Auto Shepherd Contest

Auto Shepherd Contest
  1. Alvan Allen Jr.
    Alvan Allen Jr.03-04-2012

    I’m a black… But I’m one of the good ones..

    • Jermanyx

      I’m a white…..But I’m one of the good ones, VS. not good, Natives, African.: Jewish, Irish, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Russian, Latino, catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Mormon, Buddhist Muslim, Peta, vegetarian vegan, republican, democrat , Texan,(the list is endless) vote for me, an American American, cuz Ancestry.com led me to all these places. It’s not where you’re from, it’s what you do when you’re there.

  2. DJ Rufio
    DJ Rufio03-20-2012

    I’m brown, but one of the bad ones

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