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ACS: The Adam and Dr. Drew Show, episode #366

Adam and Drew open the show discussing the ‘participation trophy generation’ and how it has permeated all parts of our society. Adam then talks about how his home remodel is starting to wrap up and the timing of his assistant departing for his honeymoon has thrown a bit of a wrench in the plans. They then turn to the phones and talk to a guy dealing with a alcohol problem, another who is worried about head trauma from sparing at a boxing gym, amongst others.

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ACS: The Adam and Dr. Drew Show, episode #365

The show opens with Ace and Drew talking about Adam’s family history of making sure not only to spend almost no money but to also eat and drink horrible fake versions of products. They then discuss what Adam thinks is the worst car in history. As they go to the phones they speak to a caller who is very successful but can’t transition that into any kind of relationship with women. They also speak to a caller who is dealing with a wife that has daddy issues and another who is considering moving to a cheaper area but struggling with moving away from his daughter.

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ACS: Reasonable Doubt with Mark Geragos

Adam and Mark Geragos open this week’s episode on Reasonable Doubt differentiating the difference between fun parents and strict parents. After that, Adam talks about the need for him to pay people back as quickly as possible. This leads to a longer conversion on how important it is in life to have character. Before they wrap, Adam and Mark take …

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Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan

Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan get together for a podcast about Postum, the lack of structure in the workplace, and parallells between Adam and Ricky Gervais.

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Alex Epstein

Author Alex Epstein joins Adam, Gina, and Bryan for a podcast about fossil fuels, dating somebody who is terminally ill, and how to behave in court when fighting a ticket.

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