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The White Buffalo and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show sharing an American flag that was flown in his name while on a mission in Afghanistan. He also complains about his super early morning, and he and David Wild share their favorite tracks from the past week. Adam then takes some fan phone calls and talks about dog whistles, split pea soup, and keeping …

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Adam Perry Lang

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing his excitement for today’s guest, and also the arrival of Mike August for the free food. Bald Bryan’s wife Christie then calls in, and tells an epic travel horror story. Next up, Adam shares a semi-profound thought he had about light cords and hotel rooms. He also goes on an epic rant about …

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Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan

Show Summary Adam begins the show after coming straight from his weekend in Monterey. They talk about his odyssey weekend racing in the Monterey Rolex Historics, as well as all the high-end food and booze that was being served for free. Adam also rants about a walking group that confused him at 5am, and all the dust that got into …

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Chris Hardwick

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Chris Hardwick as he marvels over how much Carolla’s podcast and studios have grown over the years. Adam then chats with a fan about serving Mangria at his pizza place in San Francisco. Later, Chris shares his thoughts on the future of podcasting, as well as the responsibility of employing people to …

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Tom Lennon and Diane Farr

Show Summary Adam opens the show with both Tom Lennon and Diane Farr in studio. They start by chatting about the awkwardness of make out scenes in movies, and Diane reacts to the Road Hard script since she’s one of the only people who’s read it. Adam then talks with Tom about his new film, ‘Hell Baby’, as well as …

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