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Lenny Dykstra and David Wild

Lenny Dykstra chats with Adam about his incredible baseball career, some hard-partying behind the scenes stories, and his stint in prison. David Wild also returns to clear the air about his recent heated conversation with Adam.

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Mike Stud

Mike Stud talks about playing baseball, becoming a rapper, and dating Jose Canseco’s daughter. The gang also breaks down the Republican National Convention, and plays a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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R. Lee Ermey

R. Lee Ermey returns for a podcast about how to get rid of radical extremists, the tragic events in Nice and Baton Rouge, and the failed coup in Turkey.

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Ray Parker, Jr.

Ray Parker, Jr. joins for a podcast about the new Ghostbusters, and his experiences playing alongside music legends like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews the new Ghostbusters, and Adam rants about the Sushi Nazi.

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Caleb Pressley and David Wild

Caleb Pressley talks about Barstool Sports, being a supervisor of morale, and the sale of the UFC. Plus, David Wild chats with Adam about Wiz Khalifa’s appearance on ‘Greatest Hits’, as well as the need to have yet another open conversation about race.

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