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Adam, Gina and Bryan

Adam, Gina and Bryan discuss the upcoming Super Bowl match up, the awkward walkout during the Republican Debate, and the new Coen Brother’s movie. Plus, an exciting and hilarious new game: Will Andrew Eat It?

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Erin Coscarelli and Cousin Sal

NFL Network’s Erin Coscarelli joins for a podcast about the Super Bowl, white-trash quarterbacks, and what the reaction will be when the Rams come back to LA. Plus, Cousin Sal calls in, and everyone plays a round of Blah Blah Blog.

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Amy Hoggart and Matt Atchity

Amy Hoggart chats with Adam about ‘Almost Royal’, life in London, and how the BBC works. Plus, Matt Atchity hosts a ‘movies about movies’ themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Jonathan Kite and Matt Eaton

Jonathan Kite talks about ‘2 Broke Girls’ and how he does amazing impressions. Plus, Matt Eaton from Denso swings by to discuss the satisfaction of working on cars with your kids.

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Michael McKean and Dr. Bruce

Michael McKean talks with Adam about ‘Spinal Tap’, and the upcoming season of ‘Better Call Saul’. Plus, Dr. Bruce returns for this week’s Healthwatch, with stories about eCigs, the Zika virus, and the dangers of lead poisoning.

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