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‘Che’ Carolla Tees and ‘Adam and Dr. Drew Show’ ceramic mugs available now!

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Jo Koy

Jo Koy comes to terms with being a ‘Dork Dad’, and chats with Adam and the gang about the highlights from the Golden Globes, problems with the Super Bowl Halftime show, and a woman trying to knit with her vagina.

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Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia joins for a podcast about his departure from ‘Opie and Anthony’, the Golden Globe results, and Adam’s thoughts on firing Alison.

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Nick DiPaolo and Gordon Plutsky

Nick DiPaolo chats with Adam about comedy by committee, why bullying is sometimes OK, and the most expensive divorce settlement in US history. Plus, Adam talks a call from Gordon Plutsky to discuss the future of the NFL in light of recent controversies and changes to the game.

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Dan Dunn and Dr. Bruce

Dan Dunn chats with Adam about the Better Man cocktail, his incredible wine odyssey, and the under $20 bottle of wine that everyone needs to have. Plus, Dr. Bruce is in studio for this week’s Healthwatch.

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