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Haley Joel Osment and Ray Oldhafer

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about how everyone on Twitter wants Ray to crap in his new beanie. Adam and Ray also discuss memories they have with the families of other friends. Next up, Adam plays an animated clip recorded with Bill Simmons, Ray provides Just the Tip, and the guys play a round of Blah Blah Blog. …

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Deaf Frat Guy

Deaf Frat Guy joins for a podcast about the officers acquitted of beating up a homeless man, Bieber’s police raid, and the school shooting in New Mexico. Plus, the guys play a round of ‘All Balls or JV’ and Bald Bryan reviews Anchorman 2.

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Schmoes Know and Jo Koy

The Schmoes Know discuss the Golden Globes, and the toilet bowl month of the movie season. Jo Koy also returns as Bung Lu Su, and he sings a song about his mother.

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Jim Florentine, Live from The Gaslamp in Long Beach

Show Summary Jim Florentine joins Adam and the gang at The Gaslamp in Long Beach for a podcast about Crank Yankers, Adam’s recent trip to Las Vegas, and bacon. Adam also answers audience questions in ‘Q and Ace’ and Alison brings the news. Superfan Sidebar Click Here for Superfan Giovanni’s recap and commentary on today’s episode. For more, go to …

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Eddie Pappani and Josh Gardner, Live at the American Comedy Co.

Eddie Pappani and Josh Gardner join Adam and the gang at the American Comedy Co. in San Diego for a podcast about traffic and the worst things to step on. Plus Eddie joins in for a round of Totally Topical TiVo Trivia and Josh sings some classic songs.

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