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David Wild

David Wild is in studio for a podcast about underwear models, finishing what you started, and teaching your kids grit to help them get ahead.

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Jason Ellis and Deaf Frat Guy

Jason Ellis sits down for a podcast about LA’s recent earthquake, X-Games wipeouts, and why he doesn’t want to lose weight. Deaf Frat Guy also talks about the problems with St. Patrick’s Day, and the guys play a round of JV or All Balls.

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Gavin McInnes and Jo Koy

Gavin McInnes talks about the founding of Vice magazine, his new movie ‘How To Be A Man’, and the stupidest cultures in the world. Plus, Jo Koy sings a new track as Bung Lu Su, and Bald Bryan reviews the new Wes Anderson film in this week’s Baldywood.

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Stephen Bishop, Ray Oldhafer, and Matt Atchity

Stephen Bishop talks about his roles in Animal House, Blues Brothers and Kentucky Fried Movie, then plays a new song live. Plus, Ray Oldhafer provides Just the Tip, and Matt Atchity returns for the Rotten Tomatoes game.

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Tim Draper and Drew Curtis

Tim Draper chats with Adam about the benefits of splitting California into six different states. Drew Curtis also calls in to discuss crushing the patent trolls, and Alison Rosen returns for the news!

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