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Adam Carolla and Ben Shapiro Testify Before Congress About Free Speech

Watch the full Congressional hearing here!

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Adam Testifies before Congress; Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro

Some highlights of Adam and Ben Shapiro testifying before Congress about freedom of speech. Plus, Tucker Carlson calls in to the studio.

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Greg Garcia

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show by going straight to the phones and speaking to a variety of callers including one who just had his wife return home from a stint in rehab and is dealing with the ramifications of the reality as opposed to his fantasy of what it would be like.

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Brad Williams

Brad Williams returns to discuss his bachelor party in Lake Tahoe, morning zoo DJs, and Michael Phelps’ swimming times.

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Smile’n Sam Alvey

Smile’n Sam Alvey chats with Adam about his incredible fight record, the results of the Phelps vs. Shark race, and auctioning off Madonna’s stolen underwear. Plus, Adam and Bryan review the film ‘Dunkirk’.

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