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Daniele Bolelli

Show Summary Adam begins the show fresh off a weekend in Vancouver for Jimmy Kimmel’s bachelor party. He rants about the airplane snack mix, and talks about some of the highlights including an epic bike ride and epically bad strippers. Bald Bryan then reviews the new film ‘After Earth’, and the guys also chat more about ‘Fast Six’. Author Daniele …

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Michael McDonald and Mark Geragos

Show Summary Adam opens the show sharing a strange thought he had about people having tails. He also complains about watching Real Housewives, as well as his recent trip to Sonoma. After a review of Fast and Furious Six, Mark Geragos enters the studio. The guys talk about the dry ice bomb that went off in Disneyland, the unbelievable amount …

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Andrew Dice Clay Live from Amalfi

Show Summary Andrew Dice Clay joins Adam live from Amalfi Restaurant for a podcast including discussion of the difference between a good toupée and a bad toupée. Later they discuss the way that dating has changed from a culture of dating and relationships to strictly hooking up and casual sexual relationships. The gang also take audience questions in a round …

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Dr. Life and Dave Dameshek

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about his Memorial Day weekend, which also happened to be his birthday weekend. He discusses debating to take Sonny to see Fast and Furious Six, and getting a delicious birthday gift from Jimmy Kimmel. Later, Bald Bryan reviews the film Hangover 3 and the gang talks about why it’s so difficult to make …

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Illeana Douglas

Show Summary The show opens with an epic rant against Teacher Appreciation Week at Adam’s kids’ school. The gang remarks on all of the typos on the school memo, and Adam wonders why people don’t save money and get school supplies at a 99-cent store. He also recalls a terrible guidance counselor he had in school, and goes through some …

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