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Mike Lawrence, Live from the Park West Theatre in Chicago

Mike Lawrence joins Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan live from the Park West Theatre in Chicago for a podcast about shitting habits, how billboards indicate the status of the city they reside in and a round of Totally Topical Tivo Trivia Time.

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Workaholics and Matt Atchity

The Workaholics guys, Adam, Blake, and Anders, join Carolla and the gang for a podcast about actors who don’t wear shoes, lethal injections, and what it means to be a douchenozzle. Plus, Matt Atchity returns to play the Rotten Tomatoes game.

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Dr. Drew and Dan ‘Bad Rad’ Radakovich

Dr. Drew joins for a podcast about Bald Bryan’s brain tumor, legalizing marijuana, and Obama’s State of the Union. Plus, Adam takes a call from Dan ‘Bad Rad’ Radakovich, and the guy discuss his contributions to the NFL and his thoughts on August’s dad.

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David Wild

David Wild gives a definitive answer to the John Mayer Douchebag question. The guys also chat about the upcoming Beatles tribute, an update on Gavin Newsom, and Tarantino suing over his leaked script.

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Jo Koy and Deaf Frat Guy

Jo Koy sits down for a podcast about competition pole dancing, the death of the Marlboro Man, and Bung Lu Su’s obsession with Olga. Plus, the Deaf Frat Guy returns for a round of ‘All Balls or JV’.

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