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Adam Carolla Limited

An ALL NEW limited line up of exclusive Carolla merchandise

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Laura Woolley and Vinnie Tortorich

Celebrity merchandise expert Laura Woolley talks with Adam about his Paul Newman collection, and why you should buy what you love. Plus, Vinnie Tortorich talks about pure vitamins and coffee, and the guys react to sexual assault claims against Al Franken.

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Maddox and Jo Koy

Maddox joins Adam in complaining about ‘raising awareness’, cupcakes, and passion fruit iced tea. Plus, Jo Koy returns as the PF Chang’s Host.

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Dr. Drew, RJ Bell, and Cody Sings the Hits

RJ Bell calls in for this week’s ‘RJs Parlay’ and Dr. Drew drops in to talk about nutrition. Plus, the guys play an in studio version of ‘Cody Sings the Hits’ and everyone reacts to news stories about Jimmy Kimmel’s birthday, the first Hyperloop system in the US, and ‘Singles Day’ in China.

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Kinky Friedman and Christina P

Kinky Friedman chats with Adam about the art of being a humorist, his current tour, and living off the grid. Plus, comedian Christina P is in studio to share her love of Hungarian food and to play a round of Blah Blah Blog.

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