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Randy Moss and Tim Lee

Randy Moss chats with Adam about NFL players who changed the game, Tony Romo’s retirement, and why Randy hasn’t replaced the batteries in his smoke detector. Plus, scientist turned comedian Tim Lee discusses the debate surrounding global warming, and the truth about dolphins. The gang also plays a round of Blah Blah Blog.

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Joey McIntyre, Adam Ray, and Jo Koy

Joey McIntyre and Adam Ray join the podcast to discuss their new TV show, the origins of New Kids on the Block, and a man found duct-taped to a yield sign. Plus, Jo Koy returns for the final round of March Molester Madness.

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Matt Atchity

Adam and Bald Bryan kick off the show with Matt Atchity in studio ready to play The Rotten Tomatoes Game. Gina joins in a little later to report on some news stories including the latest Michael Flynn updates, a swarm of bees in the middle of a baseball game, a decline in golf players in today’s new generation, and an Indiana man being allowed to use his atheist license plate.

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Vinnie Tortorich

Vinnie Tortorich joins for a podcast about April Fool’s Day pranks, and the days when celebs could abandon their families without judgment. Plus, the guys hear the next round of March Molester Madness.

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Kyle Reyes

Kyle Reyes calls in to discuss the Snowflake Test, and who on the staff passed or failed. The guys also discuss the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, Amy Schumer’s Netflix score, and the importance of privacy laws.

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