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Brad Williams

Brad Williams joins for a podcast about ‘ballot selfies’, driving with a decoy passenger so you can use the HOV lane, and whether or not the nation should embrace its racist past.

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Dana Gould

Show Summary Adam opens the show with Dana Gould in studio, and the guys discuss how much they enjoy performing with one another, and why they get nervous in strip clubs. They also discuss golden poop, preparing dog food, and the problems with sweat pants. Later they guys complain about people who brew their own beer, and Adam takes a …

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Artie Lange and Johann Hari

Artie Lange chats with Adam about censoring comedians, the difficulties of getting through high school, and the future of net neutrality. Plus, Adam talks about the pointless war on drugs with author Johann Hari.

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Sam Jones and Matt Atchity

Sam Jones sits down for a podcast about celebrity photography, watching Road House to train cops, and co-existing with drug-dealing neighbors. Plus, Matt Atchity helps Adam rant about Entertainment Weekly, and the guys play a Will Smith themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes game.

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Dr. Drew and Jo Koy, Live from The Ice House in Pasadena

Dr. Drew and Jo Koy join Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan for a live podcast from the Ice House in Pasadena.

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