is why you don’t have a real job of importance. Keep dancing you clown!

    • moviejunkie

      You should really read this man’s book (Jose Rodriguez Jr.) Hard Measures so you can see just how wrong you are. I think that he (Rodriguez) has a much better basis for his opinion than you do, so I think I’ll believe him.

      Also, as Adam has said in the past, if you had your choice to be tortured by the U.S., or one of our enemies, which would you pick? I would enjoy hearing your opinion after your have read Hard Measures.

  4. Horus

    Teresa Strasser is so freakin’ great. Love, love, love listening to that gal.

  5. Bill

    Oh good. Teresa. She really brings a lot to the podcast.

  6. Dragos4s20

    Strasser is good, but Alison is ten times better and hotter. Alison Rosen all the way.

  7. Dave

    It’s spelled S-W-A-G, not shwag. Stuff We All Get.

    • JessMan

      they said swag. doug benson says schwag

  8. Joe

    The backdrop of Obama’s speech was real. If you watch the whole thing, he walks out in between the trucks. you can see his shadow.

    • Connard

      ya just like Tupac was real at Coachella.

  9. Pawtucket

    Although I do agree with Adam on his views towards water boarding, he needs to give it a rest. He literally spent 20 min on torture. Would he ever be up for water boarding himself during the show as part of a filmed bit? Mancow did it and freaked out even though he had been trashing it a la Adam does. i. e. not really trashing it per sé, but criticizing the people who queston it’s morality.

    Also Joe Casey on the left looks just like Kevin Durand (Martin Keamy from LOST).

  10. Stan

    Nobody else finds it weird that Adam does a riff yesterday complaining about woman that do baby books and then literally the next day T is on for her weekly appearance? A woman who wrote a book and had a website about having a baby and her sudden reappearance on the show revolved around an announcement of her being pregnant.

    • Anthony

      Bald Bryan did a Teresa drop yesterday during that rant if I remember correctly. I think Adam gives Teresa a pass because she wrote the book herself and does posses some talent.

  11. back sack& Ass crack
    back sack& Ass crack05-03-2012

    T, nobody cares you’re prego. Exploit that.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-03-2012

      Her book only sold 2000 copies. Not really exploitation.

  12. MG

    It’s not water..ROLMAO

  13. ALAN

    Is the Ben 10 creator on the left wearing a gun holster man purse?

    • k

      Looks like a shoulder holster

  14. Chris

    Here’s a question, why the hell were our soldiers fighting the Taliban for the last 11 years as the greatest threat in Afghanistan, an evil ideological government dictatorship, and now Obama wants to join forces with them? And hand the the damn country back over to them and declare them allies? BULLSHIT!! They will slaughter the thousands of people, mainly women, that helped the U.S. and allies fight them and change the dynamic of the country, however little that is, it means certain death for thousands. And, as soon as Obama said they are our allies in the region, they blow up hundreds of people at a foreign national housing area. All those soldiers died to eventually allow the radical muslim in the Whitehouse to join up with the radical fuckheads in Afghanistan? Whats wrong with this picture?

    • Zapoli

      I know. It’s like, war — what is it good for?

  15. SubDude

    Good to haar Teresa back on a regular basis. Reminds me of the good ol KLSX radio show days and I think that she adds to what Allison brings to the show. She’s not stealing any of her thunder and I really hope that this podcast turns into a 4 person show instead of 3. Welcome back T. We missed ya.

  16. OhhJohnny

    Please stop talking about politics Adam.

  17. Bobby F
    Bobby F05-03-2012

    2 things: On the 60 minutes bitch, Owelian means that you manipulate language so as to disguise the real meaning by evoking an antighetical concept. Next, I’m only half way in to the podcast but I hope you at least mentioned Junior Seau and how the media is automatically jumping on the head trauma bandwagon.

  18. Meh

    Really wish someone would come on this show and debunk Adam’s retarded straw fallacies to his face with regards to torture. Please grow a pair like Hitchens and take the waterboarding test Adam since it seems to be nothing………………and the answer to your thoughtless riddle about what’s been around for thousands of years that doesn’t work is Religion.

    Complete non-sequitur but Adam mentioned Jeremy Piven yet again yesterday and how he believes that he’s a douche because the masses have spoken. Even though it seemed like they had good rapport back on loveline. The same logic should be used for Jay Leno. You always complain about why you don’t understand how people consider Leno to be a dick, and then proceed to defend him. I guess Piven needs to get his car game in order.

    • Macaroni and Cheese
      Macaroni and Cheese05-03-2012

      Actually, I must have read over the rest of the post too quickly the first time over, because I agree with the first portion too. Just because something has been around for thousands of years doesn’t mean it’s good (as the poster above rightly points out, religion has been around for thousands of years).

    • Chris

      If I put your balls in a vise, i think you’d tell me anything i wanted to know, cause you don’t seem too tough at all. Lets try it.

  19. Dan M.
    Dan M.05-03-2012

    Great show as usual, Ace! Ben 10 is one of my favorite shows to watch with my boys…something both boths kids and adults…!

  20. Adam

    I bet if Rodriguez tried explaining his job to his grandmother the conversation would be very similar.

  21. Mike

    Nice man purse.

    • Ivan

      It’s European!!!

  22. Jim Jim Jewy
    Jim Jim Jewy05-03-2012

    Adam, same shirt and jacket as the day before? I bet you smell great!

    • Mark

      You do realize that Adam records several podcasts on the same day, right?

    • Dustin

      You think you idiots would have figured out by now that they record multiple guest in a day and then spread the interviews out. Jesus CHIRST!

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-03-2012

      They sometimes record several podcasts in one evening which is why you frequently see this. The podcasts aren’t always played in order so the same outfit might appear spaced out over several days. And the guest segments aren’t always taped at the same times as the intro segments. But I’m sure Adam does smell great anyway.

    • Macaroni and Cheese
      Macaroni and Cheese05-03-2012

      I could be wrong, but they may have just done multiple podcasts on the same day (although no one would mistake Adam for a fashion icon – that’s clearly not his personality).

    • John

      They ‘GangTape’ them… He doesn’t want to come in EVERY DAMN NIGHT!

    • Joe

      Did you ever think they may record a couple in one night so they don’t have to come in every single night?

    • JessMan

      clearly they banked this one. no mention of junior seau. although a new show hasn’t stopped him from wearing the same thing before. you know what? shut up

  23. Chris G. Murphy
    Chris G. Murphy05-03-2012

    None of you gays have thought that maybe he does more than one of these some days(might be the reason for the same clothes). You’re really that dumb…really?

  24. Hawk

    Someone please follow Adam’s Amazon link to buy the Alvin & the Chipmunks DVD for $14.99 and ship it to the warehouse. It’s obvious the $3.99 is going to eventually put him in the poor house.

  25. ISIT

    Get rid of alison already

  26. Dave

    I didn’t think there were douchier people than grieco but then manpurse and indoor sunglasses show up. They were funnier than he was though

  27. bob patterson
    bob patterson05-03-2012

    where can i get a copy of “cum on her tits”? i googled it and nada…mahalo

  28. Will T.
    Will T.05-03-2012

    A- Awesome
    L- Loveable
    I- Intelligent
    S- Sexual (Yeah I did !)
    O- Outstanding
    N- Nice

  29. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper05-03-2012

    Oh great, more of Teresa Strasser’s anxiety and self-doubt.

  30. Bobby

    In a sane world Leslie would reach across and hug and thank Rodriguez for eliciting information from somebody who cut the head (while he was fully conscious & with a small dull knife) off of one of her colleagues, an American journalist. At any other time in our history she would have been a national laughingstock and drummed out of her profession for such inane questions. Today, she’s just one the liberal media gang that all think alike. “Let’s see, he cut off head of my fellow American citizen….mmmh…but we fed him nutrient filled ensure and kept him sleep deprived.” Plus he may have cried.”…..Toss up Leslie.

  31. Mark A.
    Mark A.05-03-2012

    Here are two very important quotes I’d like to pass on to Adam. Remember me?

    “Moreover, all the security strategies are merely extensions of terror. And it is the real victory of terrorism that it has plunged the whole of the West into the obsession with security — that is to say, into a veiled form of perpetual terror.

    The spectre of terrorism is forcing the West to terrorize itself — the planetary police network being the equivalent of the tension of a universal Cold War, of a fourth world war imprinting itself upon bodies and mores.”

    “‘Criminal” and “terrorist” are relative designations. One simply labels one’s enemies criminals and terrorists in order to make it seem as if one occupies the higher moral ground. It is nothing but another stratagem in the quest for power — because for the “criminal” and the “terrorist” the law-abiding citizens are criminals and terrorists — their law itself is terroristic.”

  32. chuck goolsbee
    chuck goolsbee05-03-2012

    Capricorn One was NOT OJ’s greatest vehicle – that was a White Ford Bronco.

  33. erik

    “Zip it gunt!” ….good one Bryan.

  34. Freeman

    Adam is this is your own show, so why do you have the same narrative as Fox news with the torture, and terrorist BS? I’ll tell you what works; stop dumbing down your audience. Stop your slippery slope, and ad hominem fallacies in regards to freedom are growing more ineffective in a climate where people are waking up to the governments REAL agenda. I wish someone was on more regularly who can spot more of Adams fallacies as Teresa did by pointing out the slippery slope with Adam not being able to coach his own kids because of fingerprinting. Really, more laws and rules will heal the world, huh?

  35. think2wice

    “You want your half pound of flesh taken care of . . . .”

    Creepiest Mother’s Day commercial ever.

  36. Bo B
    Bo B05-03-2012

    is just a waste of my time!

  37. Huck

    DANG! That guy on the left is an ugly dude…no homo.

    Adam, I agreed whole-heartedly with every word you said about torture. GREAT RANT. Hopefully, we’ll see you on GBTV for that one too!

    • Justin

      Yeah, torture is great. You’re a fine American, sir.


    FYI: “Orwellian” refers to the scene in 1984 where the main character Winston Smith endures severe, extended torture. If you haven’t read the book… OH WAIT…… check out the film, it’s pretty fucking bleak.

  39. Juiceman3500

    These guys were great guests, funny, played along, great stuff!
    One problem I’m having with an Ace-ism and it is this old reliable homosexual defensive gem along the lines: If you are opposed to homosexuality then you must really want to be gay.
    Couple of problems: It means most gay-bashing, gay persecution is done by homosexuals. Blame the homosexuals for all their problems. They are doing it to themselves.
    2. As a rule this isn’t the case with other things and for example I don’t believe Adam secretly really wants to be in Occupy Wall Street. AHAAA… but notice he complains about them haaaa??
    3. I’m googling away and I can hardly find ANY examples of conservative or GOP type politicians who voted against things like ‘gay marriage’ (btw.. MOST ALL politicians have over the decades) but I can’t find many who were ever found to be gays.
    Given thousands upon thousands over the decades you would think I could find plenty. But I find nearly no examples yet.

  40. tom

    adam talks out of his butt. remember he had michael moore in his face and didnt talk polictics or the economy. just a big phoney.

  41. claudio

    Ironically listening to Adam’s rant on waterboarding feels like torture.

  42. Xorn

    so, no one wants want to just say why the terrorist actually hate instead of just criticizing Adam? oh, ok

  43. Ken Shabby
    Ken Shabby05-03-2012

    I’ll give you my llama when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

  44. steve

    Fast forwarding through Adam’s politics in 3…2….

  45. Wil

    Maybe Adam should BUY the Alvin movie from iTunes. You know . . . instead of RENTING it over and over again.

  46. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac05-04-2012

    Adam makes water boarding sound like the old Monty Python “Spanish Inquisition” skit where victims were “tortured” with comfy couches and soft pillows. I’m not qualified to judge, but I am fully aware when I am bored so at the risk of missing a potential comic gem I fast forward to get through another dull rant.
    That being said the improv later on in the show was hysterical, actually the past two days had great segments that had me laughing while I was on my bike resulting in curious stares from those passing by.
    Adam, talk about range! This is the “rangey-ous” podcast on the net. In 90 minutes you go from ill-informed political pundit to hypocritical “Hollywood-has-no-creativity they just recycle-the-same-old-shit” guy, to spontaneous quick witted laugh a minute genius!
    Still listening everyday after all these years.

  47. DonnySac

    If an interrogator wore corduroy bedroom slippers would that be too cruel?

  48. ok terrific
    ok terrific05-04-2012

    Stop cutting into my Alison time! Move Teresa to that horrible show with Adam’s wife and that other shrew.

    • JPat


  49. CoreyL

    Dolphin bullying? Seriously? Why do the bleeding-heart animal rescuers assume that the dolphin is a victim? Maybe he’s mentally disturbed or violent, and the others are pushing him away from the pod with good reason. Let the dolphins run their own society! How would people like it if a bunch of dolphins came ashore and broke Charlie Manson out of prison to return him to the flock?

  50. t monk
    t monk05-06-2012

    dirty bombs are the 2nd hand smoke of terrorism

  51. Let's hear the alternatives
    Let's hear the alternatives05-07-2012

    I have yet to read any alternatives to the “enhanced interrogation techniques” used by the military to gain information from terrorists and detainees. Like Adam says, all you are saying is that it doesn’t work. Yes they have to sort the crap from the cream with regards to the information gained…but I’d rather they sort something than nothing. Will someone PLEASE provide an alternative?

    If you have no alternative…then please, in the words of the Ace Man…”SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

    P.S. I’d much rather be tortured or have an enhanced interrogation done on me by Americans than any other nationality. When finished, I would leave a little sleepy and my face might sting from an occasional slap, but at least I’d still have my balls (and my head for that matter), and they would not have been attached to a car battery at any point.

  52. livin

    My idea on birth control is this: if having your kids is paid for by the government, (delivery,welfare, food stamps, medicaid etc.) two kids max, then automatic sterilization. If you have the money to cover the expenses yourself then have as many as you want. But if the taxpayer is paying for it, we have to limit the number of kids you can have.

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