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Connie Nielsen and Deaf Frat Guy

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing how many unread emails he has and a frustrating conversation he had with Dr. Drew. Deaf Frat Guy calls in next, and Adam asks him about his new podcast. The guys also play a hilarious round of JV or All Balls. Adam, Alison and Bryan also discuss their high school experiences. Actress Connie …

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Joe Rogan and Cassius Morris

Joe Rogan joins for a podcast about the ‘eat what you kill’ movement, the reality of ‘sky-quakes’, and why you can’t stop families from having too many kids. Plus, Adam takes another call from Cassius Morris, and Adam speaks to Whitney Houston’s fake drug dealer.

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Jo Koy and Michael DiTolla

Jo Koy joins for a podcast about needing a black correspondent, whether you should send your kids to college, and dealing with tonsil stones. Plus, Road Hard donor Michael DiTolla drops by the studio to discuss his five-hour flight seated next to Villaraigosa, and Adam introduces a new segment, ‘Tweet and a Miss’.

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Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew is in studio for a podcast about Adam’s Vegas weekend, how hard to push your kids, and why Germany needs to step up to ISIS. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews Dumb and Dumber To for this week’s Baldywood.

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Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth

Michael Ironside joins for a podcast about fighting bugs in Starship Troopers, being friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Whitney Houston autopsy. Plus, Kristin Chenoweth calls in and talks about the songs she enjoys singing most, and her thoughts on spirituality.

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