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At the top of the show, Adam, Alison and Bryan talk about the Sandusky scandal, and how the cuddling part is especially creepy. Adam also complains about fake Christmas trees, and gives his recipe for delicious, easy-to-make cranberry sauce. Alison then starts with news with stories about dolphin death, overpaid actors, and why Adam Sandler’s latest film is terrible.

Adam talks about his first facial massage, and breaks down an unimpressive photo that sold for millions of dollars. He then jumps to the phones to talk with callers about their Holiday Disaster stories, and learns about a couple alcoholic breakdowns and DEA drug busts.

Author Barry Eisler joins the podcast next, and talks about turning down a major book deal so he could self-publish his books through Amazon instead. Adam relates the book industry to the auto insurance industry, which is equally ‘old-school.’ Adam then relates some domestic issues with the housekeeping, and the show wraps up with a discussion about Barry Eisler’s service in the CIA, as well as why you can’t joke with a guy giving a polygraph.


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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. LKJ

    Phil Collins IS always playing at CVS!! GREAT CALL A!


  2. Rich G
    Rich G11-22-2011

    You can substitute water for orange juice in the cranberry sauce.

  3. JessMan

    call me an asshole, but i like the canned cranberry sauce cut into medallions. mmmmm

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee11-22-2011

      we have both homemade and canned

  4. Peter B
    Peter B11-22-2011

    Lol Adam freaking out about techno. Makes me chuckle. There is really no more techno playing, it is house, progressive, trance or some variation of it. Bald Bryan keeps playing samples of bad 90’s techno. It is not all high speed and annoying anymore. BPM rates have slowed done a lot over the years.

    The reason this is popular is because people like the energy, simple catchy melodies and vocals, They like to dance and it is really the most popular music on the globe. Love it or hate it there really is no in-between. You don’t have to be on drugs. I would argue that that is a 90’s rave stereo type. Most people at parties are not on drugs anymore. Do not suck on pacifiers and slam huge amounts of E. Maybe the young people, but not really in general and who cares about the young people anyway.

    It continues to grow in popularity which I am sure makes Ace pop a blood vessel or two. I think it is just really due to a personality type. Not a generational thing although it seems people tend to get stuck in certain decades musically and never expand after that. Everything other than those decades is shit. Prime example is 80’s music. A lot of adults who were in the tweens during the 80’s, look fondly at tracks Aceman hates and maybe simply due to nostalgia alone.

    Electronic music is the progression of music and sorry buddy but it will keep expanding in popularity like a dream to some or in your seething anger, like a virus.

    • Javier

      Nothing makes me laugh more than when someone tries to explain the different variations of electronic. Hate to break it to you, its all the same shit. Likewise, this can hardly be called progression. Progression implies that somehow the music is improving with electronica. Electronic is hardly an advancement on classic rock, jazz, or even classical music. Maybe the term you were looking for was phase.

      • An Onny
        An Onny12-02-2011

        Agree. All that stuff on TMZ still sounds like crappy “90s” techno to me. Sadly, “music” today is not a “progression” of anything. It’s a result of kids growing up too lazy to learn to play real instruments.

  5. Chris dudek
    Chris dudek11-22-2011


    Danny Bona-douchey has invaded our fair city!!

    Please save us SUPER ADAM!!

    Long time fan,


  6. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee11-22-2011

    When is Joel McHale going to be on? It’s not like he’s too busy (ouch) to do the show. Also, why doesn’t Jimmy Kimmel show some love and do the show? I only watch McHale’s and Kimmel’s shows because of Adam shamelessly plugging their shows…

    • Melissa

      YES! I was just thinking about why Joel McHale hasn’t been on the show. He is a definite must have

  7. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks11-22-2011

    I don’t think it’s all about people being lazy when it comes to cranberry sauce. I think people like the cranberry sauce in the can and that the can shaped cylinder of cranberry sauce is an iconic image. I’ve actually seen a homemade cranberry sauce recipe where it actually sets up in a can mold.

  8. Philip M
    Philip M11-22-2011


    For the cranberries, instead of water…use OJ, and I’m not talking about a running back with a penchant for stabby activities. That way you can use less sugar and I’ve been known to throw in a cinnamon stick. Try it, you might like it.

  9. Shark

    Again, what’s up with the bleep on Allison’s intro? If it’s a joke, i dig it. If it’s because some no-talent ass-clown complained, that’s just awful.

  10. The Gooch
    The Gooch11-22-2011

    I love the Aceman, and I TOTALLY (I also WHOLEHEARTEDLY) AGREE with him on the lameness of Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, and Kevin James. However, for some reason, he actually thinks that Josh Gardner is funny. Ironic.

  11. Gahhhhh

    Puhh leeeeeeez take Bald Bryan’s mic away….or limit his number of comments to 5 a show……..NOT FUNNY FOR MORE THAN 5 MIN

  12. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis11-22-2011

    Why is the show semi-censored now?

  13. Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz11-22-2011

    I used to love Alison, now I kinda like her…for the most part. With that said, she sometimes really screws up the news. Does she even practice or run it by someone first before going live? Sometimes it really sucks.

  14. DT

    Has anyone tried to listen to the show on Stitcher the last couple of days? I always listen on Stitcher but the last couple of days it has a green dot by all the Ace broadcasting shows and does not play. I am able to listen to everything else on Stitcher except for the Adam Carolla show. Any help or advise would be much appreciated since Stitcher never answers my questions.

    • Steve

      The show is no longer available on Stitcher. They made a short announcement before a couple of the shows. The official Adam Carolla Show app is available in the iTunes store and the Android market.

    • Ian

      Since ACE Broadcasting came out with the Adam Carolla application, they are no longer doing stitcher. It would be a conflict…go get the new app!

    • Luthor

      Adam mentioned that they will no longer be offering the show on Stitcher. I would assume that since the app is out there is no point to continue to use it.

  15. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town11-22-2011

    BUMMER,,,not much of an interveiw…I wanted to hear some CIA stuff!!

    • Morty Mort
      Morty Mort11-22-2011

      I agree. I was looking forward to some bad ass stories. Interview was way too long and off topic.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee11-22-2011

      I agree, Yesterday and Today the guest was kind of overlooked, I would have liked to hear more about this guy. Let me be Mr. Brightside and say the next interview will be more about him… just saying

  16. paddym

    sweet, now you can click along to the pics and listen.

  17. Alex

    Bryan is great forget these assholes

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee11-22-2011

      There was only one asshole, I love me some Brian! The Adam & Brian calling the Cop Uncle bit was FUNNY!

  18. Courtney Klos
    Courtney Klos11-22-2011

    The reason for the bleep for Alison’s intro is because the news segment has a sponsor. The sponsors don’t want curse words in their live read.

  19. Tony from DC
    Tony from DC11-22-2011

    Somebody please tell Adam it’s a Swiffer, not a Swifter.

  20. Krakel

    Damn, this could have been a fascinating interview. Adam should definitely learn to let his (interesting) guests speak more.

  21. Dylan Duddy
    Dylan Duddy11-22-2011

    Looks like ur on Valium every picture taken w/ the guest for the past couple of days there Ace Man. Have u guys ever thought of holding auditions for male co-host under the age of 30. U know if u got some1 who could relate to the generation of “baa baa ba, ba ba baa, baaaa ba.” future douchebags that expects everything handed to them in life. Being born in 1985 i couldn’t tell if u were referring to the kids born in the 80’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, the bicentennials. Spelled that right first try, BOOM. If u had a co-host that could relate to those ppl, I bet u would get WAY more downloads of the podcasts & tickets bought for live shows immediately. But u R the #1 downloaded podcast in the world, its just an opinion from a hooked younger fan. Godspeed citizens of the ninth division!!! P.S. Bought ur book Adam, first book ive bought in 10 years, well worth it. My Mom got ahold of it & now shes buying 2 more copies off amazon for 2 of our relatives in L.A. Sorry to ramble, im a big fan, & i will b @ the live shows if u guys play the Jon Lovitz theater. Im really self conscious about going to live comedy shows & as u can tell i live in a self absorbed fairy tale world where i think any1 w/ a half a brain is still reading this post. So ill just get drunk & hopefully be able to ask my Co-Host question. Toodaloo.

  22. Pete


    The techno and Rick Astley drops force me to fast forward, they are painfully annoying. Can you stop with those please?


  23. Adam Car Hola!
    Adam Car Hola!11-22-2011

    Once again, Ace took what could have been an amazing interview, and opted for the sound of his own nasally drone. Excepting Howard Stern, he does the worst interviews ever. There are times when his humorous tangents are needed (Bai Ling) and times when he should learn a little bit about his guest and SHUT THE HELL UP! This guy sounded pretty entertaining, but I guess we’ll never know, will we? WTF Carolla, don’t have guests on unless you’re willing to let them talk!

    • Bill

      Agreed. It is fine if he just has some comedian on but with a real guest it would be nice to get at least a solid 5 minutes of Q&A. This was lame.

  24. Fenom

    wait a minute, how can you be overpaid when you generate more revenue than your salary?

  25. Dick Face
    Dick Face11-22-2011

    LMFAO!!! Ace got a facial! Did it come with a pearl necklace???

  26. Chief Bullshagger
    Chief Bullshagger11-22-2011

    Comment moderation is enabled? How Dickensian!

  27. BIRDY

    Oh, Shit. I see that mr.stinkfinger image on here. WHERE DO I FAST FORWARD PAST HIS UNLISTENABLE SHIT??!?!!?!?!??!

    • JYP

      You said it, BIRDY…one of the many chinks in Adams armor is that FOOL, Josh…fuck me sideways, if i never hear Mr. stinkfinger again it will be too soon

  28. Gabriel

    Why did Adam transition the conversation from publishing to the long housekeeper rant? I like Adam’s rants, but in this case, I’ve heard this rant before, and I was more interested in Barry Eisler’s background as a CIA operative and also about self publishing in general.

    This is why I prefer the 1 on 1 interviews for these type of guests. I still love Allison and BB, but only when they have guests like Larry Miller, DAG or others they can get interact with.

  29. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington11-22-2011

    Sharp new website…. same dull commenters

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle11-30-2011

      Best post yet on the new website.

  30. MPG

    I noticed that Ace repeated the “worst economy since 1983” line.
    I don’t hear that comparison. Maybe he heard that sometimes in late 2008 and it’s now stuck in his mind.
    I hear “worst since the Great Depression”….. but it’s going very well for the wealthy.

    • JayCeezy

      In 1983, unemployment was 10.8%. The stock market was in the $h1tter. USSR and Eastern Bloc countries were provoking the U.S. and western Europe. Inflation was still huge, the U.S. was just coming off of more than three years at 10%+ inflation which crushed buying power, and earning power., It may sound like a joke now, but it was a very real moment in a weak@$$ economy. Adam was really there, really trying to get a job, really trying to scratch out a life.

      You obviously are too young to remember, or you wouldn’t make such a flippant comment.

  31. BIRDY

    wow, Ozzie’s old lady is pretty fine!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle11-28-2011

      I’m sure it was an arranged marriage.

  32. mg nelson
    mg nelson11-22-2011

    I’ve been a fan of Mr. Eisler’s for years….read all his books & can’t wait to read the latest. I would like to know why he seems not to age….is there a painting involved?

  33. BH

    Bad Brian was en fuego this episode with the Tom green 1 nut and fm Bradley facial wisecracks!

  34. G-man

    Adam, Please try to come do some gigs in Nashville…

  35. Tim

    stop complaining about music and saying nothing for 10 mins

  36. Billy

    Missed a good opportunity for a interview. Adam was as quality as that “Allen Gregory” show he pimped. A shit hole mess that fox must have paid you a bundle to endorse.

    • Yossarian

      Agreed! Wasted an interesting guest rehashing bitching about book publishing and domestic servants! :\

  37. DESF

    The song Bryan always plays as techno is Kittens by Underworld.

    Even as a fan of Underworld, I have to agree that song is awful.

  38. benjamman

    As someone who can actually play an instrument and has experience composing songs I must tell you that techno is to music what a rice cake is to food.

    I don’t necessarily agree with Adam’s taste in music. But at least the people he professes to like have some notable degree of musicality within them.

    I “could” churn out that techo crap in my sleep. And so could most anybody with little to no musical experience.

  39. Gary Lee Grah
    Gary Lee Grah11-24-2011

    Ozzie and his wife look great!

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