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Monica Mehta and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about lunch orders that cater to the one vegetarian in the group. He also talks about a confusing interview at the racetracks, and then he debuts a hilarious new Mangria commercial. David Wild is also in studio, and Adam chats with him about the Rock’N’Roll Hall of Fame. Before heading out, the guys …

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Tom Papa

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Alison about plus sized models. He also rants about the animalistic society we live in where people spit their gum out wherever they want. Adam then talks about the ridiculousness of the delayed Chandra Levy case, and Bald Bryan reviews the new Star Trek movie for this week’s ‘Baldywood’. Tom Papa enters …

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Steve Schirripa Live from Amalfi

Show Summary Adam opens the show by talking with Steve Schirripa about his new book about parenting and his upcoming movie project. Adam and Steve then jump into figuring out the right age to give your daughter birth control. Adam shares his frustration with time changes from state to state and Steve shares some wisdom on what its like to …

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Ray William Johnson and Dave Dameshek

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Ray William Johnson about his YouTube successes. They also go on a tangent about explaining what flan is to people, and the time when people thought the Chupacabra was real. Adam then rants about a miscommunication regarding his podcast recording yesterday, and goes into a special video edition of ‘What Can’t Adam …

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