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Steve-O, Live from The M15 Concert Bar and Grill

Show Summary Steve-O joins Adam and the gang for a live podcast from The M15 Concert Bar and Grill in Carona, CA. They discuss the perils of hanging out with Andy Dick, speed traps between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and asian massage parlors. Also, the group examines dogs on airplanes, getting things for free, and great big fake titties …

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Katrina Campins, Dr. Bruce, and Tyler Balliet

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing his interview with Robert Wagner earlier in the day, and the unbelievable head of hair on the guy. Tyler Balliet of Wine Riot calls in next, and the group talks about the Mangria event that’s coming up in New York at the end of the month. Adam then talks with Dr. Bruce about …

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Lou Diamond Phillips, Live from Amalfi

Show Summary Lou Diamond Phillips joins Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan for a live podcast from Amalfi restaurant in Hollywood. Adam begins by discussing outgoing phone messages. Then the gang does a round of ‘Q and Ace.’ As the show wraps up, Adam, Lou, and Bryan react to Alison’s news. Superfan Sidebar Click Here for Superfan Giovanni’s recap and commentary …

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Jimmy Kimmel and Dennis Prager

Show Summary Adam opens the show excited to have Jimmy Kimmel call in to discuss the amazing ‘Twerk Fail’ reveal video. But first, he plays a clip from Prager University discussing the ethics of bombing Japan in World War II. Kimmel then calls in, and Adam asks him about how the video came to be and what the response has …

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Jimmy Kimmel on The Adam Carolla Show

Jimmy Kimmel is on the Adam Carolla Show for an exclusive interview about his twerk prank video!

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