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Adam welcomes Bai Ling back to the show, and recalls the last time they spoke. Bai discusses her sobriety, and some of her past experiences with alcohol. She also talks about her new single, ‘Rehab,’ which is a song about how it’s possible to have fun when you’re sober. Adam then asks her about her experiences as an entertainer in the military, and Bai talks about meeting both Muhammad Ali and the Dali Lama.

Adam and Bai then talk a bit more about her experiences on Celebrity Rehab, and some of the things she learned from Dr. Drew. They also talk about whether she’s still in touch with any of her housemates, and Bai discusses the importance of passion and honesty in her relationships. As the show wraps up, they talk about Bai’s perception of China and the US, and Adam hears a bit about an average day in the life.


Download the new single ‘Rehab,’ and visit www.OfficialBaiLing.com

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Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Jeff

    No good, Adam…. Bai Ling was just
    on The Howard Stern Show last week.

    Well, at least she’s better-known than a lot of
    your guests. 🙂

  2. joker

    Wow. Shoulda kept this one in the can Adam.

  3. Juicemachine

    ni hao,
    wo gang kai shi xue zhong wen. wo ai piao liang bai ling.

    (how are ya, hello, i am a new student (learner) of chinese (mandarin) and I love the beautiful Bai Ling.)

    I feel she had some bad experiences and I know enough about this crowd in Beijing to feel bad about it. I don’t know if its discussed in this podcast so I can’t wait to listen!’

  4. Cramp

    Who’s number one?

    • Go Back to Loveline
      Go Back to Loveline10-17-2011

      Don pleh tenni no mo

  5. pdx97

    #1 B B Q

  6. ZG

    I recall she was not so great of a guest the last time she was on. Of well I’ll power through it. If only she was the “#1 Asia Big Boob Queen.”

  7. Chet

    no way i’m gonna listen to this one. she SUCKED last time!

  8. george

    wasn’t she a major suckfest last time around? at least she looks more attractive now…

  9. frenchroast

    I had dinner with her many years ago, whilst my buddy was dating her. Her mouth moved, I checked my watch. Hasn’t changed much.

  10. Sluggh

    Bai Ling’s a dude, right?

    • God's Twitter
      God's Twitter10-17-2011

      They all look the same to me.

  11. Erica

    Hey…does anyone from Adam’s camp read this crap we post????

    I have a guest request: JIM SHORT. He is an awesome comedian…you NEED to have him on the show. Bai Ling is a joke…she is mentally ill. Stop having idiots on the podcast.

    You need a place where fans can request guests. This website format SUCKS!!

    • chris

      guessing someone on the team does. I doubt what we say has a very big impact.

      Adam said he does not read the comments. Alison said she reads them sometimes.

    • donewithidiots

      I don’t think the site format sucks, but she certainly sucked. Baaaaad. I really hate listening to stupid people bashing this country. It’s even worse when it’s a stupid immigrant from China doing it, while playing up their country that they fear for their family safety. Adam made do with what he had, like a professional. Never have her dumb ass again, she suck bad.

  12. John


  13. John

    Ugh nice job retards. This is where the one on ones start while Adam is in New York doing Celebrity Apprentice. And it’s also the start of when I stop listening because lets face it, one one ones suck.

    • chris

      to me one on ones are hit or miss.

      Some of the one on ones have been my favorite podcasts. But then there are a bunch that are not that great.

      You need a good guest and that guest has to click with Adam. When the gang is there if Adam does not click with the guest the others can pick up the slack a bit and if the guest sucks the other parts of the show can still be good.

  14. djrob

    Wow, those Chinese are good at brain washing, Bai Ling to this day defends Chinese officers who sexually molested her.

  15. neutra

    Wow. I never thought I’d see this crazy b**ch on here again.

  16. Mark J
    Mark J10-18-2011

    Damn there’s some message board haters. GET IT ON ACEMAN!

  17. huell howser
    huell howser10-18-2011

    This show could cure the most severe insomnia. No more Asians……Please.

  18. banned

    Banned on the board.

    Free speech?

    Min. wage workers for the ace company are little kitties. Here kitty kitty U all sux!

  19. jay

    LISTEN!!! It’s always funny when a guest doesn’t know who Adam is, it’s Ace at his sarcastic best

  20. Ledgewood


  21. Dan

    Haven’t even listened yet and I’m pissed off. She sucked last time and I’m certain she’ll suck today.

  22. JessMan

    who is #1?

    • KC

      Minka is #1 Asian Big Boob Queen

  23. Dario

    > No good, Adam…. Bai Ling was just on The Howard Stern Show last week.

    Maybe she was, but who listens to Stern any more? He’s such a has been, lol.

  24. Tuvan Throat Singer
    Tuvan Throat Singer10-18-2011

    I dare Adam to sit through Bai Ling’s ‘Rehab’.

  25. bluetone

    Hey, how many retards can you fit on a message board?

    • Big T
      Big T10-18-2011

      So far one

  26. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins10-18-2011

    I almost spit out my Ovaltine when I found out who the guest was today.

  27. MC White
    MC White10-18-2011

    Love me some Bai Ling; hatin’ is bad!

  28. Man From Up North
    Man From Up North10-18-2011

    Well, I gave it a try.

    — FREE podcast.
    — The ads are hilarious.
    — Could stop listening at any time.

    — She has nothing to say.
    — Hasn’t mastered the English language yet.
    — Has no sense of humor.
    — That song of her is awful & was recorded in a basement Karaoke through someone’s iPhone.

  29. hmm

    Where the hell is Alison?

    I love Alison!!

    • Big T
      Big T10-18-2011

      Probably eating

      • GeekBoyWonder

        Oh, I get it- Big T was trying on his “People that work for me think I’m funny” pants. FAIL.

        • Big T
          Big T10-18-2011

          At least my comment makes sense. Even you get it.

  30. Jarviswabi

    Yeah, it’s always a little uncomfortable when the one-on-ones are with someone who totally doesn’t get Adam. Seems to make him try harder to be funny and the guest just does not understand.

    I want to know if Bai Ling had handlers with her, because if she was by herself, I can picture the post-show being extra awkward. She’s just lurking around the garage, Adam’s trying to sneak out and ditch her…

  31. Walter

    I felt bad for laughing, especially when Adam said “Gang Rape”. She had no clue what was going on. I can’t believe Adam played “Money can’t buy you class.” I feel better about myself for laughing at her after hearing her awful song.

  32. GeekBoyWonder

    Love Adam, Love Allison (Big T can suck it),

    His guest today was less comprehensable and WAY less interesting than Ozzie.

    Listening to Bai Ling makes me feel like a cat being pulled backwards through a keyhole while listening to Allanis Morisette being mounted by a dolphin in a Blendtec. By the way, I don’t like any of those things- so, negative, DO NOT LIKE.

    Love me some Ace-man, though.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-18-2011

      She wasn’t very good on Howard Stern either.

  33. Flatulator

    Bai Ring so crean. Me rikey brow job from Bai Ring.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-18-2011

      That made me laugh. Funniest post of the day.

    • donewithidiots

      Good stuff, excellent avatar.

  34. nilmot

    Its really enjoyable to listen to Adam subtly pick at her ridculous babble.

  35. lick it or ticket
    lick it or ticket10-18-2011

    This going to be rousey!

  36. Peanut

    HOLY CRAP THAT SUCKED!!!!! Thought maybe it would get better and I tried to hang with it. I lasted 15 minutes and just had to turn it off. She is an IDIOT…..

  37. Trevor Corey
    Trevor Corey10-18-2011

    Great example of a chick who outta have a penis in her mouth at all times.

  38. Bullshit

    Adam’s parents were college-educated teachers, liberals, etc, and he talks like they were totally ignorant poor folk, but they weren’t. So you swung a hammer for a few years, big fucking deal. Now you sit there making fun of guys with shit jobs.

  39. DionRidesBikes

    “Let’s just say you loved cheesecake”

    “I do…”

  40. Jesusgarza31

    I miss Alison she makes the podcast so good please no more 1 on 1

  41. CD

    Please Adam don’t ever have her back on. She is just terrible.

  42. CarpaccioFreak

    Wow that was awesome.

    Bai Ling got about 50% of what Adam was throwing out.

    “This is the point in the song where my shirt comes off”- kind of funny when thrown at a comic, but hilarious when pitched at Bai Ling who accepts it as a statement.

  43. Dave

    Spank du Jour: Asia Carrera

  44. d-miz

    i have no idea what the f*ck she was talking about. was she conversing with adam or someone else? wtf!!

  45. cow12

    is she afraid to talk about the chinese gov or is she just very dumb? or both?

    anyways, horrible guest.

    • Ledgewood

      She probably just has no idea what is going on in the world around her….

  46. Liam

    Great episode. I like it when Adam is sarcastic. In her own unusual way, Bai Ling kept Adam on his toes due to her rambling crazy talk.

  47. Moe

    10 minutes in, man this is going to be an interesting podcast.lol

  48. Afee97

    I know it’s free. I’m really grateful. Compusult begins here: Bai Ling? Your better than that. It’s embarrasing to listen to her not get 75% of what you say.

  49. jerk

    Adam dropped the ball on this one. He never got his footing and kept this awkward. He wants real conversation, right? Well get real then. He had a chance to have an interesting (if difficult) conversation but kept trying to play for laughs. It didn’t work and he missed an opportunity to have a conversation with someone who was very willing to open up.

  50. borge

    This is the sober version??

  51. LuvULongTime

    Holy F%ck ! I LOVE everything Adam does, but I couldn’t listen to this chick. I actually stopped listening to this podcast episode, and I have NEVER done that with any of Adams podcasts (including CarCast and Ace on the House). How the f%ck can you know Dr Drew and not know who Adam is? Is her brain burned out !? Horrible guest
    Adam, this one was a swing and a miss !

    Still Love You Bro !

  52. Zeke

    Clearly Bai Ling is still grappling with jokes and ribbing :p

  53. Asian Carolla
    Asian Carolla10-18-2011

    I am Bai Ling out of this particular podcast.

    • mars

      pretty funny, almost as funny as hearing 99% of the shit adam says go over this chick’s head ie saying he met mohammed ali and the dali lama at a TGI Friday’s outside of Muncie

  54. What is!?
    What is!?10-18-2011

    The drop continuously playing in my head while listening to this episode:
    “What in God’s holy name are you blathering about?”

  55. The World Is
    The World Is10-18-2011

    WOW. Insane Clown Posse and Bai Ling need to start a motivational speaking tour right now.

  56. sburns2421

    She wins the award for most boring guest over that girl from a couple of months ago that redid the studio.

  57. Matthew

    I enjoyed the podcast.I appreciate her abstract interpretations of the human condition. Perspectives like these help to re-frame the narrowness of our perspectives. Open your mind; it will reveal an open heart.

  58. Tanner

    Wow… I’ve never skipped an ACS podcast so quickly in my life.

  59. sfmark

    wow, that podcast really sucked. I don’t even remember the last one she was on otherwise i’d avoid this one like the chinese plague. I wonder if she got that adam compared her song to the money-can-buy-ya-class and it sucked… i think she thinks Adam loved it?…not sure

  60. big t
    big t10-18-2011

    Oh yay, the most annoying chick in Hollywood.

  61. Ken L. Lingus
    Ken L. Lingus10-18-2011

    Yeah this podcast was pretty bad, but as usual Adam still makes it funny. The Aceman rocks.

  62. Iver23

    Painful to listen to Bai LIng. I won’t even bother downloading this one. Please get some good guests. It’s becoming sad.

    • Snookie

      Good god, the show was fine ya’ sadsack. There are 200+ shows a year, he can’t have your favorite comic book hero on every day. Cry me a river.

  63. Big Al
    Big Al10-18-2011

    It was fun listening to Adam slip so many jokes in knowing that she wouldn’t get them.

    I’m happy that she’s sober because she was so out of control when she was drinking. If that makes her a bit boring now then so be it. Plus, I was thinking of her EPIC nip slips throughout the whole interview. Those things should be declared concealed weapons.

  64. BurningSol

    So damn hot!

  65. Howard

    Ace, can we please stay away from the guests that have no sense of humor? I’m glad she’s sober and a little more coherent, but she’s still a nightmare as an interviewee.

    • Steve

      God, at least don’t have it be a one on one episode if they have no sense of humor!

  66. The point man
    The point man10-18-2011

    0 sense of humor. awkward.

  67. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-18-2011

    I’ll pass on this one

    • Toolbag


  68. Tony J
    Tony J10-18-2011

    How fucking stupid is this dumb bitch? It’s like she didn’t get ANYTHING.

    And she thinks she stopped working because of alcoholism. Maybe it’s because she can’t speak english and is too stupid to work a door.

  69. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle10-18-2011

    If Bai-Ling looked like Margaret Cho would anyone listen to her babble on? Perfect example of the hot chick factor.

  70. PJ

    Yeah she was a terrible guest that no one cares about…but Adam had some hilarious lines randomly thrown in here and there that kept it entertaining.

  71. Darican

    She definitely should just show up, undress, and stand there quietly… No added value to the show other than that…

  72. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross10-18-2011

    Thought that was the name of your private parts. Good one Ace man.

  73. CNS

    Disagree about her being a bad guest. She brought a totally different perspective. Plus, I agree about eliminating coutries. One world.

  74. jenmelisa

    I miss Allison and Brian….where are they?

  75. Alain-Christian

    Bai Ling is Bai Ling.

  76. joe

    Wow Bai was so hard to listen to. Aceman did his best but damn she’s really… wow!

  77. Braying Sports Aficionado
    Braying Sports Aficionado10-18-2011

    I wonder if Adam was wearing a watch during THIS interview!!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-18-2011

      too funny… 50 minutes, probably the shortest Pod Cast yet…

  78. Dave

    Hmmm, here are some more female guest ideas:
    Scarlet Johanssen
    Natalie Portman
    Kate Beckingsale
    January Jones
    Megan Fox
    Jennifer Lawrence

    I don’t ask much. Thanks Aceman and ACS crew for listening to your fans!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-18-2011

      Good Luck with that request

  79. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross10-18-2011

    Sorry to break the news but no one listens to the fans here. Who requested this car wreck?

    • WTF

      I did. My bad, sorry.

  80. Dave

    Sorry to break it back to you but the Trix rabbit is real. You know what else? Some of the ACS crew does drops some lines here just to humor you. You just never know who.. puhahahahhahaa.

  81. reb

    one on ones blow. they have the lonely feel of a harland williams podcast

  82. monica

    i know arguing with comments is pretty pointless, but WOW you people love to hate on totally free content. i for one found the interview interesting and enjoy hearing her accent. I think she DOES have a sense of humor. It was great to hear a follow up after the fairly weird and wild interview he did with Bai last year. GREAT JOB ACEMAN. YOUR TRUE FANS LOVE THE INTERVIEWS, AND KNOW THEY DON’T ALL HAVE TO BE WITH COMEDIANS IN ORDER FOR THEM TO BE GOOD. Adam Carolla is not a flat character. He is a real person with depth and different sides and clearly really enjoys getting the story behind where his guests come from, opening doors to how we can all relate to them and to one another. Haters, keep hating.

    • Typical Knob
      Typical Knob10-18-2011

      But my mommy says that aceyman should make this show exactly what I want it to be. In fact the whole world should be what I want it to be or I should make a big stink. If you don’t agree I will take my toys and go home!

      • monica


  83. Dano

    Love the old Drew and Adam pics! Reminds me of good times, good times…

    DRONE PILOT10-18-2011

    The one on ones are great. This one was a little bit of a train wreck but that wasn’t adams fault.

  85. Jessica

    Bai seems constantly confused.

    “I’m not sure I’m in the game with you…”

    “Don’t lie to me dude….?”


  86. Jessica

    LOVE Adam’s one liners that she didn’t understand. Ha ha ha.

  87. sid the squid
    sid the squid10-18-2011

    I am confused. Some people have commented today that the 1 on 1 format is bad and some have commented that the 1 on 1 format is good. I thought everybody on here spoke for everyone and knew what. AC needed to do to make this show succesful. So confusing.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-18-2011

      wait until this afternoon when it turns into the official occupy wall street message board.

  88. Buzz Bissinger
    Buzz Bissinger10-18-2011

    Adam should release a commentary track for this show to let us know what was going on in his head during some of her more curious ramblings.

  89. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward10-18-2011

    I’m pissed at Drew for saving this bitch. She doesn’t need to exist.

    • Dillon

      i knew a comment like this would only be a matter of time on this thread. harry buddy, Jesus loves you man.

    • Harry Seaward
      Harry Seaward10-18-2011

      Get your own username, jackass. This one is taken.

  90. cacahd

    Funniest line was near the beginning and Bai Ling says “I-I think you’re sensitive guy” Not intentional but it cracked me up. Adam sensitive? Ha-Ha

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-18-2011

      there were so many moments that I just cracked up laughing at Adam making this episode funny, good job…

  91. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-18-2011

    Just started listening and as Ledgewood wrote this morning “Yeesh.” Adam is still funny as hell!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-18-2011


  92. jpmoneypants

    Could this chick be more full of SHIT !!!! At least on drugs, she has an excuse for being retarded. You can answer every question using words like wind, gift, love, experience, blah blah blah. INCLUDING, “How did they find you for Celebrity Rehab.” The thing that annoys me the most, is this RETARDED chick thinks shes smart/ deep and no one has probably ever told her any different.

  93. YouOverRotated

    Worst guest of all time: Bai Ling 9/30/09
    Second worst guest of all time: Bai Ling 10/18/11

    Not hating. Just saying.

    Love the show. Love Adam. Listened today and will listen tomorrow.

  94. Roland3337

    Pardon my laziness. But this needs to be seconded, and said again:

    “i know arguing with comments is pretty pointless, but WOW you people love to hate on totally free content. i for one found the interview interesting and enjoy hearing her accent. I think she DOES have a sense of humor. It was great to hear a follow up after the fairly weird and wild interview he did with Bai last year. GREAT JOB ACEMAN. YOUR TRUE FANS LOVE THE INTERVIEWS, AND KNOW THEY DON’T ALL HAVE TO BE WITH COMEDIANS IN ORDER FOR THEM TO BE GOOD. Adam Carolla is not a flat character. He is a real person with depth and different sides and clearly really enjoys getting the story behind where his guests come from, opening doors to how we can all relate to them and to one another. Haters, keep hating.”

    Y’all haters could screw up a wet dream. Fuck off and leave Adam and the rest of us alone.

  95. Stacy Burket
    Stacy Burket10-18-2011

    I’m so fatigued (as was Adam)

  96. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-18-2011

    how come the Aceman can only get shitty guests? oh yeah, he just talks about himself, interrupts and dogs on everyone in the industry……..makes sense

    • Sultan of Bernai
      Sultan of Bernai10-18-2011

      Haha, you’re probably right. I liked when he had the Rotten tomatoes guy on just to tell him how inaccurate and crappy his website was for about 60 minutes.
      Ace is still the best though. I’m still LOLZing about his commentary on parrots, and how they are supposed to soar majestically over the rainforest canopy like a Disney movie but end up in some shitty apartment with rust colored carpet of some middle-aged guy with male pattern baldness trying to rub cream on it. I love parrot humor.

    • The Life of Dud
      The Life of Dud10-18-2011

      Well at least he didn’t pee in your cornflakes with another music rant. I guess he didn’t want you to get your panties in a bunch again. He will probably step up his game after reading your latest poignant critique and make sure that he gets several hundred guests each year that pass your stringent quality control. Btw, why do listen if it makes you so unhappy? Are just one of those people that likes to wallow in misery? What a little martyr you are suffering through this show just so you can come here and bItch for us. Ok, you can insult my mom now and be sure to include lots of pointless ellipsis.

  97. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-18-2011

    i love how ace can turn even the lamest guest into a compelling interview,even with a language barrier. great job ace man.

  98. Aaron

    I enjoy the “one on one” episodes. Bai Ling has a great voice and accent, really soothing. I could have listened for another hour, even if I have no idea exactly what she is talking about.

  99. Juicemachine

    “my own insecurity”
    Why is it?
    “..well basically I had the Caucasian version of your parents”

    Classic! Awesome episode!

  100. Botched Circumcision
    Botched Circumcision10-18-2011

    “We don’t sign that many autographs at breakfast.”

    “Do you like the round-eyes, as we call ourselves?”

    Said it before, I’ll say it again…some of the worst guests make for the greatest episodes. Nothing better than Adam getting to crack wise and mock the oblivious guest to their face.

  101. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-18-2011

    Has anyone else seen bai ling’s beautiful monster nipples? Yummy. If you haven’t please google it

  102. Dave

    I don’t want to express any criticism of this kind of show format, or of Bai Ling as a person. HOWEVER I do think a golden opportunity was missed here, to wit asking Bai Ling the following questions:

    “Bai Ling, what were you thinking when you posed for a Playboy photo shoot photo holding an opium pipe?

    (I mean, goddam, that’s almost as depraved as a black model posing for a nude shot holding a quarter of a smashed-apart watermelon, or a greasy chicken leg.)

    Do you regret doing that? Do people in China hate you for this, or does no one care because you’re not really a celebrity in your homeland?”

    Alas, I am not sure she’d understand the entire question, or that she has the patience to let someone talk for that long.

  103. drb123

    Unless the guest is outstanding, much prefer the podcasts featuring Alison (also Bryan)

  104. Chuck

    Wow! I can take almost any interview with Adam BUT DAMN!!! THIS WAS AWFUL!! NEVER EVER HAVE HER ON AGAIN!!! EVER!!! SSSSSNNNNNOOOORRRREEEE!!!!!!!

  105. asdf

    If you are going to bring back old guests bring back Jack! and Van Stone!

  106. Mike

    I love Bai Ling as a guest. Always entertaining. I still remember her last appearance on the podcast when she was off her face. The contrast between Bai (Eastern, spiritual, nut-case) and Adam (Western, rationalist, jock) makes for a fun show.

    • God's Twitter
      God's Twitter10-18-2011

      Maybe he should interview a tampon (feminine, reclusive, sensitive)? That would be really interesting.

      • Satan's Twitter
        Satan's Twitter10-18-2011

        I’ll play Me advocate here and concede that God’s finally come up with a funny one.

  107. Gurn Blanston
    Gurn Blanston10-18-2011

    Dude, huge fan. Never miss a ‘cast, but this was f***ing BRUTAL.

  108. Wow

    Yeah usually I enjoy the podcast, but I had to turn this one off. It was horrible.

  109. love the nuts
    love the nuts10-18-2011

    love bai ling. You can sense the nuttiness. so hot an crazy. love it.

  110. CLYDE

    Hey She’s breaking stereotypes. Alll Asians aren’t smart. Plus Ali hasn’t tspoken since about 1985

  111. Dano

    Un-fucking-listenable. I’ve caught every episode this year and this was by far the worst. Should’ve had Dawson read some sort of disclaimer before it started…

  112. Alex

    Wow, that was bad.

  113. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-18-2011

    Bai ling’s nipples , damn! They are so thick and juicy . Don’t believe me google it

  114. mr b
    mr b10-18-2011

    so Adam, you know Dr. drew. hmm never made the connection. C’mon ace man…………….really

  115. mr b
    mr b10-18-2011


  116. 79 strat
    79 strat10-18-2011

    A one on one with the guy from Rotten Tomatos and Bail Ling but the same old stories and no real questions for Duff. Lame.

  117. God's Twitter
    God's Twitter10-18-2011

    “Celebrity Apprentice”? Say it ain’t so.

    You’ve got to be kidding me… The second fiddle for second fiddles.

  118. God's Twitter
    God's Twitter10-18-2011

    Something that sounds like “Cerebity Appendix”? Say it ain’t so.

    You’ve got to be kidding me… The second fiddle for second fiddles.

  119. Good Gravy
    Good Gravy10-18-2011

    Why are there no announcements on UStream as to who the guest is or will be in upcoming week? You used to do this and now you seem to be getting sloppy. Also what happened to UStream show on Oct 18 PM? Things appear to be falling down.

  120. Medium

    I love the podcast but had to turn this one off halfway through. Terrible guest. Even Adam couldn’t salvage that.

  121. S

    I’d fuck her, but I hate her.

  122. Rocketman

    I could barely stand to listen to this. It was the first time I’d ever decided to stop listening to an episode. I tried to get back in to it, but than they played her horrible song.

  123. Melissa

    I’m glad she’s sober and all, but WOW. WTF was she talking about? That was uncomfortable as Hell. I’m curious to hear what (if anything) Adam has to say about it today.

    Agree that podcasts are much livelier and more fun with Alllson and BB.

  124. Gus Hound
    Gus Hound10-19-2011

    Have to agree with most of the commenters. Bai Ling was the worst guest ever (even more terrible than the guy who was plugging his awful horror movieaabout birds).

    Credit to Adam for trying like Hell to make it interesting, and especially for cutting it to only 50 minutes.

  125. Erik

    Wow while she may not be the best shes not the worst. The fact that this girl made it out of the Cultural Revolution that went on in China while she was a kid is in itself amazing(there are no exact numbers but estimates are around 400-500 million people died). On top of that the fact she was able to become creative in such a repressive society is also amazing.

  126. MC White
    MC White10-19-2011

    It was cool, a tad boring, but I never lost interest and found myself laughing out loud a few times. Just imagine fucking that hot little lady, and giving her the big batch of man goo, and the fun will never stop.

  127. slimjim

    ditto to what Gus Hound said.
    Bai Ling should just be naked and shut up.

    • Empty Box
      Empty Box10-19-2011

      Have you seen those nipples? Thanks for trying honey but please….put your shirt back on, shut the fuck up, and go away.

  128. Donny Sac
    Donny Sac10-19-2011

    I guess Huell Howser’s coffee can of rocks wasn’t available.

    • Eris

      Best comment here, laughed out loud and couldn’t agree more.

  129. juan Arroyo
    juan Arroyo10-19-2011

    That interview was funny as shit. Adam was brilliant, he was kind of fucking with her the whole time which I loved.

  130. Aaron

    Ya I might not even start listening to this podcast. I love Adam but I have no clue why this women is even famous(her acting is hardly award worthy). Shes out of her mind, completely annoying and I really can’t believe that Adam even deals with her. CANT STAND HER!

    Howard just had her on his show the other day and i just had to turn it off.

  131. Blake

    Worst guest ever!!!! I think Adam knew she was awful so he cut it short.

  132. Iggy Reilly
    Iggy Reilly10-19-2011

    Yoko comes to mind….I hate Yoko.

  133. Bryan

    Maybe Bai Ling can be the news girl! Shes better than Alison.

    • George

      Don’t be an ass, Allison does a great job.

  134. Luke

    I thought she was surprisingly interesting. Adam was kind of condescending… but that’s his thing.

    Overall, good conversation.

  135. Yossarian

    “OH BOY, now THIS IS interesting.” Hot, little spacy, there have been far worse guests.

  136. Ballz

    Is she Bai-Lingual?

    /Don’t forget to tip your waitress

  137. CyberPilot

    I don’t know what was going on in this podcast, but it was fucking hilarious.

  138. dfhg

    stick with comedians

  139. george

    role playing with asians who don’t have a grasp of english— hysterical

  140. yup

    This was an Abortion Holocaust

  141. Ryan

    Please never invite her back. BORING!

  142. Phil E. Pino
    Phil E. Pino10-20-2011

    One Yoko Ono is plenty enough, we don’t need another crazy semi-famous asian chick preaching about how the world should revolve. Sweetie you’re lucky you got your green card, because I know they’re not going to tolerate your shit in China as I barely did in this podcast episode.

  143. Charles

    …Is Adam trying to fuck Bai Ling? That’s the only reason he would put up with that. She doesn’t get jokes, and she SOMEtimes has semi-interesting things to say.

  144. JOHN

    the episode was an abortion

  145. marcogee

    Adam had this chick on once, and she was horrible then! Why invite her back? Who’s back next episode: the Suicide Girls?

  146. coup


    These ass wipes wouldn’t know a good interview if it bit them in the ass! Nice job, the it was absolutely entertaining, and that is what is supposed to happen, right?

  147. munk

    Guest of the year. “I already said that” So even sober, she’s a loptard.

  148. Julia

    What the hell was this?!?!?!?

  149. Mike

    Wow, she’s a brick and half asleep. Turned this off 10 minutes in.

  150. Brian

    What do I have to do to get her slanty poontang wrapped around my itchy foreskin? She is a hot hole of Ching Chong for my shlong.

  151. lick it or ticket
    lick it or ticket10-23-2011


  152. Doug

    I know I’m a little late on this one… Holy crap. Only two words I have: uncomfortable and dull. Booker needs a kick in the ass. Love ya, Adam.

  153. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-26-2011

    Bai ling I want to suck your monster nipples!

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