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Mark Geragos, Daley Haggar, and Michael Meyer

Mark Geragos calls in to talk about representing Colin Kaepernick. Adam also talks with Daley Haggar about sexual harassment in Hollywood, and then author Michael Meyer chats with the gang about his journey through China. Along the way, the gang plays a Harvey Weinstein themed round of Blah Blah Blog, and Dr. Drew even makes a cameo!

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Ian Bagg and RJ Bell

Ian Bagg returns to discuss power rankings of Canadian cities, Trump and McCain’s latest exchange of words, and the ongoing case of Bowe Berghdahl. Plus, RJ Bell calls in for ‘RJs Parlay’ and also shares his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick.

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Aaron Mahnke

Aaron Mahnke talks about adapting his successful podcast ‘Lore’ into a show for Amazon. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews ‘Blade Runner 2049’ for this week’s Baldywood, and the gang reacts to the latest allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

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Adam Hootnick

Adam Hootnick joins for a podcast about ESPN’s 30 for 30, updates on Harvey Weinstein, and recruiting celebs to be international spies. Plus, the guys play a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game, and Dawson intros a few more songs from the Tool Box.

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Donate to Girl Talk at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

As heard mentioned by Gina Grad on The Adam Carolla Show

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