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Man of Action Studios’ Joe Casey and Steven T. Seagle with Teresa Strasser


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show giving a bit of background on today’s guests and the show they created, ‘Ben 10.’ Teresa Strasser is also in studio, and reads through Parents of the Week—focusing on three very terrible sets of parents. Adam then rants about a recent 60 Minutes special which analyzes the effectiveness of waterboarding, and …

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Richard Grieco


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about how recently Sonny and Natalia have switched their views of Adam. Now Natalia seems to love everything he does, whereas Sonny could care less. The guys also watch part of Adam’s winning race at the Toyota Grand Prix, and go through the list of worst airports in the nation …

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Matt Besser and David Wild


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about his evening at Phil Rosenthal’s house enjoying a new Bob Marley documentary. David Wild is also in studio, and tells his own Bob Marley story, as well as why he’s not legally allowed to return to Jamaica. Adam then talks about the strangeness of the Rastafarian movement, and why …

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Bryan Callen


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam, Alison, and Bryan Callen take the stage at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater, and Adam shares some classic Jimmy Kimmel stories. The guys also discuss the ridiculous security to get razors at the supermarket, and what went wrong for the old guy working at the Home Depot. Alison then goes into the audience for …

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Nick Santora


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show thanking all the fans for helping us win the iTunes Facebook contest. He also talks about his kids chastising him for saying ‘stupid’, and rants about ridiculous kids’ books. Bald Bryan mentions that today is the three-year anniversary of his initial diagnosis, even though he was originally told he had less …

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