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Jimmy Kimmel and Dennis Prager

Show Summary Adam opens the show excited to have Jimmy Kimmel call in to discuss the amazing ‘Twerk Fail’ reveal video. But first, he plays a clip from Prager University discussing the ethics of bombing Japan in World War II. Kimmel then calls in, and Adam asks him about how the video came to be and what the response has …

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Jimmy Kimmel on The Adam Carolla Show

Jimmy Kimmel is on the Adam Carolla Show for an exclusive interview about his twerk prank video!

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John and Morgan Langley, plus Jo Koy

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing why his parents would have never wound up on COPS. He also talks about the Porcelain Punisher offering a water bottle to someone who didn’t need it, when Adam pays for the bottles. Later, Adam explains the Replay Gimp to Jo Koy, and the guys make fun of tennis and golf fans dressing …

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Frank Stallone

Show Summary Adam opens the show with a sad correction from last week about Adam and Ray’s acquaintance. He also talks about getting startled in your own house, and his experience on The Tonight Show, with guest Simon Cowell. Adam also shares his love of football, as well as a few feet pictures that people have been tweeting in. Adam …

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Adam on The Tonight Show

Watch Adam, Simon Cowell, and Jay Leno on The Tonight Show here

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