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Max Mutchnick

Show Summary Adam opens the show ranting about a Rams game that was ruined after the football was kicked right over the uprights. He also complains about not being able to bring a water bottle onto his flights. Adam then takes fan phone calls, and talks about his kids daredevil and puss genes, and how he got so involved with …

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Jonathan McEuen

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Alison and Bryan about scented tampons, terrible key fobs, and weird Doritos flavors. He also talks about shooting his new TV show, and hearing his Asian director being called ‘bro’. Later, Adam takes some fan phone calls and he talks about the death of Lou Reed, giving and getting performance reviews, and …

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Henry Bushkin

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about having to work all weekend on his new TV show. He also discusses a pointless argument he got into with his wife over the purpose of a themed costume party. Later, Adam talks about commercials that bother him, and plays a clip from Bill Maher’s show. After some fan phone calls, Bryan …

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Penn Jillette and David Wild

Show Summary Alison opens the show with Penn Jillette and David Wild in studio, as Adam is running a few minutes late. Before Ace arrives, the guys talk with Penn about the dangers of performing the bullet catch trick, and why Penn is following in Adam’s footsteps. Adam then enters the studio and talks about Penn’s FundAnything campaign. The guys …

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Jo Koy

Show Summary Adam opens the show with the full gang in studio, including Jo Koy. Jo talks about his brother’s schizophrenia, and Adam explains why we need better awareness of mental health issues. Adam then chats with the host from P.F. Chang’s, then takes listener calls about fixing cars with your kids, being jokey about brain tumors and how to …

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