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Julie Samuels and Mark Geragos

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about the important issue of fighting back against patent trolls. He also chats about a moment of closure he received when he talked with a neighbor who had special needs. Bald Bryan then reviews the film ‘The Heat’ in this week’s Baldywood, and Adam plays a clip from ‘Ace on the House’ where …

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Brian Posehn and Dr. Bruce

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about garbage trucks being too loud. He then talks about coaching Sonny’s basketball team, as well as a family dinner at an expensive restaurant. Adam also complains about bikers not thanking him for moving out of the way, and why he hates people who walk around barefoot. Later, Dr. Bruce joins the studio, …

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Maria Menounos, Kevin Undergaro, Sara Bareilles, and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show with David Wild and Sara Bareilles in studio. Adam compliments Sara on her performance at the Rock’N’Roll hall of fame, and David talks with her about some of the highlights from her new album. Later, the guys go on a tangent about lumberjack competitions, and Bald Bryan reveals a fact that Adam never knew. …

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Show Summary Adam opens the show thanking fans for sending stuff in. He then explains how you can make your very own Recyclarolla, and talks about Ray’s conspiracy theories when all of his tools were stolen. Adam also complains about turbo-charged spiders, and Bald Bryan recalls an awkward exchange he had at the gym. Later, the guys go on a …

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Adam Ray and Mark Geragos

Show Summary Adam opens the show with comedian Adam Ray in studio. The guys talk about the Petersen Auto Museum Gala they both attended, as well as the real lyrics of La Cucaracha. They also chat about their love of Pixar movies, hanging out with Harland Williams, and not-so-famous TV show catch phrases. Later, Adam rants about signing release forms …

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