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Teresa Strasser, Live from ‘Stand Up Live!’ in Phoenix

Show Summary Adam and the gang open the show with Teresa Strasser, live from ‘Stand Up Live’ in Phoenix. Adam makes fun of the local NBA team, and goes on a jag about cul-de-sacs. The guys then take some audience questions, and Alison talks about her anxieties taking care of her dog. Later, Adam discusses an awkward exchange with an …

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Neal Brennan

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Alison about her crappy day. He also rants about the ridiculousness of shipping costs and talks about sending his assistant all the way to Phoenix to make sure his Mangria bottles arrived on time. Later he complains about being interviewed about Dr. Drew, and explains why washing your hair with shampoo is …

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Breckin Meyer Live from Amalfi

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with guest Breckin Meyer about the crazy Howard Stern parties that Jimmy Kimmel throws at his house every year. They also talk about people who can sleep through anything, and why August shouldn’t offer guests food before a show. Adam then goes on a long rant about the way people drive in LA, …

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Adam Carolla with Kevin and Bean from KROQ using GoToMeeting

Adam, Kevin and Bean do the podcast from Amalfi, Adam’s new restaurant in Los Angeles, where Bean gets piped into the show from Seattle using GoToMeeting.

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Chad Kultgen and Tyler Balliet

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about how great it is to connect with fans. He also rants about soup, and complains about a hostess seating a stranger next to his business meeting. Later, Adam takes a call from Tyler Balliet of Second Glass, and talks about the upcoming Wine Riot event in Boston. He also gets confused about …

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