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Adam, Alison and Bryan

Show Summary Adam, Alison and Bryan open the show thanking fans for a great weekend of shows in Minneapolis. Adam talks about his crazy schedule and the gigantic business breakfast he had with August at the local Hungarian place. Adam then plays an amazing 70s track he heard over the weekend, and reacts to a HuffPo article about the Kanye-Kimmel …

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Tom Barnard, Live from The Minneapolis Varsity Theater

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Tom about his career in morning radio. He then takes audience questions about how to get out of buying a minivan when you have kids, what Adam plans to do when he retires, and the issues in his life that he’s completely changed his opinion on. Later the group discusses backseat driving …

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Adam, Alison and Bryan Live from The Minneapolis Varsity Theater

Show Summary Adam opens the show ranting about his day of travel, from Dawson having to check his bags to Adam giving his beer back during takeoff. Adam also talks about his last experience in Minneapolis with a terrible cab driver, and explains why he was happy with the coffee situation in his hotel room. The guys also answer audience …

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Lee Loughnane, Peter Pardini, The Tweet of God, and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show with David Wild and David Javerbaum in studio. He talks with the Davids about writing for, and winning, Emmy Awards. He then speaks to The Tweet of God about predator drones, passion fruit, and the problems with Eva Longoria. Later, Adam reacts to the audience interruption during his live show in Ventura. Next up, …

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Brad Williams, Live From The Ventura Harbor Comedy Club

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Brad Williams about golfing as a dwarf. They also talk about why you should piss on your own property, and go into a game of Blah Blah Blog. Throughout the game the guys discuss bombing Hiroshima during WWII, Paul McCartney’s hair, and how Adam discovered unicycling. Later, there is an audience altercation, …

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