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Alan Tudyk, Jim Margolis, Dan Frank, and Dr. Drew

Alan Tudyk and Jim Margolis join for a podcast about their fake news show ‘Newsreaders’, the brilliance of classic voice over artists, and Rob Lowe’s controversial shy bladder commercial. Plus, Adam takes a call from Veteran Dan Frank, and rants about pee-pee on the ladies room toilet.

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John Mulaney and Matt Newcomb

Show Summary Adam opens the show by solving the mystery of who got him the flavored balsamic vinegar last week. He then rants about his incredible odyssey of a weekend, including missing his flight due to a baggage issue with the local authorities. After that, Adam welcomes Matt Newcomb to the show, who donated very generously to the Legal Defense …

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Jay Chandrasekhar, Live at the AFM Conference in Santa Monica

Show Summary Adam is joined from the AFM conference in Santa Monica for a one on one discussion with Jay Chandrasekhar about his upcoming movie Road Hard and the realities of making movies in Hollywood. Superfan Sidebar Click Here for Superfan Giovanni’s recap and commentary on today’s episode. For more, go to Show Credits Producers: Mike August, Mike Lynch, …

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Portland – Mangria Package

Book your stay today for the night of November 21st and you can experience­ the Mangria Package.

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Larry King and Shawn King

Larry King and Shawn King chat with Adam in a very special 1-on-2 podcast. Topics include whether or not to send their kid to a boarding school for gifted athletes, Larry’s most memorable interviews, and the benefits of not getting laid in high school.

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