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Jim Mora, Kevin Nealon, and Pat O’Brien

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with UCLA coach Jim Mora about the team’s breakout season. They also talk about being raised by a coach, and how the college athletic system has changed over the years. Kevin Nealon then drops by and talks with Adam about why Adam is uninterested in golf and why Caddyshack is an overrated movie. …

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Greg Fitzsimmons

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about all the money his dog Molly is costing him. He also goes on a rant about the LA Unified School Districts issues with giving kids breakfast, and then explains how to have a nutritious meal for under a dollar. Adam then talks with the Porcelain Punisher about a disgusting new type of …

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Dov Davidoff Live from The Irvine Improv

Show Summary On todays Podcast live at the Irvine Improv with special guest Dov Davidoff, Adam opens up the show with a conversation about the people who think farting is funny, including a story of Jimmy Kimmel farting up a tour bus. Allison then discusses a situation that happened to her on the freeway. The Gang then talks about desperate …

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Tracy Morgan and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Show Summary Adam begins the show by taking a call from Tracy Morgan. They talk about the legacy of ‘30 Rock’ and the talents of Tina Fey. Tracy talks about prepping for his fourth kid, and then thanks Adam for supporting him during his recent controversy. Adam also confronts Gary Half-Tard on a recent miscommunication, and complains about having to …

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Dana Gould

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about having to say ‘www’ when he talks about websites. He then goes on an epic rant about his kids’ toys that won’t turn off. Later the group discusses the problems with school events during business hours, and homework after hours. They also play a round of ‘Who The F Sells This S’. …

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