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Theo Von and Tom Barnard

Theo Von sits down for a podcast about growing up near an AIDS-infected monkey testing center. Plus, Tom Barnard calls in and Adam rants about TV adding pounds and the big Mazda recall.

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Jillian Barberie, Matt Atchity and David Moxley

Jillian Barberie joins for a podcast about her love of radio, her heartbreaking divorce, and Adam’s fantasy to have sex with Lee Marvin. Plus, David Moxley calls in to discuss the new field goal post extensions, and Matt Atchity returns to play the Rotten Tomatoes game.

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TJ Miller and Morgan Spurlock

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about his day in Vegas promoting Mangria. He also complains about the city of LA getting shut down because of a half-marathon, and Bald Bryan complains about all the typos in his new book. The guys then listen to a couple crappy PSAs from the Loveline days, and a new song about the …

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Tracy Morgan and Jo Koy

Tracy Morgan sits down for a podcast about his experiences on 30 Rock and SNL, his relationship with his parents, and growing up with Jay-Z. Plus, Jo Koy introduces a new character!

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Rhys Darby and Dave Dameshek

Adam opens the show complaining about a last minute line-up switch at his performance over the weekend. He also talks about Natalia’s ice skating performance, and emphasizes the importance of pushing yourself and having butterflies in your stomach. Dave Dameshek is also in studio, and the guys joke about a senior circuit for boxing. Adam then brings actor Rhys Darby into the studio, and the guys talk the New Zealand military, rowdy standup crowds, and integrating sound effects into your comedy. Bald Bryan then reviews the new Captain American film.

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