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Alonzo Bodden and David Wild

Alonzo Bodden joins for a podcast about the importance of vocational training, when to get a vasectomy, and humans that eat pet food. Plus David Wild talks with Adam about music from the British Invasion era.

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Gabriel Iglesias and Deaf Frat Guy

Gabriel Iglesias sits down for a podcast about Yoko Ono performances, people with terrible BO, and a round of Germany or Florida. Plus, the Deaf Frat Guy calls in to play JV or All Balls.

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Ed Asner and Matt Asner

Ed Asner and Matt Asner join for a podcast about Adam’s 4th of July weekend, dealing with autism, and the firing of Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony. Plus, Adam talks about a hiking adventure with the kids.

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Brad Williams

Brad Williams tells the gang about getting mugged in Brazil during the World Cup. Adam also chats with Alison about fertility, and the guys discuss handsome serial killers.

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Jay Mohr and Matt Atchity

Jay Mohr talks with Adam about his day on set shooting Road Hard, the latest with Big Mama Got It All, and a British guy who pooped all over his bank. Plus, Matt Atchity returns for the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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